Oli Oli Dubai Guide

Oli Oli Dubai Overview

Oli Oli is another term for “joy” in Hawaii. Situated on the Sheikh Zayed Road, Oli Oli is an interactive play area for kids in Dubai that is created to bring families bond and play together. This beautiful museum aims to provide a family-friendly and wholesome experience to kids so they can develop their inner skills. It has around eight different galleries that offer more than 40 hands-on activities to promote holistic growth in the new generation of explorers.

The attraction also creates a safe learning atmosphere for children, where they can explore topics like Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). The Air Gallery aims to help the kids learn about the different properties of air and understand the meaning behind wind, rockets, friction, gravity, resistance, and aerodynamics. On the contrary, the Water Gallery allows children to engage themselves in water activities and get in-depth knowledge about aspects of water such as density, gravity, pressure, and buoyancy.

The other galleries in Oli Oli Dubai include Toshi’s Net, Creative Lab, Cars and Ramps, Future Park, and much more. You can bring out your inner mechanics and engineers and design and modify your own cars at Cars and Ramps or make different magical forts, dens, palaces, and castles at Forts and Dens gallery. Therefore, Oli Oli Dubai is a gorgeous play to enjoy with your kids and promotes learning through interactive play.

Oli Oli Dubai Ticket Deals

Oli Oli Dubai tickets allow the kids to dive deeper into the immersive experience of the galleries that have been carefully created with art and modern equipment. It lets the children take part in over 40 hands-on activities.. Through this ticket, you can indulge in never-ending possibilities and exploration of fun.

The tickets give you access to the eight remarkable galleries spread across two floors. It also comes with the child policy, wherein the child must always be accompanied by an adult of more than 18 years of age. The children between 12 to 23 months of age should opt for a toddler ticket, while kids between 2 to 16 years of age should go for a child ticket.

Although you can book your tickets at the venue, it is advisable to avail of the online ticket booking facility. Through online booking, you can book your tickets to Oli Oli Dubai from the comfort of your own home. You do not even have to stand in long queues waiting for your turn. Thus, online ticket booking provides a hassle-free experience of enjoying the attraction without stressing over the budget.

Book your ticket online with us and avail yourself of the great deals, discounts, cashback, and vouchers that you would not have otherwise got in offline ticket booking.

Advantages of Buying Oli Oli Dubai Tickets

Although it is possible to avail yourself of the tickets at the venue, it is advisable to book the Oli Oli Dubai tickets online well in advance. Since it is a relatively famous attraction, tickets get sold out very easily, and you need to stand in long lines under the scorching heat of Dubai. By buying the ticket online hassle-free and in advance, you can ensure that the booking date is according to your choice. Moreover, if you’re on a tour and want to visit more such places, then it is advisable to purchase combo tickets. It will surely save you some money.

1. Advanced Booking: Since all the attractions in Dubai are operating at a reduced capacity, including Oli Oli, tickets to the attraction get sold out relatively easily. Hence, you should make the advanced booking of the Oli Oli Dubai tickets and enjoy the experience without any hassle or worries of standing in long queues.

2. Convenience: When you book your tickets online, you do not have to stand in long lines in the scorching heat of Dubai and wait for your turn. You can use the comfort of your home, which is always a preferable option over offline ticket booking. Hence, this method is not only time-saving but also quite convenient.

3. Reach Early: If you reach the attraction early, you will experience fewer crowds compared to the late hours of the day. You and your kids can spend more time in the galleries and develop different skills through interactive plays at the exhibits.

Galleries to Play in Oli Oli Dubai

Air Gallery

About: Air Gallery is a space included in Oli Oli Dubai tickets that lets you witness the beauty of the airflows on the Air Curtain. It lets you comprehend the mystery of floating shapes on Bernoulli’s Blower and a lot more.

Activity Learnings:Children can get knowledge about the principles of gravity, flight, wind, friction, resistance, and aerodynamics. Through the activity, the kids can also develop spatial skills, motor skills, problem solving, and coordination to acquire the wonder of flight.

Toshi’s Net

About: Toshi’s Net is a large string-woven creation packed with vibrant holes and majestic shapes. This net is divided into different parts, with one part being a trampoline, the other playground, and other in Alice in Wonderland style adventure.

Activity Learnings:Toshi’s Net inspires a natural sense of curiosity in children.It also nurtures creativity and imagination.

Future Park

About: Another inclusion in the Oli Oli Dubai tickets, Future Park is a place to learn and play for kids where they can nurture their creative activities. They act creatively to accelerate into the future and create a collaborative environment for other humans.

Activity Learnings:The Future Park motivates changes in the relationships between people in the same place.It inspires the transformation of individual creative activities into co-creative actions.

Cars and Ramps

About: In the Cars and Ramps gallery, the children can design and engineer their own cars to jump or race over the soaring camps. The children can also challenge their families to create, test, modify, and race their cars on the tracks of the galleries.

Activity Learnings:This gallery allows the kids to explore the fundamentals of physics like mass, gravity, acceleration, laws of motion, and friction.It also supports brain development in children.


About: Incredi-Balls is a gallery that authorizes children to enter into a ball dimension with an enthralling range of incredible ball runs that set creativity in motion. In this gallery, you can play with six different exhibits and be astonished by the rolling, turning, and jumping of a ball on unconventional objects.

Activity Learnings:Through Incredi-Balls, children can watch gravity at work, experience kinetic energy, and explore the laws of motion.It also supports observation skills, problem-solving skills, tracking skills, and design or spatial thinking skills.

Mission Oli Oli

About: Mission Oli Oli is an action-packed adventure included in the Oli Oli Dubai tickets that are filled with challenges and obstacles. In this gallery, the kids are set on a mission to stop VENOM’s master plan and restore the happiness at Oli Oli.

Activity Learnings:The Mission Oli Oli helps the children to satisfy their curiosity.It also helps the kids to make their way out by solving the mission given to them.


About: Toddlers is a gallery in Oli Oli Dubai that is specially designed for little ones to be safe and engage with exhibits that are specifically designed for their age. This gallery brings in the love and bond between the children and parents together through interactive games.

Activity Learnings:The gallery promotes development and wonder with sensory play and active play.It also allows the children to practice their gross and fine motor skills.

Water Gallery

About: Through the Water Gallery included in Oli Oli Dubai tickets, the children can splash with more than ten exhibits to understand the behavior of water. You can dance in the rain, fire a ball cannon, play with a water vortex, or wash an original car.

Activity Learnings:In this gallery, the children learn about the motion and power of the most remarkable resource on the planet.It also helps kids to enhance their critical thinking, social skills, and gross motor skills.

Know Before You Go Oli Oli Dubai

Essential Infromation

1. Where to Eat: La Petite Treehouse Cafe is a dedicated eatery at Oli Oli Dubai that is an ideal space to reflect and recharge your energies. Kids can indulge in healthy meals, like wraps, sandwiches, fresh salads, and the vegetarian options that are prepared daily, while parents can grab a perfect cup of coffee.

2. Health and Safety Measures:Reduced Capacity- Social distancing is being followed temporarily to reduce capacity to levels below the statutory guidelines.Temperature Checks- To ensure guests’ safety, temperature checks are being performed twice a day.Enhanced Disinfection- Each of the exhibits at the Oli Oli Dubai is cleaned at least once every two hours.Online Booking Requirement- Guests are requested to book the tickets online in advance to manage capacity seamlessly.


  • 12 pm to 6 pm (Monday and Tuesday),
  • 10 am to 6 pm (Wednesday and Thursday),
  • 9 am to 7 pm (Friday and Sunday)
  • 9 am to 8 pm (Saturday)

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Oli Oli Dubai is during the early hours of the morning. During this time, everybody is fresh, including the toddlers and young children. Moreover, there is not much crowd. Thus, your kids can enjoy themselves to their full capacity during this time in Oli Oli Dubai.

  • Location- 62 4 A Street, Al Quoz, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  • How to Reach- You need to take Exit 46 from Sheikh Zayed Road to reach Al Waha Street. Moving further, you will come across Oasis Center on the right. From there, you are required to take the first right and then a left at the dead end. Now, you can see the logo of the Oli Oli Dubai.

FAQ's of Oli Oli Dubai

What is special about Oli Oli Dubai?

Oli Oli Dubai is a space made for families so they can play and bond together. It is a large indoor sanctuary, where kids can indulge in hands-on activities and learn positive play. This space is designed to foster curiosity, creativity, and imagination in kids so they can learn and entertain themselves at the same time.

Do you have baby facilities at Oli Oli Dubai?

Baby changing stations at Oli Oli Dubai are available in the ladies’ restrooms and accessible bathrooms. The breastfeeding mothers can use the nursery rooms situated on the ground floor to feed their babies.

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What are the play installations at Oli Oli Dubai?

  • Sketch Aquarium- Sketch Aquarium allows the kids to influence their artistic imagination and create a drawing of sea creatures with the help of their favorite colors. This picture will then be scanned and projected in a simulated large aquarium.
  • Sketch Town- Sketch Town is a city that projects the images created by children. No matter whether the kids draw houses, UFOs, or 2D vehicles, these pictures are scanned and transformed into 3D and a virtual 3D cityscape.
  • Light Ball Orchestra- In the Light Ball Orchestra, the light ball rolls alter their colors and sounds with time. As you touch one ball, the surrounding balls will get influenced, and the color of the entire room will be changed.

How much is the price of Oli Oli Dubai Tickets?

The price of Oli Oli Dubai tickets ranges from AED 63 to AED146. These ticket prices include multiple fun activities that children of different ages can engage in on their visit to Oli Oli Dubai.

Why should I book an Oli Oli Dubai Ticket online?

You should book Oli Oli Dubai tickets online as it offers plenty of advantages, like better prices, cashback offers and discounts. With online ticket booking, you do not have to stand in long queues under the scorching heat of Dubai and can book your tickets from the comfort of your own home.

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How long are my Oli Oli Dubai Tickets valid for?

Oli Oli Dubai tickets are only valid for the day of your visit. However, the gift cards at Oli Oli Dubai are valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. So, you can give your loved ones the experience to explore and learn together through interactive galleries at the Oli Oli museum.


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