Water Sports In Dubai

Water Sports In Dubai

Naturally blessed with white sandy beaches and stretches of turquoise blue water, Dubai is a playground for water sports lovers. From scuba diving to white water rafting to parasailing, you can enjoy all kinds of water sports in Dubai. Kite Beach, Jumeirah Public Beach, Umm Suqeim Beach, and Ghantoot Beach are the best spots in Dubai to enjoy a memorable water adventure. If you're a fan of underwater views or wish to go deep and marvel at the beauty of marine life, you can try snorkeling on Jumeirah Beach. Another great adrenaline-pumping water sports activity that awaits you in Dubai is flyboarding. Flyboarding allows you to move freely above water and enjoy elevated views without the need to jump from staggering heights or hang off parachutes. If you want to get away from the chaos of the city and enjoy the beauty of the turquoise blue waters, then you can opt for the stand-up paddle boarding excursion. Indulge in your love for the waves and sea by enjoying kayaking at Dubai Marina. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next adventure trip to Dubai and find yourself swimming amongst whale sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and more!


Get ready to have the most exciting ride on the gigantic sea by enjoying wakeboarding, one of the most enthralling Dubai water sports activities. Wakeboarding is an excellent watersport activity in which you'll have to stand on a wakeboard, and you'll be towed behind a motorboat to perform aerial manoeuvres. Stick tight with your wakeboard, wear the lifejacket, and see your wakeboard cutting through the waves. Dubai Marina is an excellent spot for wakeboarding in Dubai as the waves are down and the water is calm. So strap on your wakeboard and enjoy the euphoric feeling of catching the waves!

Fly Boarding

Lose all your inhibitions and get ready to fly high in the air as you enjoy flyboarding in Dubai. Flyboarding is an extreme water sports in Dubai wherein you'll get a chance to fly through the giant waves of the sea using flying boards connected to a jet ski. After briefing on the controller traits and security, you'll put on the jet boots, and you'll be brought to the waves, where you'll start surfing the sky progressively. The water jet can lift you up to ten meters into the air, so you can jump, fly and perform tricks over water easily. During the flyboarding session, the instructor will stay on the jet ski to regulate your height and power and control the engine throttle.

Scuba Diving

Get ready to have a wonderful underwater adventure by enjoying scuba diving, one of the most electrifying Dubai water sports activities. Whether you're a certified diver or not, you can enjoy scuba diving with the sharks at the Dubai Aquarium located in the Dubai mall. You can also enjoy a spine-chilling scuba diving experience at Fujairah beach, which is home to exotic tropical fish, bright corals, and enthralling marine life and has excellent marine visibility. So, whether you want to see exotic marine creatures, stunning shipwrecks, or mammoth trenches, you'll find an ideal scuba diving spot in Dubai.

Jet Sking

If you're on the lookout for one of the most electrifying Dubai water sports activities, jet skiing should be your ideal option. This activity involves the use of a jet ski which pulls the water in and back at the end of the ski with the help of an engine. While enjoying this water-sports activity, you'll get a chance to fly across the roaring waters of Al Mamzar Beach Park on a speedy watercraft. No matter whether you're a professional or a beginner, people of all skill levels can enjoy this activity.


Are you craving something exciting and new to try out on your Dubai vacation? If yes, you can try parasailing over the waters of Jumeirah Beach to infuse fun into your trip. In parasailing, you'll be towed behind a boat on a parasail that will lift you almost 150m in the sky. While enjoying this activity, you'll fall in love with the shimmering waters, peaceful ambiance, and stunningly beautiful beaches. Before undertaking this activity, you'll be trained to use proper landing positions and hand signals. So strap in, and get ready to admire the panoramic views as you take a gentle ride in the air

Speed Boating

If you're looking for a dose of adventure out on the high seas, speed boating should be your ideal choice. Speed boating is an excellent way to enjoy the splendid sights of the main landmarks of Dubai. As you sit on the ship's bow, you can feel the wind blowing fiercely through your hair and hear the surf crashing against the hull. While speedboating, you can soak up the breathtaking views unfolding before you and catch the sight of the marine creatures flittering along the banks. A speed boat ride in Dubai will take you through the most elite waterfront developments, including Dubai Marina, Atlantis, and Jumeirah Beach Residence. You can also click beautiful pictures to preserve the memories of the trip.


If you want to enjoy heart-pounding and electrifying water sports in Dubai, you can sign up for kite surfing. Kitesurfing is an extreme water sports activity that combines gliding and surfing in the air. During this activity, you'll be provided a board and a kite to move effortlessly across the water. Consistent winds all year round make Kite Beach an ideal kitesurf spot in Dubai for kitesurfers of all levels. While kitesurfing, you must remember that you can land and launch the kite only within the designated area.

Sea breacher

Sign up for a sea breacher tour and get ready for a marine voyage that will let you experience the beauty of Dubai's underwater scenery! This activity is performed under the guidance of an expert instructor to ensure your safety and well-being. During this fifteen-minute ride, you'll get to enjoy breathtaking vistas of both the underwater and surroundings. The sea breacher is a submersible water vessel that will ride you over, beneath, and under the surface of Dubai's water in an adventurous manner. Your sea breacher will lift you off up to twenty feet in the air and dive you about seven feet beneath the waters.


If you're seeking one of the most action-packed Dubai water sports activities, windsurfing should be your go-to option. Windsurfing is an excellent water sports activity that combines the characteristics of both surfing and sailing. During this activity, you have to use the wind to propel a board forward under your feet and skim across the water. Jumeirah Beach is one of the best spots for windsurfing in Dubai as it has light to medium currents and a beautiful coastline. If you're a beginner, you must use a buoyancy aid and a life vest while undertaking this activity because waves are unpredictable

Deep-Sea Fishing

If you're a fishing enthusiast who desires to explore the deep sea and encounter a wide variety of fish species, then deep-sea fishing should be your perfect choice. The public beaches in Marina, Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah, near Dubai Creek, Maktoum bridge, Garhoud bridge, and Shindagha channel are ideal for deep-sea fishing. There are many fishing companies in Dubai that offer a fishing tour with a professional crew and all the required equipment. With deep-sea fishing, you can get far enough off the coast and reach deeper into the waters to catch fish that live out only in the open ocean. During deep-sea fishing, seasoned anglers can show off and improve their fishing skills or even learn new ones, while the first-timers can enjoy the thrill of catching the first fish.

Swimming With Dolphins

If you've ever dreamt of swimming with dolphins and getting up close and personal with them, it's time to turn them into reality by visiting Dubai's marine parks and dolphinariums. While enjoying this activity, you can feed, touch, meet and greet and befriend the dolphins. A mask and wetsuit will be provided on-site, and you'll be supervised by a professional instructor during the whole activity. As you swim with the dolphins, a professional photographer will be there to click your photos.

Donut Ride

Donut ride is an excellent water sports in Dubai that you must try if you want to kick your adrenaline level and have a water blast. This is a fun-filled activity wherein you zip across the water on an inflatable donut-shaped tube. Before hopping onto the tube, listen carefully to the safety instructions of the expert and get outfitted properly with your life jacket. The donut-shaped raft can carry two people at one time and is attached to a watercraft throughout your ride. The donut ride gives you a chance to enjoy the breathtaking views of the shoreline and underwater sceneries.


Bump your adrenaline level by enjoying a flying experience over a jetovator on the Palm Jumeirah. Jetovator is a powered scooter that is connected to jet ski to help you fly over water swiftly. While flying high on the jetovator, you can rise to nine meters above the surface of the water, submerge in water to almost three meters and accelerate above the water surface to a speed of forty kilometers per hour. So, hop onto the seat of the jetovator, grip the handlebar, and soar, spin, and turn like you're on a mid-air motorbike.

Shark Walker In Dubai Aquarium

Shark Walker in Dubai Aquarium is a fun-filled activity that gives you a chance to have an up-close and personal encounter with rays, sharks, and a multitude of other fish species. Wear your breathing helmet and wetsuit and enter a transparent cage that descends into a massive tank. Once you enter the tank, gaze in awe as the deadliest sharks, manta rays, and tropical fish swim inches away from your face. The experience lasts for twenty-five minutes, and you can undertake this activity only if you know how to tread water or swim.

Banana Boat Ride In Dubai

This is another pulse-raising water sports in Dubai that you must try with your family and friends to have unlimited thrills and frills. While enjoying this activity, you get a chance to cruise through the giant waves and enjoy the incredible speed of the water. The shape and color of the boat are like a banana, and the boat drags through the water while you try your best to hold on as long as possible. Most rides last for fifteen minutes, and you must wear life jackets and hold on to the raft tightly to avoid toppling over.


Kayaking is a thrilling water sports in Dubai that you must try if you want to soak up the exquisite sounds and sights along Dubai's shoreline. Paddle your boat through turquoise blue water to experience the raw beauty of nature and explore the multitude of fish and other fascinating marine life. You'll be guided by an expert instructor, and you'll be provided with safety equipment while undertaking this activity. The best thing is that you can try this adventurous activity solo or opt to elevate the delight of this activity by booking a tandem kayak trip.


What is the best time to go water skiing?

The best time to go water skiing in Dubai is between April and November, as the weather is calm during these months, and the current is low to medium.

How to reach Dubai Aquarium?

By Bus: To reach Dubai Aquarium by bus, you can access two routes: route 29 from Ghubaiba station and route 27 from the Gold Souk bus station. These buses run every thirty minutes and will drop you at Dubai Mall's entrance.

By Metro: The nearest metro station to reach Dubai Aquarium is the Burj Khalifa station and Dubai mall. Dubai Aquarium is at a walkable distance from Burj Khalifa station.

By Car/Taxi: You can reach Dubai Aquarium from various parts of Dubai by hiring a taxi or cab.

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Which are the best Water Sports in Dubai?

Kayaking- If you're looking for adrenaline-pumping water sports in Dubai that combine adventure and nature, kayaking should be your ideal option. During this activity, a canoe-like raft is used to paddle through open water. As you kayak down Dubai's quiet water, you'll get a chance to appreciate the structural wonders and beautiful sceneries en route.

Scuba Diving- Get ready to unveil the mysteries of the underwater world by enjoying scuba diving at the top-most diving sites in Dubai. The waters of Dubai are the clearest and stretch for miles, offering the perfect setting for scuba diving.

Flyboarding- Flyboarding is an extreme water sports in Dubai that gives you an opportunity to fly through the giant waves of the sea using a flying board. Wear your helmet life jacket, take the keyboard stuff and get ready to unleash your inner daredevil.

What is unique about Scuba Diving In Dubai?

The unique thing about Scuba Diving In Dubai is that whether you want to see exotic marine creatures, stunning shipwrecks, or mammoth trenches, you'll find an ideal scuba diving spot in Dubai. You'll also find an indoor diving center in Dubai where you can swim with the deadly shark and other sea creatures.

What are the highlights of Jetovator In Dubai Experience?

  • While enjoying this extreme water sports in Dubai, you can learn to steer, spin, turn and practice other aerial tricks.
  • Soar above the vast sea on a powered motorbike with handlebars and seat.
  • No experience is required to enjoy this water sports activity: certified instructors provide step-by-step instructions.
  • All equipment, including helmet and lifevest, are supplied.

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