About Dubai Opera

The dhow styled Dubai Opera House is a dedicated destination for all the performance of arts in Dubai in an elegant presentation of the perfect blend of music and arts like nothing done ever before. Apart from being renowned for the quality of performances presented at the Opera House, it’s quite known for its beautifully designed architecture and marvellous paintings as well as sculptures decorating the walls.

One requires to book their tickets in advance to enjoy a sitting of their choice in the large hall with a capacity to hold more than 2,000 people at three levels. As you book your Dubai Opera Tickets online, you may consider the various ticket options to pick up one of your choices. There are primarily three kinds of Dubai Opera tours ready to welcome you and set yourself on the journey of exploration.

The different tours will help you get familiar with the grand and meticulously detailed architecture wherein you would see the three level hall turning into a flat hall to hold events like weddings and fashion shows. All those done enjoying a show should book themselves for a backstage tour to get aware of the world behind the stage, you would roam across the large dressing mirror halls. Instead of booking the individual shows, enjoy them both together in the Grand Tour as well as appreciate the beauty of the entrancing skyline from the massive glass facade. On purchasing the Dubai Opera show tickets with tour tickets, you must acquire a better Dubai opera ticket Price, it would be pocket-friendly for you as well.

Why to Book Dubai Opera Tickets Online?

Though the option of booking your tickets offline in person is available, the process gets very inconvenient as you would be required to stand in long queues and tickets might be sold out by the time you reach the ticket window. Therefore, it’s advisable to book your tickets online where the process is a lot quicker and easier. You may consider visiting various tour organizing websites for the purpose, the reviews posted on these websites by trusted customers would ensure you of their good services. Alongwith good services you would also get good discounts on the Dubai opera ticket Price which will make the trip more affordable. As soon as you make successful payments online the confirmation tickets would be mailed and while making payments you’re requested to check the cancellation and refund policies.

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Types Of Dubai Opera Tours

Dubai Opera
Dubai Opera Architecture Tours

The dhow styled designed Dubai Opera has a strinkingly beautiful architecture to behold. Before the show starts at the stage, roam around the massive opera house to take a keen look at the various desgins of the building. The iconic set of three-story chandelier with a panoramic view of Downtown Dubai is absolutely breathtaking. Going around the opera house you’d admire the intricately crafted sculptures and artworks. Following the shimmers, the enlarged chandeliers spread across the house to multiply the beauty of artworks decorating the walls. As your eyes are transfixed, try to wonder about the various details and ideas gone into the interior designing of the large opera house.

Dubai Opera
Backstage Tour

If threatre excites you then the backstage life of artists must be intriguing, right? Therefore, when the show you’re enjoying at the opera house ends, take a backstage tour. On this tour the backstage areas, stage and the large dressing rooms would be explored. The tour isn’t done until the large piano and trap room which is a rarely noticed seat storage area is explored.

Dubai Opera
Grand Tour

At this tour you’d get to stroll around the grand size opera house and it would suit all those interested in wanting to see and experience the wholesome beauty of the Opera house. In addition to being taken around the mirrors of the massively large luxurious dressing room you would also be introduced to architectural and artworks decorating the walls alongwith the story behind their production. The great glass facade of the Opera House not only looks iconic and magnetizing from the outside but the insides are equally spectacular.

Advantages To Book Dubai Opera Tickets From Us

Dubai opera is the most popular attraction among youngsters and all those interested in theatres as well as musical shows of different categories like opera, musicals, ballet, theatre, rock, pop, jazz and comedy. The shows at the house are booked as soon as the tickets are released, therefore it is advisable to not delay for your preferred shows and make haste in reserving your seat at the grand house. You can trust us with booking your seats, the satisfied reviews of our regular customers would help you place confidence in us. We not only ensure a convenient tour but placing comfort of customers at top lies in our priority list. The several Dubai Opera Price deals offered by us ensure a viable affordability as well. Other benefits on making a booking with us, you might acquire are:

Dubai Opera Tickets

Purchase Skip the Line Tickets- Opera House makes an impression on visitors not only for its diverse musical and theatrical shows, the architectural beauty magentizes visitors in large numbers as well. Hence, visitors considering making a visit must pre book their visit to avoid the pain of standing in long queues and save themselves the disappointment of no show tickets left by their turn. On making bookings online visitors can consider the option of adding other splendorous attractions of the city in their list.

Book Your Tickets in Advance- As warned already, Dubai Opera House tickets run out as soon as they iare launched in the market. Therefore, for your own savouir don’t wait till last and make your bookings at first. Booking online in advance would allow you to reserve seats at your convenience and comfortable spots.

Convenience / Ease- On making bookings with us you can be secured about your ease and convenience as the whole process from selecting seats to paying online to confirmation of tickets is done online.

Best Deals and discounts- As you grab our best Dubai Opera Price deals you would be offered a range of discounts redeeming which the Dubai opera ticket Price would fall considerably.

Why You Must Visit Dubai Opera?

Dubai Opera
  • The wide range of shows put up at the opera varying from a classical musical show to fashion shows would let you choose from a variety of mind blowing live performances.
  • Attending shows at the Dubai Opera is a privilege indeed, the experience provided at the house is unforgettable when the shows are performed at the large stage. The good quality sound and an appreciable architecture transverse the guests into the setting of the show they are watching.
  • If not for the musical and theatrical performances you can visit the Opera House for other events like food or fashion shows, live entertainments, conferences and art exhibitions.
  • You can also organzie a wedding or other large gatherings at the opera house when its concert hall is turned flat and made into a banquet hall.
  • The high tech acoustic shell created by a series of overhead towers and reflectors allows the reverbration of sound, thus ensuring the highest quality of sound. You will enjoy the performances without any degradation of sound and as many as 2900 LED lights lighting the hall would create a good effect.

Dubai Opera Architecture

Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera House has earned its name amongst the highest sitting capacity auditoriums, therefore the desgin of the hall is an architectural masterpiece visited by a range of visitors. The dhow-shaped iconic structure of the building is a tribute to the maritime history of Dubai, it has been designed and decorated with the exquisite modern style architecture.

The 650,000 square feet large opera house has an incredible transforming capacity into three modes, it traverses its visitors from a theatre into a concert hall and onto a flat floor. A hydraulic lift transfers 900 seats under the storage area beneath the theatre transforming the auditorium into a banquet hall. The hall is enabled with a sound reverbrating technology which will enable a perfect acoustic environment. There are a series of towers and reflectors on stage installed which create an acoustic shell around the orchestra and make the hall ready for a power-packed performance. To give the performances a wholesome effect, the hall is turned into its theatre mode, lights are dimmed and strobe lights would highlight the actors performing on the stage.

The flexlibity of the space and design has been constructed such that it has the capacity to hold a wide variety of performances like opera, ballet, orchestras and much more. The auditorium can transform itself into a banquet or event hall to provide a suitable space for food or fashion shows, live entertainments, conferences and art exhibitions. As you sit down in the luxurious ambience of the well-lit, well-spaced auditorium, don’t shy away from appreciating its beauty.

Know Before You Go Dubai Opera

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Dubai Opera

Location- Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd ,Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Opening hours- The opening hours are between 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM. The operational hours may vary during the days of Eid- Al- Adha and Arafat.

Best time to visit- The best time to check out performances at the Opera House is during the evening shows when the house is fully packed. Though it would be difficult to get the best Dubai Opera Price deals for the evening shows, the shows pick up their essence when watched in an auditorium full of crowd. When the whole cheer together on a happy music being performed on the stage, only then the fun of a show is realized at its full.

Tips to Visit Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera
  • Don’t forget to book for a Dubai Opera Tour after enjoying a grand show to get a hang of the beautiful architecture of the house.
  • Do check out the list of the shows put up for Dubai Opera shows before buying tickets and go through the detailed guide on best shows.
  • Guests are requested to reach the place 30 minutes prior to the initiation of the show and be-seated at your respective times.
  • Make sure you’ve printed your tickets before entering the hall as e-tickets aren’t allowed for inspection.
  • During intervals the queues at food stalls are really long so save yourself the time of standing in long queues by buying the snacks beforehand.
  • You can utilize the services of ATMs available in the car parking area.
  • To follow the story easily, read the subtitles presented to you above the stage which are wide and deep. The subtitles are available in different languages like English and Arabic for the convenience of guests.
  • To get the perfect view of the performance book the seats in the front and in order to enjoy the best sound quality book your seats in the middle.

FAQ of Dubai Opera

How can I book Dubai Opera tickets online ?

    You can book the tickets both online and offline at the ticket counter of the Opera House. You can check for the best Dubai Opera tickets price on the official website of Dubai Opera as well as our website before booking your tickets.

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