Overview of Aya universe

Experience the awe-inspiring wonder of AYA Universe, a state-of-the-art entertainment park located within the Wafi City Mall in Dubai in AYA Universe. Designed and managed by Hyperspace, this park covers an impressive 40,000 square feet and is home to twelve distinct zones, each offering a unique and immersive experience that will transport you to a new cosmic realm. From the mesmerizing artwork of Aurora to the mystical chamber of The Source and the lush green landscape of Drift, AYA Universe promises to stimulate your senses and ignite your imagination. 

Venture into an extraordinary journey through the AYA Universe, where the lines between the physical and digital worlds blur. You can explore the vibrant River zone and witness its stunning colorful storms, encounter new avatars and characters in Outland, and bask in the beauty of the bioluminescent Flora garden. Gaze upon the endless expanse of the Cosmos and enter the awe-inspiring mirrored Tides chamber before concluding with the mesmerizing three-minute robotic light show in the mirrored infinity space of Harmonia. AYA Universe is truly a masterpiece that promises to captivate your senses and transport you to a world beyond your imagination.

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AYA Universe Ticket Deals

Booking an AYA Universe ticket from us gives you an enthralling opportunity to explore the interesting concepts, entertainment experiences and state of the art technologies. The advance booking feature on our simple interface makes it a really viable option to pick the preferred time and date of visit of this futuristic entertainment park. With several discounts, and 24/7 assistance, you can have the best excursions of the AYA universe. In addition, there is no need to stand in long queues or wait for your turn to purchase, as with us you can book from the comfort of your homes. 

After entering the park, you can wander through the twelve distinct zones, with unique themes and dynamic experiences. Learn about the park's cutting-edge technology, such as gesture control and LED displays, which creates mesmerizing artworks, colorful storms, and pools. The mirrored chambers, infinity spaces, lush green landscapes and bioluminescent gardens are some of the highlights of the park. 

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Things to Know Before You Go to AYA Universe

AYA Universe
  • Get ready to explore AYA Universe, the next-generation entertainment park in Dubai that features 12 fully interactive zones.
  • Embark on a transformative journey as you traverse through the various zones, including Aurora, The Source, Drift, Outland, Celestia, and Harmonia.
  • With your AYA Universe ticket, dance with avatars and unlock new characters to interact with as you navigate through the park.
  • Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of AYA Universe's gardens, where light blooms like flowers and every step creates ripples of color in the Pool and the River zones.
  • Be dazzled by the mesmerizing light and sound shows in each zone that bring the park to life with vibrant colors and captivating sounds.

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Know Before You Go to AYA Universe

Essential Information
How to Reach
Aya Universe


Wafi City Mall - Oud Metha - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


10:00 am to 12:00 am 

(Last admission is at 10:30 pm)

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit AYA Universe is during the weekdays, as it tends to be less crowded than weekends. It is also recommended to visit during the afternoon from 2pm - 5pm when the lights and interactive exhibits are at their best.

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FAQ's of AYA Universe

How much does an Aya Universe ticket cost?

    The cost of an AYA Universe ticket can range from AED 110 to AED 140 tentatively. However these prices may also vary depending on factors such as the type of event, date, and time. 

What are the major highlights of the Aya Universe?

What is the Aya Universe famous for?

What are the main themes of the Aya Universe?

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