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Museum of the Future | Embracing Tomorrow

Visit this architectural splendor, also believed to be the most beautiful building in the world, the Museum of the Future Dubai. The unique torus-shaped structure glistening with artistic Arabic calligraphy adorns Dubai’s skyline alongside other world-famous buildings such as the Burj Khalifa. It showcases a vision of the future and different aspects of the world as it is likely to be about fifty or hundred years from now.

The museum is a space that houses innovative and futuristic technologies, products, and services. It is unlike any other traditional museum in the world not only for its structural feat which is an engineering marvel but also for what it represents. It answers a lot of questions that are related to the future of humanity, life on Earth, as well as in outer space.

You can witness this in the five distinct categories or ‘Chapters’ in the museum each located on a different level. From a trip to space, and innovation laboratories for health to energy, transportation, and technology, each of these chapters will take you through its very own futuristic journey. A trip to Dubai is incomplete without a visit to the Museum of the Future which is more of an ultra-modern lab fostering innovation with the latest technological advancements.

Museum of the Future Ticket Deals

Getting your Museum of the Future Dubai ticket online is a great way to enjoy a hassle free experience of the futuristic world full of innovative technology. Although, you can also avail of the tickets in person, if you book them online you can quite easily avoid the heat and rush if you were to stand in the queues to buy them. Apart from that pre-booking your tickets can also get you some amazing deals and discounts which you may otherwise miss out on. So your overall Museum of the Future cost may come down if you book your tickets online.

Why You Should Visit The Museum of the Future?

The Museum of Future Dubai is a glistening structure that stands proudly alongside some of the world’s most iconic creations like the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain. A visit to Dubai is thus incomplete without a visit to the Museum of Future Dubai, just to witness its sheer architectural brilliance which is unique with its beautiful Arabic calligraphy. The interior of the museum is designed keeping the future in mind with the help of the latest technologies in virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and human-machine interaction.

Each section within the museum is dedicated to a distinct futuristic concept for an immersive, educational, and fun experience. Once here, you will get answers to various concerns faced by humanity today related to the future, life on Earth, outer space, and much more. Get first-hand experience of traveling to space, witnessing laboratories focusing on DNA sampling and genetics. Don’t miss out on the sophisticated Robot Barista who gives you a one-of-a-kind coffee experience at Museum of the Future Dubai.

Point of Interest For Museum of the Future

Robot Barista

As you enter the museum you will find a cozy in-house cafe to the right just behind the spiral staircase. What is most interesting about this futuristic cafe is that there is no physical menu or staff here. Instead, you will find here a robot barista who will be at your service to make your favorite brew as soon as you make the payment through your mobile phone.

The robot barista is adept at making you a variety of drinks including iced nitro pecan coffee, hot caramel latte, or peach tea. All you have to do is scan a QR code to place your order and watch as your robot barista prepares your drink.

MOF Merchandise

Souvenirs on the official online website of Museum of the Future cost an average amount, but offer a wide variety of items inspired by the museum’s concept of innovation and the future. You can pick up interesting pieces from the MOF Merchandise like a calligraphy travel mug, pen, bookmark, or notebook.

There are also museum gradient travel mugs and notebooks that interest many shoppers. Other sections on the museum’s website are OSS Hope notebooks, stickers, keychains, and blocks, flashcards, and puzzles in the Future Heroes theme. All this with more can be found on their website, as they don’t have a physical souvenir shop at the museum.

Exhibits at Museum of the Future

Enter the Future in Chapter 1: OSS Hope (Floor 5)

Your Museum of the Future ticket lets you begin your journey into the future at Chapter 1 of the museum, OSS Hope. Witness extraordinary space missions, interesting inventions, and discoveries, all of which are aligned at the aim of being directed by one space station, the Orbital Space Station (OSS).

This chapter comprises three different sections- Space shuttle simulation, Space station command center, and pioneer application. Experience a journey to outer space in a life-like space shuttle complete with all the sights and sounds, check out the intricate details of previous space missions, as well as be a recruit yourself and work on the orbit of the Earth.

Come into the world of augmented reality in Chapter 2: Heal Institute (Floor 4)

Get your Museum of the Future Dubai ticket and visit the Heal Institute to fast forward your life straight to the year 2071. Here you can see a genetically modified digital Amazon as well as a next-gen eco lab to help make changes in the environment. This chapter includes individual sections like the Garden, Vault of Life, and Ecosystem Simulator.

Visit the Library of Life which is a DNA vault and learn about unique genetic concepts as you see more than 2000 species not visible anywhere else. Discover how a laboratory works at bringing a new species, to help change the environment for the better.

Break away from technology in Chapter 3: Al Waha (Floor 3)

Rightly called the Oasis, this level gives you a breather from the technology-driven mediums everywhere else. Experience a curative effect on your body and mind in the two different sections in this chapter, the make a wish pool and Sensory room.

The pool is believed to have healing powers where you can stand and make a wish for your future. You can enter one of the many sensory rooms and indulge in activities intended at disconnecting you from technology for a moment and bringing about peace to the body, mind, and spirit.

Revel in the power of technology in Chapter 4: Tomorrow Today (Floor 2)

Celebrate futuristic technologies that will help deal with challenges faced by the youth with never-seen-before gadgets and innovations. This zone has two distinct sections, Futuristic Technology and the Viewing Deck.

Educate yourself with the help of hard-core technology that holds the key to shaping the future that we dream of. You can step outdoors to the viewing deck at this level through the inner shell of the museum that leads its way to the outside world. Get breathtaking views from here of not only the half curve of the museum but also the wonderful scenes beyond.

Let the little wonders take charge in Chapter 5: Future Heroes (Floor 1)

This is a section made entirely for children with special video game features where children get to become the heroes of their own games. It is not only a fun experience for them but also an educational one as the young minds develop special skills at problem-solving while navigating different levels of difficulty. The exhibit is filled with realistic challenges which children can overcome and collect victory badges in the process.

Know Before You Go for the Museum of the Future

  • Location: Sheik Zayed Road. Trade Center, Trade Center 2, P.O. Box 66610. Dubai
  • Best Time To Visit: The best way to explore the museum with your Dubai Museum of the Future tickets is by getting a time slot during the early morning hours as soon as the museum opens. This will give you the time and space to witness all the unique exhibits to the fullest and without much disturbance before the majority of the crowd arrives.
  • How To Reach:

By Metro: You can avail the Dubai Metro in which case you have to disembark at the Emirates Tower Station, Red Line. Get to the museum directly by the link bridge that connects the metro station to it.

By Bus: The Dubai Bus service network has several buses like the 27, 29, and X22 that can take you to the museum.

  • Other Essential Information
  • You need to book a time slot with your Dubai Museum of the Future ticket, before entering the museum.
  • Last entry into the museum is one hour before closing time.
  • You need to furnish an ID card at the time of booking your Dubai Museum of the Future ticket as well as at the time of entry. PAN card is considered a valid ID proof.
  • Passport and visa details to be provided by all foreign nationals at the time of booking their Dubai Museum of the Future ticket as well as upon arrival.
  • Children below 3 years of age can enter free of charge.
  • Your Museum of the Future Dubai ticket will give you access to all of the museum amenities and experiences.
  • Visit the museum during the early hours of the day to avoid big crowds.
  • Visit the monitoring room where new species are evaluated.
  • You can take pictures of the inner shell of the museum when you visit the viewing deck.

Museum of the Future Facts

  • The Museum of the Future is built in a unique torus shape and is inspired by Feng Shui.
  • It was built with the help of ultra-modern and sophisticated technology like Building Information Modeling (BIM) and parametric design in order to resolve complex design challenges.
  • Around 1024 stainless steel panels have been used to cover 17,600 sq m with the help of robotic technology, as well as sustainable construction materials, setting unprecedented architectural benchmarks.
  • The building is covered in Arabic calligraphy written in the penmanship of artist Mattar Bin Lahej.
  • There are absolutely no support columns, and it also serves as the headquarters for ‘the Great Arab Minds’, an elite group that is also a part of the science conferences and workshops held here.

FAQ's of Museum of the Future

What is the Museum of the Future Dubai famous for?

Museum of the Future Dubai is an architectural and engineering wonder that is considered to be the most beautiful building in the world. It is a hothouse for innovation and technology that has the power to shape the future that we want.

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What is written on the Museum of the Future building?

The elegant Arabic calligraphy that covers the Museum of Future Dubai façade are words from three quotes by His Highness Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The most prominent of them being, “We won't live for hundreds of years, but we can create something that will last for hundreds of years.”

Why is the Museum of the Future shaped like an eye?

The eye-like shape of the Museum of the Future represents the makers’ vision of the future. The physical aspect of the structure indicates the future as we know it while the void explains the unknown future ahead of us.

How many floors are there in the Museum Of The Future?

The museum has seven floors in which five are accessible with your Museum of the Future Dubai ticket. Each of these five floors represents ‘chapters’ or themes of unique concepts:

  • Floor 1: Chapter 5: Future Heroes
  • Floor 2: Chapter 4: Tomorrow Today
  • Floor 3: Chapter 3: Al Waha
  • Floor 4: Chapter 2: Heal Institute
  • Floor 5: Chapter 1: OSS Hope

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