Things to Do in Dubai in April

Things to Do in Dubai in April

You can visit many places that make Dubai famous internationally, such as Burj Al Khalifa- the tallest building ever, with its observation decks at levels 124 and 125. Dubai Frame is another popular place to witness the breathtaking skyline of the city. Make memories in Dubai by shopping and dining at the luxurious Dubai Mall, and witness the enchanting fountain show just outside. If you are looking for more luxury, and grandeur, there is a locality in Dubai- Marina Bay, famous for its rich lifestyle and 2 km long waterfront. Considering activity-based fun, you can indulge in skiing at Ski Dubai, and skydive to witness the magnificent view of Palm Jumeirah. The Wild Wadi Waterpark is another famous spot to enjoy water adventure through exhilarating slides, and rides. Some other popular places to check out in Dubai are the Museum of illusions, glow garden, etc. You can even take a quick Day Trip to Abu Dhabi and explore the desert city’s Yas Island, museums and mosques.

Bash the Dunes with a Desert Safari

Boarding either a morning or evening Desert Safari is one of the best things to do in Dubai in April that lets you enjoy off-roading on dunes. An experienced driver will drive you on a 4x4 Land Rover Desert Safari to take you on the golden sands. You can experience the abrupt twists and turns that give you a rush of adrenaline. Choose from the add-on activities of sand boarding, quad biking, dune buggy, etc to make the best of the desert landscape. You can even rest overnight in the camp and enjoy BBQ with an enchanting belly dance performance.

Attend Whitney

Some of the perks of visiting Dubai in April is attending the tribute concert of Whitney Houston. The “I will always love you” singer who died tragically at the age of 48 in 2011, remains one of the best award-winning female icons. The R&B singer who sold 200 million records worldwide had once mesmerized Dubai with her voice in 2004. The city pays tribute in multiple ways, with the first one being Dubai Fountain Show in the tunes of her ultimate hit “I will always love you”. The second one is a tribute concert by Marcia Lynette that happens every year.

Shopping at Dubai Mall

Out of all the things to do in Dubai in April, shopping from the World’s largest mall- The Dubai Mall tops the list. This month, it is the time to empty your pockets and take home the items from a whopping 1200 stores in the mall. You can choose to eat your favorite food from 160+ restaurants. Apart from this, you can try ice skating on the rink or watch a movie in the big multiplex. Located just outside the mall, the Dubai Fountain is lit up with vibrant colors during the night and performs a dance show of light with music.

Splash Adventure at Wild Wadi Waterpark

Visiting Dubai in April lets you splash water in the Wild Wadi Waterpark, located right on the beach. You can enjoy thrilling water rides and slides at the park while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. The Wild Wadi Waterpark offers you to choose from among 30 exhilarating rides. Lay lazily by the pool or take a thrilling water roller coaster ride, the park serves every thrill-level. One of the most popular , and thrilling rides of Wild Wadi Waterpark, the Jumeirah Sceirah plunges you from a height of 105 ft into a pool with a splash.

Walk on the Marina Bay

One of the most luxurious things to do in Dubai in April is to tour the Dubai Marina- where the rich reside. Most popular residential area of Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence is located in Marina Bay. The grandeur of the Marina downtown lies in the middle of the beautiful waterfront that spreads across 2 km. You can dine in the elegant cafes and restaurants at the Marina, and easily hear music and the sound of water splashing continuously. Moreover, you can hop on expensive yachts to take a sightseeing tour.

Take a Day Trip to Abu Dhabi

If you are visiting Dubai in April, you can take a day trip to Abu Dhabi, located at a distance of 139 km. The capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is known for its desert, modern cityscape, and mosques. This is the city where Sir Bani Yas Island- a hub of recreational activities and events is located. Whether you want to ride a camel in the deserts or be a spectator for Formula 1 Race, Abu Dhabi has everything for you!

Experience the Chills at Ski Dubai

One of the coolest things to do in Dubai in April is Skiing. The hot weather of April outside makes the experience of indoor ski activity even more enjoyable, and fulfilling. The temperatures drop in the range of two-degree celsius to minus one degrees celsius inside 22,500 sq m of indoor skiing area. Besides the enchanting skiing, you can indulge in a plethora of snow sports in Ski Dubai. You can also interact with and feed the friendly Penguins of Ski Dubai!

Witness the Art at the Museum of Illusions

Visiting Dubai in April has its own benefits like witnessing the mind-bending art based on optics in the Museum of illusions in Dubai. This interesting museum houses 80 illusion exhibits that play with your mind. You must see the most popular ones like “Vortex” which lets you believe that the floor is moving, and the strange art of “Upside Down Room” or “Head on a Platter Room”. These exhibits allow you to see your reflection in the mirror and become a part of their optical illusion-based art.

Get a Rush of Adrenaline With Skydiving

Among all the things to do in Dubai in April, skydiving is the most thrilling one that allows you to free fall for the whole 60 seconds. This tandem activity showcases the iconic views of Palm Jumeirah, golden dunes, and the soaring top look of Burj Al Khalifa. The pleasant weather of April adds more to the activity of skydiving as it presents you with cleaner views compared to the rest of the year.

Witness the Magnificent Burj Khalifa

Burj Al Khalifa is the tallest building in this World, and one of the reasons that makes Dubai famous worldwide. Marking its presence from almost every place in the city, this skyscraper lets you witness the city’s stunning skyline from its observation deck. Visiting Burj Khalifa is among the best things to do in Dubai in April because summers provide the clearest views from the top. You can reach levels 124, and 125 to witness the looks of the city from a telescope and large glass windows. Relax in the 148th-floor lounge with a drink in hand while viewing Dubai’s iconic skyline from the top.

Explore Dubai Safari Park

If you have to choose from the places to visit in Dubai in April, Dubai Safari Park is a hot pick to witness 3000+ animals. Homing endangered animals, the safari park teaches you and your kids about wildlife and its preservation. You can explore various exhibits like Asian Village, African Village, and Explorer Village while in the park. Take the safari ride in each of the exhibits to witness the felines like lions, antelopes, giraffes, rhinos, and many others moving proudly in their habitats. One of the more unique things about this park is that it offers Rhino feeding sessions.

Capture Yourself in Dubai Frame

You can visit the two-tower and one-bridge Dubai Frame to capture Dubai’s iconic skyline in your photographs and videos. The frame is made up of two towers that reach a height of 150 m and are connected by a bridge. With the 93 m wide Tower offering breathtaking views of Dubai, you can witness high-end buildings on one side and old structures on the other. In the closest vicinity of the iconic Dubai Frame, you can explore the Dubai Fame museum to learn about the history of the city and its modernism.

Know Before You Go Dubai in April

Essential Info
What to Pack
What to Wear
Food & Stay
  • Weather: It is summer in Dubai in April, and the weather is really hot.
  • Average Low Temperature: 21°C
  • Average High Temperature: 33°C
  • Average Temperature of the Sea: between 24°C to 30°C
  • Wind Speed: 13.67 kmph
  • An extra layer of jacket, cardigan, or shawl to wear at night.
  • An umbrella and raincoat as Dubai April witnesses light downpours.
  • Protection against the sun- sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen.
  • Lots of water to stay hydrated.
  • Type-G plug power adapter.
  • Power banks, and chargers.
  • As the temperatures can be high up to 33°C during the day, you must wear light, comfortable, and cotton clothes to make the most out of your stay.
  • During the night, the temperatures can be as low as 21°C so carry a jacket or any add-on layer to beat the slight cold.
  • You must wear comfortable shoes as you will need to walk a lot to explore the city.
  • Wear sunscreen to beat the sun.

Food:- You can try local pizza with extra toppings of cheese, and zaatar herbs at Manousheh.- Visit Kellaj for traditional Emirati dishes. - You must check out Chelo Kebab for Arabian cuisine.- You can go to restaurant Mandi for some spicy meat and rice.

Stay:- Budget Hotels: Coral Dubai Deira Hotel, Orchid Vue Hotel, Villa Rotana.- Mid Range Hotels: Orient Guest House, Novotel, Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa.- Luxury hotels: Sheraton Dubai Creek, Ritz Carlton Dubai, One & Only The Palm, Nikki Beach Resort & Space.

  • Dress conservatively as UAE is an Islamic country.
  • Wear light clothes during the day as the temperature rises upto 33°C.
  • The temperature drops down to make the cold evenings colder. You can think of adding an extra layer of clothing during the night.
  • Get the city map prior to your exploration.
  • Traveling by taxi/cab is cheaper than other modes of transport but make sure to check the meter before the start of the ride.

FAQ's of Dubai

What are the most famous attractions in Dubai?

  • Burj Khalifa: Burj Al Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, and one of the major reasons for Dubai's popularity internationally. If you are visiting Dubai in April, it is the best time as summers provide the clearest views. Levels 124 and 125 allow you to see the city through a telescope and wide glass windows. Enjoy the 148th-floor lounge with a drink in hand while taking in views of Dubai's beautiful skyline.
  • Dubai Frame: The Dubai Frame consists of two towers that reach a height of 150 meters and are linked by a bridge. The 93-meter-wide tower provides stunning views of Dubai, with high-end skyscrapers on one side and historic monuments on the other. It is one of those places to visit in Dubai in April that lets you explore the Dubai Fame Museum to learn about the city's history and modernism as it is what makes UAE famous!

What to wear in Dubai in April?

Wear light, comfortable, and cotton clothes during the day as the temperatures are high up to 33°C. You can add an extra layer of clothing during the night as the temperatures can be as low as 21° C. Throughout your visit as you indulge in all the cool things to do in dubai in april, you must wear comfortable shoes for walking. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats to protect yourself against the sun.

Does it rain in Dubai in April?

No, it doesn’t rain much in Dubai during April. If you want to indulge in adventurous things to do in Dubai in April, keep in mind that there can be a little rain of 8mm

What is Dubai Marina known for?

Dubai Marina is known for its luxurious lifestyle in its residence, entertainment, and shopping malls. It is mainly famous for Jumeirah Beach Residence, and the beautiful waterfront that spreads across 2 km.

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