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The adventure of Dune Bashing in Dubai is one like none other as it offers tourists a chance to go off-roading on the massive dunes of the Arabian deserts. The journey is made via 4X4 Sports Utility Vehicles(SUVs) and involves driving up the dunes at varying speeds and dropping down instantaneously.

Post the Dune Bashing Dubai activity, adventure connoisseurs can witness the sunrise or sunset depending on their timings. If you plan to choose the evening session, then you’ll be greeted with some Arabian hospitality at the Bedouin campsites with a variety of Belly dancing and Tanoura shows and a scrumptious Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner. This 40-minute activity of Dune Bashing in Dubai is the best way to begin a fun and adventurous Arabic journey while exploring the panoramic views of the magnificent desert landscapes.

Dune Bashing in Dubai Deals

What Makes Dune Bashing In Dubai Special?

Multiple Locations to Try
Multiple Locations to Try

The best part about Dune Bashing in Dubai is that you get to choose from a lot of deserts to find the one that suits you best. From easy dunes at Bidayer to exceptionally thrilling and huge dunes at Liwa, tourists can select the area according to the level of difficulty they want to try.

Stunning Desert Views
Stunning Desert Views

Dubai is home to some of the largest deserts in the world. Therefore, the adventure junkies here get a lot to explore and discover in the desert landscape.

Depending on the time you opt, you can catch the spectacular sights of the sunrise or the sunset post the dune bashing session. The desert becomes a lot more enchanting during the nighttime when the sky opens to a world of stars.

Get Closer to the Arabian Culture
Get Closer to the Arabian Culture

If you wish to understand the Arabian lifestyle and culture, then Dune Bashing Dubai gives you the perfect opportunity to interact with the locals here. You can get an insight into their everyday life and also explore the beauty of their culture through the local music and many dance performances that keep happening here.

Authentic Middle Eastern BBQ Dinner
Authentic Middle Eastern BBQ Dinner

Dubai deserts also serve you scrumptious BBQ Dinners at the Bedouin campsite. Authentic Middle Eastern food is what you’ll get here to satiate your hunger. Spicy meat meals on open fire grills fill the air with the aroma of the delicacies.

Fresh fruits are also offered as refreshments to munch on while you enjoy the shows. You can also ask for shisha with your meal, to give your dinner a completely Arab feel.

Other Desert Sports
Other Desert Sports

If your Dune Bashing session leaves you wanting for more, then the grand Dubai deserts have a lot of other activities to offer as well. You can dive into the thrills of Sandboarding or Quad Biking or even indulge in a Camel Safari or Hot Air Balloon Ride to soak in the surreal views of the desert in solace.

Locations of Dune Bashing Experiences in Dubai


Located about 45 minutes from downtown Dubai, Bidayer is prominently known as the ‘Big Red’ because of its red sand and is considered one of the best spots for Dune Bashing in Dubai. Despite being huge, the dunes here are easy for beginners to ride on.

Tourists do not need to bring their own vehicles as the area has a lot of rental services available in the vicinity. After the dune bashing session, you can also enjoy a meal here while witnessing the sunset.


Situated between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the Sweihan stretch has sand dunes that are loose and the waves here are massive. Therefore, it is advisable to do a little practice or hire a professional driver before you get to the dune bashing activity here.

People also call it the ‘Little Liwa’ as the professionals at Liwa come to practice here. You can also opt for Desert Bike Racing, Desert Buggy Racing, ATV Quad Riding, Sandboarding, and many more such activities if you want to keep the adrenaline pumping after Dune Bashing

Liwa Desert
Liwa Desert

You need exceptional prowess if you choose this location for Dune Bashing in Dubai as the dunes here are huge and tough to climb. It is always advisable to opt for a professional driver here. For thrill-seekers, this is the place where the maximum of the dune bashing stunt festivals happen. Being part of the largest desert in Arabian Peninsula- the Rub al Khali, the Liwa Desert provides a lot of areas for exploration and adventure.

You can head to the many mud-brick forts here that resemble sandcastles and offer spectacular views of the rolling dunes and palm plantations.

Tentative Itinerary for Dune Bashing Dubai

  • Be ready to be picked up from your hotel in Sharjah or Dubai or the other specified locations before 3 pm.
  • The time scheduled for sharing transfers pick up is between 3 pm to 3:30 pm while for private transfers it is 3 pm to 4 pm.
  • Reach the location and hop onto the Land Cruiser for the dune bashing session.
  • Post the ride, stand atop any big dune and capture the beauty of the sun setting over the vast desert.
  • You can also indulge yourself in other activities here like Camel Safari, Sandboarding, Henna Designing, and much more.
  • Later in the day, devour a scrumptious BBQ Dinner in the middle of the desert while enjoying various Belly Dancing or Tanoura Shows.
  • After the dinner, you’ll be transferred back to your hotel/ drop point by 9:30 pm.

What to Wear for Dune Bashing in Dubai?

  • Checkout What to Wear, While going for a desert safari experience.
  • It is inevitable to avoid sand getting to your clothes during the Dune Bashing Dubai activity, so it is advised to wear loose and comfortable clothes during the same.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts or t-shirts and full-length trousers or cargo pants to avoid tanning.
  • Wearing sneakers are preferable as they protect your feet from the sun rays and also help in maintaining the grip in the vehicle and on the sand.
  • Do not forget to put on a lot of sunscreen and lip balm right before the activity because it is the only way to escape the sunburns under the strong UAE sun.
  • Make sure not to wear any contact lenses as the sand can get into your eyes causing irritation. Carry a pair of sunglasses instead.

Dubai Dune Bashing Tips

Dubai Dune Bashing Tips
  • Dune Bashing Dubai involves a lot of twists, turns, and sliding, so it is advisable to not consume a heavy meal at least an hour before the activity
  • Try to secure the front or window seat for the best views of the desert
  • Make sure to take your camera as there will be a lot of opportunities to take pictures with the golden backdrop
  • Pregnant women or people with health problems like backache are advised to not partake in the activity
  • Prefer to choose the evening safari sessions as then you can witness the beautiful sunsets of Dubai drenching the whole desert in an evening glow

FAQ's of Dune Bashing Dubai

What is Dune Bashing?

    Dune Bashing is a form of adventure sport where one can enjoy the thrill of off-roading on various sand dunes, generally in a sports utility vehicle(SUV). The adventure activity involves skilled driving over various sand dunes across the desert where the car moves at a very rapid speed while climbing up a dune and comes to a drop suddenly.

    The whole activity lasts around 30-40 minutes and gives an adrenaline rush like none other.

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