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About Things To Do In Hatta

Hatta is the perfect place to visit for mesmerising sightseeing and loads of adventure activities. This place possesses a wonderfully diverse geography of lakes and mountains that act as a catalyst to most adventure activities in Hatta. You can participate in adventure activities like paragliding, mountain biking, hiking, and zorbing to get a rush of adrenaline. Or you can choose blissful activities in Hatta like kayaking, football zorbing, and simply celebrate a picnic with a scrumptious BBQ. You would be amazed to know that Hatta offers some of the most unique activities like axe throwing, roving, tune sliding, cannon, and archery, which are rarely present in adventurous hubs.

Visit The Hatta Heritage Village

Exploring the Middle Eastern eras of castles, fortresses, and bunkers is an amazing way to tap into the inner heritage of the UAE. You can learn about the rich history of the Heritage village of Hatta through reconstructed and preserved architecture and objects. Through Hatta Activities, you can explore this village on both land and water, either by kayaking across the calm turquoise water or taking a 4x4 safari through the mountainous terrain. The village has been open since 2001 and transports visitors to the ancient times of Dubai's deserts through cultural roots, carvings, traditional artefacts, and the reconstruction of ancient huts.

A Mountain Safari Through Hatta

A mountain safari is an exciting activity that allows you to jump off the rocks of Hatta. You can begin your journey in the mountains of Hajjar on a 4X4 safari that takes you through the picturesque landscapes of the desert and rugged scenery to the ancient culture of Heritage village. Following the exploration of the traditional village, the safari will take you to Hatta Hill Park to witness lush greenery amidst the mountains. The safari ride will take you further to Hatta Dam, where the enchanting blue waters from natural mountain springs will amaze you to the fullest

Paragliding at Hatta

Paragliding is one of the most striking air-adventure activities in Hatta that fills you with a rush of adrenaline. Through this activity, you will fly like a bird through the skies of Hatta at a height of 500 ft. Apart from mountain biking, this is the second most popular activity among daring adventure seekers. Your paragliding experience will be aided by an expert from Hatta wadi hub to fly above Hatta's mountains and lakes. As you float through the skies of Hatta's mountains and lakes, you'll get a bird's-eye view of the incredible geography

Trail Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking is the most popular sport to enjoy in the Rocky Mountains of Hatta. The 52 kilometres trail is smartly divided into 4 trails- Green, Blue, Red and Black with a well-defined map of directions, distance, and elevation in ascents and descents. If you are a beginner, you can try green and blue trails to experience all the activities in Hatta. The red trail is most appropriate for professional-level bikers as it has tough ascents and descents. Finally, if you think you have experience and an exceptional fitness level, you can try the Black trail.

Horse Ride on the Wild Side

Riding Middle eastern horses through the world of stones is one of the most fascinating Things to do in Hatta. Aside from the Wadi hub of Hatta, you can take a directed horseback tour through the foothills of the bumpy Hajar Mountains. You will travel across the highlands on the backs of welcoming trained creatures, which are suitable for beginners. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, horseback riding on Hatta is a fun activity for people of all ages. This is due to the horse's capacity to carry you safely and soundly through the mountainous areas.

Glide Through Hatta's Quiet Waters

Kayaking is one of the most fantastic hatta dam activities that are suitable for people of all the ages. Accessibility to Sedr Trailers Resort makes it even more popular. People prefer Kayaking as the waters are peaceful and safe. After enjoying the Kayak, you can choose to pedal across the Hatta Dam or enjoy the thrilling ride on the water bike.

Explore the Hajar Mountains

Exploration of the largest mountain range in the Arabian peninsula is among the most thrilling Things to do in Hatta. The 4x4 safari tour is a one-day tour that will take you through the rocky terrain worthy of capturing photographs. As you travel through the hilly terrain, you will face all of the challenges that your adventurous spirit seeks. The massive mountain range has steep ascents and descents that lead to alluring views of lakes and sand bars from the top. You will cross paths with various mountain creatures like lovely sand gazelle.

Axe Throwing

ou can make your Hollywood movie dream come true through this unique activity of hitting a 680-gram axe in the eye of wood! There is a special zone made up of woods and targets aimed at making this sport as intriguing as possible. The axe experts on-site will lead you through the procedure and ensure that all safety guidelines are adhered to. One of the enthralling Things to do in Hatta, the art of throwing an axe will amaze you if you are above 16. At Hatta Wadi, you can become a title holder in this sport, which is best suited for both beginners and experienced players.

Barbeque With a View at the Hatta Hill Park

The entrance to the Hatta hill park starts from the tall staircase. Hatta Hill Park is available for you to enjoy some of the most lightest-hearted activities. Aside from the adventurous Hatta Activities, the hill park has eco-friendly and thriving areas that are ideal for relaxation and delight. You can relax on the wooden benches with your family and friends while admiring the beautifully crafted stone walls. You can swim in the swimming pool or jog on the jogging track. The roof hut serves the best barbecue in Hatta, which you can enjoy with your loved ones post all the adventurous activities in Hatta.

Hike Through The Wadis Of Hatta

Hiking tops the list of all the activities in Hatta with its exceptional 4 category trails. The trail is divided according to fitness level and experience of hiking. The beginners can choose the easiest green trail or challenge themselves moderately through the blue one. If you have some prior experience or exceptional fitness levels, you can hike on difficult-red and severe-black trails. When you reach the top, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the heritage village and the beautiful Hatta dam.


Zorbing is counted as the most delightful of all the activities in Hatta that will let you roll on the green fields in a huge bubble. There are two types of tracks for you to Zorb, one is for beginners and another for thrill seekers. If you aim for the chills of zorbing, you will turn round and round on the mountains of Hatta Wadi hub. For novice level and first-timers, the ball would cover only the upper part of the body as the legs would be free for you to play football and participate in team zorbing.

FAQ's of Hatta

What are the best adventure activities to do in Hatta Dubai?

  • Hatta Hiking: You can enjoy the thrilling activity of Hatta hiking across the four exceptional trails, based on fitness level. The trail will give a rush of adrenaline through its rapidly changing, narrow, and rugged surface.

  • Mountain Biking: Mountain biking is an enthralling way to give yourself a reality check by moving across the rocks of the Hajar Mountains.

  • Paragliding: You can fly across the skies of Hatta to witness the beauty of green fields, the rocky mountains and the dam. Paragliding will let you fly like a bird at a height of 500 ft above the skies.

  • Zorbing: Zorb will roll you through the green mountains in a large ball. Designed for beginners and sporty people, you can choose your type of Zorb to roll down the fields of Hatta.

What is a good time to visit Hatta?

Most adventurous activities in Hatta commence either in February-March or in September- October, as these times witness spring and autumn seasons. Adventure activities are on the peak during these seasons. There is no activity for winter and summer due to extreme weather conditions, hence it is not advisable to visit Hatta during these months.

How to reach Hatta?

  • By Bus:

Hatta is 125 kilometres from Dubai International Airport. You can take a direct bus to reach in three hours as bus stops at numerous places.

  • By Cab/Taxi:

The cab/taxi will take you to Maliha Road and exit on the E-102 road. You can expect to arrive in Hatta in almost two hours.

Why is hatta so famous in Dubai?

There are several adventure things to do in Hatta like paragliding, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, and zorbing. Hatta is popular in Dubai because most families come to unwind from the city’s bustling life and indulge in picnic and recreational activities.

Which are the best hatta wadi places to explore in Hatta?

  • Hatta Dam: Hatta Dam is an enchanting place to explore on Kayak. The waters are in the close vicinity of Sedr Trailers Resort, making it one of the popular Hatta dam activities. You can try the water bike to experience a level-up of thrill.

Hatta Village: As the name suggests, the heritage village will let you witness the traditional Middle Eastern culture through its reconstructed sites. You can see the traditional huts, ancient sculptures and carvings across the village either through kayaks or bike riding.

Hatta Hill Park: The hill park is a green area where families and friends come to picnic and relax. You can indulge in swimming, jogging and some indoor games at the park. The BBQ of this place is popular among visitors as most people unwind at the park after performing strenuous adventure Hatta activities.


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