Yacht Party in Dubai

Yacht Party Options in Dubai

Popularly known as a sailor’s paradise, you can take your cruising experience a notch higher by going to a yacht party in Dubai. The city boasts over 1300 kilometers of crystal clear waters with a balmy climate and minimal tides, all of which is conducive for a perfect day out yachting. Go for a night-time cruise around the marina catching mesmerizing views of the city’s glittering skyline. You can also have sightings of some of the most iconic highlights in the city like the Jumeirah Beach Residence and the Ain Dubai observation wheel beautifully illuminated against a night sky.

Experience the ultimate party atmosphere on a party yacht rental Dubai, complete with foot thumping music on a vast open deck. Shake a leg if you are up for it or simply enjoy a drink on the sidelines catching up with friends and family, while a live DJ onboard churns out catchy club classics. When it comes to the food selection, there is no dearth of scrumptious lip smacking local BBQ fare along with a wide range of delectable and refreshing beverages. Make the most of this unique styled party under the stars celebrating a cherished moment with your loved ones and experience all the magic that this passionate city has to offer.

Royal Luxury Yacht

Experience ultimate luxury as you embark on a Royal Luxury vessel for your exotic yacht party Dubai. The brand prides itself on specializing in organization of large scale party celebrations with an enviable fleet and professional crew. So whether it is a social get together, corporate event, or a small romantic outing, this is an ideal choice. The cruise takes you along the Marina Canal, Lagoon, Burj al Arab, Atlantis the Palm, and around the Palm. The yacht also features a microwave oven, an electric grill, and a refrigerator on board apart from 5 bedrooms, a saloon, kitchen, toilet, sun deck and a fly bridge.

Super Party Boat

Select the perfect boat for your yacht party Dubai based on the number of passengers and your other requirements. The 88 feet yacht boasts 3 bedrooms, a saloon, kitchen, toilet, sun deck, and a fly bridge. It can easily accommodate 65 guests and takes you around breathtakingly picturesque locales including the Marina Canal, Lagoon, Burj al Arab, Atlantis the Palm, and around the Palm. Book this luxury cruise and enjoy some exciting water sports such as swimming and snorkeling before sunset. It also comes with a well qualified and trained captain along with three crew members on board to make your party seamless.

Lotus Mega Yacht

The enormous 220 feet Lotus Mega Yacht Dubai is an absolute wonder on water that can accommodate nearly 500 guests. With a captain and eight members of the crew to make your yacht party Dubai comfortable and memorable, the vessel comes fitted with several other exquisite features. These include 11 bedrooms for the guests as well as a master suite complete with a sunroof and a glass balcony. The yacht also has a microwave oven, an electric grill, and a refrigerator on board and takes you along a picture perfect route through the Marina Canal, Lagoon, Burj al Arab, Atlantis the Palm, and around the Palm.

Desert Rose Mega Yacht

This 155 feet mega yacht is yet another wonderful choice for your yacht party Dubai especially if you have a large party of nearly two hundred guests. Spend a memorable time with your close friends and family as you soak in marvelous views of the Marina Canal, the Lagoon, Burj al Arab, Atlantis the Palm, and around the Palm. The boat is fitted with 6 exotic VIP bedrooms located on the Main deck as well as 8 other bedrooms on the lower deck. The party also includes opportunities to go swimming and snorkeling in the open seas to further enhance your experience.

Dance Party Boat

If you are looking for a fun time with friends either celebrating an occasion or simply letting your hair down amid exotic locations, the Dance Party Boat is your ideal choice. Enjoy your yacht party in Dubai on this Gugu Boat that has a capacity of about 90 guests and comes with a Captain and 2 members of the crew. As the name suggests, this vessel is great for experiencing the party scene that is a part of the magic and aura of Dubai, with a vast open deck, a live DJ, and plenty of snacks and drinks.

Catamaran Cruise

Make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity where you get to experience ultimate luxury atop a stylish white catamaran. The trendy vessel is great for your yacht party Dubai especially if you have approximately 50 guests. It is beautifully designed with wide open areas and spacious sections on the deck where you can have a fun time lounging with friends. Enjoy breathtaking views of the city’s iconic landmarks as the yacht cruises past the landmarks Burj Al Arab, Atlantis The Palm, and The Palm Island. The multihull vessel is completely safe and secure, so sit back and relax on this groovy catamaran cruise as you dig into some mouthwatering barbecue meals and refreshments.

85 Feet Luxury Yacht

Cruise along the serene Dubai Marina aboard this 85 feet luxury vessel called the Al Shujaat-9. It is great for a yacht party in Dubai with its upper and lower decks and a host of other state of the art facilities. These include a microwave oven, an electric grill, a refrigerator, as well as a music system on board that you can connect with your personal devices through AUX cables. The boat features 4 bedrooms including one master bedroom and 3 twin bedrooms, apart from 1 dining room, 2 restrooms and one kitchen, lounge and a front end sun deck sitting area.

70 Feet Luxury Yacht

The Al Shujaat-8 is a luxurious 70 feet yacht that gives you the exquisite peek into Dubai’s super opulence and rich lifestyle. It is an ideal choice for your yacht party Dubai especially if you have a small group with no more than 28 guests. The yacht has all the features and comforts for a perfect holiday including an electric grill, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, and a music system that you can connect with your devices. It also features a master bedroom, three twin bedrooms, a kitchen, a big lounge with dining area, and a front end sun deck sitting area.

55 Feet Luxury Yacht

Experience the ultimate luxury aboard the Al Shujaat-3, a charming smaller-sized yacht perfect for accommodating up to 22 guests. Revel in the breathtaking views and soothing sounds of the water as you embark on a captivating party yacht rental Dubai cruise, gliding alongside iconic landmarks like the Marina Canal, Lagoon, Burj al Arab, Atlantis the Palm, and around the majestic Palm. The adventure doesn't end there, with an array of thrilling water activities awaiting you, including swimming, snorkeling, and fishing. As you make memories, indulge in unlimited tea, coffee, mineral water, soft drinks, and ice, ensuring a refreshing and unforgettable journey on the open sea.

Yachts to Rent for Party in Dubai

45 Feet Yacht

The Al Shujaat-6 is a 45 feet yacht that promises a great Dubai yacht rental experience for a smaller sized group. Relax aboard the boat on its large upper and lower decks catching up with friends and family in a serene environment. The yacht has all the features for a comfortable stay including 2 bedrooms, a master and a twin bedroom, a lounge with dining area, a kitchen, sitting area, and a front end sun deck.

Cost: AED 450 per hour

Capacity: 18 guests

55 Feet Yacht

The luxurious Al Shujaat-3 comes with all the entrapments for a relaxing party cruise along Dubai’s marina. It is a very popular party yacht rental Dubai option not only for the safety and security it assures but also for its superior features. It also offers unlimited beverages and other add-ons such as cakes, BBQ platters, 5-star buffet with catering, decoration, red carpet, and much more.

Cost: AED 800 per hour

Capacity: 22 guests

50 Feet Yacht

Experience the splendid opportunity of getting aboard this 50 feet single deck boat that will take you on a smooth sail along some of Dubai’s most interesting locales. Also known as the Al Shujaat 7, this vessel offers great comfort and excitement. You can opt to try out some interesting water activities while aboard the yacht such as swimming and snorkeling. There are also all arrangements here for fishing on a complimentary basis, if you wish to try it.

Cost: AED 900 per hour

Capacity: 17 guests

37 Feet Sport Yacht

Get a remarkable experience of partying on water with friends aboard this spectacular 37-feet yacht. It can give you the most exciting time you can spend in Dubai with its fast speed, spectacular design, and sports fishing boat feature. Spend a relaxed time on the deck enjoying the views as you pass The World Island which is a group of artificial islands that have been designed to create a world map among the waves.

Cost: AED 875 per hour

Capacity: 10 guests

Dhow Cruise Marina

Party on the waters of Dubai’s marina atop these quaint boats and make lasting memories with your closest friends and family. Enjoy some of the most delectable local and international fare spread across an elaborate buffet that also includes exquisite Arabic delicacies. The cruise also organizes a variety of traditional performances such as the Tanaura dance as well as Egyptian storytelling, which make the party more eventful and unique. Get marvelous views of the Dubai skyline from the water’s edge especially when illuminated against a night sky.

Cost: AED 89 – AED 199

Capacity: 130 – 210 guests

Lotus Mega

This mega yacht can accommodate up to 500 guests and is a great option of large scale celebrations, events, and occasions. It is a unique way to share your best moments with your closest friends and family as you cruise along the calm waters of the Dubai marina enjoying great food, music, and drinks. It features a refrigerator, an electric grill, a microwave oven along with 11 large bedrooms, including a master suite with sunroof and glass balcony.

Cost: AED 12,500 per hour

Capacity: 500 guests

Super Party Yacht

Popularly known as the Virgo Yacht, this is a mesmerizing 88 feet vessel that looks like a work of art for cruising the waters of Dubai. It comes with a well-qualified and trained captain and crew that make your experience absolutely safe and comfortable. So whether it is a corporate business meeting, a product launch, celebrating a birthday or anniversary or a romantic getaway, this yacht rental can give you that ideal setting for your perfect moment and a memorable evening.

Cost: AED 1,700 per hour

Capacity: 65 guests

Desert Yacht Mega Rose

This is the most suitable yacht for you if you are throwing a large party and looking for great options. Enjoy your fun outing in a complete party atmosphere as you sail through the iconic Marina Canal, Lagoon, Burj al Arab, Atlantis the Palm, and around the Palm. Take your celebration a notch higher by including interesting water activities from aboard your yacht like swimming and snorkeling. The boat comprises 6 VIP bedrooms on the main deck as well as 8 bedrooms of the lower deck.

Cost: AED 8,000 per hour

Capacity: 200 guests

85 Feet Yacht

The 85 Feet Yacht is a much larger vessel and great as a party yacht rental Dubai especially if you have a larger group. Spend a night atop this piece of luxury under a starry sky and enjoy views of the magnificent Dubai skyline. The yacht comprises four bedrooms, a master and three twin bedrooms, as well as a dining room, a kitchen, lounge, two restrooms, and a large front end sun deck sitting area.

Cost: AED 4,000 per hour

Capacity: 41 guests

Hiring Options for Yacht Tour Experience in Dubai

2 Hrs.

You can opt for the two-hour cruise along the glittering waters of the Dubai Marina and get a taste of one of the finest party scenes in the city. Enjoy the plush interiors of your yacht furnished in sophisticated and refined taste along with a variety of features and facilities placed here for your absolute comfort. The yacht is manned by a professional crew at all times who take care of your comfort and safety while you have a complete blast with your closest friends and family in a unique setting.

3 Hrs.

If you share an immense love for water and are not satiated with just water sports and adventure, hop onto a luxury boat in Dubai and go partying along its scintillating marina on a 3-hour yacht rental. It is also a great way to celebrate a special occasion including birthdays and anniversaries or a success party. So no matter how many guests you have, make your celebration memorable with great food and drinks served aboard and good music. Take your experience to yet another level by trying out jet-skiing as well as you are provided with all the safety equipment and instructions.

4 Hrs

Go for a four-hour package of the Dubai yacht rental for an enrapturing experience along the Marina. Irrespective of what the occasion is, whether it is a big corporate event, a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or a romantic outing, you will not know how time flies when aboard these luxurious yachts. Spend your time exploring the opulent interiors of your vessel, digging into scrumptious delicacies served here and enjoying refreshing beverages lounging on a vast deck as your boat takes you on a 4-hour cruise along the Marina Lagoon, Atlantis, Burj al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and The World Island.

Know Before you Go for Yacht Party in Dubai

Boarding Point
Sightseeing Places
How to Reach

The primary boarding point for a yacht party in Dubai is Dubai Marina, one of the most iconic attractions in the city. This man-made canal city offers exquisite waterfront locations along the shoreline of the Persian Gulf. The entire area is dotted with grand hotels, buildings, leisure zones, and is considered the ultimate shopping and entertainment destinations. You can get on board one of the many luxurious yachts that Dubai has to offer from the Marina and enjoy the city’s glittering views sailing through the blue waters.

  • Live DJ: Any party is not complete without foot thumping music and dance and the yacht parties in Dubai can be called anything but incomplete. Dance your heart out on board the yacht as a live DJ belts out popular soundtracks to set the mood of the party.
  • Transportation: Reach the party venue in a luxurious car by opting for a pick up and drop off facility. You also have the option to get your special guests picked up for the party in expensive cars. The car models can be chosen by you and can range from a Rolls Royce to a Limousine.
  • Water sports: As you go cruising on the yacht you also have the chance of trying out some exciting water adventures. All equipment, safety gear, and instructions are provided by the yacht operators. So you can choose to go swimming, snorkeling, or even fishing in certain cases and enjoy floating on the calm waters of the Arabian Gulf, witness incredible marine creatures, colorful reefs, and countless fish.
  • BBQ meals: The yacht rentals also help you serve a delectable spread of BBQ meals aboard the vessel. You can go for table service or even a buffet style meal where a variety of local and international cuisines with great Arabian specialties are served.
  • Cakes and decorations: In case you are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, any other themed or special day, you can also place an order for a customized cake. Your specially designed cake along with a fully decorated yacht will await you before your big day.
  • The Atlantis: Witness the first resort of its kind built on a private sandy beach with 5-star facilities as you sail along the gulf. Enjoy mesmerizing views of the place that has been exquisitely themed on the ancient myths of Atlantis

  • Burj Al Arab: The cruise takes you across one of the most iconic landmarks in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab known to house the world’s tallest hotel suite. The very epitome of Arabian luxury, the structure is immense and an absolute please to watch

  • JBR: The JBR near Dubai Marina is yet another popular area that you will pass during your yacht party. The mesmerizing views that greet you here are that of swaying palms, plazas with arcaded doorways, and high rises

  • Dubai Marina: One of the most iconic places that you will pass during your yacht party Dubai which is dotted with exotic structures, shopping and dining venues, boutiques, and entertainment zones

  • Dubai Eye: You cannot miss the sight of this imposing structure, also the world's tallest observation wheel. Built in the center of Bluewater islands which are a group of human-made islands, you will see this massive structure during your Dubai yacht party.

  • By Metro- Take the Dubai metro and disembark at the Damac Properties Station and then cross the overpass to Dubai Marina. The Marina promenade is just a 5-minute walk from here. You can also take the Dubai tram form DMCC station to the Dubai Marina Mall Station
  • By Car- If you wish to drive down from Dubai, take Exit 32 from Sheikh Zayed Road and follow signs for Dubai Marina. Continue on Al Khayay Street to reach Dubai Marina WalkIn case you are coming from Abu Dhabi, take Exit 32 for Al Naseem Street, then follow signs for Al Marsa to Al Khayay Street, for getting to Dubai Marina Walk
  • By RTA Bus- You can easily reach the Marina by hopping on Bus 8, which stops at the Jumeirah Beach Residence Station 2. Once here, you can walk down to the Marina promenade in 5 minutes

FAQs of Yacht Party in Dubai

Can I extend my Yacht charter experience in Dubai?

Yes, you can extend your yacht charter Dubai experience provided the operators are in a position to do so and there is availability following your chart. Yacht charters are usually for a duration of 5 to 7 days and sometimes go up to a duration of 10 days.

What are the other places to enjoy Yacht experience in Dubai?

  • Palm Jumeirah: As you cruise along you will come across this spectacular venue that is also the largest man-made archipelago in the world. It hosts some of the finest resorts and restaurants in Dubai. You can capture selfies here against a grand backdrop of the famous Atlantis The Palm resort in Palm Jumeirah
  • Dubai Marina: witness the beautiful Dubai Marina during your Party Yacht Rental Dubai. Witness some of the most scintillating skyscrapers that are housed in this artificial canal city, a stunning skyline, and the Bluewaters Island.

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What to wear while Yacht Party in Dubai?

Although there are no stringent dress codes in place for a yacht party in Dubai, you must keep it smart, casual and in accordance with the event. Wear a jacket if you are traveling during the winters and light summer clothes during the other times of the year.

Where does the yacht charter start in Dubai Marina?

You can board your luxury yacht on the Persian Gulf in the midst of some of the most spectacular structures in Dubai Marina. Yachts usually start at Per 7 on Marina Promenade, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai Marina, Dubai.

Is there any specific dress code for Party Yachts in Dubai?

While there is no specific dress code, it is expected that you wear clothes that are smart casual. Once on the deck you can also wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Swimwear is acceptable if you intend to go for water activities.

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How much time before the trip should I arrive at the starting point?

It is best that you reach the starting point at least 15 minutes prior to the actual time of departure. The boats leave sharp on time and it is best to be a little early at the venue than completely miss out on the tour.


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