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About Legoland Dubai Rides

LEGOLAND Dubai Theme Park is an amazing park which has something on offer for every visitor. The park has several exciting games for toddlers, younger children, older children as well as adults. While visiting the place, children get a chance to do amazing things such as piloting a place, learning to drive, fighting the fire, going deep under the sea and visiting the world of fantasy. They can climb towers, bounce, spin and go on a roller coaster. Not only is LEGOLAND Dubai for fun and exciting rides, the park also gives children ample opportunities to hone their skills as well. It is here that they can learn basic driving rules, hone their skills in building Lego Cars, Robots as well as be creative in building Lego objects.

The rides in Legoland Dubai also give families to spend a fun-filled day together. Adults can accompany their children for several of the rides and activities and can participate with them while taking care of them. Children who are a little older can have fun on their own while their parents can relax nearby. Other than rides and learning options, the park also has several choices for entertainment such as a tour of the MINILAND with a Light Show, Factory Tour and a 4D movie at LEGO® Studios 4D.

Rides In Miniland Zone

Miniland Light Show

Enjoy a MINILAND Light Show and feel captivated as you watch the entire MINILAND dazzle with lights. Take a look at how 15,000 LEGO models lit up with more than 800 lighting channels creating a breathtaking view. To enjoy the best view of the show, opt to stand at The Café terrace.


Little Builders would love to visit MINILAND where they will be able to witness amazing Lego models of buildings, gardens, deserts and more. Some of the models which you will feel excited to watch include Egypt, Petra Jordan, India, Hanging Gardens, Ten Tallest Buildings and more. While exploring this place you will also be able to witness several Dubai landmarks such as Dubai Airport, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, Burj Khalifa and others. MINILAND also has a BUILD A CITY with a 25 meters Play Table where you can make your own Lego buildings. There is also an Earthquake Table as well.

Rides In Adventure Zone

Beetle Bounce

It's time for a bounce! Ride in Beetle Bounce, one of the rides in Legoland Dubai, and go up 15 feet towards the LEGO® scarab beetles and then come back to go up again on another bounce. Children can take part in the ride only if they have at least 105 cm in height and are four years old. Riders below 120 cm but above 105 cm will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Lost Kingdom Adventure

In the Lost Kingdom Adventure, you will need to make an attempt to recover stolen treasure. Your arms will be laser guns with which you will be blasting targets as you will be journeying through the Lost Kingdom. Children will need to be at least two years old and above 90 cm in height to participate in this ride. Those below 130 cm must be accompanied by an adult.

Pharaoh’s Revenge

Pharaoh’s Revenge is one of the Legoland Dubai rides where the family will be able to have fun together. The challenge will be to fire thousands of foam balls at each other as well as on targets. The ride is suitable for children above the age of four years.

Submarine Adventure

If your child is at least 80 cm and 1 year old, you can go together for a Submarine Adventure where you will be taking a plunge into the water in a LEGO submarine. Feel excited as you look at hundreds of colourful fishes, rays, and sharks in this underwater adventure. Kids who are above the height of 130 cm can go for this activity unaccompanied as well.

Wave Racers

One of the exciting rides which you can go for is the Wave racers. Your child will need to be at least four years old and above 105 cm to go for this ride. Feel excited as you hop on a Wave Racers and power ski through the waves. Beware, there will be water blasts triggered from spectator stations, so you will need to be prepared to dodge them. If your child is above 130 cm, you can let them go alone for this ride.

Rides In Kingdom Zone

The Dragon

The medieval Dragon roller coaster is just the ride to take your children if they are six years and above and have a minimum height of 120 cm. They are sure to love the twists and turns that they will encounter in the spectacular King’s castle that has been built with hundreds of LEGO® models. If your child’s height is above 130 cm, you can let them go for this ride by themselves.

Dragon’s Apprentice

Dragon’s Apprentice is one of the rides in Legoland Dubai which is suitable for the younger children only. They can only participate in this thrilling roller coaster ride if they are at least four years old and have a height between 105 cm to 195 cm. Those children whose height is between 105 cm to 120 cm will need to be accompanied by their parents or any other responsible adult.

Rides In Imagination Zone

Build & Test

Feel excited as you get the opportunity to build your own LEGO® car and then see for yourself if it works on the digitally timed track. Compete against the other LEGO® cars in this indoor activity in the air-conditioned area. Since there is no height restrictions, even adults can get the opportunity to participate in this exciting activity.

DUPLO® Express

DUPLO® Express, one of the Legoland Dubai rides is a small train ride that the younger visitor can go on. They have to be a minimum of a year old and must be at least 80 cm to participate in this ride that will take them around the DUPLO® Playtown. Those with a height below 120 cm will not be able to go without a responsible adult.

DUPLO® Valley

DUPLO® Valley is the play area where the toddlers can have fun. The place has colourful playhouses, small slides, and oversized DUPLO® farm animals for them to play with. The creative ones can have their share of enjoyment at the LEGO® soft brick and DUPLO® brick.

Kid Power Towers

Kids above the height of 95 cm and of the age of four and above can have fun at the Kid Power Towers, one of the rides in Legoland Dubai. They can climb to the top of the towers with their parents or responsible adults, enjoy the amazing view of the whole park and then “free-fall” to the bottom. Those kids above 130 cm can go on their own without an accompanying adult.

LEGO® Master Builder Academy

Children who are aged five years and above can take this wonderful opportunity to join the indoor learning centre, LEGO® Master Builder Academy. This is where they will be able to hone their building skills and take them to the next level.

Lego Mindstorms

Children of the age of eight years and above can sign up for a fun learning tutorial on building and programming computerised robots. These cutting-edge technology robots will be built to obey the commands of the creator. Guests can watch these programmes for free till space is available.

Lego Studio 4D

Feel exhilarated to get the opportunity to watch exclusive 4D LEGO® movies that are only found only in LEGOLAND® Parks. Choose from the three movies - LEGO® CITY 4D Officer in Pursuit, LEGO® NINJAGO® Master of the 4th Dimension, and The LEGO® Movie 4D: A New Adventure and enjoy the movie show wearing 3D glasses. Enjoy special effects such as water sprays, smoke and lights.

Lego Technic Twister

Get on a LEGO® Technic Twister and go for a spin. Take control of the spinning of the wheel in your hand and spin it as much as you want. You can take your kids along if they are above the age of four and have at least a height of 105 cm. You will need to mandatorily accompany them if they have a height up to 120 cm.

Rides In Lego City Zone

Boating School

At the Boating School, the kids are in control of their LEGO® boat as a captain. It will be their responsibility to lead their boat through the port. To qualify for this ride, they must be of at least a year old and must be below 120 cm to go on this ride unaccompanied.

Driving School

Children between five to thirteen years can get a “real-life” driving experience at the Driving School of the Legoland. They will feel excited to get the opportunity to earn an official LEGOLAND® Driving License after learning the rules of the road. To get this driving experience, children need to be at least five years of age and must be of a height of 110 cm. There is also a height capping for this experience of 150 cm.

Junior Driving School

Children who are below five years and did not get a chance to learn to drive a car at the Driving School need not feel sad. For them, there is a Junior Driving School which is suitable for children aged three to five years. The Junior driving school has a height restriction of a minimum of 95 cm and a maximum of 110 cm.

City Airport

At City Airport, children get the opportunity to fly their own DUPLO® plane higher and higher and then come down. They will be using joysticks to control the phanes that can seat one adult with a child. Children need to be of at least 3 years and of a height of 120 cm to go for this ride. Those children up to the height of 120 cm will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Rescue Academy

It's now time to go on a rescue mission! You can go to Rescue Academy, one of the rides in Legoland Dubai, to get an experience of a Fire Rescue Mission where you will be racing on your Fire Trucks to work as a team with your family members to put out the “fire”. The minimum requirement to participate in this ride is a height of 95 cm and an age of 3 years.

Sea Port

Children will get an experience of a Sea Port as they crawl, climb, and run through this marine-inspired shaded playground. They will be able to have fun with play structures that are designed as coast guard boats, cargo ships, and cruise lines. Everyone can enjoy this ride without a height restriction.

Police Headquarters

Children will be thrilled to get the chance to play the role of the police in the Police Headquaters, an indoor and air-conditioned building area with LEGO® bricks, LEGO® City theming, and LEGO® soft bricks. With no age restrictions, everyone can take part in this game.

FAQs Of Legoland Dubai Rides

Which are the best rides to experience with kids in Legoland Dubai?

Beetle Bounce: Take a bounce in the Beetle Bounce, one of the rides in Legoland Dubai, and go up 15 feet towards the LEGO® scarab beetles to come back and go up again.Kid Power Towers: Kids get to climb to the top of the towers, enjoy the amazing view of the whole park and then “free-fall” to the bottom in this ride, Kid Power Towers.LEGO® Technic Twister: Take a spin in the LEGO® Technic Twister and control the spinning of the wheel in your hand and spin it as much as you want.The Dragon: Children love riding the medieval Dragon roller coaster that will take them through twists and turns in the King’s castle built with hundreds of LEGO® models

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What should I wear to Legoland Dubai?

You can wear comfortable casual clothes during your visit to Legoland Dubai. If you are visiting the water park you will need to wear proper swimming wear for all the rides such as one or two pieces of swimsuits, Boardshorts, speedos, rash guards, and burkinis. Your swimwear should not have exposed zippers, rivets metal ornamentation or buckles.

What all things do we need to carry inside the Legoland Dubai?

You will need to carry water, a head cover to protect your head from sun glare, and sunglass to protect your eyes. Also do not forget to take your camera along to capture your fun moments. If you are participating in water activities, wear waterproof footwear.

Can we bring outside food inside the Legoland Dubai?

No. Outside food is not allowed in Legoland Dubai except for baby food and small meals for special diet requirements. The place has several eateries such as City Snacks, Aqua Treats, Caeser’s Pizza and Pasta Buffet etc. where you can have food,

How to reach Legoland Dubai?

LEGOLAND® Dubai is located 20 minutes away from The Dubai Marina. at Jebel Ali South, off of Sheikh Zayed Road between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. You can reach the place by hiring a private car or a taxi.

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What are the opening hours of Legoland Dubai?

Legoland is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. On Sunday and Monday, the place opens at 11 am and closes at 6 pm. Legoland Dubai remains closed on Tuesday.


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