Helicopter Tours Dubai Guide

Helicopter Tour Dubai Overview

Dubai is like a huge canvas; a mix of colours, varied landforms, and identities that make up this majestic place. Dubai is a clime, with varied climatic conditions but has some of the most enviable architecture on display. The modern and visionary city is brimming with skyscrapers, man-made reefs and islets, and a wide stretch of sandy coastline. The land and sea forms of Dubai are unparalleled majestic but imagine viewing all this from a summit! The Helicopter Tours in Dubai is an electrifying experience to enjoy the sights from the pinnacle sitting in a helicopter. The aerial tour of Dubai encompasses some of the impressive visions right before your eyes.

On this enigmatic sojourn, discover some of the most impressive sights including the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al-Arab, the prodigious Burj Khalifa, and the World Islands. Accompanied by an experienced pilot who voices over all the major landmarks, the moments of the tour will be photographed in your hearts forever. The tourists are envisioning the wonders of Dubai, but from a different angle, from a high point, a meridian and this is something to behold. One can also fuse the Dubai Helicopter tours with a wonderful evening at a Bedouin-formatted desert camp that comes with a safari, live belly dance, camel ride, and a barbecue dinner with stars keeping you company.

Helicopter Tour Dubai Ticket Deals

Dubai is one of the most sought-after destinations for keen holidayers primarily for the mix of pleasure, entertainment, and adventure. The city is a profusion of the world’s largest skyscrapers, electic infrastructure planning, and seas that will take your heart away. Speaking of land and sea experiences, one cannot but miss out on their tete-a-tete with the skies of Dubai. The Dubai Helicopter tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that helps you get an eagle-eye view of this metropolitan world. Trip timings are 12-minutes, 17-minutes, and a 22-minute and further helicopter ride which is your gateway to get dazzled by the most specular elements that make Dubai.

There are many packages available depending on where one wants to fly. The Falcon Helicopter Pearl Tour and the iconic tour Dubai are one of the most popular 12 min Helicopter tours in Dubai. If you have the adrenaline pumping for more action rides for a long time can be done. Some popular Helicopter tours in Dubai include Palm and the Vision tour. It is recommended to book the tickets online to avail the best helicopter tour in Dubai price.

It is always better to make advance bookings for the trips as demand for Dubai Helicopter tours is always at its peak. Within the city perimeters, the sky ride is something non-conventional offered to the wanderers in Dubai. If one wants to run the risk of losing an opportunity to fly over Dubai then the offline booking is the deal. But when you book with us, one is giving way to several Dubai Helicopter tour deals which can make this journey affordable. There is also the big advantage of gaining accurate information; getting emails post-booking and all-day-long support from the online team to make this journey memorable.

Types of Helicopter Tour Dubai

12 Mins Iconic Tour

When in Dubai, one can’t help but marvel at the mesmerising high rises and tall structures. The Dubai Helicopter tour is the quintessential ride to orange hued-skies clubbed with the excitement you feel on top. The 12 mins Iconic tour as the name suggests will fly you over the impactful sites of the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab. The trip manifests the belief that things from the top are beautiful especially when you cross the sandy beaches and The World Islands. One cannot but hide one’s surprise when the mighty Burj Khalifa is spotted amongst other locations and skyscrapers including the Dubai Canal, Business Bay, and more. A tour for the people but with copious memories to be etched.

17 Mins The Palm Tour

Every ride has a purpose, some want to do it for the thrill of it, some want to experience a helicopter trip while many others just want to sink their minds to unwind and experience. Whatever the purpose is, the 17 mins The Palm tour is your gateway to experience the enrapturing bewilderments of the masterpieces, Burj Khalifa, Dubai beaches, the Palm Jumeirah, and Al Arab. You will also be flown over other prominent structures of Dubai and the Dubai Canal.

22 Mins Vision Tour

One of those Dubai Helicopter tours that keep you high in the sky a little longer, yet not longer than the other deals. This 22-minute trip beckons all avid zest seekers to take off from the Dubai Police Academy. The most significant realms of Dubai including the Palm Jumeirah Atlantis The Palm and The World Islands form a part of this odyssey. As you continue the aerial safari, get ready to be stunned by the influential Burj Khalifa and the splendid beaches with shorelines. You will also get to witness old Dubai with The Old Souk, The Dubai Creek, and the Heritage Wind Towers just below you.

30 Mins The Grand Tour

More time equates to more fun and more thrill. The 30 mins Grand Helicopter tour in Dubai takes off from the Dubai Police Academy. The beauty of the tour is in the places it ventures over and how! Start from the architectural marvel of Ain Dubai which looks equally magnanimous even from the top. The tall Ferris Wheel looks like it is interacting with you up in the air. You will also witness other sights including Caesars Bluewaters Dubai and Caesars Resort Bluewaters, the Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Lakes, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina - the man-made canal city, and Palm Jumeirah. You get to swallow a wholesome glance at the coast of Jumeirah shoreline, Burj Khalifa, and the huge picture frame called ‘Dubai Frame’. The timing of the tour is good enough to take a look at some old-style structures that are a part of Dubai’s aura.

40 Mins Odyssey Tour

Dubai is synonymous with numerous experiences clubbed to make it one of the most happening places. But the Helicopter tour is an unparalleled tour for those who won't be on Cloud 9! If you want to go for the long haul, the 40-minute tour offers an exceptional all-encompassing view of several backdrops and settings. Prominent ones include the Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Beach, The World Islands, Burj Al Arab, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Creek, and the heritage sites. Travellers can also explore some hidden gems like the Meydan Race Course, Jebel Ali Port, Jebel Ali Palm, and the Emirates Hills.

Main Attractions To Spot While On A Helicopter Ride Dubai

Burj Khalifa

The 200+-storeyed phenomenon is the world’s tallest building. Known as a ‘Living Wonder’ and a vertical city, the Burj Khalifa is a desert wonder and pays homage to its creators. A unique blend of art, architectural design, and marvellous craftsmanship The Burj Khalifa has 160 Habitable levels which are the highest in the world. It is a structure with many firsts including being the tallest man-made structure. Post excavation in 2004, the tower became the tallest structure after 1325 days. The tower took 22 million man-hours to build and stands as the pride of Dubai. Helicopter tours in Dubai are incomplete without passing over this lanky structure that is a personality in itself.

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The Palm Jumeirah

When you board the Dubai Helicopter tours, you will go above the singular and extraordinary Palm Jumeirah shaped like a palm tree. This man made archipelago has some of the most luxurious resorts like Atlantis, Jumeirah Hotel, The Palm, FIVE Palm, One and Only, and many others. It also boasts of some of the finest dining experiences such as 101 Dining Lounge, Nobu, and several others. There are several other attractions such as The Pointe located along the boulevard at the pinnacle of The Palm

Burj Al Arab

Located 6-minutes from the beach and on its own island, the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah has matchless and world-class suites overlooking the sea. Guests can arrive at this chic destination by the Chauffeur-driven squadron of Rolls Royce or the dedicated helicopter transfer service. With 9 signature restaurants, spa services, swimming pools, bars, and cabanas, the Burj Al Arab is the pride of Dubai. The location is omnipresent in Dubai helicopter tours and also looks gorgeous from the top.

Dubai Creek

Also known as Khor Dubai, this natural Dubai Creek starts from the mighty Arabian Sea spanning 14 km. The Dubai Creek is not merely a place to sink your mind off stress, but it is also a full-on entertainment zone to be enjoyed equally by all. While one may indulge in a peaceful walk along the creek, they can also savour local and international food with several restaurants stationed there. It is considered Emirates’s standout location for its vibe and contemporary feel. The old-school architecture is appealing amongst the tall engineering marvels, and the aura of the place is different compared to the other parts of Dubai, all in all, a must-visit.

Atlantis Hotel

Classily nestled between the calm serene blue waters of the Arabian Sea and the metropolitan Dubai, Atlantis, The Palm is the crowning glory of Dubai in luxurious living. Atlantis, The Palm is located on the globally famous Palm Island in Dubai. The resort resonates with comfort, luxury, and flamboyance with several facilities for guests, the dining experience is exquisite, and the Aquaventure water park is a ride to one of the most thrilling experiences ever. Atlantis is a medley of great experiences and times for memories to abound.

Dubai Canal

One of the most thrilling and supreme eco-friendly projects of Emirates, this stretches over a 3.2 km waterway from the Creek. The Canal is for transportation ease and sits beautifully on land if you want to take an aerial view of Helicopter tours in Dubai. The eco-friendly water canal has solar-powered streetlights and three water bodies namely the Arabian coastline, The crystal Lagoon in Safa Park, and the Canal that runs from Business Bay to the Arabian Gulf. It also has several recreational spots, eat-outs, and seating areas in its vicinity.

Useful Tips while Helicopter Ride Dubai

  • The Dubai helicopter tours can be embarked upon but will require a passport at the security check post. It is always good to carry a passport.
  • Children aged 4 to 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Only children of 4 years or above and weighing at least 16 kg are allowed in the Heli Tours.
  • If it is a group 5 then booking a private ride is a better option as it proves to be affordable as well as private.
  • There are restrictions on photography for security reasons. Tour operators will give more information but high-resolution recorders or phone cameras with lenses more than 400 mm are not allowed.
  • Dress for comfort and avoid wearing earrings or any danglers.
  • It is better to have full information about the weather before booking your slot. If you book based on half information and your helicopter ride might get cancelled due to bad weather. In that case, the passengers will get the next slot but it can be disappointing.
  • Smoking is prohibited and no drinks and eateries are allowed, so have your breakfast before entering the place.
  • Photo and a valid photo id proof is a must.
  • The tour once booked and if the weather is fine will not be rescheduled. Hence better to arrive 15 mins before the ride time.
  • Pregnant women are allowed in the aerial ride only in the first 32 weeks of pregnancy.

Points to Remember While On Helicopter Tour Dubai

Best Time of the Day

For visitors of Dubai, if taking a Helicopter ride is one of your deals, then taking a little pain to research the time of the day to book tickets is a must. Dubai’s weather is hazy implying that visibility can be an issue while flying. It is better to opt for the tour mid-day because as per data, during this time the density of haze is at its lowest. The early morning tour also has a clear view of the skyline but apart from these two slots, other ones can be skipped. The helicopter tour Dubai prices are reasonable when booked online but if you did book without taking the purview of the weather, it might not be a good deal


The Dubai aerial ride is spread across different timings ranging from 12 minutes and beyond. While booking Helicopter tours in Dubai, it is always good to understand and decide how much time you want to be in the air. It is better to go for a longer tour. Although they cost higher, it will be a one-time experience that is not present in many popular holiday destinations.


The weather condition is an important factor to consider while opting for the Helicopter tour. Sandstorms, bad weather, and other storms apparently lead to tour advancements and delays. It is important to factor in this premise especially when booking last-minute.

FAQ's of Helicopter Tour Dubai

What Is The Minimum Age For A Helicopter Tour In Dubai?

Dubai Helicopter tours are open to all ages above 2 yrs old.

What Are The Different Duration Types Of Helicopter Tours In Dubai?

The different duration of helicopter tours in Dubai is 12 mins, 17 mins, 22 mins, 30 mins, and 40 mins.

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How Many People Are Allowed On Each Flight?

5 people are allowed to go on each flight.

Where is the Pickup Location for the Tour?

The Helicopter tour of Dubai price also includes pick-up and drop. The pickup point is Helipad Dubai Academy.

What are the opening hours of the Helicopter Tour?

The opening hours are 9 AM including public holidays. It is better to book it online to take advantage of the best Dubai Helicopter tour deals and to get a slot you like the most.

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