Bollywood Park Rides

Rides at Bollywood Park

Bollywood Park in Dubai is the first of its kind globally where you can explore various environments influenced by the greatest Bollywood blockbusters in six unique zones. The unique Bollywood theme park takes pride in daily celebrating the legendary Mumbai film industry.

This location has everything to impress you, including romance, humour, action, and adventure as well as food, music, dance, and stunning sets. But the most exciting thing here is the Bollywood Park Dubai rides in the multi-sensory 4D theatre, where you may spend the entire day flying through the sky with Krrish, exploring the exhilarating and dangerous world of Ra.

One, or shaking a leg with the iconic female characters from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. But if you don't want to fly into the air, you can always choose their Monsoon Masti, where you'll be floating on water while sitting in a basket and shooting with your own water guns as other people splash water at you.

In addition to thrilling coasters, this park also features a fun riding game designed especially for children called Lagaan: Champaner Cricket Carnival which is one of the best rides in Bollywood Park Dubai.

Lagaan: The Thrill of Victory

Lagaan: The Thrill of Victory, one of the best rides in Bollywood Park Dubai, allows guests to have a glimpse of the iconic cricket movie scene. You will experience an exciting trip as Bhuvan takes the win away from the British Raj on this 4D roller coaster ride. Enjoy this motion-simulated ride as you spin around in the 40-seater-themed ride, which offers a perfect view of the moving cricket ball.

Minimum Height: 105 cm

Type: Roller Coaster Simulator

Zone: Rustic Ravine

Lagaan: Champaner Cricket Carnival

At the Champaner Carnival, enter a rustic celebration right away. This Bollywood Park ride offers guests a section with an Indian village theme where they may take in the sights, sounds, and pure joy of an Indian village while riding on the Ferris wheel and the carousel.

Explore the different theme-based games featuring characters from movies. Experience the overhead view of the entire carnival, which was inspired by rural India, by riding in the Buhvan's wheel.

Minimum Height: 92 - 122 cm

Type: Ferris Wheel, Kids ride

Zone: Rustic Ravine

Rodeo Ki Sawari

One of the best Bollywood Park Dubai rides, the renowned Rodeo ki Sawari offers a fun and engaging experience for the whole family. The triple-spinning ride is fun because it is set in a classic country setting with vibrant flower garlands, Holi powders, and a patterned interior.

With your family, explore the endlessly curved track on your 10 rpm spinning Rodeo Ki Sawari. Each ride can hold up to four passengers, two adults, and two children so that the visitors can take a wild spin.

Minimum Height: 90 - 95 cm

Type: Low Thrill-Family

Zone: Mela Junction

Sholay: The Hunt for Gabbar Singh

The dark 3D ride at Bollywood Park rides, which is based on the well-known Indian film Sholay, is here to provide you with an engaging experience. Come and defend your family from Gabbar Singh's cunning gang as they approach the edge of your safety zone.

Make a call to your Jay, and the two of you can battle evil with sound-injected infrared guns, giving you a sense of being in the movie. By diminishing the world of iconic villain Gabbar Singh, one must compete with their friend to achieve a higher score. Test your skills to save your life while having fun on this exciting ride with your family.

Minimum Height: 120 cm

Type: 3D Ride

Zone: Rustic Ravine

Hawa Hawai

One of the best rides in Bollywood park Dubai, Hawa Hawai, gives riders an amazing experience in a vibrant family ride. Get ready to experience the ride's thrilling excitement as you explore Sridevi's vivid world while riding on themed 12-seater hand gliders.

The ride will raise, descend, and rotate you clockwise while you are lying on your stomach, guaranteeing that you overcome any wind-related challenges. Explore the ferocious wind with a rainbow of colours reflected from the kites hanging above the ride, combined with a dynamic sky structure that tempts tourists to experience flying.

Minimum Height: 90 cm

Type: Low Thrill-Family

Zone: Mela Junction

Bollywood SkyFlyer

Hang on because Bollywood Park Dubai rides are about to take you on an adventurous journey to the 460ft. world's tallest swing. Watch as this ride transports you through its spooky lifts, drops, and spins.

It is said that the ride would give you a combination of hand gliding and swinging experiences, causing your stomach to flutter. One should be able to see a panoramic view of the park as they travel up and down the big ride, free to swing in the air and scream with delight. Enjoy every thrill on a double-seated, fully protected ride with your loved ones.

Minimum Height: 120 - 130 cm

Type: High Thrill

Monsoon Masti

The new water-based ride at Bollywood Park rides combines a water basket ride with water cannons. One team will battle the other while sprinkling their way around in a four-seater water basket equipped with four water pistols.

As the circular floor begins to submerge in the water and the basket begins to float gently, this ride offers a lot of spins. Enjoy with your family & friends.

Minimum Height: 90 – 120 cm

Type: Low Thrill-Family

Zone: Mela Junction

Krrish: Hero’s Flight

Hold on tight as Krrish, your very own personal escort of peace, takes you on a ride at Bollywood Park that is exhilarating, thrilling, and insane. As you reserve a front-row seat to the conflict defending planet Earth from daring alien invasion, assist your superhero.

Buckle in as you experience the spectacular 4D flying experience that gives you a bird's-eye perspective of all the renowned places in India as you soar through the clouds chasing all the aliens away from Earth. With your family and friends, take in this breathtaking multisensory experience as you jump into the air.

Minimum Height: 120 cm

Type: Flying Theatre

Zone: Bollywood Films Studios-Hall of Heroes

Tanga No.13

Be ready to be thrilled as Bollywood Park rides give the traditional Tanga experience that the whole family may take pleasure in.

Take a ride on a ridiculous chariot, but hold on, there's a twist in it; this isn't your typical ride. The ride here features a humorous wavelength effect, making it a fun and engaging activity that the whole family can take part in.

Minimum Height: 90 cm

Type: Low Thrill-Family

Zone: Mumbai Chowk

Ra one: Unleashed

Prateek Subramaniam, the son of the illustrious Shekhar Subramaniam, needs your assistance to awaken G.ONE so that he can battle the supervillain RA ONE once more who is on the loose.

Join him in a unique 4D multi-sensory experience where you will take part in the good vs. evil conflict and ensure that G.ONE will triumph in an exclusive supremacy struggle. Play the tremendous power struggle between RA.ONE and G.ONE with your family and friends as you test your combative senses.

Minimum Height: 90 cm

Type: 4D Cinema

Zone: Bollywood Films Studios-Hall of Heroes

Wheel of Stars

Make your evening memorable by riding the wheel of stars at Bollywood Park, which provides a 360-degree perspective of the entire Bollywood theme park. Enjoy this slow-moving Ferris wheel that offers a lovely view of all 36 Bollywood-themed gondolas.

Fly to the top of a 189-foot-tall Ferris wheel with your family and friends as the evening lights up, transforming the landscape into a fantastical star realm. This park, which only works after 5 o'clock in the evening and offers everyone a view of the dawn sky, offers a bird's-eye perspective of the entire park.

Minimum Height: 90 cm

Type: Low Thrill-Family

Zone: Mela Junction

Don: The Chase

Agents from Interpol are requesting your assistance in order to apprehend the ruthless and dangerous mafia boss Don in Bollywood Park.

As you pursue the skillful criminal speeding through Dubai's famous towers, ride through 3D media tunnels. Celebrate your accomplishment of bringing an iconic chase to a close by catching the notorious bad guy Don, who always manages to elude detection thanks to his impeccable driving and smart moves.

By apprehending someone who is wanted in 11 different countries, you can halt his reign of terror over the populace and become an international hero. It is one of the most thrilling & best rides in Bollywood park Dubai.

Minimum Height: 100 cm

Type: Motion Simulator

Zone: Mumbai Chowk

FAQ’s of Bollywood Park

Which are the best Bollywood park rides for kids?

  • Lagaan: Champaner Cricket Carnival:It is without a doubt one of the best rides in Bollywood Park Dubai for children, offering a variety of interactive games and activities. Come and enjoy the rides on Gauri's carousel and Bhuvan's Ferris wheel, which are both designed after the characters from the film.

  • Abra Ka Dabra:As you board this floating twister with your children for an exciting ride, test your screaming capacity. One will experience several twists and spins as one scoots on this swift ride with their family and friends. It is known as one of the best kid's thrilling rides.

  • Rocket:Bollywood Park Dubai rides provide a fun experience for children that is both exciting and enjoyable. This one is a gravity coaster that bounces through the thoughtfully constructed tower as it ascends, giving you a panoramic perspective of the entire park.

How many rides are there in Bollywood parks?

Currently, there are 26 Bollywood Park rides in Dubai that provide tourists with exciting and engaging experiences. Based on all of your favourite references from Bollywood movies, all 26 rides are separated into seven zones.

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Is Bollywood Park Dubai worth visiting?

Bollywood Park Dubai provides thrilling rides, glitzy performances, and breathtaking shows that are well worth your time and money. The entire park is decked with images from Bollywood films, making it the ideal location for movie buffs & a worth visiting place.

Why is Bollywood Park so famous?

This theme park in Dubai has everything a fan of Hindi movies could want, including exhilarating rides, delectable food, spectacular live shows, and most important the Bollywood park Dubai rides. It is the first Bollywood-themed theme park in the world.

For those who want to experience the enchantment of India's most successful film business, Bollywood Park Dubai is a "Must-Visit" location. The theme park is renowned for capturing the allure of vintage Mumbai and bringing to life some of the biggest blockbusters in the business.

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Which are the different dining options available at Bollywood Park?

  • Spicy DhabaThe traditional Punjabi Dhaba is a roadside restaurant or café that is common on the outskirts and along highways in Indian cities. Spicy Dhaba serves piping hot, traditional Punjabi cuisine, featuring homely, rustic curries and tandoori delicacies along with a variety of bread and pickles.

  • Victorian StationDiscover classic and authentic Indian cuisines that are made with premium ingredients. The restaurant serves coastal curries and specialties from Tamil Nadu in a life-size seating space designed to resemble a train cabin in a beautiful recreation of Mumbai's famed Victorian Terminus station.The eatery, which is well-recognized for providing traditional Maharashtrian food, is ideal for anyone who is genuinely interested in Mumbai's history.


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