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The Emirate of Dubai is all about exotic and exquisite experiences and it doesn’t get any better than renting a Yacht and going for a cruise! The endless sea will be at your disposal as you soak in the gorgeous vistas while being cocooned in luxury. To spice up certain events like birthday parties, corporate events, romantic dinners, all you need to add is a yacht into the equation. One might think that renting a yacht in Dubai would burn a deep hole in the pocket but that isn’t the case as there are many affordable options available as well, like the Yacht 42 feet or Yacht 55 feet. However, if you wish to take the extravagant route and go full swing when it comes to luxury on offer, treat yourselves by renting more premium yachts like a yacht 220 feet.

Renting a premium yacht will grant you access to more luxurious features like lounge area, heated whirlpool and your own personal sun deck. The point is, there’s something for everyone! It doesn’t really matter which yacht you rent as the overall experience is going to be in a different league altogether. Renting a yacht and setting off on a scenic cruise should definitely be a part of your bucket list!

Book Dubai Yacht Rentals Tickets Online

The best way to book Yacht rentals in Dubai is by booking your tickets online because of multiple reasons. You can not only avoid the hassle of getting down there and booking it yourself, but you can also avail some amazing deals if you book the tickets online! There are various options and packages you can choose according to your convenience, requirements and budget. The hassle-free experience of booking tickets online is bound to make your yacht rental in Dubai not only a lot more enjoyable but also Yacht Rental Price in Dubai a lot more economical.

Dubai Yacht Rental Options in Dubai

42 Ft.

The 42 feet Yacht rentals in Dubai can hold up to 14 guests at one time and apart from this, renting this yacht will also get you an experienced captain and crew. This yacht is big enough to hold two bedrooms and a saloon. Other features of this yacht include music entertainment system, a fully equipped kitchen, and complimentary towels. There’s also an electric griller so you can have a nice BBQ session with your family and friends as the yacht cruises through the scenic ocean.

45 Ft.

The 45 feet yacht’s additional space is enough to accommodate 18 guests at one time. The major talking point about this yacht is that it comes with its own sun deck where you can spend some relaxing time , taking in the gorgeous views. Moreover, its cosy bedroom comes equipped with a music system and a home theatre as well! The onboard kitchen also has the provision of serving grilled fish.

53 Ft.

These mid-range Yacht rentals in Dubai could be the perfect choice for a memorable experience in the Arabian Gulf. This yacht can accommodate 16 guests at one time and there are 3 cosy bedrooms on offer. There is plenty of space to hold a great party while overlooking the open seas of Emirates. Sunbathing on the foredeck, a big LCD screen TV, BBQ and an open flybridge – the 53 Ft yacht is loaded with creature comforts.

56 Ft.

Cruising the waters of Dubai in absolute comfort is what makes the 56 ft yacht special. It can hold up to 25 guests and has 3 cabins to take care of your luxurious needs. The comfortable seating area and the separate dining area. The upgraded sound system will ensure that the party goes on till the sun rises from the ocean. However, the main attraction of this yacht has to be the large fly bridge area with ample seating space and creature comforts.

62 Ft. Azimut

Up to 25 passengers can enjoy their lovely and scenic cruise on the waters of Dubai astride the 62 ft Azimut Yacht rentals in Dubai. Equipped with all the necessary things, this yacht also ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to all things luxury. The list is rather long as it gets large comfortable sofas, a BBQ grill, a refrigerator and a sunbathing area which also boasts of spacious sun loungers. There are 3 bedrooms and separate bathrooms so even overnight stay will be filled with luxury.

Duretti 70 Ft

This Italian yacht’s architecture is enough to baffle your mind but its features take the awesome level several notches above. It can host up to 25 guests and boasts of 3 luxurious bedrooms. To enjoy the scenic panoramic views, the flybridge would serve as the perfect place. Exotic cocktails are a part of the complimentary package so you can either enjoy the gorgeous vistas while sipping your drink or just relax in front of the huge plasma TV.

84 Ft

These 84 Yacht rentals in Dubai will definitely impress with its sleek exterior and sophisticated interiors. It comes with parquet wooden flooring and wooden walls to exude a premium feel. It can hold up to 35 guests at one time who can indulge in the umpteen features it comes loaded with. There’s a contemporary saloon, 4 bedrooms and a fine urbane dining area. A full surround system coupled with a large plasma TV will take care of your entertainment needs.

85 Ft

Loaded with ample amenities, the 85 Ft Yacht rentals in Dubai is big enough to host as many as 41 guests at one time! To soak in the warm Dubai afternoons while overlooking the sea, there’s also an outdoor pool. Divided between two levels, this yacht has four bedrooms which include exotically designed two master bedrooms as well. Feel well-attended in the presence of their well-trained crew as you enjoy all the features offered by this yacht.

86 Ft

The city of luxury deserves to be explored in an exquisite yacht like the 86 Ft which can not only host 40 guests at once but also comes with an extra large flybridge. The large windows of the four rooms will provide the guests with incredible panoramic views of the ocean. What makes it perfect for any sort of celebration is the fact that it comes loaded with a 50 speaker sound system and a large plasma screen TV!

88 Ft

The 88 ft Yacht rentals in Dubai defines what luxury is as it can host up to 64 guests at once and that too, cocooning them in its comfort. Notable features of this exotic yacht include a bar counter, bow sundeck, sunbeds and a BBQ griller. It also has a separate tanning area for the people who wish to get that perfect Mediterranean sun tan.

90 Ft

The 90 Ft yacht can hold 50 guests at one time and their crew of 5 people will always be at your disposal to make your cruise a lot more memorable and enjoyable. There are 1 master bedroom and 2 bedrooms available at your disposal for comfortable overnight stays. While the flybridge and the sundeck will ensure that you enjoy scenic panoramic views during the day!

95 Ft

A yacht that can hold up to 45 people at once but still doesn't compromise on luxury? That's a 95 ft yacht for you! The numbers speak for themselves as this yacht gets 4 comfy bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Not to forget, it also gets a jacuzzi on the sundeck! Chilling while basking in the glorious views of the sea doesn't get better than this. Soak in the sunlight, while sipping on the welcome drinks in the jacuzzi. An absolute dream!

100 Ft

The 100 Ft yacht is second to none when it comes to luxury as it gets 1 master bedroom and 2 intricately designed bedrooms. As it can hold 50 guests at once, there are many luxurious amenities to take advantage of. For instance, there's a spacious saloon and a sundeck to soak the sunlight in while sipping on their complimentary drinks. The experienced and friendly crew will make sure that you have a memorable time sailing in the Arabian Gulf.

150 Ft

This huge yacht's main speciality is that it can hold as many as 70 guests at one time, and that too, in ultimate luxury! It has a separate air-conditioned lounge room, apart from boasting 1 master bedroom and 2 bedrooms. The 150 ft yacht also comes equipped with a flybridge and a sundeck. The saloon area is also super spacious and luxurious which will make you feel like the King of the Sea!

77 Ft

Looking out for a perfect party destination in Dubai? Could it get any better than on a 77 Ft yacht that can hold up to 40 people at one time! This package also comes along with 3 crew members including an experienced captain to take you on a scenic cruise. This yacht comes loaded with 4 exquisitely designed rooms, saloon and 2 wash rooms. The huge flyboard is the perfect place to chill and guess what? It also has a barbecue grill and a jet ski!

Activities to Enjoy During Yacht Rental in Dubai


Although yacht cruises are pretty fun, if you’re still feeling the need to be more adventurous, you can see Dubai’s gorgeous vistas from above! Parasailing in Dubai from a yacht rental is both safe and exciting at the same time. One of the best places to do Parasailing from a yacht rental is Jumeirah Beach which is famous for its action-packed adventures. Soar above the rest of the world as you enjoy an aerial bird’s eye view of Palm island and Dubai Marina.

Jet Ski

Getting a ride on a Jet Ski is yet another way to get your adrenaline rush while enjoying your vacation on Dubai yacht rentals. When you get the approval of the cabin and the crew, all you need to enjoy the wavy ocean is just start riding one! They are very easy to ride but at the same time, oodles of fun are absolutely guaranteed!

Donut Ride

Looking for something fun and safe on your Dubai yacht rentals? Try a donut ride or banana boat trip. This will include you chasing down the boat sitting on an inflatable shell as the boat takes abrupt turns. Among all the squeals and laughter, one thing is guaranteed on a donut ride : FUN!


To quench the thirst of the adventure junkie inside you, wakeboarding in Dubai will be a perfect fit during your yacht rentals. Imagine this, you’re strapped at the back of a yacht with a rope and a board is beneath you as you feel every wave and splash! The key is to balance your body on the water surface but you don’t need to feel threatened about it because an instructor will always keep a keen eye on you. This is possibly one of the best ways to feel the majestic vibes of the Arabian Gulf.


Due to the abundance of Marine life in Dubai, deep sea fishing has come out to be one of the most important and popular water sports in Dubai. While fishing from the shore might be fun, if you go deeper, you will be blessed with bigger and better catches. And guess what? Almost all the Dubai yacht rentals are equipped with fishing rods. Moreover, if you have a rental yacht, a fishing licence is not required. If you are lucky, the crew might assist you as well!

SpeedBoat Ride

The Speedboats of Dubai can achieve thrilling speeds of up to 30 knots! Adrenaline rush is one thing which is guaranteed during a speedboat ride in Dubai. See the landmarks of Dubai like the Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, and the Palm Jumeirah pass you by in a jiffy as the wind and water sprays hit your face.

Tips for Yacht Rental in Dubai

  • Guests must bring their Emirate identity or original passport during the trip.
  • Based on weather conditions, yacht trips always require Dubai coast guard approval.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to trip time.

  • Remember to fully charge your phone/camera to capture all the amazing moments!

  • Refrain from photographing Arab women without their permission.

  • Picturing military installations and government buildings is illegal.


How do I book a yacht in Dubai online?

There are several online portals available for the same. You just need to boil down your preference of the yacht rental in Dubai and just go ahead with the process. The online booking procedure is not only less tedious and free of any hassle but it also ensures that you can also avail some great deals and discounts.

How long are my Dubai Yacht rental tickets valid for?

The minimum duration of the yacht rental has to be at least 2 hours. However, the duration totally depends on your budget and convenience as you can also rent a yacht for the entire day.

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What’s the cost of Dubai Yacht Rental tickets?

The Yacht Rental Price in Dubai varies according to the yachts and their premiumness. The more affordable Yachts like the Yacht 42 ft costs between 550-800 AED / hour and if you wish to rent an affordable yacht like this for 24 hours, it will set you back by around 5500 AED. However, if your budget is high and you wish to go all out when it comes to Yacht Rental Price in Dubai, yachts like 150 ft will set you back by 5000 AED / hour.

Can I bring my own food and drinks on the yacht?

Guests are welcome to bring their own drinks and food on the yacht but if they don’t wish to do so, yacht rentals have their own catering service where they can also offer BBQ service on request.

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What is the best time for visiting a yacht tour in Dubai?

The best time for visiting a yacht tour in Dubai is between November and March because during this time, the weather is comparatively better.


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