Dubai in August

Why You Should Visit Dubai in August

Dubai in August means the hottest days, but it offers you the benefits like amazing deals and discounts on travel, hotels, and tourist attractions. There are many indoor attractions in Dubai like Ski Dubai, the Dubai Mall, and Ferrari World where you may spend time with loved ones without getting affected by the outdoor heat of August. With waterparks like Atlantis Aquaventure and the Wild Wadi at Jumeirah Beach, which are the best places to visit in Dubai in August, you have plenty of choices to escape the sweltering heat while also having fun. You may enjoy fun activities like stargazing, watersports, an evening dhow boat, and taking in the sunset from vantage points like the Burj Khalifa, etc., in August without having to wait in long lines. It's the best time to satisfy the shopaholic or foodie in you because of the Dubai Summer Surprises festival program in August when the malls offer fantastic deals at stores, dining establishments, and entertainment venues.

Things to do in Dubai in August

Cool off at one of Dubai's most famous waterparks, like Aquaventure and Wild Wadi Waterpark, or watch the setting sun and unwind at any of the beaches, like Kite or Jumeirah. Shopping is the most popular pastime among August visitors to Dubai, and you will fall in love with the incredible deals and discounts available at the Dubai Summer Surprises Event, a shopping event hosted in Dubai in July and August. Visit landmarks like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, and Dubai Mall to have some unique experiences without being affected by outdoor heat as they are entirely indoors. These best places to visit in Dubai in August allow you to spend quality time with loved ones while also giving you a glimpse of the city's magnificent architecture and rich culture. Discovering the secrets of the underwater world at Dubai Aquarium or Safari Park and experiencing an adrenaline rush at Ski Dubai or Ferrari World are other best activities that you may indulge in a cool, indoor environment.

Visit Burj Khalifa

Visit the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building at 828 meters, in late afternoon hours to admire the breathtaking architecture with only few people around. Head to the observation decks At The Top and At The Top Sky of one of the best places to visit in Dubai in August to catch the beautiful sunset scenery and breathtaking views of the city's illuminated skyline. Wind off your day with a hearty dinner at At.mosphere, the world's highest restaurant and a refreshing beverage at The Lounge, the world's highest lounge.

Enjoy Virtual Games at VR Park

If you want to have some extreme fun in Dubai without having to deal with the outdoor summer heat, go to VR Park for great virtual experiences in a cool, indoor setting. Put on your virtual reality headset, prepare your prop, and begin your experience. Play Burj Drop to feel the rush of falling along the sides of the Burj Khalifa or Dune Bash for an off-roading adventure. Experience exhilarating skydiving at Dubai Drone or have family fun while exploring the space with RobocomVR and indulging in virtual sports with VR Sports.

Marvel at the Dubai Frame

Discover the amazing architecture while learning about the city's past, present, and future at Dubai Frame, which is one of the best places to visit in Dubai in August. Being an indoor destination, it allows you to explore its galleries and observation desk without thinking about the hot summer weather. Admire the building's massive picture frame design, then learn about the city's rich past while exploring its first gallery. Then, head to its viewing deck to enjoy the city's stunning views and finally visit the Future Dubai Gallery to learn what might be the city's future.

Explore Underwater world at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

See and meet over 30,000 aquatic animals in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, if you are looking for what to do in Dubai in August for some unique adventures and escape the summer’s heat in this indoor destination. Watch a broad range of colorful fish, including sharks and rays, as well as many other aquatic species, such as turtles, the King Croc, and penguins, while having fun and excitement indoors. Visit The Lost Chambers Aquarium, go snorkeling, take a glass-bottom boat tour, swim with sharks, or cross a 48-meter glass tunnel to observe fish swim above you and have multiple memorable experiences.

Watch a Show of La Perle

Watch a show of La Perle and enjoy 90 minutes of pure excitement and thrills amidst a beautiful indoor environment. Watch in awe as 65 international performers perform flawlessly on a stunning aqua-stage with cutting-edge lighting and sound equipment. The astounding aquatic and aerial feats, such as diving from 25 meters high, will make you hold your breath. Be astounded by the stage and setup that enhance the performances and provide a fresh perspective to the spectacular acts and presentation.

An Evening At Dhow Cruise

Taking an evening Dhow Dinner Cruise is amongst the best things to do in Dubai in August as it allows you to enjoy a leisurely sail over the pristine waters and lovely sunset scenery. Indulge in a lively ambiance while cruising past Dubai's famous landmarks and take in their illuminated splendor. Relish delicious Arabian dishes and beverages while watching live performances of traditional dances and other live entertainment on the deck. Spend some quality moments with your loved ones while admiring the sparkling Dubai in August when temperatures are comfortable in the evening.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Take a trip to the first indoor dolphinarium in the Middle East, the Dubai Dolphinarium, and discover an amazing marine world with full air conditioning and contemporary marine facilities. Enjoy various exciting attractions like mirror maze excursions, dolphin swim experiences, and trampolines without getting affected by the summer heat. Watch bottlenose dolphins, seals, and other marine animals perform live for 45 minutes or go to the Exotic Bird Show to get up close and personal with over 20 different bird species.

Shop at Dubai Mall

If you are wondering what to do in Dubai in August to avoid the heat while having a fantastic time, head to the Dubai Mall. You may fill your day with fun and excitement by visiting over 1200 retail outlets, which offer great deals and discounts during the Dubai Summer Surprises festival in August. Explore the Fashion venue for some top-notch brands or Souk Al Bahar to shop for some locally-made goods. Additionally, you may sate your cravings for food and beverages at any of the 200 eating venues, watch the latest blockbuster at Reel Cinemas, explore marine life at Dubai Aquarium, or enjoy thrills at the Ski Dubai.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Escape August's heat in Aquaventure Waterpark while enjoying adrenaline-pumping slides and rides, exploring the mysterious marine world, and swimming with the dolphins. Experience the Tower of Neptune, Trident Tower, and Tower of Poseidon in the waterpark which is one of the best places to visit in Dubai in August and experience some thrills. Admire the magnificent world of aquatic life by observing over 65,000 fascinating marine animals, such as sharks, clownfish, and many more at the Lost Chambers Aquarium. Indulge in fun activities like scuba diving and snorkeling and discover the beautiful underwater world.

Have Fun at Ferrari World

Enjoy the best of both worlds—cars and speed—at Ferrari World and experience some of the best things to do in Dubai in August amidst an indoor setting. Enjoy a day of fun, excitement, and adventure with family or friends at the world's leading theme park while enjoying 40 exhilarating rides and attractions. Experience the highest non-inverted loop at the Flying Aces, the fastest roller coaster in the world, the Formula Rossa, or a breathtaking zero-gravity descent at Turbo Tower. Attend a live performance to discover how Ferrari is made or enjoy some interesting stimulation experiences.

Enjoy at Wild Wadi Waterpark

Escape the summer heat at Wild Wadi Waterpark, the city's oldest waterpark and one of the best places to visit in Dubai in August. Visit the waterpark with your loved ones for a day of pure fun and enjoy over 30 amazing rides, slides, and attractions. From the exhilarating Tantrum Alley and the dizzying 105-foot Jumeirah Sceirah to kid-friendly rides, there is a ride suitable for all ages and abilities. After you've got your fill of the rides, relax with tasty recipes at one of the Wild Wadi cafes before capping off the day with a little souvenir shopping.

Have Fun at Ski Dubai

Enjoy a little break from August's summer heat at Ski Dubai, which is one of the best places to visit in Dubai in August. Visit this indoor location that includes one of the world's largest ski slopes and a snow park to have some amazing experiences in a snowy landscape. Meet King and Gentoo Penguins in the park's Penguin Home and watch them march, play, and enjoy their daily routine from up and close. Indulge in fun activities such as bobsledding, riding the chairlift, or zorbing in the Giant Snowball and experience some thrilling sensations in a cold indoor setting.

Know Before You Go Dubai in August

What to Pack
What to Wear
Getting Around Dubai in August

August is the second-hottest month in Dubai, with temperatures averaging 40°C and ranging from about 48°C to 31°C. This month has minimal chances of rain, and UV rays with high humidity. It's the cheapest period of the year because of the high temperatures, and there is a low tourist influx.

  • Gadgets: Power adapters, camera
  • Clothes: Cotton t-shirts, tops, skirts, trousers, leggings, swimsuits, sarongs, light cardigans, etc.
  • Footwear: Comfortable shoes, flip-flops, and evening shoes and sandals.
  • Sun Protection: Umbrella, hat/scarf, and plenty of sunscreens.
  • Daypack: To carry your belongings, especially water bottles, some light snacks, sunscreen lotion, etc., while exploration.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing made of cotton or linen.
  • You can wear swimwear at the beaches and swimming pools.
  • Opt for light-colored clothing for daytime as it won't absorb heat
  • Carry a lightweight cardigan with you because the evenings in Dubai might get a little cold.
  • By Metro: Two metro lines connect almost every neighborhood in the city, making this one of the greatest methods to get around. Get a Nol card to enjoy a convenient metro ride.

  • By Bus: A 24-hour bus service connects most of Dubai's major regions. It is also the most cost-effective mode of transportation in Dubai.

  • By Cab: Cabs can be booked online or over the phone and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is the most convenient means of transportation, but it is a bit expensive.

  • Book your stay in a hotel with a swimming pool.
  • Choose combination tour packages to save time and money.
  • Make sure to choose a table and reserve your tickets in advance.
  • Since Dubai's summer days are so lengthy, go sightseeing in the evening.
  • Always have a water bottle, a hat, sunglasses, and water with you when going outdoors.
  • Respect the city's rules and regulations to avoid any inconveniences.

FAQ's of Dubai

Which are the most popular tourist places to visit in August in Dubai?

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
  • Dubai Mall
  • Aquaventure Waterpark
  • Ferrari World
  • Wild Wadi Waterpark
  • Ski Dubai
  • La Perle
  • Dubai Frame
  • VR Park

Is August a good time to visit Dubai?

Yes, August is a good time to visit Dubai if you want to explore the city with fewer people around and at reduced prices. There are abundant best places to visit in Dubai in August that are indoors or open until late at night, making it easy for you to explore them. It's also the Dubai Summer Surprises festival season, which is fantastic for shoppers.

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Does it rain in Dubai in August?

Dubai experiences very little or no rain in August. The month-long weather is sunny and clear and you can stroll through the best places to visit in dubai in august

What can be the minimum temperature in Dubai in August?

The average minimum temperature in Dubai in August is 31 °C (88 °F), while the average high temperature throughout the day is a scorching 43 °C (109 °F), with intense heat and humidity.

Is August a good time to go on a Dubai Cruise?

If you are looking for the most budgeted Dubai Cruises, August is one of the best times to go for it. The month is a low season in terms of tourism, you can book a cruise for a significantly lower price and take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the trip in peace.

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Is August a safe time in Dubai to engage in watersports activities?

August is a totally safe month to participate in watersports as long as you stay hydrated and use waterproof sunscreen with a high SPF. Secondly, schedule your water sports activity for the late afternoon or early morning. Nevertheless, watersports are amongst the best things to do in Dubai in August to escape the sweltering heat.


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