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Ride & Attractions at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World rides and attractions can cater to visitors of all ages and interests, from F1 aficionados to adrenaline seekers, making it a family-friendly amusement park.If you are someone who loves speed and adrenaline, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi boasts a range of thrilling rides and attractions that redefine the words "fast and furious." It is the world's first amusement park of its kind, designed by Ferrari, that offers unparalleled themed entertainment and thrill.

From roller coasters to racing and simulation games, all Ferrari World Abu Dhabi rides are one-of-a-kind and exhilarating. While Formula Rossa is the world's fastest roller coaster, Flying Aces boasts the world’s highest roller coaster loop. Turbo Tower lets you experience the rush of a zero-gravity fall, whereas Turbo Track gives the excitement of back-to-back thrills like a vertical climb and a zero-gravity fall.

With Flying Wings, you can steer your own glider across the park. Ferrari’s Maranello stable is where you will see the making of a Ferrari GT. The Scuderia Challenge tests your F1 potential and lets you discover what it's like to be a Ferrari driver. With 24 record-breaking Ferrari World Abu Dhabi rides and attractions, this themed amusement park provides an incredible Ferrari experience in its purest form.

Formula Rossa

The Formula Rossa in the F1 zone is the world's fastest roller coaster, reaching its top speed of 149 mph in about 5 seconds. This 2 km-long rollercoaster, which lowers you suddenly from heart-pounding heights of 52 meters while also offering some difficult curves, is one of the most thrilling Ferrari World Abu Dhabi rides. You must be 140 to 195 cm tall to enjoy this ride.

Flying Aces

The Flying Aces Italian Zone ride, designed after the famed "ace of aces" pilot Count Baracca, lets you experience the thrill of flying through the world's tallest roller coaster loop. You will soar 63 m at a dramatic 51-degree gradient while hitting the speed of 120 km/h. The height restriction for this ride is 130 cm to 196 cm.

Turbo Tower

Experience the ultimate thrill at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi with the Turbo Tower ride, suitable for all ages. Enjoy breathtaking aerial views of the park while soaring through intense twists, a 13.5-foot zero-gravity fall, and two exhilarating bouncing drops. This rollercoaster guarantees an adrenaline rush, getting hearts pumping with excitement. Standing at 105 cm or taller grants access to this heart-pounding adventure. Don't miss out on other Ferrari World Abu Dhabi rides, like the world's fastest Formula Rossa and gravity-defying Flying Aces coaster, promising an unforgettable day of excitement for everyone.

Turbo Track

Turbo Track is Ferrari World's first back-to-back roller coaster that offers participants the chance to share some intense thrills with loved ones or friends. It will take you through a challenging ascent into the air, followed by a magnificent fall in zero gravity. A height restriction of 130 cm to 196 cm applies to this attraction.

Fiorano GT Challenge

Unleash your competitive side on this Italian Zone ride and race pals on winding parallel tracks in the racing circuit while enjoying a Ferrari world drag race experience. The Ferrari F430 Spider racing course is modeled after authentic GT circuits and features vicious bends and exhilarating straightaways, allowing you to reach high speeds of 95 km/h. Riders must be between 130 and 195 cm tall.

Flying Wings

The Flying Wings allows you to take control of your own flight and soar through the park for the ultimate thrilling experience. Get seated in your flight and steer the glider like a captain. This Family Zone ride is a scaled-down version of the famous Flying Aces and is ideal for creating special family memories. You need to be 105 cm and taller for this ride.

Speedway Race

With height restrictions of 90 to 120 cm, this Family Zone ride offers excitement for the entire family. It's a thrilling whip-style ride with vibrant two-seater race cars. Get your kids seated in the car and watch them enjoy the excitement of riding on an intense race track. The lights flash over the kids as the ride advances, offering the ultimate visual experience.

Bell’ Italia

The Bell' Italia allows you to leisurely tour a little version of Italy in a scaled-down 1958 Ferrari 250 California. You may view breathtaking cityscapes, well-known sites, and racing locations from the small safari, including the scenic Portofino and the Amalfi Coast, the Colosseum of Rome, the Monza Racetrack, Venezia, and Maranello. The height restrictions for this ride in the Italian Zone are 120 to 200 cm.

Junior Grand Prix

This ride is like an F1 driving school for kids who wish to experience the thrill of driving race cars for the love of the sport. They can improve their racing abilities using the scaled-down Ferrari F1 racing cars after watching a Junior Grand Prix educational film and getting guidance from experts. This F1 Zone ride is suitable for kids of height 110 to 140 cm.

Karting Academy

Hone your karting skills while competing against your friends or siblings on the incredible 290-meter-long Ferrari World go-karting track. During this 35-minute adventure, which is one of the most thrilling Ferrari World rides, take the wheel, let your inner racer go, and savor the most incredible sensations. Riders must be between the heights of 150 cm and 210 cm and weigh less than 120 kg.

Scuderia Challenge

Test your racing prowess and discover how a Ferrari driver gets trained using various state-of-the-art racing simulators. Compete against your pals on a virtual Yas Marina Circuit and improve your F1 skills while driving different Ferraris. The ride offers three advanced simulators, including F1 Simulator, F1 2.0 Simulator, and Ferrari F430 GT Simulator. Riders must be at least 1.30 m tall for this ride.

Benno’s Great Race

Enter a fascinating, massive universe with your family and experience a variety of interactive challenges, dazzling effects, and adorable characters. Watch your kids or assist your young one help Benno to win the race of his life. This ride is amongst the most enjoyable family rides in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Although this Family Zone ride is open for all, kids under 120 cm in height must be accompanied by an adult.

Speed of Magic

Bring your kids along on a 4D adventure with Nello to a virtual realm of cliffs, ocean, and ice caves where no Ferrari has ever been. Nello will take you on an unforgettable journey where you will experience variations in temperatures, humidity, lighting, and motion due to simulator technology. This Italian Zone ride is open to anyone who is 100 cm or taller.

Nello's Adventureland

This Family Zone attraction is specially designed keeping the tiny guests in mind. It features a soft adventure play area that is both safe and full of fun for little ones. You will adore watching them have their ME time while they laugh and have a great time here. There is no height restriction for this ride.

Viaggio in Italia

Viaggio in Italia, one of the top Ferrari World rides, provides a fantastic flying theater experience in the Family Zone. You will be put high up in the dome of this multi-sensory simulator, where you will experience soaring over the breathtaking Italian landscape. The trip is inspired by the classic open-road Mille Miglia event, which will take you far over the Italian mountains, villages, and vineyards.

Tyre Twist

Get seated in a big F1-style tire and enjoy twisting and sliding while banging against other riders as you rotate swiftly. This Family Zone rollercoaster, based on the traditional teacup ride, provides numerous amusing moments. Each tire can hold up to five riders, making it one of the perfect Ferrari world rides to have some fun with loved ones. Riders must be 105 cm or taller for this ride.

Driving with the Champion

This attraction is a cinematic motion-based simulator that lets you experience a Ferrari ride as a trainee engineer alongside a virtual F1 pro. This is one of the best Ferrari world rides and offers you some intense thrills while celebrating Ferrari's renowned racing heritage. You will cross the Maranello's streets and make turns on the Fiorano racetrack at breakneck speed. The minimum height restriction for this Family Zone ride is 107 cm.

Made in Maranello

Take a detailed tour of the Ferrari plant and learn the whole manufacturing process of a Ferrari GT in the Italian Zone of Ferrari World. You will learn something that was previously only known to Ferrari owners. You will discover everything from the early stages of design, the fabrication of engine parts, painting, and final hand assembly to testing on Ferrari's Fiorano Circuit!

Tyre Change Experience

This Family Zone attraction, which is accessible to everyone 140 cm or taller, provides some enjoyable moments for everyone. You'll discover how to replace an F1 car's tire. Try to change the car's tire as quickly as possible to prove that you have what it takes to join the Ferrari pit crew. Watch your children participate in this activity and encourage them to win.

RC Challenge

The scaled-down terrain at this Italian Zone attraction allows both children and adults to enjoy piloting remote-control boats or cars. Navigate your remote-controlled boats and cars across Little Italy's waterways and roadways and enjoy some fun-filled family moments. Test your navigating skills on this one of the most exciting Ferrari world Abu Dhabi rides while making your car or boat cross the landscape or compete with others to be the winner.

Junior Training Camp

Junior Training Camp is a huge play space created specifically for children to help kids improve their climbing agility and problem-solving abilities in a thrilling Ferrari way. Younger kids can master these skills on low suspension bridges while the three walls of the Hexagonal Tower challenge older climbers and inspire them to reach new heights. Kids need to be 120 cm or taller for this activity.

Galleria Ferrari

The exhibition Women & Ferraris - The Untold Story, which celebrates the history of female race drivers and other inspirational women, is now on show at this F1 Zone attraction. It exhibits various Ferrari cars, including La Ferrari, the F4, the FF, the 458 Challenge, the 166 Berlinetta, and many others that are all owned by powerful women.

Motor Midway Games

Motor Midway Games is a retro game arcade in the Italian Zone that features a selection of lively and amusing games that were popular in Italy a long time ago. Stop by this attraction to spend some quality time with your family while trying your luck at these age-old games. Travel back in time at this old 1950's pit lane type arcade and relive your childhood.

Rides at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Rides at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Experience adrenaline-pumping excitement at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, where a world of exhilarating rides awaits. Nestled on Yas Island, this iconic theme park offers a fusion of Italian luxury and high-speed thrills. From gravity-defying coasters to state-of-the-art simulators, each ride is designed to encapsulate the spirit of Ferrari's racing heritage, ensuring an unforgettable blend of speed, innovation, and entertainment for visitors of all ages.


What is the best way to reach Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

The best way to reach Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is by a metered taxi. A taxi will drive you directly to the Ferrari World from your specified location. You won't have to be concerned about directions, finding parking, or running out of time. You can also drive to the park and park for free in its parking lot.

Is outside food allowed in Ferrari World?

No,outside food is not allowed in the Ferrari World. However, there are numerous dining outlets within the park where you can satiate your appetite for food and drink.

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Is it open all year around?

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi operates year-round, but opening hours may vary. Certain rides could be temporarily closed for maintenance. For a seamless experience, check the official website before booking tickets to ensure your favorite rides are available.

Is a wheelchair available at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

Yes, wheelchairs are available for rent at the Ferrari World entrance, making the park accessible to the disabled and the elderly who are unable to walk for long hours.

Are pets allowed in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

No, pets are not permitted inside Ferrari World, with the exception of service animals in special circumstances as determined by them.

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