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A trip to Dubai is incomplete without an amazing dhow cruise on the water bodies of the city and tourists from all over the globe flock to Dubai for this very reason. Dhow cruise is a voyage on the traditional Arabic wooden dhow with an open-air upper deck and air-conditioned lower deck boat. The cruise is a great way to spend an evening exploring the beauty of Dubai city and admiring its architectural significance. Dhow Cruise Dubai also offers a lavish dinner buffet that lasts for two hours and complementing the dinner, entertainment activities are also arranged on the dhow cruise to engage the guests.

Riding on a dhow cruise is a popular activity in Dubai and there are a couple of locations where you can truly rejoice this ride. You can enjoy the best Dhow Cruise Dubai tour on Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina takes you on a short outing to the Dubai of present-day that stands as an epitome of modernity and luxury. You can enjoy the sparkling view of Dubai’s illuminated skyline and the colourful coastline of Dubai Marina. Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek is a voyage to the former days of Dubai where native Arabians settled. Both these dhow cruises feature an affluent international style dinner buffet along with live dance and music shows.

Dhow Cruise Packages in Dubai

Types of Dhow Cruises Dubai

Dhow cruise Dubai creek
Dhow cruise Dubai Marina

A dhow cruise on Dubai Marina is a splendid trip to the contemporary and glistening side of new Dubai, also known as Dubai Marina. The entire stretch of Dubai Marina is lined by some of the world’s famous architectural wonders like Burj Khalifa, Atlantis Hotel and Palm Jumeirah. The Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina serves a generous dinner buffet with an array of food from all over the world, and some live music performances.

Dhow cruise Dubai Creek
Dhow cruise Dubai Creek

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek is a walk down the memory lane of the desert city. The cruise shows old buildings like Sheikh Saeed’s House, National Bank of Dubai and traditional souks. While on the cruise, enjoy a succulent dinner buffet with soft Arabian music in the background. You can also witness the classical Tanura dance performance and puppet shows.

About Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Riding Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is a lovely experience that gives its visitors a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of Dubai’s man-made canal, the Dubai Marina. Enjoy the two-hour dinner cruise on the waters of Dubai Marina on a traditional dhow boat appreciating the beauty of the city’s bright skyline and illuminated coastline. Devour a delicious buffet meal featuring dishes from all over the world complimented by hot beverages and soft drinks. Tour Dubai Dhow cruise happily on the Dubai Marina with live performances including Tanura dance and Arabian music show on the cruise.

Cruise Dinner
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Go on a Dhow Cruise Dubai to sail on the waters of the Arabian Gulf and soak in its raw beauty while you can also catch a glimpse of the iconic landmarks of Dubai. Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina sails along the vast stretch of Dubai Marina with a scintillating view of the illuminated skyline and coastline. You can also set eyes on the world-famous structures like Atlantis Hotel, Palm Islands and Burj Al Arab lining the coast of Dubai Marina. Dhow Cruise packages in Dubai also provide a close-up view of Ain Dubai, Dubai Marina Mall and Dubai Marina Yacht Club that are lightened up with vibrant lights after sunset.

About Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is one of the most popular spots of the city featuring pleasing views of the old Dubai city. Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek is a blissful experience for it takes you on a lovely cruise through the serene waters of Dubai Creek. You can catch the sight of the skyline embellished with multicoloured lights and colossal buildings while enjoying the trip. The cruise gets even better with a scrumptious dinner complimented by live entertainment shows like music concerts, traditional Tanura dance performances and amusing puppet shows. Tour Dubai Dhow Cruise on Dubai Creek for one of the cherished experiences of a lifetime.

Cruise Dinner
Dhow cruise Dubai

Explore the charm of old Dubai and the majestic architecture of its famous landmarks like Heritage Village, Sheikh Saeed’s House, National Bank of Dubai and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building on Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek. Being at the heart of Old Dubai, Dubai Creek is a beautiful spot that stands out for its serene atmosphere and charisma. This natural saltwater creek splits the city into two sections, Bur Dubai and Deira, each of which brags about housing the exquisite buildings of Dubai. You can also witness the traditional markets like textile souks and spice souks lining the Dubai Creek.

Which Dhow Cruise Should You Choose?

For Sightseeing
For Meals
For Entertainment
Dhow cruise Dubai Mraina

Though sailing on the waters of Dubai Creek and visiting the historic parts of old Dubai can be charming, sightseeing options are limited. The Bur Dubai side has a large seafront which opens to the Heritage Village and traditional souks while the Deira side houses few famous buildings like the Dubai Municipality. Dubai Marina, on the other hand, portrays the modern side of Dubai with trendy skyscrapers and illuminated skyline. While on a dhow Cruise on Dubai Marina, you can see Dubai’s iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and Palm Islands.
Hence, the best Dhow Cruise Dubai packages for sightseeing are both Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek, where you can find two unique perspectives of seeing the night bay of Dubai.

Dhow Cruise Tips

  • Visitors of Dhow Cruise Dubai who are boarding directly are requested to arrive at the activity venue at least 30 minutes prior to the departure time. Guests who have opted for hotel pickup are requested to come to the lobby ten minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • Infants below 3 years of age are given free entry, children between 3 to 10 years are charged child rate and Dhow Cruise Dubai price for children above 10 years is the same rate as that of adults.
  • Avail the voucher and Dhow Cruise Dubai offers on the selected date and time slot.
  • Do not carry heavy luggage, sharp objects like knives and alcohol.
  • Formals and smart casuals are the permitted dress code on the cruise. Casual apparels like shorts, slippers, sleeveless tops and swimsuits are not allowed.
  • Adhere to Covid-19 guidelines, maintain social distancing and ensure frequent use of sanitizers.

FAQ's of Dhow Cruise Dubai

What are Dubai dhow cruise timings?

    Dinner on a Dhow Cruise Dubai starts at 8:30 PM and goes on till 10:30 PM. The cruise duration varies between 2 to 2.5 hours approximately based on the need for hotel transfers. The cruise departure from the shore starts by 8 PM and hence it is better to reach the activity location between 7 PM to 8 PM.

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