Yacht Rental in Abu Dhabi

Yacht Rental Abu Dhabi Overview

Yacht Rental in Abu Dhabi offers the most perfect way to explore Abu Dhabi's beautiful coastline and its various attractions. Rent a yacht for a birthday celebration, a wedding or a high powered business meeting. Turn any event into a luxurious adventure and glamorous affair with the best Yacht Rental in Abu Dhabi.

You get to choose from a wide range of yachts and tours to fit your requirements as well as your budget. Your luxurious yacht rental is accompanied by the highest levels of services and hospitality. Enjoy 5-star services by a crew that has been especially trained to cater to your needs and ensure that you have the most memorable event aboard the luxury yacht. You can indulge in the choices of food and complimentary beverages while relaxing like a royal.

The yacht tours cover popular attractions such as the spectacular Emirates Palace, Al Bahrani Island, Lilu Island, Al Maya Island and many others.

Yacht based events are a glamorous affair and the top-notch services are specially curated to ensure you have the event of your dreams. Whether you wish to organize a theme based party, or special cuisine or flowers and cakes. Yacht rentals are committed to ensure you have the best services for your celebrations.

Options for Yacht Rental in Abu Dhabi

55ft Gulfcraft YAS AUH

GulfCraft is a yacht making company that designs yachts especially for luxurious parties and lavish family trips, and the 55ft GulfCraft is one of the best yachts designed by this company. The grandeur of the 55ft GulfCraft YAS AUH is perfect for every trip that you plan. There are three bedrooms and a very grand hall for your parties aboard this yacht. Group Fishing can also be done on this yacht, as the YAS AUH has the capacity of hosting 22 people. Overall the GulfCraft is one of the best Yacht Rental in Abu Dhabi.

Azimuth Yacht Abu Dhabi

This luxury yacht rental is one of the best in Abu Dhabi with extra services such as unlimited water, ice and drinks alongside BBQ services available aboard the yacht. On this yacht there are three guest bedrooms and many fun activities like jet ski and fly boarding that come with an additional cost. The Azimuth is a grand scale yacht that serves all your needs for a lavish party.

70ft Sunset Yacht AUH

The 70ft Sunset Yacht AUH is very good for fishing and cruising, and with some extra cost you will be given swimwear and snorkeling gear too. This luxury yacht also gives a micro oven and a hot grill on board with complimentary beverages, mineral water and soft drinks in addition to the the management also provides a magnificent catering service. You can also enjoy some peaceful time while sailing over the crystalline Marina and the azure Lagoon. Whether you book this yacht for parties, family gatherings or any other reason, you will be satisfied with the services provided and the magnificence and grandeur of this yacht

Luxury Yacht Party Abu Dhabi

A Luxury Yacht is the perfect venue for any kind of celebration and Yacht Rental Abu Dhabi offers an amazing plethora of services to ensure you have the most memorable celebration. You have the flexibility to customize your whole event according to your preferences. Any special requests like flowers, special decorations, cakes, etc. can be notified at the time of booking. The luxury yacht has a capacity of 30 people and it is 72 feet in size. The Captain and crew are included in the price. In a luxury yacht party Abu Dhabi enjoys 5-star services with the highest standards of hospitality levels.

85 ft Yacht Abu Dhabi

Luxurious bedrooms, spacious salon, 5-star level hospitality, a whole plethora of activities to engage the guests and so much more is what the 85 feet yacht offers. The yacht is ideal for families, small parties, formal gatherings, or high powered business meetings. The spacious salon, dining facilities, fishing gear, jet skies and more is what you can indulge in with the Yacht Rental in Abu Dhabi. The boat can comfortably hold 40 guests which is an ideal capacity for any kind of group gathering or festivities. The Yacht signifies elegance, a taste for things luxurious and state-of-the-art life style with its refined interiors, beautiful sun deck and ultra comfort furnishings

Motor Yacht Abu Dhabi

The Motor Yacht Abu Dhabi features a large cabin right in the middle which is ideal for hosting parties or just a fun filled family getaway or friends getting together to enjoy a day out at sea. Discover the beautiful coastline of Abu Dhabi on board a magnificent motor yacht from Yacht Rental in Abu Dhabi. Get ready for a memorable tour aboard the elegant motor yacht which can accommodate about 10 people. A captain and crew team will be provided to host and operate the sailing experience.

Al Boom Yacht Abu Dhabi

The Al Boom Yacht is an 85 feet luxury yacht with a maximum capacity of 50 people. It has in-built bedrooms, a large and spacious living area, luxurious comfortable seating and it is equipped with all kinds of entertainment mediums. The Al Boom Yacht is a perfect party venue and a true symbol of class and luxury. The exterior of the yacht is a visual treat for the eyes while the level of comfort inside is absolutely unmatched. To top all these features the yacht rental also provides top-notch hospitality and services ensuring that you have the most memorable outing on board the Al Boom yacht.

Yacht Cruising In Abu Dhabi

What could be better than cruising the Abu Dhabi waters in a magnificent yacht that spells luxury, style and comfort, making your trip truly worth remembering. With Yacht Rental in Abu Dhabi you have the flexibility to design and customize your ride and any special request you may have on board the yacht should be mentioned at the time of booking. There are several options for yacht cruising in Abu Dhabi. You can choose from an exclusive dinner cruise, day cruises, dhow cruising party cruises, fishing cruises and many more. Water activities like swimming and jet skiing can be part of your yacht cruising in Abu Dhabi.

Local Made 777 Yacht Abu Dhabi

The Local Made 777 Yacht is a gorgeous 65 feet boat with a capacity of 30 guests on board. It comes with 3 bedrooms, and two baths, TV, USB music Bluetooth and AUX cables. This is a luxury yacht and every detail in the boat is designed to symbolize luxury and comfort of the utmost standards. The service that accompanies this ultra luxurious yacht is top-notch with 5 star standards. The Yacht also provides for a Barbecue grill which will be available in case any of the guests enjoy a bbq. Guests can also customize the services and itineraries according to their requirements. However, these should be mentioned at the time of booking of the yacht.

Yacht Rental Locations in Abu Dhabi

  • Abu Dhabi Marina Yacht Club

The Abu Dhabi Marina Yacht Club is one of the best yacht rental locations in Abu Dhabi. You can find boats of all sizes and capacity depending on the purpose you need it for. You can rent a yacht for all kinds of cruises, solo or family trips, night cruises and so much more.

  • Abu Dhabi Yas Island Yacht Club

Located within the Yas Marina Island Circuit, Yas Marina Yacht Club has a capacity for 143 yachts with sizes ranging from 10 m to 90 m and additional berthing for superyachts upto 150 m. The club offers a wide range yachts for yacht rental in Abu Dhabi

  • Emirates Palace Marina

Emirates Palace Marina is in a class of its own and it is the very epitome of luxury and comfort. The Marina is a hub for some of the most luxurious yachts within the UAE, as well as abroad. The Marina meets the highest International standards when it comes to water quality and world class yachting services.

Why Hire Abu Dhabi Yacht Rentals from us?

The best Yacht Rental in Abu Dhabi is dedicated to ensure guests have the best yachting experience. Best rates are available along with customisable packages and services ensures you have the best value for money. Your rental booking process is as simple as it can get and with Yacht Rental Abu Dhabi 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Customers get to choose from a diverse range of Yachts and Cruises according to their requirements as well as budget. The lavish tour organized by the yacht rentals comes with 5 star services, delectable cuisines and highest standards of hospitality.

Know Before You Go

How to Reach Abu Dhabi
Best Time to Visit Abu Dhabi

By Flight

Air is the best mode of transportation if you want to reach Abu Dhabi. The airport in Abu Dhabi is known as the second busiest airport in the UAE. It provides excellent connectivity to and from almost all parts of the world.

By Road

If you wish to travel to Abu Dhabi by road, metered taxis are available from Dubai or any other place in the U.A.E.

By Bus

The Emirates Express, which is jointly run by Abu Dhabi and Dubai Municipalities,connects Abu Dhabi with the other Emirates. Regular bus services ply this route taking around two hours each way.

Weather wise the best time to visit Abu Dhabi is winter time between November to March. The weather starts to get better making it possible to visit all the attractions that Abu Dhabi has to offer.

  • Dress appropriately especially in public places.

  • Do not take pictures of government buildings, military installations and aircrafts.

  • Drink alcohol in moderation and only in licensed places.

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen at all times.

  • Abu Dhabi is a land of spectacular architecture and archaeological sites.

  • Discover the beauty of the desert of Abu Dhabi in a desert safari.

  • Abu Dhabi is famous for spectacular infrastructures, adventure activities, luxury hotels, extensive deserts, rich cultural heritage and beautiful beaches.


Which are some of the best Yachts in Abu Dhabi for parties?

  • Al Boom Yacht - This 65 ft long yacht with a capacity of 50 guests and 5-star services is a perfect boat to plan an exciting yacht party or any kind of get togethers.

  • Local Made 777 - This is a spectacular 65 ft luxury yacht with a spacious living area ideal for hosting a party. The yacht has a capacity of 30 guests.

  • 85 ft Yacht - This classic and luxurious beauty is the venue for hosting an upscale party and it can hold up to 40 guests comfortably.

Which are the best Yacht Rental locations in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi Marina Yacht Club - This is one of the best Yacht Rentals in Abu Dhabi where you can rent a boat for any event or adventure trips.

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Are pets allowed in the yacht?

Pets are allowed if kept on a leash and if you are booking a private yacht.

Can we go fishing on the yacht?

Yes, fishing trips are available with Yacht Rental in Abu Dhabi. The best fishing season in Abu Dhabi is between November till May.

Is Smoking Allowed on The Cruise?

Yes, smoking is allowed on the Cruise. There are designated areas on the yacht for smoking. However, sheesha smoking is not allowed on any of the yachts.

Do You Have Any Water Adventure?

Yes, there are various water adventures that Yacht Rental in Abu Dhabi offers including jet skiing, fishing, kayaking, jet boat rides and so much more.

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