Etihad Museum Tickets

Etihad Museum Overview

A tour of the world-class heritage, the Etihad Museum, will bring you closer to the history and rich culture of Dubai. Thus book Etihad Museum tickets and appreciate the age-old customs and history that are up for exploration here. At the museum, guests will learn about the history of unification of UAE and the challenges faced by the founding fathers of the country. It pays tribute to the seven founding fathers for creation of the value-laided Constitution of the United Arab of Emirates. 

Awareness and educational programmes are conducted in the museum besides the presentation of collections, preservation and interpretation of objects, and exhibitions.

The Etihad museum tickets also allow access to the materials and documents related to the events that unfolded during the unification of UAE. 

The museum has distinguished its findings among three separate themes, which are Acquisitions, Departments and External Departments. Also, all the artefacts, vessels, paintings, and antiques are arranged in the chronological order. The museum will not fail to give you a surreal experience and will enlighten you about the traditional lifestyle of Dubai, and the United Arab of Emirates. Explore the culture and heritage of Dubai through an interactive, engaging and informative way.

Why to Book Etihad Museum Tickets?

There are several reasons to book Etihad museum Dubai tickets and getting to know about the foundation of this nation is one of them. A world heritage, the Etihad museum consists of a variety of videos, interactive screens and engaging displays portraying the history of the United Arab of Emirates. You get to explore the whole museum and avail the facilities by buying the tickets. The exhibitions, library, timeline, maps and educational videos will add on to your knowledge. Further, there is a special discount available for students on the tickets, and they can explore the museum with the ticket at a discounted price of 10 AED.

You shall go for advance booking of the Etihad museum tickets at least one day prior to your scheduled visit. It will help you reserve tickets for a desired day, time slot and complete your visit conveniently by skipping long entry queues. After booking, you shall receive confirmation details within a short time. Show your ticket either on phone or in a printed format, enter the museum and enjoy exploring.

What to Expect From Etihad Museum Tickets?

There are three types of Etihad Museum tickets, a general one for adults, a group ticket and a ticket for students. People of determination and children between zero to four years old can go for free. With the Etihad Museum Dubai tickets, you can explore all the pavilions or exhibits, which are the Founders, Dreams of Unity, an interactive map, and highlights of significant events. Rest of the pavilions are about, the road to unification, the Constitution of the UAE, and the last exhibit of an attractive screen themed ‘United Arab Emirates - One Nation, One Culture.’ 

Also, explore other facilities such as Exhibition Hall, meeting room, Education centre, restaurant, library with rich collection of books, garden and seven strands cafe that serves terrific sweets, snacks and vibrant drinks. Moreover, you also get the opportunity to witness paintings, artefacts.

Etihad Museum Exhibits

The Founders

The Etihad museum tickets allow you to explore all the exhibits. Here, the dignified gallery illustrates pictures of the founders of the UAE. The interactive screen before each picture displays the biographies of the founding fathers, and a distinguished space is dedicated to showcasing their personal belongings. 

Dreams of Unity

Here, you see a display that has engrossing special effects and represents the story of the Union. With the use of imagery and music, the collection also showcases other significant events that transpired during the foundation of the United Arab of Emirates.

UAE Interactive Map

The interactive map offers an unparalleled view of the nation before the Emirates were united and there were Trucial states. Later, these trucial states were unified, and the UAE was founded. You can activate videos and audio to explore the map and learn more.

The Early Years

A smaller but informative, this section consists of an engaging screen with audio and video effects. The screen demonstrates negotiations that occurred among the diplomats of the UAE with that of the neighbouring and foreign nations.

Road to Unification

As the name suggests, here you get an idea of the significant steps and events lined up toward the unification and foundation of the UAE. The unique feature is that the irrigation canal draws symbolism with these events, divided into three sections for more clarity.

Seeds of Unity

The appealing visual displays, accompanied by 3D technology, narrate how Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan met his fellow countryman Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum at Sayh Al-Sadira.

Change and Unification

This exhibit allows you to play a game, where you would have to disclose the encrypted messages. You are supposed to align these messages with the seven cubes displayed on the interactive screens in the room. Each cube has an interesting theme and reveals information and pictures pertaining to that theme.

Unifying the Emirates

Explore and learn about the challenges faced by the founding fathers in the unification through audio messages and photographs. You get to know about the formal and informal meetings that occurred to unite the United Arab of Emirates.

The Constitution

This exhibit displays the constitution of the UAE, signed by the founding fathers, available in both English and Arabic. Here, the treaty of Friendship signed by Sheikh Zayed between the UAE and the United Kingdom is also present, through which the Federation of UAE was established.

United Arab Emirates - One Nation, One Future

An open exhibition hall, the engaging screens in this last section showcases educational material that offers visitors to know about the development of the unified UAE passports. It summarises the past, present, and future of the Union.

Know Before You Book Etihad Museum Tickets

Essential Information

1. Location: 1 Jumeirah St - Al Mina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

2. How to Reach:

  • By Metro: Pick a metro from your location and get off at Al Ghubaiba Metro Station, World Trade Centre, or the Emirates Tower which are the nearest to the museum. The museum is located at a distance of 10-15 kms from the stations. Therefore, you would require to book a taxi or catch a bus for further transportation.
  • By Bus: Jumeira Rotana Hotel - 1, Jumeira, Grand Masjid - 01 and Hudheiba - 02 are the nearest bus stations to the Museum. Board a bus on the line 7, C10, C15, 8 and X28.
  • By Taxi: The Museum is at a distance of thirteen kilometres from the Dubai Airport. You can pick a taxi from the airport taxi stand or choose to book one online. 

3. Best Time To Visit: It's suggested to visit the museum early in the morning and explore it without having to wait in long queues.

4. Timings: 10 AM to 8 PM

  • There remain school crowds during weekdays, and plan to visit the Museum on weekends.Enjoy the vibrant drinks and snacks to satisfy your hunger at the Seven Sands Cafe, at the third floor.
  • Don’t forget to carry your valid ID proof, and Etihad museum Dubai ticket with yourself.
  • You can wear any decent or formal apparel, but avoid shorts or clothes that are not appropriate for the museum environment.
  • Explore the exhibition hall, and watch the photos and the films of the contemporary history of the UAE. Plan your visit accordingly as there are separate timings.
  • Read at the well-organised library, featuring the rich collection of documents, books and other informative files. 
  • Don’t forget to carry your Etihad museum Dubai tickets and witness the paintings and artefacts to make your tour a paradise.

FAQ's of Etihad Museum

What are the operational days and timings of Etihad Museum?

It is open to the public and visitors between 10 AM to 8 PM, daily. However, the entry time is restricted to 7 PM, so that the visitors have sufficient time to get around the museum.

How is the Etihad Museum different from other museums in Dubai?

The extensively preserved collection around unification of the UAE and representation of the heritage makes the Etihad Museum unique. The museum also holds historical importance as the signing of the Constitution took place in the area where the parabolic-shaped museum stands today. Another distinguishing feature of the museum is its curved white roof, inspired by the Constitution’s shape.

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How long does it take to explore the museum?

It will usually take one and a half to two hours to explore the museum. By booking your Etihad Museum tickets online in advance you can skip long queues for entry and save your time.

What is the history of the Etihad Museum?

It was formerly known as the al-Diyafah Palace, here, the unification of Trucial states was sealed and the nation of the United Arab of Emirates was born. The museum holds a historical significance as the place where the founding fathers of UAE signed its Constitution. The original building where the constitution was signed is a part of the ultra-modern complex of the Etihad Museum.


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