Adventure Activities to Do in Hatta

Adventure Activities to Do in Hatta

Hatta is a synonym of Middle Eastern adventure among many international thrill seekers. People come here with their loved ones to indulge in the most unique adventurous activities. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can choose adventure activities based on your thrill levels. Through its calm atmosphere and exceptional geography, this place encourages adventure activities and gets addressed as Hatta Wadi Hub. There are several Adventure Activities to do in Hatta, and you can try each one of them like paragliding, zorbing, mountain biking and hiking. If you are a beginner, you can go for the light-heartedness of kayaking, explore Heritage Village, and Hatta Park.

A Mountain Safari Through Hatta

A mountain safari is one of the top thrilling adventure activities to do in Hatta that offers you a bumpy ride on the rocky terrain of the mountains. You can start on a 4X4 safari on the bumpy rocks that takes you to explore the scenic view of mountains surrounded by the beauty of the bluest lake. The mountain safari starts from the marvelous mountains of Hajar and takes you towards the Heritage Village. The off-roading tour will take you through the exciting trails that lead to Heritage Village. The Emirati art and the ancient culture will reflect the beauty of Hatta Hill Park and Hatta Dam.

Visit The Hatta Heritage Village

Exploring the Middle Eastern times of forts, towers, and citadels is a great way to channel your inner historian. Besides the Hatta adventure activities, you can explore the rich history of the reconstructed and preserved village of Heritage. Open since 2001, this village takes you back to the ancient times of Dubai’s deserts through heritage, sculptures, traditional objects, and the resurrection of archaic huts. You can explore this village on land and water both- either by Kayak across the serene blue waters or the 4x4 safari on the rocky terrain. Heritage village is open for exploration every day from morning to evening.

Horse Ride on the Wild Side

Riding on the back of Arabian horses through the mountains is one of the most Adventurous Things to Do in Hatta. Besides the Wadi hub of Hatta, you can choose to take a guided tour on horseback through the foothills of the rocky Hajar Mountains. The horses are trained to offer a safe experience that is suitable for all the ages. This lighthearted activity takes you away from the busy life of the city. The horse riding would take you through the mountains, lakes, and wadis of Hatta.

Glide through Hatta's Quiet Waters

Kayaking in Hatta Dam has its own fan base as it is suitable for people belonging to any age group. This activity is termed the most amazing way to explore the serene waters of Hatta Dam. In this activity, you will sit in a kayak (boat) and move on to the calm waters encircled by the Rocky Mountains. The beautiful sunlight will fall on your face as you hear the wonderful music of water making a way for your Kayak. This activity stands among the most popular Adventure Activities to do in Hatta, owing to the easy accessibility from Sedr Trailers Resort.

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is one of the most unique Hatta adventure activities to try on. This activity is so rare that you won’t find it anywhere else except Hatta. Suitable for beginners and professionals, this activity requires you to lift a 680 gm axe and throw into the wooden target. The zone is a dedicated area made up of woods and targets to make this sport as interesting as possible. This activity can be enjoyed at Hatta wadi hub by people above the age of 16. The on-site axe experts will guide you through the process and ensure all the safety protocols are followed.

Trail Mountain Bikes

One of the most strenuous Adventure Activities to do in Hatta is mountain biking. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can enjoy this enthralling ride according to your skill and level of thrills. The trails are smartly divided into 4 types- Green, Blue, Red and Yellow, according to the efficiency and thrill level of the bikers. The 52-kilometer-long trail is narrow, bumpy, and steep for mountain biking. As a beginner, you can try the green trail to experience the thrills of mountain biking for the first time. If you want some more thrill, you can ride on the steep blue trail.

Explore the Hajar mountains

On the list of Adventurous Things to Do in Hatta, exploration of the rocky Hajar Mountains makes it to the top. Moving through the rugged terrain, you will face all the challenges your adventurous soul seeks for. The vast mountain range is steep in ascents and descents throughout the journey. You can explore these mountain ranges either in the 4x4 safari or by hiking. You will come across the creatures of mountains like beautiful sand gazelle, donkeys, birds and many more. As you reach the destination, you will witness the enchanting views of lakes and dunes from the top.

Barbeque With a View at the Hatta Hill Park

Hatta hill park features the tallest staircase for you to climb and enjoy some of the most lightest-hearted activities. Apart from the Adventurous Things to Do in Hatta, the hill park possesses green flourishing spaces suitable for group leisure and enjoyment. You can sit comfortably on the wooden benches with your family and friends to enjoy the stone walls, swim in the pool and jog on the track. The roof hut presents you with the tastiest barbecue of Hatta, which you can enjoy during the evening after finishing up all the Adventurous Things to Do in Hatta.


You would be amazed to know that Paragliding is available as one of the Adventurous Things to Do in Hatta. Through paragliding, you will fly above the heavenly skies of Hatta. You will be assisted by an expert from Hatta wadi hub in your paragliding experience of the enchanting scenery from the top. As you fly above the mountains and lakes of Hatta, you will experience the wadi hub’s panoramic view. The action-packed air adventure will let you fly 500 feet above the grounds of Hatta. Apart from mountain biking, this is the most chosen activity by adventurous souls.

Hike through the Wadis of Hatta

Hiking on the 32.6 kilometers long hiking trails of the Rocky Mountains is among the favorite Adventurous Things to Do in Hatta. The trails are divided according to the fitness levels and abilities of the hikers- ranging from the easiest green, and blue to tough red and black trails. As you hike through the rugged terrain, your quest for thrill would be fulfilled by the rough and narrow surface that rapidly changes. There are some places in the mountains, where you have to use your hands for ascents and descents. Once you reach the top, you will get the supernal feeling of witnessing the beauty of the heritage village and the beautiful Hatta dam.

FAQ's of Hatta

What is the best time to visit Hatta?

The best time to visit Hatta is from September to October and February to March. This is because these months synchronize with the spring and autumn seasons. Adventurous Things to do in Hatta are available only during these seasons. No such activities are allowed during summers and winters. As a result, Hatta is closed during the summers and winters.

How to reach Hatta?

By Bus: A bus runs between Dubai International Airport and Hatta which are 125 kilometers apart. The bus makes several stops, extending the journey to three hours.By Cab/Taxi: Take a cab/taxi to Maliha Road and take the E-102 route to reach Hatta in about 2 hours.

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Which are the best places to visit in Hatta?

  • Hatta Dam: Apart from Adventure Activities to do in Hatta, Kayak and water biking are marvelous ways to explore Hatta Dam. Sedr Trailers Resort is close to the waters, making these water-based activities one of the most adored Adventure Things To Do In Hatta.

  • Hatta Village: The heritage village will allow you to experience the classical Middle Eastern civilization through its recreated sites, as the name implies. Kayaking or biking through the village will allow you to see the old artworks and engravings as well as the traditional huts.

  • Hatta Hill Park: Hill Park is a green space where friends and families go for picnics and to relax. At the park, you can enjoy the popular BBQ and engage in activities like swimming, jogging, and indoor games.

Why is Hatta famous?

Hatta is famous because of its natural beauty and serenity which promotes several recreational activities. The Rocky Mountains for biking, a dam to accommodate kayaks, and green fields to zorb, this place possesses everything amazing for Hatta adventure activities. Besides the thrilling activities, you can explore the famous Heritage Village of Hatta which is known for its ancient sculptures and reconstruction.

How do you get from Dubai to Hatta?

  • By Bus: You can board a bus from Dubai to reach the nearest bus stop to Hatta, the Ras al Khor Terminus at 16 kilometers. From there, you have to take a taxi to reach Hatta in about 11 minutes.
  • By Road: You can directly take a cab/taxi from Dubai International Airport. The distance between the airport and Hatta is 125 kilometers, taking you an hour or two to reach.

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