Museum of Illusions Dubai Overview

Dubai Museum of Illusions, is a place where one can experience distinctive and creative art exhibitions. This fascinating universe, with awe-inspiring rooms, optical illusions, and holograms, was designed to trick your brain, tease your senses, challenge your confidence in reality and give wind to your imaginations.

There are over 80 exhibits at the Museum of Illusions that are based on the scientific principles of physics, psychology, mathematics and geometry. They intrigue you and create a world that promises innovative visual and educational entertainment. The museum can bewitch you no matter your age and is among the popular family-friendly attractions of Dubai.

The iconic Vortex Tunnel tests your balance, while the Anti-Gravity Room makes you question the existence of gravity. While the Ames Room challenges you with size ratio perception, the Dilemma Room brings out the scientist you never knew lived in you. The premises serve as a fascinatingly playful reminder that ‘our assumptions about the world we perceive are often nothing but a spectre of illusions’. The jaw-dropping tricks enlighten you about vision, perception, science, and what’s inside your brain. You get to know why your eyes see things your brain does not understand.

Museum Of Illusions Ticket Deals

Museum of Illusions Dubai Tickets can be purchased in person, but it is recommended you buy them online in advance. Visitors are sent inside in groups, so advance payment of the Museum of Illusions price ensures you don’t have to wait in long queues. Choose a time slot and date of your convenience while booking tickets online, and enjoy a hassle-free trip. You can even get discounted offers if you book your Dubai Museum of Illusions tickets online.

 Museum Of Illusions Dubai Tickets
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  • Visit the fascinating Museum of Illusions and immerse yourself in the world of optical illusions in various rooms

  • Explore more than 60 mind-blowing exhibits and be amazed by the largest collection of interactive installations in the galleries

  • Book Museum Of Illusions Dubai tickets, take part in various puzzles & games and enhance your creative skills

  • Walk through the amazing Vortex Tunnel in the museum and feel like the ground under your feet is moving ahead

  • Be amazed by the illusion of a hidden body and see your folk's head on a tray through the 'Head on the Platter' installation

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Please keep the required distance of at least 2 meters from other visitors, including our supervisors and employees.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of upon arrival.
  • Limited number of 54 visitors at the same are time allowed in the museum. Up to 5 members of a single group will be allowed to enter.
  • Large bags and backpacks should not be brought inside the museum.
  • Museum Of Illusions tickets can only be used once and is not subject to refund or exchange of any kind whatsoever.
  • Lost, damaged and / or stolen tickets cannot be replaced, refunded or exchanged in any manner.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
  • Please note that Museum Of Illusions Dubai ticket is a fixed day ticket. This is a fixed-dated ticket. This ticket can only be redeemed on the date for which you've booked the ticket, it can't be redeemed on any other day.
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Why You Should Visit Museum Of Illusions Dubai?

Why You Should Visit Museum Of Illusions Dubai?
  • Designed to enthral visitors from all age groups, the Museum is family-friendly and a great edutainment experience for both children and adults.
  • The Dubai Museum of Illusions is the biggest version of the Museum of Illusions international chain. Thus, even if you have been to the other versions, this one will still make your jaw drop.
  • The innovative exhibits challenge all that you believe in, from gravity to size ratio perception, and your own eyes. Hanging upside down, watching the water flow upwards, experiencing infinity, witnessing vanishing images, all while standing right in one place.
  • The pictures you can click here, you won’t find them in photo galleries or with photoshop artists, because it’s hard to create what is beyond your imagination. Nothing in there is what it seems to be, this is a feeling you would carry throughout your Dubai Museum of Illusions tour.

Exhibits at the Museum Of Illusions Dubai

Is it possible to hang upside down yet not feel the blood rushing to your head? That is not how gravity works, but the Dubai Museum of Illusions begs to differ. With 80+ innovative Exhibits in Museum of Illusions all set to boast of, the museum takes its visitors on the ride of a lifetime. All by simply making them stand on stable flat surfaces and making them stare at walls. Walls that create the magic you won’t find in the best magic shows. From the Ames Room that changes your height to the Head on the Platter that literally gives you an actual head on a platter, every exhibit promises to make your jaw drop and boggle your mind. Everything is an illusion, witness this for real while exploring the museum.

Photo Illusions
Photo Illusions

The Photo Illusions let you indulge in something we have all done at least once – click illusionary pictures. You can levitate in the air, shrink or oversize, and even meet your clones. Take your cameras along and click pictures that make everyone around witness the unbelievable. This room is filled with laughter as visitors are unable to recognize what they just saw.

Optical Illusions
Optical Illusions

The Museum walls hold the real spell, it’s on them that the objects creating the illusions are mounted. A collection of images using colours, lights, and patterns to create baffling visions, is all this segment is about. Gaze at them for a few seconds, and your brain will begin to notice what may or may not be there, sometimes, the images can vanish, although they never even move.


The biggest Museum of Illusions houses the largest collection of 3D illusions, that are, holograms. These illusions trick your grey cells by transforming into something different or vanishing altogether. But do they really? Holograms, which vary from holographic portraits to those that instil horror in you, are among the most confounding illusions in store for visitors at the museum.

The Mirage
The Mirage

When you get lost in a desert with no water, you look for and mostly find an oasis. And sometimes, your brain hallucinates and brings one in front of you, only not for real. The Dubai Museum of Illusions lets you experience this concept of Mirage through a phantasmic object right in front of you, yet you cannot touch or grab it.


Stereograms are two pictures of a 3D object, clicked and presented so that the object looks different from different angles. The Museum of Illusions brings a puzzle into the mix. So, it will take you more than an attempt to understand the puzzle, and then only would you decipher the object shown in the 2D picture. This is a brain teaser at its finest!

Head on the Platter
Head on the Platter

The Museum of Illusions would be incomplete without the most popular magic trick. The Head on the Platter lets you experience being in a magic show, where your body becomes invisible, and only your head remains in sight. And you know the trick here, yet would still feel amazed as you click some of the coolest social media worthy pictures.

The Chair Illusion
The Chair Illusion

We can be normal in size in our regular world, but would that be true in Gulliver’s Lilliput? The Chair Illusion brings to life this very concept, how the perceived size of a person changes according to the objects around them. So, if you can find just the right angle, you would get jaw dropping images of a tiny you sitting on a giant’s chair.

Ames Room
Ames Room

The Ames Room might look simple, yet as you walk through it, you would become a dwarf and a giant in a few steps. The fun yet astounding distortion gives you the chance to click pictures at different heights. As you grow or shrink in size going from one corner to another, you witness how deceptive appearances can get.

Anti-Gravity Room
Anti-Gravity Room

The Anti-Gravity Room lives up to its name in the most astonishing ways. The upward-rolling balls and uphill-flowing water in the room defy Newton’s concepts with finesse. Your brain will believe you are standing on a flat surface, yet when your eyes witness the illusions, you won’t know what to believe. Even if your brain gets the catch, it still won’t be able to deny what the eyes see as real.

Know Before You Go For Museum Of Illusions Dubai

Essential Information
Age Restrictions & Facilities
Best Time To Visit
Essential Information

Location: The Museum of Illusions is located in Bldg. 17, Heritage Area, Al Seef, Dubai Creek, Dubai, U.A.E.


Monday - Thursday: 10 am - 10 pm

Friday - Sunday: 10 am - 11 pm

Public Holidays: 10 am - 11 pm

How To Reach:

By Bus: You can take 21, 29, 33, 44, 91, C3, C5 and C18 bus routes to reach the Museum.

By Car: You can reach here from Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai.

From Abu Dhabi: Take the Abu Dhabi – Ghweifat International Highway/E11 towards Dubai. Take exit 54A-55 for D78/Umm Hurair Street. Continue on for D78/Umm Hurair Street and then take a left onto Za'abeel Street/D84 (signs for Bur Dubai), then turn right onto Al Seef Street/D84. At the roundabout, take the first exit and stay on Al Seef Street/D84 to reach the destination in a few minutes.

From Sharjah/Dubai: Choose a route from Al Maktoum Bridge, Al Garhoud Bridge, Business Bay Bridge, Floating Bridge, Shaikh Zayed Road or the Shindagha Tunnel to reach Al Seef in a few minutes.

By Dubai Metro: You can either take the Red Line to reach Burjuman Station or the Green Line to reach Sharaf DG Station. Both stations are within a walking distance of 15 minutes from the Museum.

By RTA Water Taxi/Abra: The nearest boat station to Al Seef is the Al Fahidi Boat Station, which is a 12-minute drive to the Museum via Al Fahidi Street.

Tips To Visit Museum Of Illusions Dubai

  • Entry is allowed to a maximum of 54 visitors in one slot. So before paying the Museum of Illusions ticket price, select a time slot that suits your schedule.
  • Up to 5 members of a single group are allowed to enter, so plan your entourage accordingly.
  • The best time to visit the Museum is in the mornings or evenings. The crowd is generally less during those periods, so you would be able to enjoy the exhibits in a relaxed manner.
  • Since the allotted time is one hour, make sure you cover all the exhibits at a comfortable pace to get the most out of your visit.
  • Take your cameras and phones along to click tons of pictures and selfies.
  • If you love the exhibits, you can buy miniature versions of them at a minimal Museum of Illusions price from the Smart Shop.
  • The exhibits are all indoors, so if you want to hang out on a sunny day, the Museum could be your destination.
  • If you plan a visit on a weekend or a public holiday, it is recommended you check with the Museum if they have reservations available as those are their busiest days.
  • If you are a Person of Determination, you can bring along one caregiver for no extra charge.

FAQ's of Museum of Illusions Dubai

What is the Museum of Illusions about?

    The Dubai Museum of Illusions is part of an international chain of museums based in Croatia. The exhibits are rooted in the principles of Physics, Psychology, Geometry, and Mathematics. The pieces are inspired by a simple idea, “nothing is what it seems to be”. The museum tricks your confidence in your senses and tests your brain cells in a harmless, fun way. The 80+ exhibits offer an intriguing edutainment experience, while the Smart Playroom and Dilemma Room let you play with brain-teasing puzzles and toys.

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