Fun Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

Fun Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

With its golden deserts and enchanting waters, Abu Dhabi is a fun city to explore in the entire Middle East. There are numerous fun things to do in Abu Dhabi to keep you engaged throughout your stay. Whether a family-packed adventure or the bliss of solo traveling, you can experience so many things in Abu Dhabi through its deserts and islands. You can start your journey to Abu Dhabi by visiting Yas Island and checking out its attractions like Ferrari World, Warner Bros, CLYMB, SeaWorld, and Waterworld.

Following the thrill of Yas, you can choose to engage with nature through desert safari, kayaking, skydiving, and jet skiing. Besides these, you can visit corniche road to enjoy a family picnic across the green grass. If you look for engagement learning, the Louvre museum can be an educational tour for you to have fun and look at French art. You can end your day by witnessing the breathtaking skyline of Abu Dhabi from Dhow cruise and enjoy the scrumptious Arabian dinner.

Experience the Culture in Louvre Abu Dhabi

Standing in the silvery dome to experience the enchanting effect of ‘Raining Light’ in the Louvre is one of the most fun things to do in Abu Dhabi. The Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi lets you experience French sophistication amidst the deserts of Abu Dhabi. The permanent and temporary exhibitions at this museum, which has been called "France's largest cultural project abroad," are fascinating and educational. The actual Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, Center Pompidou, and Palace of Versailles served as inspiration for the museum's artwork. 600 artifacts, including the Basin of Bonifacius and statues of Bodhidharma and Bodhisattva, are on display here.

Visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

You can experience the thrills by sitting on the two of the most unique roller coasters in the Ferrari World. The world’s fastest roller coaster "Formula Rossa" and the world's highest one "Flying Ace" are present under the roof of Ferrari World. This family-friendly attraction has a variety of rides according to your thrill levels. Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is the world's largest space frame structure, measuring seven football fields in size! You can put your F1 driving skills to the test on the challenging race track, visit an actual Ferrari factory, climb a cinematic motion simulator, and participate in 40+ other thrilling experiences here.

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Enjoy Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

Trying the 29 attractions of Warner Bros World are some of the fun activities to do in Abu Dhabi. A visit to Warner Bros World, the biggest indoor park in the world, will allow you to experience exhilarating rides and find relief from the Abu Dhabi heat. The theme park features thrilling rides and performances in the DC comics style. Six themed areas make up the park: Warner Bros., Cartoon Junction, Bedrock, Metropolis, Gotham City, and Dynamite Glitch. You can wander through the fictional cities of Batman's Gotham and Superman's Metropolis. Later in the day, you can relax and watch live performances of actors wearing Looney Tunes costumes.

Spend your Day at Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld, an award-winning aqua theme park, is a great option for a fun-filled family outing in Abu Dhabi. The theme park is home to more than 40 exhilarating attractions to entertain visitors of all ages. The Yas Waterworld is divided into themed zones that cater to every adventurous soul according to thrill factors. The 37-acre water park has many different rides and slides for you to choose. The popular 6-seater family roller coaster "Falcon Falaj” will amaze you throughout the water-splashing ride. In addition to the exhilarating rides, the park's tranquil poolside area is a great place to relax with some light-hearted activities.

Have Fun at Bounce Abu Dhabi

Located in Marina Mall, bouncing is one of the most fun things to do in Abu Dhabi. Aerial activities like bouncing, wall running, slam dunks, dodgeball, and the free fall of Quick Drop can be experienced at Bounce Abu Dhabi. The expanded hall has two dodgeball courts, a playground with spring-loaded obstacles, huge airbags, and performance spaces. This place is typically enjoyed by children and teenagers and features a super tramp for your little ones. You can enjoy the 40-meter-long, enormous slide and the 100-connected trampolines. In addition to the trampolines, the indoor, adrenaline-pumping fun area hosts events and parties.

Take your Kids to Kidzania Abu Dhabi

Visiting the kid-sized city KidZania Abu Dhabi with your little one is a fun thing to experience! The 60,000 square-foot kid zone will keep children aged 1 to 16 entertained. You and your child can participate in role-playing games in this exciting spot. Your child will go on to work as a doctor, chef, pilot, engineer, and 60 other professions. The children at KidZania act as the authority and perform as "supervisors" to direct your child through a variety of enjoyable activities. Your child will be ready to learn crucial ideas like teamwork and sportsmanship for enhancing their decision-making abilities thanks to these through interactive plays.

Freefall at Skydiving Abu Dhabi

Skydiving tops the list of fun activities to do in Abu Dhabi that lets you float like a bird in the Arabian sky for 4-5 minutes. You will experience a 60-second thrilling free fall with breathtaking views of Abu Dhabi while jumping from the helicopter with a parachute at a speed of 200 kmph. Highly qualified and experienced instructors will be by your side to aid you in your jump from 13000 feet in the sky. Digital photography and videography are included in the package to capture your startled expression and freeze those precious moments in time.

Go for Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Exploring the deserts of Abu Dhabi on a safari impresses you by the look of the golden dunes. You can choose to ride a safari in the morning and evening, followed by interesting recreational activities. If you choose to ride the safari during the morning, you will be greeted by enchanting sun rays and clear skies. You can ride a camel towards the camel village after heading out from the safari. If you go for an evening safari, you will witness the windy desert with the euphoric sunset. The quad biking and dune bashing is available for you to enjoy the sands of Abu Dhabi.

Experience Jet Skiing at Beaches

Jet skiing on stunning beaches is one of the fun activities to do in Abu Dhabi. Before embarking on this thrilling adventure, the knowledgeable guides will teach you about watercraft and safety precautions. A qualified and experienced instructor will accompany you to ensure safety. The exhilarating ride will allow you to glide along the coastlines from a unique perspective. You will speed through the water, surrounded by the world's best beaches in the Pacific Gulf and the UAE. If you are fortunate enough, you will have the opportunity to meet Abu Dhabi's enchanting aqua creatures.

Enjoy Indoor Rock Climbing at CLYMB

If you want to make your day sporty and energetic, CLYMB Abu Dhabi promises a thrilling indoor climbing experience. This location allows you to climb 138 feet and select from 5 different walls of varying lengths. This indoor adventure hub is safe and has an intriguing environment ideal for family enjoyment. CLYMB combines a group strength activity with fun as rock climbing is equal to a strenuous workout. Aside from rock climbing, you can try indoor skydiving at the CLYMB's state-of-the-art flight special chamber, which has a width of 32 feet and a height of 104 feet.

Witness the Animals at Al-Ain Zoo

You can have a fun trip to Al Ain Zoo and witness 3000+ animals belonging to 300+ species living in their natural environment. Exploring Big Cat House, Chimpanzee Forest, Reptile House, Monkey Compound, Aquarium, and Aviary of Al Ain zoo are some of the most fun things to do in Abu Dhabi. The zoo will keep you entertained with animal and bird shows, penguin parade, lemur walk, tiger tug of war, and many more activities. Zoo's safari ride will allow you to get up close and personal with the wildest 5 Big Animals: Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Leopards, Jaguars, and Pumas.

Kayaking at Mangrove

You can indulge in Kayak at the National Mangrove Park amidst the Arabian Gulf. Kayaking through the city's natural mangrove growth in the lush group of islands with a view of the skyline is one of the most fun things to do in Abu Dhabi. This incredible activity can be tried out at low or high tides, with each providing a unique experience against ocean currents and waves. You can go on kayak tours and races with your guide to see the city's enchanting marine life, which includes flamingos, turtles, sea snakes, foxes, and herons.

See Sightseeing Places of Abu Dhabi at Dhow Cruise

You can board the Abu Dhabi Dhow cruise to witness the beauty of Abu Dhabi’s stunning skyline. The traditional boat of Dhow will present you with the culture of the Middle East through its interior and cuisine. The lower air-conditioned deck of the boat lets you have the most authentic Arabian dishes served by the humblest staff. The upper deck of the boat is open-air with the winds touching your face. While having your favorite food, you will be amazed by the views of Abu Dhabi’s stunning skyline. Your day will end with relaxation as you enjoy the Tanura dancing act post dinner.

Visit The Abu Dhabi Corniche

Visiting Corniche road comes under the tagline of activities to do in Abu Dhabi for fun through its 8 km long family-packed extravaganza. The road features the corniche beach by its side along with kid’s play areas, beautiful pathways, restaurants, and cafes. As soon as you enter the road, you will witness the happy faces of cyclists and joggers enjoying their quality time through the captivating pathways. The views of the popular towers of Etihad and many other attractions are the ones to look for. You can spend your entire day picnicking on this road in the green spaces beside the restaurants.

FAQ's of Fun Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

What are the best things to do for kids in Abu Dhabi?

  • Visiting KidZania: Kids can indulge in character-developing role-playing activities as part of engagement learning at the miniature city of KidZania. Your kid can become a lawyer, engineer, doctor, dentist, or fashion designer inside this place.
  • Enjoyment at Bounce: Jumping on the vast trampoline of this place is loved by kids and teenagers equally. Bouncing, dodgeball and many other air-borne adventures are present at this attraction.
  • Yas Waterworld: You can take your kid to Yas Waterworld to enjoy all the fun things to do in Abu Dhabi. The park has a separate area dedicated to kids for enjoyment and safety.

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What is special in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is special because it has all for one to enjoy- the beauty of nature through deserts and waters and the man-made attractions. The day you visit the famous Middle Eastern city, you will be puzzled to choose from the activities to do in Abu Dhabi for fun. This is because you will be loaded with the best options like Yas island, Louvre museum, the corniche road, and loads of others. Apart from the fun at these places, you can enjoy the adventurous activities like paragliding, skiing, kayaking, and skydiving in Abu Dhabi.

How many days to spend in Abu Dhabi?

You need to spend at least 3 days or a weekend indulging in fun activities to do in Abu Dhabi. However, a proper exploration that covers most attractions and activities may take up to a week of your time.

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Is Abu Dhabi worth visiting?

Yes, Abu Dhabi is worth visiting because it possesses the beauty of deserts and the modernism of the city. There are numerous adventure sports like paragliding, skiing, kayaking and skydiving to try in Abu Dhabi. Besides the fun things to do in Abu Dhabi, you can learn about Arabian culture by visiting museums and traditional villages.

How can I spend the weekend in Abu Dhabi?

  • Climbing a Rock wall : You can enjoy your weekend by climbing a rock wall indoors at the CLYMB. You can choose from a variety of available walls of variable lengths that reach up to 138 ft. The strenuous workout activity will offer you to test your skills by participating in healthy races.
  • Visiting All-in-one Yas Island: You can spend your weekend indulging in various activities to do in Abu Dhabi for fun. The island possesses many interesting attractions like Yas Waterworld, Ferrari World, SeaWorld, and Warner Bros to keep you engaged in fun and thrill.
  • Skydive in the Arabian skies: You can enjoy a 60-second free fall and 4-5 minutes of skydiving from a helicopter in Abu Dhabi. Jumping from 13,000 ft heavenly heights will give you a boost of adrenaline with a speed of 200 kmph.

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Which are the best things to experience at night in Abu Dhabi?

  • Dinner at Dhow Cruise: You can dine in to taste the Arabic food at the Dhow cruise of Abu Dhabi. While eating your delicious food, you can witness Abu Dhabi’s amazing skyline of high-end buildings. Post the dinner, you can sit and relax to watch the illuminated dancing Tanura performance.
  • Chilling on Yas Beach: You can sit and relax on the Yas beach of lifestyle hub Yas Island. Besides the relaxation, you can be a part of events and parties held by Yas.
  • Corniche Road: You can end your day by relaxing on the green grasses of parks on corniche road. The captivating views of Etihad towers on one side and the serene beach on the other will set your perfect mood for the night

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