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About Rides in Motiongate Dubai

The best way to spend your vacation with friends and family is to take them to a theme park, and in this case, the Motiongate Dubai Rides Theme Park which, as the name suggests, turns your favorite movies into thrilling rides. The Motiongate theme park is a must-see if you are an ardent admirer of Hollywood films. The Hollywood Inspired Theme Park, which can be found in Dubai Parks and Resorts, was created in the same manner as well-known film studios converted into four zones as Columbia Pictures Studios, DreamWorks Studios, Smurf Village, and Lionsgate Studios.

The Park has a diverse supporting cast that includes a singing boy band that fights ghosts, a large green monster, a vampire heroine, a Smurf colony, and a panda who trains Kung Fu. Spend your vacation enjoying the thrills and excitement offered by Motiongate Rides, where you may become the star of your very spectacular movie.

The theme park features 27 exhilarating rides and attractions inspired by 13 live-actions and animated Hollywood movies. The Lionsgate Zone at the theme park recently introduced two Motiongate new rides that broke world records: The very first John Wick roller coaster in the world that goes by the name John Wick and Open Contract and the High Roller, the fastest single-car whirling roller coaster in the world.

Kids & Family Rides In Motiongate Dubai

There is no doubt that the first thing the kids will love is their favorite animated character transforming into a thrilling ride like the Smurf Village, Hotel Transylvania, Madagascar Mad Pursuit, and for the adults accompanying them, they will definitely fall in love with exciting rides like Ghostbusters: Battle for New York, Melman: Go-Round, River Expedition, and The Swinging Viking.

Smurf Village Express

Do you remember the tiny blue Smurfs sheltering in the Smurf Village from the evil Gargamel? The Smurfs Village Zone, the final area of Motiongate Theme Park, is where visitors can frequently spot various actors from the Smurfs movie. Enjoy the Smurf Village Playhouse ride, the Smurfberry Factory, Woodland Play Park, and other attractions. You may also take the Smurf Village Express to get around the Smurf Village

Ghostbusters: Battle For New York

Join a shooting competition with other riders on this dark ride as you attempt to hit targets. The dynamic shooting element has Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters taken from Disneyland. One of the coolest Motiongate Dubai rides, the Ghostbusters can be found in the Sony Pictures zone offering appealing live entertainment with Ghostbusters characters where you can employ yourself as a Ghostbuster and demonstrate your bravery.

Hotel Transylvania

Experience the monsters that can erupt from the coffins as you enter this Haunted mansion. Hotel Transylvania, hands down, comes under the list of Motiongate Dubai best rides and rightly so. This adventurous ride lets you enjoy a fight with Wayne the Werewolf, Mavis, Frankenstein, Murray the Mummy, and several other ghosts in the movie. This unpredictable ride takes 7 whole minutes to sweep you off your feet along with a surprise party thrown by the Hotel's monsters.

Smurfs Studio Tours

The Smurfs Studio is set in a village that is styled after the movie and as the name suggests, the Smurf Studio lets you embark a journey where you'll be familiar with the interior of the working studio of the Smurfs and their workshop. If you find the Smurfs enticing, then you will love this ride, but brace yourself for Gargamel's obstacles on your way.

Shrek’s Merry Fairy Tale Journey

You go on an adventure in Shrek's Merry Fairy Tale on a gloomy Motiongate Dubai ride that takes you around the elaborately designed kingdom of the ogres. As you listen to a moving story, you’ll find that the adorable couple Shrek and Fiona are telling their story of courtship and their triplets as you enter, immersing you in a world right out of a fairytale.

Swamp Celebration

Accompany Shrek and his wife Fiona on their hilarious and amusing adventures as you ride the Swamp Celebration at Motiongate Dubai. The couple is all set to celebrate the birthday of their triplets and you get to be part of it. The party involves swinging and hopping rides with the beautiful family even in the middle of mud bubbles of Shrek's gassy swamp, it's still amusing.


One of the best Motiongate rides is the Melman-Go-Round, which is located in the DreamWorks Studio Zone and is made exclusively for children. You are sure to feel like you are in Madagascar when riding this ride because the seats are shaped like your favorite characters from the Madagascar movies, such as Alex, Gloria, Marty, and Melman. Melman-Go-Round isn't simply for kids; adults can have the best time of their lives too.

Mr. Ping Noodle-Fling

Savor yourself with a bowl of noodles that you can find right outside of Mr. Ping's Noodle Store. Just sit back and enjoy the rotating cups that whip you around in a frenzy. You may twirl your merry teacup as quickly as you wish thanks to the rotating wheels in each cup for a unique experience. This Motiongate Ride is suitable for both kids and adults; however, you have to confirm the height restriction before stepping in on it.

Penguin Air

Climb aboard, fasten your seatbelts, and embark on a thrilling flight with the penguins and their team of chimpanzee mechanics in a penguin airplane while colorful banners flutter behind you. Since the penguins in charge of piloting your aircraft aren't certified pilots, they will trick you into completing the task for them.

The Swinging Viking

This exhilarating renegade adventure involves you sitting and embarking on a journey in a vintage giant swinging pirate ship while the playful Viking twins- Ruffnut and Tuffnut steal control of a Viking Ship. With Ruffnut and Tuffnut at the rudder, the ride will certainly become choppy and stormy as you travel, though. This hectic and furious ride is a top-notch showpiece for both kids and adults.

River Expedition

The one thing kids love more than playing in mud is water and when the fun Motiongate rides provide a river journey, you don't have to second-guess riding on them. If you want to spend some time away from the scorching heat of Dubai, then try this exclusive River Expedition where you ride on an exhilarating journey to the Swallow Falls. The trip takes you to this extraordinary location where food and animals mix to produce an entirely new species with its own environment.

Roller Coaster Rides

If you want to entertain yourself with the craziest rides ever, then getting onboard with the exhilarating Motiongate roller coaster rides is the perfect option. With 7 roller coasters including Dragon Gliders, The Green Hornet, and John Wick, brace yourself to embark on a breathtaking journey that lets you make the most of your trip to the Motiongate Dubai.

John Wick: Open Contract

The recent addition to the Motiongate new rides is the John Wick: Open Contract roller coaster is a 10-storey high roller coaster that travels along a 310-meter track at the maximum speed of 64 kilometers per hour. You have the option of choosing a track in this thrilling 4D ride and decide if you want to walk on the bad guy path or defend everyone's favorite John Wick. The exhilarating free-flying coaster is filled with striking bends and spins as well as obstacles.

Now You See Me: High Roller

Locate this ride at the Lionsgate Zone and climb aboard another of the Motiongate Dubai new rides- Now You See Me: High Roller, the fastest single-car spinning roller coaster in the world running at a speed of 70 km/h, which was inspired by the well-liked plot twists and turns of the heist thriller of the same name. It is the only rollercoaster to ever utilize the patented Non Inverting Loop by Munich-based Maurer. Riders will be able to enjoy a coaster from dizzying heights thanks to this feature.

Capitol Bullet Train

The Capitol Bullet Train is one of the most popular rides at Motiongate Dubai, but it's only for serious adrenaline junkies. You'll enjoy this thrilling attraction that whisks you from District 12 towards the Capitol at breakneck speed. Because the ride will put you through two bone-chilling variations and a zero-g roll, it's the one ride meant to invoke the daredevil in you. If you're a fan of The Hunger Games, this roller coaster is for you.

Dragon Gliders

Do you admire Toothless from the popular How to Train Your Dragon movie? If so, you'll probably appreciate this magnificent roller coaster that takes you directly over the Island of Berk. Along the route, you might see your favorite movie characters, Hiccup and Toothless, as well as spine-tingling dives and rushes through gloomy dark caves, the magical grand hall, and the frightening Forbidden Island.

Zombieland Blast-off

Let's just admit that, should there be a zombie apocalypse, we have all dreamed of battling terrifying undead. However, you get the chance to fight the terrifying zombies at Motiongate Rides' Zombieland Blast-Off, albeit there is a catch: only the fastest will live. Brace yourself for trudging through the eerie ruins and shattered walkways of the theme park, shuttered gates in your way, and a hastily scrawled list of dilapidated survival advice.

The Green Hornet: High-Speed Chase

The single simple principle that drives the Green Hornet roller coaster is speed. You will be hurled through a hazardous obstacle course created out of a junkyard. The unsettling rapid-fire jumps also cause an increase in heart rate. Even though it's slower than Madagascar Mad Pursuit, it's still a fantastic family ride that you can pursue with kids.

Madagascar Mad Pursuit!

The Madagascar ride Motiongate is the fastest roller coaster ride in the theme park, running at a speed of 80 km/h. It moves slowly at first, but speeds up as it enters a short, well-lit tunnel, forcing you to descend and ascend at the maximum speed. Let your untamed side come out as you participate in the irrational chase of the Zoosters in the shadows as they attempt to elude the maniacal animal control officer Captain DuBois at the park.

FAQs Of Motiongate Dubai

What do you wear to visit motiongate?

For Motiongate Dubai, there is no specific dress code. However, as the park requires a lot of walking, it is advised that you wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Lightweight trousers, shorts, and t-shirts are appropriate for both men and women to wear, coupled with comfortable shoes.

How many roller coasters are found in Motiongate Dubai?

Amongst 27 thrilling rides, there are 7 exciting Motiongate roller coasters named John Wick: Open Contract, Madagascar Mad Pursuit. Dragon Gilders, The Green Hornet: High-Speed Chase, Now You See Me: High Roller, Capitol Bullet Train, and Zombieland Blast-off.

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Which are the zones to explore in Motiongate in Dubai?

There are four zones to explore in Motiongate Dubai-1. Columbia Pictures Studio Zone- The Columbia Pictures Zone consists of 7 attractions with an intention of giving you chills down your spine as the venue hosts a number of Hollywood’s Gothic figures.2. Dreamworks Studio Zone- The DreamWorks Studio consists of 14 attractions, exclusive to the zone while presenting certain characters from blockbuster Hollywood movies like Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, and more. 3. Lionsgate Studio Zone- The LionsGate Studio Zone has 3 attractions which offer you an option of choosing to take an aerial view of the lovely city of Panem or ride the bullet train in circles to the Capitol. The one thing you can be sure of is having ultimate fun with friends and family. 4. Smurfs Village Zone- The Smurfs Village Zone, the final area of Motiongate Theme Park, is dedicated to the famous Hollywood movie- Smurfs. This is where visitors can frequently spot various actors from the Smurfs movie and enjoy the Smurfberry Factory, Woodland Play Park, and the Smurfs Village Playhouse ride, as well as ride the Smurf Village Express.

What is the best time to visit Motiongate Dubai?

The ideal time to visit Motiongate Amusement Park in Dubai is between the months of November and March. It roughly takes 4-5 hours to explore the whole theme park and it's open from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm every day.

How to reach Motiongate Dubai?

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Park & Resorts, UAE is where you will find the Motiongate theme park. You can get to Jumeirah Lakes Towers and then just take a cab from there to Motiongate. You can alternatively take a bus to Ibn Battuta Station and then get a taxi from there. If this isn't feasible, take the metro to UAE Exchange and then a taxi to the amusement park.

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