Kids Activities In Dubai

Kids Activities In Dubai

Even while Dubai is a world-class vacation spot for people of all ages, the city's kid-friendly activities elevate it to another level. The options for things to do in Dubai for kids, whether indoors or out, are virtually endless. When it comes to a family vacation, Dubai is a dream come true with a wide variety of exciting, instructive, and fun activities for kids. The city's offerings for youngsters are endless, from viewing architectural wonders like the Burj Khalifa, going on desert safaris, and experiencing thrills at some of the world's largest amusement parks.Jumeirah Beach or the Wild Wadi waterpark or Aqua venture are great options for families with children who enjoy water activities. If you like to see aquatic life up close, you can visit the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo or the Dolphinarium. ICE Rink, Dubai Ski, VR Park, and other thrilling kids’ activities in Dubai should not be missed if your child is an adventure enthusiast. If you're planning a trip to Dubai with kids, don't forget to check out LEGOLAND, KidZania, and Ferrari World. With so many fascinating activities and sights in Dubai, you and your children are guaranteed to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.KidZania is a blast! At Wild Wadi Water Park, play with dolphins at Dubai Dolphinarium. Visit Ferrari World, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Legoland, and many other destinations.

Enjoy At KidZania

Visit Dubai Mall's KidZania, which is an award-winning kiddie theme park. Interactive entertainment complex featuring paved streets, buildings, and a working economy is housed in this indoor dynamic complex. KidZania is a place where children can learn and grow while having a lot of fun at the same time. There are over 80 jobs to choose from, such as dentist, flight attendant, firefighter, and many more. Overall, there are a lot of entertaining things to do with kids in Dubai at KidZania that provide different experiences. They are able to think and act on their own in this environment. KidZania's Space Center, meanwhile, is one of the best places to learn about explorers and the universe through virtual reality and other attractions.

Watch The Dolphins At Dubai Dolphinarium

At the Dubai Dolphinarium, your children may interact with some of nature's most gentle creatures and this is considered to be the best thing to do with children in Dubai. The Dubai Dolphinarium is a great spot to take the whole family. The Dubai Dolphinarium offers a wide range of fun activities for children. There are a lot of fun things to do in this area, including swimming with dolphins, seeing bird shows, becoming trainers, and learning more about these aquatic creatures. Kids may take selfies with dolphins and experience 3D and 4D movies in a whole new way. At the Dubai Dolphinarium, visitors of all ages can look forward to a memorable time. This should definitely be on your to-do list for surprising your children. Dolphinarium in Dubai, Riyadh Street, Creek Park Gate 1, Dubai. Exploring takes, on average, about 5-6 hours.

Visit Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Mall's Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is another family-friendly attraction. And over 33,000 aquatic species can be discovered by children. Kids and adults alike will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in fascinating activities here. You don't need to know how to swim to go scuba diving here. In addition, you may interact with aquatic animals, feed them, and take a memorable trek through a passage between the aquariums, among other things. Another entertaining activity for the kids is a glass bottom ride. The finest aspect of a trip to Dubai with kids would be learning about aquatic wildlife.

Enjoy Skiing At the Ski Dubai

Build your own snowman or just have a good time playing in the snow at Ski Dubai's Snow Park! The 4,500-square-meter Snow Park offers sledding, tobogganing, and tower climbing. There's also an ice cave to explore, as well as a plethora of activities for both youngsters and adults. Check out our Mountain Thrill ride, which travels 150 metres at speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour! The Snow Bullet roller coaster lets you soar 16 feet above the earth. Thrill-seekers can race against one another in a snowy indoor scene on the dual indoor zip line.The penguin is one of nature's most beloved species. Children and adults alike will cherish their experiences with the Ski Dubai penguins for a lifetime. Visit Ski Dubai's penguins today and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet these fascinating creatures.

Explore IMG Worlds Of Adventure

IMG World of Adventure is one of Dubai's most fascinating theme parks, and it's a great place to indulge in things to do in Dubai with kids to unleash their imaginations. This indoor amusement park is a great spot to take the kids in Dubai because it's all about having a good time. In addition, the layout of an indoor theme park creates the illusion of being in outer space, with twinkling galaxies. Visitors at this amusement park will be able to meet their favourite superheroes and cartoon characters like Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls. However, the Lost Valley Zone's life-size dinosaurs are a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone. This theme park's thrilling rides up the ante, making for an even more exhilarating outing. This amusement park is full of kid-friendly attractions that keep the entire family entertained and you should indulge in all the best things to do with toddlers in Dubai.

Explore Ferrari World

If you're wondering what to do in Ferrari World, go straight to the F1 area for the most interesting things to do in Dubai with kids. If you're an adrenaline junkie, Ferrari World has about 40 exhilarating rides to choose from. Don't forget to schedule a ride on the world's fastest roller coaster because this theme park is built for maximum thrills. For a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, take a stroll on the famous red roof and a zipline ride around the loop of the tallest roller coaster in the world. Riding the zero-gravity "Turbo track" and competing against your friends in a Ferrari F430 Spider, which can reach speeds of up to 95 kph, is a surefire way to experience the Ferrari spirit.

Have Fun At Legoland Dubai

Legoland also has a fantastic wet and wild experience that families can enjoy together in a fun, safe environment. For a fun day out with the family, you can always visit the water park at Legoland. Construct a boat with your family or design and build your own raft. Take the Factory Tour at Legoland Dubai to learn how and where lego bricks are created, and you'll have completed your list of things to do in Dubai. The factory takes the kids on a thorough tour of the complete brick-making process. You'll be able to take home a one-of-a-kind Lego brick at the end of your visit to this family-friendly theme park. The youngsters will treasure it as a memento of their time at the theme park.

Enjoy The Natural Beauty Of Dubai Miracle Garden

The arrangement is nothing less than a miniature world of floral wonders spread over an area covering about 72,000 sq. ft. There are almost 50 million blossoms in this flowery paradise, which adds to its distinctiveness and opulence. Marigolds, petunias, and geraniums are some of the most popular ones. An arc, graves, huts, and buildings covered with vivid flowers are all on display in this show. This exhibition includes a replica of the stunning Burj Khalifa as well as arcs, tombs, huts, and houses decorated with vibrant flowers.

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Witness The Beautiful Dubai Fountain

Visitors should put this on their must-do list things to do in Dubai with kids when they come. When visiting Dubai, make sure not to miss the Dubai Fountain Show, which is regarded as a must-see event for the entire family and especially for kids. Abra's typical light and sound display is an intense and pulsating experience that your kids can enjoy in the wooden boats. While on Fountain Walk Bridge or in a kayak, you and your kids can see the water fly 45 stories into the air. A valid photo ID is required for each and every guest, both while making a reservation and upon arrival. An invalid proof of address is a PAN card. At the time of booking and upon arrival, all international nationals must provide their passport and visa information.

Visit Dubai Garden Glow

Make sure to visit the Garden Glow theme park after sunset for truly memorable things to do in Dubai with kids. Witness the transformation of the theme park from an art arena during the day to a dazzling garden at night. Garden Glow's five iconic attractions include the Dinosaur Park, Art Park, Magic Park, Glow Park, and Ice Park. Visit Art Park and Glow Park to see life-sized models and sculptures of wildlife, nature, and landmarks constructed from eco-friendly materials and learn about environmental preservation. Explore the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous eras of these ancient species by strolling through the Dinosaur Park. Magic Park is a great place to learn about science while also experiencing the spellbinding powers of optical illusion. Take a stroll among the stunning ice sculptures at Ice Park and enjoy the frosty weather.

Enjoy Rides At Aquaventure Waterpark

At Aquaventure WaterPark in Dubai, you and your family may enjoy a day of fun, relaxation, and loads of kids activities in Dubai. Aqua Venture Park's water slides are one of the most popular things to do in Dubai with a family. This amusement park caters to visitors of all ages and promises family-friendly enjoyment. The thrills and chills that used to be reserved only for adults are now available to children of all ages on a wide variety of attractions. It's packed with adrenaline-pumping water thrills. You'll be able to get up close and personal with a shark at this location. Set your foot and get all in one here, whether you wish to rejuvenate yourself, charge up with adventure or weave some precious memories with your near one.

Enjoy A Fun Filled Day At Wild Wadi Waterpark

At Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai, you may participate in a variety of activities, from extreme sports for the most daring guests to less demanding but no less thrilling activities for those who just want a taste of the excitement. Visit this thrilling amusement park along Jumeirah Beach and the majestic Burj Al Arab to thrill your senses. Sinbad is the centre of attention at this exciting amusement park where you can discover a variety of thrilling slides, rides, and other attractions designed for visitors of all ages. Breaker's Bay, which features the rapids of Flood River and the enormous expanse of Breaker's Bay, is home to the largest wave pool in the Middle East.

Visit Dubai Frame

Make the most of your vacation by visiting Dubai Frame and indulge in some kids activities in Dubai like strolling down a glass walkway that's as magnificent as it is beautiful. You can see all of Dubai's skyline from this incredible photo frame. From the observation deck, you can see the stark contrast between the old and new Dubai. From its perch, you'll be able to see a number of impressive skyscrapers and shopping complexes. To learn more about Dubai's history as a fishing hamlet and modern metropolis, visit the museum on level one. Sip on your favourite brew in the café beneath the glass bridge as you take in the view. The world's largest picture frame, measuring 150 metres in height and 93 metres in width, will amaze you.

Butterfly Garden Dubai

While there are numerous attractions in Dubai, no trip to the city would be complete without taking in the Dubai Butterfly Garden, a 2015 addition to Dubai Miracle Garden. The "World's largest covered butterfly garden" title belongs to the Dubai Butterfly Garden. More than 2600 square metres are devoted to the garden. It's impossible to find another place like the Butterfly Garden anywhere else in the world, with its 15,000 butterflies representing 50 distinct species. To add to the architectural complexity of this space, there are ten domes in this indoor garden. A year-round operation is possible because the domes are climate-controlled. A butterfly museum displays thousands of intricately created artwork built from thousands of butterflies in the park. These have been gathered from around the world and provide a different opportunity to observe and explore the artistic expression of the artists who crafted them.

Yas Water World

Shaheen's Adrenalin Rush, Dhabi's Exciting Adventure, Hamlool's Moving & Grooving, and the Sultan's Young Fun are just a few of the thrilling rides at Yas Water World (LOW). After a wonderful day on the rides, relax with dining and shopping at this waterpark, which provides a variety of delectable cuisine. Thrill-seekers of all ages can ride the world's largest six-person tornado moisture and Cinesplash, where the entire theatre is saturated with fluid up to your knees and the theatre is packed with a variety of visual effects including waterfalls, moving seats and water explosions.

3D World Trick Art Museum Dubai

In 3D World, a 21,000-square-foot museum, you can let your imagination run wild. Trompe o'leil (the French phrase for "deceive the sight," creating an illusion) wall murals, paintings, and portraits are all included in this category. A total of nine zones are dedicated to optical illusions and trick art. Through the use of hand-painted "Trick-Art" paintings and optical illusions, 3D World brings you closer to art.

Bounce Trampoline Park Dubai

The largest free-jumping trampoline park in the United Arab Emirates awaits your arrival. Bounce Dubai is the ideal location for thrill-seekers, free runners, athletes, and free spirits. Visit Dubai's largest trampoline park for some high-altitude entertainment. Dubai adventure awaits you in an indoor trampoline park with more than 100 interconnected trampolines. Take a break from the sweltering heat outside and jump off the trampoline many times to stay active. In the UAE's country is the largest free-jump trampoline park, releasing happy hormones by bouncing off the ground constantly. Play games like Free Jumping and Dodge Ball in the realm of the free-spirited.

The Green Planet Dubai

Visit the Green Planet Dubai for a fun-filled day of exploring the region's greenest ecosystems and learning about the interplay between nature and science. Entrance to the UAE's first tropical forest, housed in a cutting-edge biodome, gives you the opportunity to see the exotic beauty of the UAE's native flora and fauna, as well as to learn more about them by interacting with over 3,000 species of plants and animals. More than 3000 types of unusual flora and fauna can be found on the planet's surface. Sugar Gliders, the planet's newest species, are on hand to greet you. Explore each of the four layers of the tropical rainforest and learn about its science as it is one of the best things to do in Dubai with kids..

Explore Motiongate Dubai

The Motion gate Dubai theme park is a great place to come if you're looking for a fun and imaginative way to spend a day. Dubai Parks and Resorts' Motion gate Dubai is an interactive trip into the world of movies replete with cutting-edge innovation and mind-boggling future technology for guests. Get ready for an exciting day at Motion gate Dubai, home to three of Hollywood's biggest and most recognisable production companies: DreamWorks Animation, Columbia, and Lionsgate. The park has added mist fans, free buggies, and later operating hours to keep you cool this summer.

Enjoy Rides At Dreamland Aqua Park

Dreamland Aqua Park in the United Arab Emirates has rides, slides, and attractions for visitors of all ages. As one of the first water parks of its sort, the waterpark in Dubai has more than 30 activities and about 15 rides. Children and adults alike will enjoy the Dreamland Aqua Park's thrilling rides. Make yourself dizzy in the Twister before you enter the water or slide through the Twisting Dragon's labyrinth. Rides like Black Hole and Kamikaze at the Theme Park, as well as the family-friendly thrills at Dreamland Aqua Park, will send your pulse racing. The waterpark has separate play areas for youngsters in case parents choose a more segregated experience for their little ones. A great approach to spend quality time with your children is to visit a theme park with kid-friendly rides is one of the best things to do in Dubai with kids.

Enjoy Skating At Dubai Ice Rink

You may enjoy a day of fun-filled activities at the Dubai Ice Rink thanks to its tranquil surface and a number of intense skating sessions. If you want to break the oppressive heat of Dubai, try out one of the six different skate sessions available on Dubai's Olympic-sized sky rink. You can begin your icy adventure at any time with an open-date ticket to Dubai's largest ice rink. The Olympic-sized ice rink is the perfect place to try something new and unwind. All fitness levels are welcome to participate in this 90-minute workout, from novices to seasoned pros. Adventure-inducing rounds of 6 skate sessions are a great way to cool off in the desert heat.

Enjoy A Fun-Filled Day At Bollywood Park

The Middle East is a great place to get a taste of Bollywood and it is considered to be one of the best things to do with toddlers in Dubai. Bollywood Park Dubai offers a unique opportunity to retrace the pathways of our favourite Hindi films in the worldwide city of Dubai, while gaining visibility like never before. When you're in Dubai, don't miss the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones while taking in the vibrant displays of movies, music, and more. Bollywood Park Dubai is a fun destination to visit because of the exciting rides, live performances, shopping, and food options. Get a taste of India's rich cultural heritage through five distinct areas: Bollywood Boulevard; Mumbai Chowk; Rustic Ravine; Royal Plaza & Bollywood Film Studios; and Mumbai Chowk.

Global Village Dubai

Despite its catchy moniker, Dubai's Global Village remains true to its mission. This hamlet features a 90-country representation of the world's cultures. Architects in Dubai's most extensive shopping, tourism, entertainment, and leisure project owe their name to this thrilling village's architecture. There's plenty of room to run around and enjoy yourself with a total floor space of 17,200,000 square feet, so you'll never run out of fun, entertainment, adventure, or thrills. Known for its cutting-edge thrills and slides, Global Village Dubai is a great place to take the whole family. Having so many best things to do in Dubai with kids, it is one of the popular tourist attractions to try out various kids activities in Dubai.

Things to Do in Dubai with Kids

Things to Do in Dubai with Kids

Dubai is a family-friendly wonderland with a plethora of activities to keep kids entertained. Start with a visit to the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo at The Dubai Mall, where kids can walk through a tunnel surrounded by sharks. KidZania, also in the mall, allows children to role-play as adults, exploring various careers. The Green Planet is an indoor rainforest in City Walk, offering interactive encounters with exotic animals. Dubai Safari Park is a vast wildlife sanctuary where kids can spot animals from around the world.

LEGOLAND Dubai, IMG Worlds of Adventure, and Dubai Parks and Resorts are thrilling theme parks that cater to all ages. Wrap up your day at the Dubai Fountain Show, a mesmerizing water and light display set to music. Dubai ensures unforgettable family adventures.

FAQs Of Kids Activities In Dubai

Which are the best waterparks to visit with kids in Dubai

You'll find plenty of fun water parks in the United Arab Emirates, but if you've got young children, you'll want to steer clear of vertical drops, super-fast slides, and shark-infested pools. The greatest water parks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide a variety of exciting slides and attractions for kids six and younger, so there's no need to be concerned about your little ones getting scared. Dubai is a popular tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates, and there are numerous water parks to keep visitors of all ages entertained. Large slides, wave pools, and even smaller rides geared specifically toward youngsters are all part of the fun here. Everyone will have a good time, whether it's at an Arabian water park or a Legoland.

What is the best time to visit Dreamland Aqua Park?

The Dreamland Aqua Park remains closed during summer every year. The Park re-opens in October. Therefore, the best time to visit it is during the winter season. Visitors can visit Dubai Garden Glow between October to May every year. During this period, to witness the changeover of the Park from an awesome art piece to a glowing garden in the dark which is considered to be one of the best things to do in Dubai with kids, one has to be there just before the sunset, around 5:30 p.m.

Why is KidZania Dubai so famous?

Over 80 instructive real-life role play experiences are available for children ages 4-14 in KidZania, a city created to scale for children. It seems like a genuine city, complete with paved streets and buildings that are instantly recognisable to youngsters.

Which are the best theme parks to visit in Dubai with kids?

Ferrari World Theme Park, Legoland Water Park, Ski Dubai, Bollywood Park, Wild Wadi Waterpark and many more are just a few of the various theme parks and water parks where you can indulge in loads of things to do with toddlers in Dubai.

A trip to one of Dubai's many theme parks is an excellent way to make the most of your time here. These theme parks are wonderful for individuals of all ages since they provide a fun escape from the fast-paced city life and a wide selection of activities. With the addition of water parks and some of the best things to do in Dubai with kids like thrill-seeking rides, you'll get the best of both worlds: adventure and relaxation.

There are various theme parks in Dubai, including Wild Wadi Waterpark, Bollywood Park, and Warner Bros World, the world's largest indoor theme park. If you're looking to escape away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai's skyscrapers for a day or two, these theme parks are an excellent option.

The IMG Worlds of Adventure, together with the Dreamland Aqua Park and others, is making Dubai a significant entertainment centre in the world. These theme parks in the Arabian Peninsula are a must-see for anyone planning a trip to the region to indulge in some of the best things to do in Dubai with kids.

How to reach Butterfly Garden Dubai?

The closest Metro station is Mall of Emirates Station, which is directly across the street from the park. There is a 15-to-20-minute cab journey or auto ride from this location to the garden after taking the red line. RTA Bus is available for this route. Take the Al Barsha South 3 road to get there by car.

What is special About Ski Dubai?

Ski Dubai offers five slopes of different complexity, with the longest run clocking in at 400 metres and a 60-meter drop. It's suitable for beginners and experts alike, from the beginning to the end. Skiers ascend the mountain via a quad lift to make the most of the best things to do in Dubai with kids.


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