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IMG Worlds, Dubai’s first themed entertainment park, is one of the must-visit places to visit with family or friends. The entertainment park is spread across 1.5 million square feet and is famed to be the largest temperature-controlled indoor-themed entertainment park in the world. Children are especially excited to visit the fun destination with its four adventure zones, two of which are themed on two well-known brands - Cartoon Network and Marvel. Even the other two zones, the Lost Valley and IMG Boulevard are based on in-house concepts that are sure to excite both adults and kids alike.

While exploring the various zones, you will be thrilled to find exhilarating rides, roller coasters and many other attractions. As you enter the MARVEL zone, you will want to rush towards the zone’s all-time popular rides Spider-Man Doc Ock's Revenge and Thor Thunder Spin. In this zone, you will be able to meet other superheroes of Marvel in experiences such as Hulk Episode Base 3d, Avengers Battle of Ultron, etc. Visit the popular zone, the Cartoon Network where you will enjoy IMG rides with several characters from Cartoon Network. Some of the exciting rides of this zone include Ben 10 5d Hero Time, The Amazing Ride of Gumball, Lazytown, and others. IMG worlds of adventure rides also have a zone for dinosaur lovers. This is the Lost Valley zone and is dedicated to the prehistoric age with rides such as Predator, Forbidden Territory, etc. The fourth zone, IMG Boulevard, is well known for its famous Haunted Hotel ride. Apart from rides, each zone also has stores selling themed merchandise, as well as eateries. The entertainment park also has a 12-screen movie theater, making it an ideal destination for a fun-filled day.

Marvel Rides At IMG World

If you are a fan of the Marvel superheroes, then the Marvel zone will be where you will want to head. Because this is the zone where you will meet your favorite characters such as The Avengers, Spider-man, Thor, The Hulk, and others. As you indulge in the IMG world rides of this zone such as the Avengers Battle of Ultron, Avengers Flight of the Quinjets and others, you must not forget to check out the zone’s two most favorite rides - Thor Thunder Spin and Spider-man Doc Ock’s Revenge.

Avengers Battle Of Ultron

One of the popular IMG Worlds rides you will find in the Marvel Zone is the Avengers Battle of Ultron where you will help your favorite Marvel heroes save the world. Join Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the Hulk on their quest of saving the world from the evil clutches of the outlaw Ultronby by fighting and defeating him.

Required Height: Minimum height: 1.30 m (by self), 1.05 m (if accompanied by an adult) Maximum height: 2.08 m

Hulk Episode Base 3d

Hulk Episode Base 3d, one of the IMG worlds of adventure rides, will have you gripping the edges of your seat as you watch one of the greatest battles of the Hulk. Feel captivated in this immersive experience in the Marvel Zone where a fantastic experience has been created for you with the use of 3D technology and a 360-degree screen.

Required Height: Minimum height: 1 m Maximum height: 1.95 m

Spider-Man Doc Ock's Revenge

One of the all-time favorite IMG rides of the Marvel Zone is the Spider-Man Doc Ock's Revenge. Take part in this exciting experience where the fate of the entire city is on your shoulders and to save it, you will need to outwit Doctor Octopus. Doctor Octopus is the arch-enemy of spider man and you can only save the city by keeping on preventing him from reaching the energy supply of the city. If you are successful in doing that, you will be the winner of the Spider-Man Doc Ock's Revenge.

Required Height: Minimum Height: 1.20 m (By Self); 1.05 m (if accompanied by an adult)

Thor Thunder Spin

If you suddenly find yourself being kidnapped by the God of Mischief and you come to know that it is the responsibility of Thor, your favorite Marvel character, to fight with Loki and save you, how will you feel? Will you feel excited or scared to death? Experience this situation in the Thor Thunder Spin and find out what happens next. This interactive ride in the Marvel zone is one of the all-time favorite ones and will make you feel an adrenaline rush as you wait to know the ending.

Required Height: Minimum height: 1.40 m Maximum height: 1.95 m

Avengers Flight Of The Quinjets

You will be able to choose your own Quinjet to go for a fun spin in the Avengers Flight of the Quinjets ride in the Marvel section. As you are on the go, feel excited to get the opportunity to challenge your favourite Marvel superheroes such as Thor, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and others for a race. Since the ride has no maximum height, anyone above the restricted height will be able to enjoy this thrilling ride.

Lost Vallely Rides At IMG World

Want to take a look at how it was in prehistoric times? The Lost Valley zone of the IMG Worlds will give you a glimpse of it. This zone has a number of thrilling rides which will give you the experience of being in the bygone times. Apart from its exhilarating rides, the zone also has a souvenir shop for you to purchase and several eateries serving mouthwatering dishes making it a food lover’s paradise.

The Velociraptor

Would you dare to journey into the prehistoric jungles of the Lost Valley? If you would, then go for The Velociraptor, one of the adrenalin rush IMG worlds of adventure rides of the Lost Valley section. Hop into the roller-coaster that will take you on your journey through the jungle at a lightning speed. You will be holding on to your breath till you reach the finishing point. This exciting ride has no maximum age restriction, so everyone can enjoy this experience.Required Height: Minimum height: 1.30 m


The Predator ride of the IMG Worlds is full of twists and turns and is set in the jungles of the Lost Valley section. You can participate in this exhilarating ride only if you are a brave heart and would be excited to go for the beyond-vertical plummet to Earth at a super-fast speed. Predator is one of those exciting IMG rides which has no age restrictions, so if your children are ready for this challenge, you can take them along. This ride is an excellent option if you want to get a breathtaking aerial view of the park.

Required Height: Minimum height: 1.25 m

Forbidden Territory

You never know what you will encounter in the Forbidden Territory of the Lost World. It could be life-sized dinosaurs whom you need to battle with, or it could be one of the dangerous creatures of the earth from which you will need to hide to save yourself. This exciting ride will keep you on tenterhooks and will make you feel an adrenaline rush in anticipation of what would come next. And then you will enter the Danger Zone from where there will be no going back!

Required Height: Minimum height: 1.05 m (if accompanied by an adult) & 1.30 m (By Self); Maximum height: 2.08 m

Dino Carousel

Dino Carousel is an enjoyable experience where you get to ride on a unique dinosaur-themed carousel. This is one of those IMG world rides where you can easily take your little kids along as there is no creature around. All you will meet on this ride are the friendly creatures from the prehistoric Lost Valley. Children will be charmed as they get the opportunity to go on a spin with them.

Required Height: Minimum height: 1.05 m

Adventure Fortress

If you are one of the adventure seekers, the Adventure Fortress with its vast area having tunnels, slides and a lot more is just the place for you. This is where you can indulge in different climbing challenges and go for various obstacle courses. If you want to hone the skills required to save yourself from the creatures of Lost Valley such as dinosaurs, this place is where you need to go.

Required Height: Minimum Height: 0.95 m (if accompanied by an adult); 1.25 m (by self);

Cartoon Network Rides At IMG Worlds

The themed zone based on the iconic brand Cartoon Network has some of the best rides. Children love to get the chance to have fun with their favorite characters from the brand. Some of the popular rides in this zone include Ben 10, LazyTown, Powerpuff Girls and others. The zone also has several eateries, the notable amongst them is the CN Feast, a themed family restaurant where you can interact and take pictures with the Cartoon Network characters.

Ben 10 5d Hero Time

In Ben 10 5d Hero Time, one of the IMG World rides of the Cartoon Network zone, you will be playing the role of a plumber trainee at the Plumber Headquarter. Be on your alert as you embark on this multi-sensory adventure game, as Khyber the Huntsman is on the loose and is all set to ensure that your first day is not easy. This ride does not have a maximum height so even adults can have fun in this ride.

Required Height: Minimum height: 1.30 m

The Powerpuff Girls- Mojo Jojo's Robot Rampage!

Participate in the thrilling Powerpuff Girls- Mojo Jojo's Robot Rampage!, one of the IMG world rides of the Cartoon Network zone of IMG World. In this game, you will be joining the Powerpuff Girls on their quest to save the city from the evil clutches of the robot who has been given life by Mojo Jojo. Stop him from wreaking havoc in the city and come out as the winner.

Required Height: Minimum Height: 1.25 m (if accompanied by an adult) & 1.35 m (By Self);

Adventure Time- The Ride Of Ooo With Finn & Jake

Excited to visit the Land of Ooo to meet the Ice King and spend time with the princesses? Finn and Jake are here to take you on an adventure trip to reach the Land of Ooo. As you embark on this exciting journey, you will feel thrilled as you soar high in the air. Take this trip as a family as there is no height restriction.

The Amazing Ride Of Gumball

It’s crazy out there in the Amazing Ride of Gumball in the Cartoon Network zone! Gumball and Darwin’s school science project has gone out of control and objects have come to life and created havoc in the town. Will you let them take over the town or will you take this adrenalin rush challenge to zap the objects that have come to life? With the help of the adults in this game, there is no maximum height restriction.

Required Height: Minimum Height: 1.20 m (if not accompanied by an adult)


The Lazytown in the Cartoon Network zone is filled with fun activities. You can spend some time here taking a dancing lesson at Stephanie’s Dance School or you can go on an exploration of the secret lair of RobbieRotten. Visitors of every age group will find something of interest in this amazing town.

Required Height: Minimum Height: 1.05 m (if accompanied by an adult)

IMG Boulevard : Haunted Hotel

IMG Boulevard is the welcoming zone of the IMG Worlds and in this zone, you will get a plethora of enthralling experiences. The most popular experience in this zone is the Haunted House with its confusing mazes and obstacles. Apart from this popular entertainment, the zone also has seven restaurants along with cafes serving delicious cuisines of varied types. You will also be able to do shopping in this zone, visiting the series of retails.

Enter the Haunted Hotel of the IMG Boulevard zone, one of the popular IMG World rides of IMG Worlds. Inside the hotel, you will be challenged with various obstacles as you will proceed to find the door that leads to your freedom. There will be confusing mazes where it is easy to get lost, you will find your backgrounds suddenly changing and then there will be scary ghosts, giving you goosebumps and making you shriek aloud.


Which are the best rides in IMG Worlds of Adventure suitable for kids?

  • Spider-Man Doc Ock's Revenge: One of the most popular rides of the Marvel zone of the IMG World is Spider-Man Doc Ock's Revenge. By going on this ride, children get to outwit Doctor Octopus by thinking of ways to prevent him from reaching the energy supply of the city.
  • Haunted Hotel: This popular experience of the IMG Boulevard zone will make you feel an adrenaline rush as you cross obstacles, confusing mazes, changing backgrounds and frightening ghosts on a quest to reach the end.
  • Thor Thunder Spin: Another popular experience of the Marvel zone is Thor Thunder Spin. In this experience you are kidnapped by the God of Mischief and Thor is on a mission to save you by fighting with Loki.
  • Forbidden Territory: Feel excited as you enter the Forbidden Territory of the Lost World section and meet with the life-size dinosaurs and other dangerous creatures.
  • Adventure Time- the Ride of Ooo With Finn & Jake: Embark on a journey to the land of Ooo with Finn and Jake. Feel excited as you soar up in the air and reach the land and go forward to meet the Ice King and the princesses.

Which are the best different Zones to explore in Img World?

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  • Cartoon Network: One of the most favorite zones of the children especially is the Cartoon Network-themed zone. Not only does it have some of the most exciting IMG World rides, but it also gives the visitors a chance to interact with their favorite cartoon characters at its themed restaurant.
  • Marvel Zone: Marvel Superhero fans would love to visit the zone based on this theme. This zone attracts its visitors to participate in its exhilarating rides such as Spider-Man Doc Ock's Revenge, Hulk Episode Base 3d, Avengers Battle of Ultron, Thor Thunder Spin, and Avengers Flight of the Quinjets.
  • Lost Valley Zone: The Lost Valley Zone will take you on a trip to prehistoric times and will make you feel excited as you get chased by dinosaurs or ride action-packed thrilling rides. Get the chance to bring home prehistoric-themed items as souvenirs, from the retail outlets in this zone.
  • IMG Boulevard Zone: IMG Boulevard is the welcoming zone of the IMG Worlds and has plenty of enthralling experiences on offer. While in this zone, you must opt for its famous Haunted Hotel experience

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Which are the best places for dining at IMG Worlds of Adventure?

  • Chang’s Golden Dragon: The open kitchen and rustic decor of this restaurant located in the Marvel zone is an excellent place to unwind after enjoying the thrilling rides of IMG World. The pan Asian dishes served by this amazing restaurant are sure to remind you of Chinatown.
  • CN Feast: This themed restaurant of the Cartoon Network zone is a favorite amongst the kids. This is the family restaurant where they can meet their favorite Cartoon Network characters. Spread over two floors, the restaurant is well known for its interactive experience with the popular characters.
  • Boulevard Gourmet: This restaurant located on IMG Boulevard, is known for its flavourful food and amazing view. Visit this family restaurant that offers more than four types of cuisines for you to choose from.
  • Richard’s Around the World Cafe: This is a unique restaurant where you can try out exotic dishes from all over the world. Visit Richard’s Around the World Cafe at the Cartoon Network zone and try out new fares.
  • Spice Valley: Spice valley will enthrall you with its flavourful dishes with the taste of authentic Indian cuisine. Located in the Lost Valley section of IMG Worlds, the restaurant’s mouthwatering earthen tandoors and grilled meats will surely leave you asking for more.

What is IMG famous for?

IMG World is Dubai’s first themed entertainment park. It is also famous for being the largest temperature-controlled indoor-themed entertainment park in the world. The park has gained popularity owing to the thrilling rides and experiences in its four themed zones. The Theme Park has also gained popularity for having two of its zones themed on two well-known brands - Cartoon Network and Marvel. Apart from the rides, IMG Worlds also has exclusive dining venues along with themed retail stores and a 12-screen multiplex cinema.

What is the best time to visit IMG World in Dubai?

The best time to visit IMG World would be during the weekdays. As most people visit the entertainment park during the weekends, if you visit on a weekday, you will find a shorter admission line and will be able to enjoy the rides without having to stand in the long queues waiting for your turn.

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