Emirates Park Zoo Guide

About Emirates Park Zoo

One of the best zoos in the Middle East, the Emirates Park Zoo has exceptional biodiversity. You can have Emirates Park zoo tickets to witness the extraordinary caliber of protecting and preserving endangered wildlife species in this zoo which is a home to more than 1700+ animals. Started in 2008 as an initiative to unite nature, wildlife, and humans, this zoo soon flourished into an entertainment hub. The zoo showcases the most exotic flora and fauna from UAE.

As soon as you visit the zoo, you notice that the zoo is well maintained by an expert staff that teaches you about the animals, their behavior and lifestyles. The zoo regularly hosts animal events and shows to keep you entertained and make your visit more exciting. You can explore different dedicated sections to meet the beautiful mammals, birds, and reptiles living in their natural habitat. The zoo offers interactive feeding sessions with the calm herbivores like giraffes, goats, hippos, and monkeys.

Through Emirates park zoo tickets, you can indulge in animal-friendly activities like camel riding, and camel farming to spend your day in peace. Following the interaction with the camels, you can have breakfast with the cutest green parrots. Besides the friendly creatures, the wildest feline beasts like Amur Leopards and White Tigers, proudly mark their presence in the zoo.

Emirates Park Zoo Ticket Deals

Booking Emirates park zoo tickets online is a great way to grab your spot in the zoo to meet your favorite animal. Owing to the popularity of the zoo, the ticket counters witness large crowds. It is frequently seen that tickets get sold out at the venue. If you choose to purchase tickets from the ticket counters of Emirates zoo, you will likely stand in long queues for hours. To save yourself from long waiting hours, you can book the tickets online from the comfort of your home. The online booking system will help you book tickets for your preferred date, with instant confirmation. Apart from the ease of booking, you will come across loads of discounts and coupons that help you save money by reducing the Emirates park zoo ticket price.

Emirates Park Zoo Tickets Variations

Emirates Park Zoo - Entry Tickets

Emirates park zoo Abu Dhabi tickets let you witness 17,000+ animals of different species. If you visit the zoo with your kids, you must know that children below the age of 2 can enter free of cost. You get the entry into dedicated areas like Wildlife Walk, Primate Parade, Reptile House, Petting Zoo, Animal Parade, Bird Park, Snake Alley, Giraffe Park, and Flamingo Park.

Emirates Park Zoo Entrance with 5 Activities

Get an entry ticket to Emirates zoo and use the special activity card to participate in five of the activities. Enter Emirates zoo to indulge in 5 different thrilling animal shows, performances and activities. Enter and explore dedicated areas like the Wildlife Walk, Primate Parade, Reptile House, Petting Zoo, Animal Parade, Bird Park, Snake Alley, Giraffe Park, and Flamingo Park. Choose 5 from the following activities- Grass feeding to animals, Sea Lion Show, Elephant Show, Exotic Birds, Driving Adventure, Zoo Zip and Climb.

Why you should visit Emirates Park Zoo?

  • You should purchase Emirates park zoo tickets because this place is a complete family entertainment package.

  • The zoo frequently hosts animal shows and acts to keep the spectators engaged. You can have friendly interactions with kind herbivores by indulging in several feeding sessions.

  • The friendly staff guides you and lets you explore the different sections of the zoo. For witnessing wild animals, the zoo ensures a safe environment for you to enjoy.

  • Alongside the zoo, you can access the Emirates Park resort for full-fledged family fun, where you can dine in and enjoy food with your loved ones.

Advantages of Booking Emirates park zoo tickets From Us

You should book Emirates park zoo Abu Dhabi tickets to escape from standing in long queues. The tickets frequently get sold out at the venue, owing to the popularity of the zoo. To ensure your arrival and exploration of the zoo, you must book tickets online in advance. The online booking system will let you book the tickets from the comfort of your home, much before your arrival. The booking gets completed within a few clicks to provide you confirmation. Besides saving you from last-minute hassle, the online booking will offer you loads of discounts that reduce Emirates park zoo ticket price.

Skip long lines: Buying Emirates zoo park tickets online will save you from standing and waiting in long queues. The ticket counter witnesses large crowds, placing long lines of people to get the tickets. Standing and waiting for so long will tire you and waste your energy. To save your time, effort, and energy, you can buy tickets online and get entry at the time of arrival.

Ease of Advance Booking: The online booking system lets you choose the date and time according to your traveling plans. You can book the combo tickets months before the arrival. Moments after the booking, you will get a confirmation and the necessary details. Booking in advance saves you time and effort by escaping the long queues.

The convenience of online Booking: You can book the ticket for your preferred date and time from the comfort of your home. While buying tickets at the venue is time-consuming, online booking gets completed within a few clicks. After booking from the website, you will get a confirmation about the date and time.

Attractive Discounts: Before you book the tickets for Emirates zoo, you can choose from a variety of discounts, deals, promos and coupons. The discount on the tickets will reduce the Emirates park zoo abu dhabi ticket price.

Experiences at Emirates Park Zoo

With the Emirates Park Zoo Abu Dhabi ticket price, you can enter different zones and indulge in various interactive sessions with the animals. The interaction can occur in the form of feeding sessions, animal shows and events. These activities carry on throughout the week with a limited capacity of visitors. You can enjoy dining with the calm herbivores and ferocious beings.

Breakfast With Parrots

In this activity of breakfast with parrots, you can eat with the cutest green birds and hear them make chirpy sounds. You can have the breakfast of your choice and sit beside the tropical birds while enjoying your food. A complimentary session includes a duck encounter. The experience lasts for 2 hours and accommodates a maximum of 5 people at once. The activity is priced around 168 AED for adults and 84 AED for children aged 4-12.

Big Cat Brunch

For the first time in the Middle East, you can be a part of the close experience with the big felines. The big cat brunch allows you to sit in the close vicinity of the lions and leopards to have lunch together. The experience is priced around 273 AED for adults and lasts about 1.5 hours.

Breakfast With Giraffe

You can indulge with the calmest herbivores like giraffes, zebras, camels, donkeys, and hippos. In this activity of breakfast with giraffes, you can interact and watch them eat their favorite food in delight. You can choose the breakfast of your choice while watching herbivores. The experience lasts for 2 hours and the maximum capacity is 5 people per session. This activity is priced around 1785 AED.

Dinner With Elephants

You can meet the peaceful elephants of the Emirates zoo, named Madu and Rada and witness their beauty. In this activity, you can have close encounters with the gentle giant elephants and sit near them while enjoying your food. The experience can be enjoyed by a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 people. The activity lasts for 1.5 hours and is priced at 250 AED +5% VAT.

Animal Areas at Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi

The Emirates park zoo is divided into various dedicated zones and houses different types of animals. You can explore these zones and indulge in interactive feeding sessions with the unique animals. The dedicated zones are Wildlife Walk, Primate Parade, Reptile House, Petting Zoo, Animal Parade, Bird Park, Snake Alley, Giraffe Park, and Flamingo Park. Most of these are indoor and fully air-conditioned zones like Wildlife Park, Snake Alley, Reptile House, etc.

Wildlife Walk

Walk on the greenest pathways of a 200-meter air-conditioned indoor walkway to meet nature’s wildest creatures. The journey starts in an African-themed area for the king of the jungle to live freely. The walkway leads to the protective zone of Amur leopards, and cheetahs. You can play tug of war with the tiger in this place to experience the thrills of interaction with the wilds. Besides the felines, you can find some of the herbivores like Arabian oryx, Asian elephants, gazelles, deer, etc.

Primate Parade

Through Emirates park zoo tickets, you can enter the area of the primate parade, dedicated to playful primates. Blue monkey, Patas Monkey, Squirrel Monkey, Mandrill, Common Marmoset, Tufted Capuchin, etc, mark their presence in this region.

Reptile House

The reptile zone presents you the most vibrantly colored snakes and tortoises living peacefully inside the air-conditioned habitat. Reptiles like Carpet Pythons, Green iguana, Red iguana, Blue iguana, Spiny-tailed Lizards, and Eastern king snake turtles are the ones that reside in the reptile kingdom. The Nile crocodile is the star of the reptile show! Besides the strongest reptiles, you can interact with the calmest turtles as they peacefully rest in their home.

Petting Zoo

As the name suggests, this place is the zoo’s largest petting zone where you can pet friendly animals. The zone houses farm animals like goats, and sheep. This area is one of the calmest zones of the zoo as children can interact and feed the farm grazers.

Animal Paradise

The animal paradise is the all-in-one area of the zoo to catch the sight of the most friendly animals. This area homes many animals such as hippos, ponies, horses, camels, cows, and donkeys. You can choose to interact with them and indulge in a feeding session.

Bird Park

In the bird park, you can witness many beautiful and vibrant birds chirping around their habitat. Birds like Southern ground hornbill, African gray parrots, Parakeets, Ducks, Emerald Dove, Pigeons, Geese, and Owls are present in the zone. The main highlight of the bird park is the enchanting love birds. You can choose to participate in feeding sessions with the birds and even dine in with the parrots.

Snake Alley

In the snake alley, you will witness some of the deadliest snakes like the infamous Anaconda. The fully air-conditioned snake alley features Boa Constrictors and different types of pythons like Reticulated Python, Ball Python and Carpet Python. If you are lucky enough, you can witness the Python swallowing its prey during the feeding session.

Giraffe Park

In the Giraffe Park, you can witness the tallest creatures grazing peacefully on the grass. The giraffe park houses many types like the South African and Reticulated Giraffes. Besides the Giraffes, this park is a home to Ostriches, Deer, Zebra, Cranes, and Gazelles. You can enjoy feeding these beautiful creatures and try clicking stunning photos.

Flamingo Park

The flamingo park homes most flamingos of the zoo like greater flamingos, and lesser flamingos. The pink-tipped flamingos are seen to be running across the zoo happily. Apart from the flamingos, you can witness Gooses, Cranes, Capybara, Mandarin Duck, and Eurasian Brown Bear in this zone.

Know Before You Go Emirates Park Zoo

  • Witness 1700++ animals living happily in Emirates zoo.

  • Enjoy 5 big rides, arcade games, and a zipline with wonderful animals.

  • Explore the dedicated zones like Reptile House, Bird Park, Snake Alley, Bear Cave, Hippo House, Crocodile Pool, and many others.

  • Explore Wildlife Walk to witness Amur Leopards, Cheetahs, Lions, and Bengal tigers.

  • Get the chance to dine with ferocious felines through the activity of Big Cat Brunch.

  • Eat your favorite meal with the cutest parrots and click selfies with them.

  • Indulge in the friendly feeding sessions with goats, hippos, monkeys, giraffes, and elephants.

  • Location:

12th St - Al Bahyah, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • How to Reach:

1 By Bus:

  • You can board Bus service 225 bus from Al Shahama bus station to Al Rahba hospital. The Emirates Park Zoo and Resort stop come mid-way through the journey.
  • You can choose Bus service numbers 202, 210, 218, and 420 from Street 17 in front of Ramez Hypermarket, Al Bahya to Al Rahba Hospital.

2 By Cab/Taxi:

  • Emirates Park Zoo is at a distance of 103 km from Dubai and you can cover this distance in a 45-minute cab/taxi drive.
  • Emirates Park Zoo is at a distance of 40 km from Abu Dhabi and you can cover this distance in a 30-minute cab/taxi drive.
  • Best Time to Visit:

If you have Emirates Park Zoo tickets, you can visit this place during the early morning hours when the animal feeding sessions take place. The animals are active during the morning, making the interactions delightful and interesting. Moreover, the mornings witness fewer crowds compared to the other times of the day, leading to proper exploration and enjoyment.

  • Opening Hours:

The Emirates Park zoo is open from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM and from 12:00 PM to 06:00 PM on Sundays.

  • Carry a photo ID to make an entry in the zoo. If you are an international traveler, it is mandatory to show a passport.

  • Emirates park zoo tickets are valid only for the booked date and time.

  • All animal-related activities are subject to the availability, and health of the concerned animal.

  • Activities and shows adhere strictly to the deadlines.

  • Zipline and the big climb are permissible for visitors above 140 cm and children ranging between 110 cm to 135 cm.

  • The driving adventure is permissible to kids aged between 6-12.

  • Tie up your long hair and refrain from wearing high heels and flip-flops while driving in the activity.

FAQs Of Emirates Park Zoo

What can be the cost of Emirates Zoo tickets?

The Emirates park zoo Abu Dhabi ticket price ranges between 40 to 100 AED, depending upon the package of activities you choose.

How to book Emirate Park Zoo tickets online?

You can book Emirates park zoo Abu Dhabi tickets any time online. Booking the tickets online will ensure your visit and save you from any last minute hassle. Moreover, you can avail a discount to reduce the Emirates zoo Abu Dhabi ticket price.

Why is Emirates Park Zoo so famous?

Emirates Park zoo is famous because it homes 1700+ animals that belong to different species. The zoo has dedicated areas like mammal park, crocodile park, primate parade and bear cave etc, to make the experience easy and enchanting. You can indulge in feeding sessions with friendly creatures, indulge in different rides and become a spectator for animal shows. The zoo encompasses Emirates Resort for dining and enjoying.

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Which are the parks to explore in Emirates park Zoo in Abu Dhabi ?

Through Emirates park zoo tickets, you can explore various dedicated areas like Wildlife Walk, Primate Parade, Reptile House, Petting Zoo, Animal Parade, Bird Park, Snake Alley, Giraffe Park, and Flamingo Park.

What restaurants are near Emirates Park Zoo & Resort?

Some of the restaurants that you can find near the Emirates Zoo and Resort are Moksh, The Hide, Al Fanar Restaurant and Cafe, Y bar at Yas Island Rotana, Belgian Beer Cafe, Angar and Blue Grill.


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