Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

About Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi promises and takes you to a world of mesmerizing vast sand and dunes. It is indeed your perfect moment of peace and mindfulness in the middle of a serene and calm desert. Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is also inclusive of adventurous activities and other refreshing fun activities along with sightseeing.

Some of the best desert safari Abu Dhabi deals include witnessing the magnificent sunrises and sunsets, watching the desert breeze and transformation to dunes, exploring geographical wonders like the Rub Al Khali, Al Khatim, and the Liwa Oasis, gliding through the smooth desert sand while sandboarding, skiing, dune bashing, and much more activities. Get a chance to relish the barbecued dinner and savor authentic Arabian refreshments along with some entertaining performances.

Pick up and drop facilities in Bus and Land Cruisers for a hassle-free joyous time. Along with the mentioned facilities and provisions, you also get a chance to explore, witness, and feel the authentic Emirati culture in close vicinity. Best Desert safaris in Abu Dhabi assure you a premium time and experience of an extravagant culture, and a thoughtful curation of the trip as a whole.

Book Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Tour

This safari tour has won hearts, and continues to win the hearts of all travel enthusiasts, with the dedication and ardent passion for curating and executing itineraries to perfection. Before the safari is planned and coordinated, a lot goes behind to assure the safety and ease of the travelers, without compromising on the fun and experience part. The wide network and hands-on experience help curate the best for you at the budgeted price possible. The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari has been one of the top booked activities, for its safety, fun factor, appreciating service, and making the most out of the best price possible for Abu Dhabi Safari. In this entire tour, you are simply in safe hands, and all set to explore the true crux of Abu Dhabi Desert Safari.

The Deals We Offer for Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

This desert tour welcomes you to the advanced and futuristic city of Abu Dhabi with an oath to take you around and give you the best experience.Abu Dhabi Desert Safari is considered one of the best Desert Safari in the world, and the thoughtfully curated itinerary never lets you miss any of the amazing things to do. The activity brings in the provision to opt for safari at three different timings, early morning, evening, and night respectively. Below mentioned are some of the deals offered in this tour for Abu Dhabi Desert Safari.

  • Evening Safari Abu Dhabi with private transfers
  • Desert Safari and quad biking with private transfers
  • Early morning desert safari with Camel ride and Camel yard visit
  • Night Desert Safari with Barbeque dinner and entertainment

The tour promises the best desert safari ride at the best possible price by keeping your safety intact. By offering an action-packed day out to explore this vast and mesmerizing land, the deals can't be unseen if you are travel enthusiasts and adventure freaks. Get to feel the adrenaline rush over the sand dune and quad biking at the best price possible with thoughtful curation and execution of the itinerary of the desert safari tour.

Best Desert Safari Options to Experiences

Evening Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Evening Desert Safari at Abu Dhabi starts at 4 pm with private transfers. Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi takes you to a vast land of sands with diverse activities to cover. Activities of evening desert safari include dune bashing with a professional driver, camel rides, quad biking, photo booths, evening coffee by the deserts, BBQ night, and more. Getting to wear the Arabic garment and closely witnessing the Emirati culture is another best part of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi. Camping at Bedouin-style tents and spending quality time without staking on the safety is the all-time loved part of Abu Dhabi Desert Safari.

Morning Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Experience the best sunrise with an early morning desert safari, along with a refreshing Emirati breakfast. You also get to see the fine sand dunes in a pleasant climate and do sandboarding, the all-time favorite activity of the tourists. Morning safari lets you feel and explore a different side of Abu Dhabi, a calm, serene and magnificent landscape. The operational hours for morning desert safari are from 8 am to 12 pm with the availability of private transfers. Camel rides, camel yard visits, mid-day coffee in the deserts are some of the other relaxing activities to do in this action-packed itinerary with safety kept primary.

Overnight Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Overnight desert safari is a promising thrilling trip in the Abu Dhabi Desert with multiple activities both thrilling and relaxing things to do.This activity-packed overnight Desert Safari is inclusive of quad biking, sand dune bashing, sand boarding, camel ride, camel yard visit, evening coffee by the desert and some amazing dates to munch on. Also a nice barbeque dinner with entertainment and fun is available. Sunset and sunrise in the desert are like a cherry on the cake with a tasty breakfast by the desert. Facilities to camp in Bedouin tents and star gazing at night and more. With private transfers, the operating hours usually start off by 3:30 pm till the next morning after breakfast.

Types of Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Camel ride

Enjoy the little ride on a camel and get past the days of historical importance. It is indeed a moment to experience and memory to cherish, for you get to witness the Emirati culture up close. Explore the beauty of the Abu Dhabi desert and stroll through the mesmerizing sands with a Camel ride.

Quad biking

Exploring the Abu Dhabi desert on a four-tire bike is indeed an immense experience of adrenaline shoot-up. This thrilling journey of around 20-25 minutes is carried out under the supervision and training of expert riders, thereby ensuring the rider's safety.

Dune bashing

It can't even be imagined of a desert safari without dune bashing. Along with a professional desert driver and on an XUV, experience the thrills of sand and deserts. This is one of the crux of desert safari and soul for any adventure freaks in the house. Get ready to shoot your adrenaline up and shout your lungs out.


Both sandboarding and skateboarding are fun experiences ensuring happiness and memories worth collecting. You don't necessarily need to know sandboarding to try out the same. Get set go and enjoy the best in this desert safari in Abu Dhabi.

Barbeque dinner and belly dance show

Tasting and munching on BBQ from its native land is indeed an experience of authenticity. Enjoy your grand dinner by the side of dessert with great company and some belly dance performances to set the vibe.

Camping under the stars

The Arabian nights and stars are an amazing combo. It is a perfect way to enjoy the trip after a sumptuous meal of bbq and a wonderful bunch of company.

Know Before You Book Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

  • Witness the magnificent sunrises and sunsets in the desert.

  • Watch the desert breeze and transformation to dunes.

  • Explore geographical wonders like the Rub Al Khali, Al Khatim, and the Liwa Oasis.

  • Glide through the smooth desert sand while sandboarding, skiing, dune bashing, and during much more activities.

  • Relish the barbecued dinner and savor authentic Arabian refreshments along with some entertaining performances.

  • Pick up and drop facilities in Bus and Land Cruisers for a hassle-free joyous time.

  1. Tips:
  • It is suggested to wear open shoes, flip flops and sandals, as any way sand will get into the shoes.

  • It is advised to take a stole or jacket for a night as the temperature is relatively cold.

  • Hydrate yourself regularly

  • Make sure to enjoy some authentic Arabic coffee and dates

  • Get ready to wear Arabic garments and click pictures

  • Carry ample amount of money

  • Carry phone chargers with you

  • Make sure to travel in groups

  1. What to wear:
  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Light clothing

  • Carry a jacket and a stole for night

  • Carry handkerchief

  • Wear open sandals and open shoes

FAQ's of Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

What other things can we do during the Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi?

Desert Safari, Abu Dhabi offers a lot more than the main activity itself and some of the activities you can consider doing are camel ride and camel farm visit, quad biking, sand boarding, dune bashing, camping under the stars, Barbeque nights, and dance shows, campfires, and music, etc.

Where to go for a Desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

Two best places to consider for Desert Safari Abu Dhabi are Al Khaznah and Rub Al Khali, Al Dhafra.

  • AL Khaznah: Being located in the middle of Abu Dhabi city, this is the ideal and favorite location for desert safari lovers. Al Khazna also lets you experience Bedouin culture with commendable hospitality.
  • Rub Al Khali, Al Dhafra: Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi goes unnoticed if Rub Al Khali isn't mentioned, the mesmerizing and vast sands of Rub Al Khali make it indeed the best option to consider for desert safari in Abu Dhabi.

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What should one wear on a desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

It is advised to wear natural and breathable cloth that is adaptable to both hot and cold temperatures. However, it is safe to wear a dress that covers your knees for safety reasons. High ankle hiking boots are ideal desert safari, even though hiking sandals are also considered as an ideal option during evening hours.

Why is the morning desert safari so popular in Abu Dhabi?

Morning desert safari in Abu Dhabi is so popular for stunning sunsets, camel rides, camel yard visits, dune bashing, sand boarding, and a lot more. Early morning climates are also so suitable for the pleasant weather and you also get to see a glimpse of the Emirati culture and tradition in close vicinity.

What are the things to keep in mind while going to Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

Desert safari in Abu Dhabi is super exciting and experience worthy, however below mentioned are the five important things to keep in mind while going on a desert safari in Abu Dhabi:

  • Wear light clothing.
  • Always travel in groups.
  • Stay hydrated and carry water bottles and make sure to dispose of them properly.
  • Do not touch the native animals and keep a safe distance from them.
  • Make sure to have control of speed while quad biking, because accidents caused due to Overspeed riding with quad bikes can be fatal.

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