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Kidzania Dubai Tickets highlights

  • Witness your kids explore new interests as they play in the 'grown-up' environment.

  • Your kids will relish experiencing 'adulting' in an engaging child-scaled urban setting, complete with universities, banks, and hospitals.

  • Children can select from a diverse array of 80 professions, spanning technical and creative fields, and gain insight into pursuing their interests.

  • Observe your kids as they try to understand money management through interactive engagement with a dynamic banking system.

  • Kids will find both excitement and safety under the attentive guidance of specialized 'zupervisors'.

Operating Hours
Kid Zania In Dubai Mall
Timings: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM


Unit SF - 175 - Financial Center Rd - Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Kidzania Dubai Tickets overview

Activity Location: The Dubai Mall, Second level. Cinema Parking - Financial Center Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Activity Timing:

  • Saturday-Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 08:00 PM
  • Thursday-Friday: 12:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Activity Duration: 2-3 Hours (approx.)

About Kidzania Dubai:

Visit Kidzania, one of Dubai's finest family-friendly attractions. Explore this location where children can have fun learning about various professions. Children can work at places like a hospital, a fire station, a beauty parlour, a bank, a radio station, a grocery store, a television station, a restaurant, and a theatre where they can receive kidZos for each task they complete. Book Kidzania Dubai ticket and utilize this innovative realistic educational environment to assist your kids in achieving their goal!

About the Kidzania Dubai Tickets:

The following departments are available at Kidzania Dubai ticket for the children to play to be in:

  • Education: Give your children the opportunity to earn more kidZos in KidZania's linked professions by pursuing degrees in their chosen fields.
  • Entertainment: Children can try out a variety of roles at Al Aan TV Studio, including floor manager, camera person, and show host.
  • Food & Beverages: Children can help in the kitchen by flipping burgers at McDonald's, producing healthy snacks at Fade Fit Kids Healthy Snack Factory, or making their own pizzas at Pizza Express.
  • Health: Join our team of researchers as we create innovative, safer ways to assist people in sanitising their hands and surfaces in the Micro Safe Antimicrobial Lab.
  • Media: Children work together to create radio programmes and report news stories that are broadcast for everyone to hear around the city.
  • Retail: Children are given the tasks of stock manager and cashier to help them develop their confidence in handling money.
  • Services: Young people can help keep the city safe by working in government agencies like Dubai Customs and the Dubai Police Station, where they can develop their attention-to-detail and attentiveness abilities.
  • Transportation: The RTA City Bus Tour teaches young children how to ride safely on a bus alone and offers them a map of the city.
  • Games: Kids can try their sports skills at table foosball and billiards in the Games Room.

How to Reach Kidzania Dubai?

  • By Metro: Take the metro to Burj Khalifa/The Dubai Mall station. Upon arrival at the station, head out to the main road. There is a feeder bus that goes from the station to the mall every 15 mins. Alternatively, the mall is a 15-min walk from the station via the air-conditioned Metro Link Bridge.
  • By Car: If you plan to drive to The Dubai Mall from the center of Dubai, take the first interchange and proceed through Financial Centre Road (formerly Doha Street). You will see the approach road to The Dubai Mall on the right-hand side.

Kidzania Dubai Tickets faqs

What are the activities to enjoy in Kidzania Dubai?

Some of the activities to enjoy in Kidzania Dubai are:

Earn a Degree: Children can earn a degree in their field of choosing and receive additional Kidzos, which is the park's currency. 

Become a DJ: At one of the zones, children have the opportunity to hone their skills as DJ and watch their favorite movies at KidZania Reel Cinemas.

Get Cooking Delicious Meals: With Kidzania Dubai tickets, children can work at Kinder Chocolate Factory and enjoy a delicious Happy Meal at McDonald’s.

Nurse People to Health: In this zone, the kids can work with experts in a lab to ensure the citizens are safe and well.

Shop at the Retail Store: At the KidZania retail store, children can use their KidZos currency to purchase souvenirs and can also choose to get face painting done.

How much does a Kidzania ticket cost?

Toddlers under 2 years old can enter free of charge. Tickets for children aged 2-3 years range from 90- 120 AED. For children aged 4-16 years, the price for the Economy package is 170- 195 AED, while the Premium package is 240- 260 AED. Lastly, the Kidzania Dubai ticket price for adults aged 17 and above is 60- 90 AED.

Why should you book Kidzania Dubai Ticket?

You should book Kidzania Dubai tickets as it offers children an opportunity to learn about money, life and career through different role play activities, such as assuming the role of reporters, pilots, and chefs. With great package deals and facilities, it is an ideal place to celebrate children’s birthdays and organize school trips.

Is the camera allowed in Kidzania Dubai?

No, cameras are not allowed inside Kidzania Dubai. However, you will get an opportunity to click a photo after the little ones get through the boarding lounge. For commercial photography, prior permission from the authorities is required.

What activities are included in the Kidzania Dubai ticket?

Some of the fun activities in Kidzania Dubai tickets include being a pilot at the Emirates Airlines counters and learning the basics of driving at Emirates Driving Institute Driving School. Children can also try their hands at construction and host a television show.

Do I need to book in advance to visit Kidzania Dubai?

No, you can buy the tickets at the ticket counter. However, it is recommended that you book your ticket to Kidzania Dubai in advance. By booking online, you not only secure a confirmed ticket, but also take advantage of great deals and discounts on the Kidzania Dubai ticket price, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience overall.

Why is KidZania Dubai famous?

KidZania Dubai is famous as children get a chance to roleplay and build their imagination. In these roleplaying activities, they can be an artist, a nurse, a doctor, a teacher, a fireman, a beautician, and even a pilot for a day. It is an ideal destination for the little ones to gain practical knowledge about the world while having fun.

Are there any VIP or fast-track ticket options available for Kidzania Dubai?

There is a premium package available for children aged 4-16 years. In this, little ones can enjoy all city activities, an AED 20 Food & beverage voucher, an AED 20 KidZania retail shop voucher along with seasonal activities inside KidZania.

Is there a separate ticket for parents accompanying their children inside Kidzania Dubai?

Yes, there is a separate ticket for parents accompanying their children inside Kidzania Dubai. The Kidzania Dubai ticket price for adults aged 17 and above is AED75- AED80.


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