Hatta Mountain Safari Guide

Hatta Mountain Safari Overview

Hatta Mountain, located at a distance of 130 km from Dubai in the Hajar Mountains, is the perfect escape destination from the business of cities. A Hatta Mountain safari tour should never be skipped from inclusion in visiting plans to UAE as it’s a serene attraction offering exposure to culture, ancient architecture and the thrill of an adventurous journey.

The safari to Hatta is exciting as it presents different kinds of activities to its guests ranging from trekking to kayaking to exploring the ancient village of Hatta. Situated at the top of the Al Hajar Mountain ranges the mountain is a perfect weekend getaway where the unearthly natural scenic beauty awaits you.

The Safari would be an off-road tour taking you through the rugged territory of the enormous mountains and a smooth trip through Hatta Village, Hatta Park. You would get to visit other attractions in Hatta like, Wadi Hub where different water adventures are arranged and the famous Hatta Dam. The dam is enclosed by mountains, while embracing its beauty you may try boating or can take a bike riding tour across the conversation area.

Book Hatta Mountain Safari Tour Online

There are both online and offline ways of acquiring tickets for the Hatta Mountain Safari tour, but it's recommended to use online methods. It would allow all the aspiring visitors to select tour packages from different options as per their affordability. Online bookings save time and effort as the process is quite convenient and quick, as soon as you make successful online payments the confirmation tickets would be mailed. On buying a package online and redeeming various discounts you can further enjoy a cut in the prices. It's advisable to check all the terms and conditions for cancellation and refunds while buying a preferred package.

Hatta Mountain Safari Tour Packages

Hatta Safari Basic Package

As you embark on an outdoor journey where an adventure is ready to engulf you in the beautiful landscapes combining epic desert campaigns and natural stumbling blocks. The Hatta Mountain safari tour will begin with a mountain tour, you may choose to track or can utilize a shared transportation while heading up the mountain stop at various picture points at Al Hajar Mountains. As you visit the Hatta Heritage Village appreciate the carved statues and ancient inscriptions, the village has an ancient history of the area. Enjoy a barbecue at the hatta hill park which is the ultimate place for nature lovers and hikers, a tour through Hatta Dam is included within the package.

Hatta Safari Advance Package

Upgrade your hatta mountain tour package by signing up for an advanced experience in which you enjoy the places like Hatta Hill Park, Hatta Heritage Village, Hadi Wadi hub and Hatta Dam. You would be picked up and dropped off at your respective destination of hotel or home in a shared 4x4 transportation vehicle while enjoying all the beautiful and amazing views from Dubai to Hatta.

Hatta Hill Park is a great place for enjoying time with your friends and family as you camp in the hills and cook a barbecue. Going further, at Hatta Wadi Hub enjoy adventurous water slides that can make you fly upto 15 feet in the air. The exclusive highlight of the package is Hatta Dam where the guests try experiences of water sports, Hatta kayaking at the dam is an absolute fun and engaging activity.

Hatta Safari Premium Package

The distinctive feature of Hatta Mountain Safari is that the services of pick up and drop in separate 4x4 cars with a carrying capacity of 6 people is available. As you enjoy your way up the hatta mountain, you would experience the heritage of Hatta village where you’d also be introduced to the culture and heritage of the people living there.

At the Hatta Hill Park you would find various spots to camp at and immerse in the beauty of nature, at the park the sense of accomplishment and calm would fill you and make you feel serene. There are certain locations marked as the Photography Point, stop by these points to get a majestic view of the surrounding and capture its beauty. You surely would enjoy a trip to Hatta Dam, the beauty of the large water body enclosed by mountains is cherishable.

Highlights of Hatta Mountain Safari

  • The Hatta Mountain safari tour is a rejuvenating place where you breathe calm and peace, it would serve as the perfect escape from the city world of skyscrapers.
  • The different tour packages involve a mandatory facility of pick up and drop back at your hotel or residence in Dubai or Sharjah.
  • Enjoy the activities like red dunes bashing, trekking over Al Hajar mountains and kayaking at the Hatta Dam.
  • Take a tour across the different visiting spots on this Hatta Mountain Safari like Hatta Heritage park where the culture of the ancient city can be explored, Hatta Hill Park is the perfect treat for a family visit and a beautiful scenic drive through mountainous area.
  • The safari would take you through Hatta Wadi Hub where you would enjoy a 15 feet high water slide ride and many other thrilling ventures like Wadi Bashing.
  • On visiting Hatta Dam explore sports like kayaking and boating, in the meantime cherish the scenic beauty of the Dam especially during sunrise and sunset.
  • Extend your stay at the Mountain in the luxurious services of Hatta Fort Hotel and bash into the beauty, fun and challenges of the Mountain at Hatta village.

Hatta Mountain Safari Tour Itineary

  • The first thing that falls in the Hatta Mountian Safari is the safe and convenient pick up and drop back facility which would set guests on a journey of exploring the centuries-old Emirati culture at the Hatta Village.
  • As you take a comfortable seat in the car and drive your way up the Hatta highway,it ensures that you would be exposed to the unrealistic beauty of the city. If you intend to capture this unworldly beauty take a stop at the various locations marked as ‘Photography View Points’.
  • The beginning of the tour would officially take-off at the Hatta Heritage village, taking delight in exploring the culture of the centuries-old forts, towers and citadels which reflect the history of Dubai. The village has century old structures and displays the traditional Emirati life.
  • On the way up to Hatta Village, you’d pass through local markets. Make a stop at the market to get a brief introduction of the culture, values and tradition of the ancient village of UAE before landing up directly at the Hatta Village.
  • Inside the Hatta Village region is located a Wadi Hatta Park, it’s embellished with lush green plantation in which you can relax for a while before embarking on the journey of Hatta Mountain tour.
  • The Safari would take you through the mountain ranges like Al Hajar Mountains, which is the highest mountain range in the eastern Peninsula.
  • You would explore every corner of the mountain ranges by trekking over its altitude and bicycling through the narrow and challenging paths.
  • Take some time out of the adventurous safari tour to roam around the village and take a glimpse of the architecture of Hatta Heritage Village. The village features a planned structure with a defensive tower for the safety of the house, stone houses with palm-frond roofs and the traditional water system of falaj. At last, enjoy a round upto Hatta Dam which is located in the town of Hatta to play sports like kayaking and boating. Meanwhile, taste a different version of nature which welcomes you in its heavenly beauty as well as throw challenges in your way to make your journey more fun.

Activities to Enjoy During Hatta Mountain Safari Tour

Visit Hatta Hill Park

As soon as you enter Hatta Village, you will enter into a grand Hatta Hill Park which is embellished with a range of trees and beautiful wooden benches in shady places. You may even consider camping at the Park for a day under a starry night, the children visiting the place would certainly love spending a day there. It would be fun to spend some time at Hill Park alongwith your family and cherish the calm company of nature.

Explore Hatta Heritage Village

The Hatta Mountian Safari is an exclusive tour to the village of Hatta, oldest in the country, where the remanents of Emirati culture can be explored better.

The architecture of the village and the design of the building of stone houses reflects the various ancient cultural forms and techniques that must have been utilized in construction. The beauty of the architecture of the village is realised in its well planned layout and the towering boundary marking Hatta village as well as ensuring safety of its inhabitants. A beautiful market is organized outside the village therefore while coming for the village stop at the market to explore material culture, traditions and values.

Enjoy at Hatta Wadi Hub

Wadi Hub is the most suitable place for all the adrenaline rush seekers wandering around to enjoy activities like zorbing, mountain biking, hiking alongside the beauty of nature. The activities aren’t still the highlighting feature of the Hatta Mountian Safari for the best part is the beauty of the nature nestled amongst the loft mountains of Hajar Mountains that awaits you. A very wide lake surrounded by enormous mountains presents you the serene atmosphere to try activities like camping, skydiving, desert safari and much more.

Experience Kayaking at Hatta Dam

Kayaking in the quiet waters of Hatta is indeed a pleasurable activity to enjoy which can be taken up by a whole family as well as a lone adventurous person alike. At the hatta dam the activity is organized in the early morning and evening hours when the fun of gliding your kayaks is complemented by the beauty of a rising sun behind the mountians and later on hiding in the evening. You can also enjoy pedalo and donut boat rides alongwith kayaking at the dam.

Click Amazing Selfies at Hatta Photography Point

Any place you go in Hatta would create the perfect effects of a good background to your images which surely bring life in your pictures. Every nature lover would be left awestruck and feel jealous seeing you enjoying the one of the most beautiful and appealing ambiences in Dubai. There are areas marked from where the vistas of a comprehensive background can be experienced, keep looking for these areas on your trek to Al Hajar Mountain.

Spend your Day at Hatta HoneyBee & Discovery Center

Amidst the enormous mountains is located this 16,000 sqm bee sanctuary which absolutely serves as the unique attraction highlighting the abundance of native flora and fauna. All the guests have to necessarily wear protective gear before they get close to thousands of bees nurturing amber nectar in the nursery. You can take home the delicious chemical free honey as well as other products like royal jelly after enjoying a round around the outdoor garden of the nursery.

Trail through Hatta Mountain Conservation Area

It’s a ramsar site situated in the southeast of the UAE in the northern part of the Hajar mountain range on the border of Oman. The conservation range is basically a large lake built out of a dam in 1990, there are a range of activities that can be performed around this conservation area. You can perform activities like running a mountain bike along the rocky and tough trails of the hills and wadis, kayaking in the lake or treading through the mountain foothills.

Witness Birds at Hatta Swan Lake

Just witness the beauty of swans/ ducks floating across the lake in Hatta located in the Al Dhahra region, and the sound of swift flow of water filling your ears. It’s the perfect serene and peaceful spot for you to escape the hustle and bustle of the loud city of Dubai to relax in the lake surrounded by the mountains.

Things to Know Before you Go for Hatta Mountain Safari Tour

Location & How to Reach
Best Time to Visit
What to Wear

Location- Alphamed Building - office A377 - Abu Hail Road - Hor Al Anz East - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

How to Reach- Hatta is around 125 km from south east of Dubai city.

1.) By Car- In order to reach Hatta by car would take around 90 minutes via the route of Dubai and the Sharjah-Kalba, which are the quickest.

2.) By Bus Station- Take a bus at the Al Sabkha Bus Station in Dubai from where you can catch E16 bus, the bus would take around two hours to reach Hatta.

The best time to organize a trip to Hatta Mountain Safari would be during the months of September to November when the weather is perfectly suitable for indulging yourself in a range of activities. Reach the village of Hatta in the evening and camp at the preferred location out of several places at the site, though the best site would be across the Hatta lake.

The early morning or evening hours are perfect for bike riding at the conservation center, and kayaking at the Hatta lake won’t be a bad option either. In the afternoon, roam around the Hatta village exploring its heritage, culture and architecture. Trying some adventures at the Hatta Wadi Hub in the afternoon won’t be a bad idea as well, don’t foget to capture the beauty of the scenic marvels of Hatta meanwhile.

You would roam around the landscape of Hatta a lot in order to reach from one point to another, therefore you’re suggested to dress in comfortable loose clothes instead of tight body hugging clothes. Also have comfortable footwears to easily trail through the rough terrain. You would be performing a range of activities from attending markets to camping to kayaking, therefore you should carry suitable and comfortable clothing

  • Enjoy the service of shared transfers, you would be picked up and dropped off in 4x4 transportation service.
  • The Hatta Mountain Tour would take you through the iconic sites like Hatta Herittage village, Hatta Hill Park and Hatta Fort.
  • Spend hours Kayaking at Hatta Dam.
  • The tour to Hatta Wadi Hub center is included within the package and would allow you to enjoy a range of fun and adventurous activities.

FAQs of Hatta Mountain Dubai

What is so special about Hatta Mountain Dubai?

The diversity of experiences offered by the Hatta Village makes it a special place to visit. The beauty of the village is enchanting enough to help you escape the hustle bustle of city life. At the safari tour to Hatta Mountain you'd explore the culture of one of the most ancient villages of the country of UAE. While enjoying activities like kayaking, paragliding and bike riding you certainly would feel an adrenaline rush running in your veins. Because the Hatta Mountains serve as a wholesome entertainment place for a group of families, friends and fellows, they are quite famous.

What are the activities to do in Hatta, Dubai?

1.) Horse Riding- Sitting over a horse and trail on rocky terrain enjoy a vantage ride through the Hatta mountainscape. You will sit over Arabian horses to chase the sunset and sunrises happening behind the rocky mountains. Take a note that during the summer months the activity isn’t operational while it restarts every October.

2.) Mountain Biking- The activity of mountain biking is one of the most performed activities at Hatta Mountain. There is a trail of 50 kilometers developed by Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre which will take you through the various rough and rocky terrains. You can hire a bike from the team at Hatta Wadi Hub or can take your own along, the trail centre is already open for 24 hours a day.

3.) Paragliding- Soar high to float in air while enjoying the activity of Paragliding alongwith enjoying the scenic landscapes of Hatta while gliding through the rocky slopes. The experience is available only during the months of winter season and would last for about 15 minutes. All the guests are requested to take a notice that the activity is allowed only for those aged above 18, younger ones when accompanied by their guardians can participate in the activity as well.

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Which are the best places to stay in Hatta?

1.) JA Hatta Fort Hotel- Enjoy your stay at this amazing and oldest four-star hotel in Hatta, which ensures a perfect stay for family or couples enjoying their romantic break. The hotel has two outdoor temperature-controlled pools, the senses spa would be a good place to relax and later on spend hours at the mini-golf petanque.

2.) Damani Lodges Resort- The resort has been built in a makeshift mountain town structuring sleekly designed huts which are close, simple, have a private deck area and are very well equipped. You would be served the basic facilities of housekeeping services, comfy beds, Wi-Fi and modern bathrooms.

3.) Sedr Trailers Resort- The resort would be more economical and perfect for two adults and one child. These 4x4 vehicels have been nestled up high in the mountains and provide a kitchen, dining area, bathroom and outdoor terraced area. You can also enjoy a barbecue in the outdoor communal fire pit which is lit up by the staff on a daily basis.

Can we swim in Hatta Dam?

Yes, you can swim across the pools at Hatta Dam but there are no supervisors to guide you across in moving from one pool to another. Thus, the responsibility falls upon you and so you must be a confirmed swimmer.

How long is Hatta hike?

There are various treks and hikes at Hatta and all of them have different lengths which are displayed on signboards put across. The shortest trek at Hatta Mountain is 1 km while the longest one is 7 km.

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