Dubai Frame Overview

The Dubai Frame connects the two parts of the city together and provides an insight into Dubai's history, culture, and future. This stunning building in Zabeel Park has been called the largest picture frame in the world. The opening of its 93-meter-long glass-floored arched viewing bridge welcomed sightseers seeking breathtaking vistas of the city. Residents all across the city can enjoy framed views of the Burj Khalifa and other skyscrapers in the Dubai skyline thanks to the unique photo-frame design. In February 2018, the automatic spinning doors at Boon Edam, a Dubai landmark wrapped in gold stainless steel, opened to the public. The 50-story steel, glass, and aluminum Dubai Frame offers visitors an opportunity to take in views of modern Dubai's attractions alongside views of older areas of the city.

Guests ride an elevator to the top of one mast, where they walk through a horizontal glass observation platform offering a panoramic vista of the city below. On the bottom level is a museum that uses interactive 3D exhibits to show how Dubai went from a fishing town to a major tourist destination. Flying taxis, Hyperloop transit, 3D-printed structures, drones, and robots performing routine maintenance are all part of the vision of the city painted in A Future Gallery, which imagines the year 2050. The structure looks like a magnificent, enormous frame covered in glittering honeycomb patterns of golden ornamentation when lit up at night. The architect Fernando Donis created a honeycomb pattern on the exterior of the Dubai frame to pay homage to the Expo 2020 emblem.

Dubai Frame Ticket Deals

Once you've been informed of the current Dubai frame ticket price for the award-winning Dubai Frame, you can buy your tickets online to take in the best views of the city. To begin, if you purchase your Dubai frame tickets in advance, you can avoid the long queues at the door. You'll save a lot of time and get a chance to escape the heat of Dubai at the same time. You can also try out different packages and avail offers when you book online with conveniently shared transfers. Soak in breathtaking views of New and Old Dubai from the Frame's bridge, and relax with a round-trip transfer to and from your Palm Island hotel, conveniently departing from Deira, Bur Dubai, or Downtown.

Dubai Frame Tickets Variations

Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame Admission Ticket

Enjoy a trip to this city landmark which has won numerous awards, by paying a minimal Dubai frame ticket price. Here, you can take in some of the city's most breathtaking panoramas. Throughout your visit to the Dubai Frame, you will be able to see the coral stone houses of old Dubai on one side and the tall skyscrapers and stunning frameworks of modern Dubai on the other. Avoid the long lines at the airport and head straight to the Dubai Frame Museum to discover how the city of Dubai has evolved into a major international hub. The expansive desert sand dunes and the Arabian Gulf are on full display here.

Dubai Frame
Dubai Aquarium + Dubai Frame Tickets

Dubai Aquarium in the Dubai Mall for an exciting and educational day having bought the passes at a discounted Dubai frame ticket price. The aquarium is home to some of the world's most exotic and beautiful marine life. The aquarium boasts of having over 140 species of marine life, including sharks, rays, fish, otters, and even a colony of Humboldt penguins. Next, head to Zabeel Park to see the award-winning Dubai Frame. With your combined tickets, you can skip the entry lines to both attractions and enjoy breathtaking views of Dubai, from its modern landmarks to its historic neighborhoods.

iFly Skydiving San Diego
Dubai Frame + iFly Dubai

Take advantage of the affordable Combo Dubai frame ticket price and a visit to iFly Dubai for a more action-packed day in the city. Learn to defy gravity at iFly Dubai while skipping the lines at both of the other attractions. Training, individual assistance, and two flights in the 10-meter-tall wind tunnel are included in this package so that you can soar like a bird. Then, take in breathtaking views of both old and new Dubai at the stunning Dubai Frame, widely regarded as one of the world's largest frames. Take in the city's rich history and astounding growth as you snap photos from the observation deck's floor-to-ceiling panes of glass.

Lost Chambers
Dubai Frame + Lost Chambers

Gain access to the city's best attractions, including the one-of-a-kind Lost Chambers by purchasing a limited-edition Dubai Frame tickets by paying a very low Dubai frame ticket price . The Dubai Frame is one of the city's most recognizable landmarks, and visitors who purchase a fast-track ticket can avoid the long lines and see the city's rich cultural history, as well as its present and future. From this vantage point, Dubai frame offers you a view of both the city's modern skyscrapers and its historic homes and buildings. Then, spend the day exploring the Lost Chambers Aquarium and its magical underwater world, home to thousands of colourful fish and other creatures from the city of Atlantis. Enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, or a behind-the-scenes tour, in addition to exploring the various Atlantis-themed exhibits, during your stay.

IMG Worlds of Adventure
IMG Worlds of Adventure + Dubai Frame Tickets

To maximise your time in Dubai, consider purchasing a combo ticket to both IMG Worlds of Adventure and Dubai Frame. Experience some of the best views of the city's modern landmarks without waiting in line at the Dubai Frame. The deserts and the city's historic coral buildings make for beautiful backdrops. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn about the city's remarkable rise to global prominence by skipping the museum as it is included in the Dubai frame ticket price. Make the most of your tickets by spending the day at IMG Worlds of Adventure, where you can participate in a variety of thrilling activities at four distinct adventure zones dedicated to Marvel, Cartoon Network, the Lost Valley, and IMG Boulevard. Visit this theme park to get your heart racing on one of the more than 20 rides and roller coasters while also catching a glimpse of your favourite animated characters brought to life.

Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame and Dubai City Tour Combo Ticket

The Dubai frame ticket price is inclusive of framing your visit to Dubai with an exciting city tour using the Combo Ticket. On a half-day tour of Dubai, you can see many of the city's most popular sights while also learning about the city's fascinating mix of ancient and modern culture. Explore cutting-edge attractions like the Dubai Museum and Jumeirah Beach, and take in iconic sights like The Palm, the Burj Al-Arab, Atlantis, and more from a distance. The tour takes you to some of the city's more historic locations, such as Al Seef and Zabeel Palace, as well as the modern Dubai Marina. Then you must see the Dubai Frame, an important landmark in the city's cultural history. Read up on Dubai's history in the museum, then ride the elevator to the observation deck for spectacular views of the city.

Things To Do In Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame museum Slip into The Past
Slip into the Past

As the newest cultural landmark in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Frame is an iconic building that 'frames' spectacular views of Old and New Dubai while also symbolically connecting the emirate's prestigious past and wonderful present. The history of Dubai is celebrated in Dubai Frame, from the city's humble beginnings to its lofty future goals. The project, which began construction in January 2018, consists of a 150-meter-tall, 95-meter-wide structure made to mimic a giant picture frame, through which visitors can see both newer parts of Dubai, such as the Emirates Towers and the Burj Khalifa, and older areas, such as Karama and Deira.

Dubai Frame Sweeping Panoramic Views
Sweeping Panoramic Views

Dubai frame ticket offers you an opportunity to experience breathtaking views of the city from 150 metres above ground at Dubai Frame. From the Frame's vantage point, you can see all of Dubai, from the historic district of Deira to the shimmering waters of the Arabian Gulf, from the large dunes of the Arabian Desert to the skyscrapers of Dubai Marina. If you want to get a feel for the history and modernity of Dubai, look no further than one of the city's oldest parks, Zabeel Park. In addition, its location next to Dubai Creek affords a breathtaking view of the Arabian Gulf and a birds-eye perspective of the Abras out at sea

The Sky Deck Level
Tip toe on a Glass Bridge

If you want to see the crowning cross-frame of the Dubai Frame, you'll need to know that the Dubai Frame takes the shape of a picture frame thanks to the modern glass bridge connecting the two vertically parallel towers. This 93-meter-long bridge features a 25-square-meter glass panel. The 150-meter decline right beneath your feet is brought to life by the crystal-clear glass, creating a thrilling experience for the adventurous walker. Can you feel your heart beating fast? The clear glass, made with the finest materials, is completely unbreakable, so there's no need to worry; instead just carry your Dubai frame tickets along.

Dubai Frame- Whiz into the future
Whiz into the future

The Dubai frame offers you a visit to the 'Future' Dubai Gallery in the basement as this gallery is connected to the rest of the basement through the Vortex tunnel. Get a feel for what life in the city will be like in the upcoming fifty years thanks to audio-visual displays and hands-on exhibits. When you step inside the tunnel from the future, you'll find yourself in the year 2050, when Dubai has undergone dramatic changes from its present appearance. Create a more thrilling experience by incorporating futuristic-sounding visuals.

Dubai Frame Architecture

The 50-story Dubai Frame was built to a height of 150 metres and a width of 93 metres, and was designed by architect Fernando Donis. It required approximately 9,900 cubic metres of reinforced concrete, 2,000 tonnes of steel, and 2,900 square metres of laminated glass for its construction. The Dubai Frame, which takes its cue from the Expo 2020 Dubai logo, is made up of more than 15,000 square metres of gold-colored stainless steel.

The rectangular form of Dubai Frame was also inspired by the 'golden ratio' of 1:1.618, which, according to many architects and artists, creates the ideal structural balance. There are 150 metres between the ground and the top of the building's vertical sides, and 93 metres between the ground and the longest part of the sky deck's horizontal length. The Sky Bridge is a reflection of contemporary Dubai, with a glass floor and walls that stretch the full 75 metres of its length. There are 116 square metres of smart, super-reinforced glass in the bridge's floor. When someone strolls across the walkway, the pressure activates the liquid crystal technology, making the glass transparent. Digital graffiti created on glass frames in front of the huge prisms on the wall provides some entertainment for visitors and makes for great photo ops.

Why You Should Visit Dubai Frame?

Dubai Frame
  • To get a birds-eye perspective of the enormous city of Dubai from The Dubai Frame which is 493 feet tall.
  • To see the world's largest frame, and the way it frames Old Dubai on one side and New Dubai on the other.
  • From the bridge's central glass panel, take in a panoramic vista of the entire metropolis below.
  • To watch how the city of Dubai is divided into two distinct areas: the contemporary Dubai, with its massive skyscrapers and cutting-edge buildings, and the older Dubai, with its traditional architecture, souks, and neighborhoods.
  • To take advantage of the chance to travel across the future, the present, and the past of the United Arab Emirates.
  • With Dubai frame tickets in hand, get to the ground floor of the Frame to see the museum chronicling Dubai's rise to prominence as a global city.
  • The top bridge has a transparent glass floor measuring 25 square metres in the centre, providing visitors with breathtaking views of the city below.
  • Observe the external wall of The Dubai Frame, which is embellished with a special variety of golden tiles that contribute to the building's spectacular appearance.

Restaurants at Dubai Frame

chuan-environment Frame Restro

The delicious Chinese food, excellent service, and friendly employees at Chuan Chinese Restaurant make it a must-try. When translated literally, Chuan means "a continual and constant stream that flows eternally, eventually forming the sea," making it a fitting name for this restaurant on The Pointe's famous beachfront. With a focus on using only the freshest, locally sourced products, it aims to satisfy your appetites for authentic Oriental fare. Chuan is a Chinese restaurant where you may enjoy a delicious meal in an ambiance reminiscent of the far east. In a sleek and contemporary environment, this seafood restaurant provides traditional Chinese dishes including Peking Roast Duck and seafood and other meats seasoned with real Chinese spices. Chuan restaurant incorporates tradition, integrates it with contemporary, and spreads the worldwide popularity of Chinese cuisine.

Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant

In almost all cases, Zam Zam will be the first result returned when someone searches for the "best mandi restaurant near me." Serving over 25,000 customers every day, it has eight locations in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Chicken Mandi, Kingfish Mandi, and Mutton Mandi, to name a few, are just a few of the many options available at the Deira location of the popular Zam Zam Mandi franchise. The best mandi in Dubai can be found right here thus do carry your Dubai frame tickets for entry. Must-eats include the chicken madhabi, lamb mandi, mint tea, luqaimat, dumplings,and kunafa.

Pind Da Dhaba.jpg
Pind Da Dhaba

Comfort food at its finest served in a classic Dhaba atmosphere; Pind Da Dhaba is a must-visit. For those who enjoy authentic Punjabi cuisine, this dish is a must-try. Cutesy painted walls are adorned with classic Bollywood posters; dinner tables are fashioned after rickshaws; authentic Punjabi culture is sprinkled throughout the space. Popular items on the menu are murgh malai tikka, tangdi kabab, Dhaba meat, dal makhani, and crisp lachha parathas, all prepared in the tandoori style. The bubblegum and passion fruit lassi is an excellent accompaniment to your meal at this restaurant. Vegetarians should try the makki di roti with sarson da saag served on the ground floor of the restaurant, which also represents some classic dishes from the Coastal Goan cuisine.


Delicious authentic Rajasthani cuisine can be found at this North Indian restaurant. In the Karama district, tucked away on a quiet side street, is the much-loved Manvaar. The interior is vibrant and colourful, with plenty of Indian decors; however, the food is what draws customers in. Both the dal baati churma (lentil dish with toasted wheat dumplings) and the ker sangri (Rajasthani dish made with berries and beans) are signature dishes. And it just gets better, the prices at Manvaar are just as reasonable as their food, so you can try everything they have to offer without a pinch in your pocket.

Experiences at Dubai Frame

The Museum on the Second Floor
Old Dubai Gallery

The cost of admission to Dubai Frame includes a guided tour of the Old Dubai Gallery. Objects and paintings from a bygone era can be found inside the museum. Many commonplace items from the era are on display, including pewter, sewing machines, prayer beads, and more. A multimedia and multisensory show traces the city's history from its humble beginnings as a fishing village to its emergence as a global metropolis. Using 3D screens, visitors to Dubai can get a real feel for the city's historic district with Dubai frame tickets.

Present Dubai

A glass-roofed expressway leads visitors to the Baroque's upper bridge. Displayed here are the latest achievements and accomplishments of Dubai. The contrast between historic and modern Dubai is striking here (s). Many other significant accomplishments exist in addition to the tallest building in the world, luxury residences, and skyscrapers that draw celebrities from all over the world. Clear glass runs down the centre of the upper bridge, providing a bird's-eye view of whatever lies below.

The Vortex Tunnel
Future Dubai Gallery

The Dubai frame ticket offers a visit to the Future Dubai gallery, an interactive VR show depicting Dubai in the future, with Dubai Frame. In a nutshell, "People who have the moral courage to go after their dreams will find success in the future," is a quote that sums up why this art gallery is a must-see for any art lover.

Tips To Visit Dubai Frame

The Vortex Tunnel
  • Do not bring cigarettes or other tobacco products inside the building; security will confiscate them.
  • Because this is not a pet-friendly establishment, you cannot bring your animal companion along with you.
  • Due to Dubai's status as a more traditional tourist destination, visitors should exercise caution when choosing their attire.
  • Heavy bags or baby strollers are not allowed inside the perimeter.
  • Try not to carry any sharp tools or inflammable items.

Know Before You Go Dubai Frame

Essential Information
Best Time to Visit
Dubai Frame
  • Location:

Dubai Frame is located in Zabeel Park Jogging Track - Za'abeel - Al Kifaf - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

  • How to Reach:
  1. By MetroUse the most cutting-edge and modern rail network in the United Arab Emirates to get to Dubai Frame without dealing with traffic and while taking in the breathtaking scenery. It is cheap, quick, and simple to use. Al Jafiliya, on the Red Line, is the closest metro stop to Dubai Frame. The metro stop is only a short walk from both Dubai Frame and Zabeel Park.
  2. By BusBuses are the most convenient mode of transportation for visitors coming to Dubai from other Emirates. Cost-effective and convenient public transportation services with connections to and from Ajam, Fujairah, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Hatta. The Dubai Frame building has a dedicated bus stop for the F09 route.
  3. By Car To get to the public parking just next to Zabeel Park, enter "Zabeel Park Gate One" into your GPS system. From here, you can easily reach Gate 4, also called the Star Gate.

FAQ's Of Dubai Frame

What is Unique about Dubai Frame?

    There are 5 distinctive features of the Dubai Frame that you can witness using the Dubai frame tickets. The first is the sky Deck, a glass walkway that transforms from opaque to transparent at the touch of a foot and offers breathtaking views of modern Dubai thanks to liquid crystal pressure-intensive technology. This Frame stands out from the rest thanks to its sophisticated dimensions.

    It is a rectangle with a golden ratio of 1:1.618, so called because this proportion is considered ideal. As a result, the smaller rectangle that results from cutting a golden rectangle into rectangles and squares is also a golden rectangle. Mathematicians have been fascinated by this beautiful geometric idea for centuries. Last but not least, it is fascinating to know that the Dubai Frame's Sky Deck was first built on the ground and then hoisted to the tops of the two side towers. Using four powerful hydraulic lifts, the entire 150 m was hoisted into place and secured for several days before being outfitted.

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