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Water Jet Pack In Dubai highlights

  • Experience how it feels to be flying like a bird in the open sky over Dubai Marina

  • Under the guidance of an expert, we ensure the safety of the guests

  • Jet Pack on JBR beach of Dubai is once in a lifetime experience

  • Gear up to enjoy unlimited adventure and thrill as you fly a modern water powered Jet


JBR Beach
Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Water Jet Pack In Dubai cancellation_policy

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  • If cancellation are made 0 days to 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
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Water Jet Pack In Dubai overview

Activity Location: Palm Jumeirah - The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Activity Duration: 1 hour

Private Pick-up Location: Hotels/Residences centrally located in Dubai

Private Pick-up Time: 09:00 AM

Experience the thrill of flying in the air with the Water Jet Pack ride, one of the most exciting water-based activities in Dubai. Powered by a powerful jet pack, you'll soar above the Dubai Skyline and Palm Jumeirah, taking in breathtaking views in a unique and exhilarating way. Book the Water Jet Pack in Dubai package and make a splash on the shores of the UAE with this thrilling water sport. 

About the activity:

  • Enjoy an enthralling jetpacking experience on Dubai’s waterfront with your family and friends. 
  • Attend a 10-minute briefing and training session during which you will learn how to use the jet pack.
  • Get equipped with safety gear provided by the authorities to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight experience.
  • Feel the rush of adrenaline through your veins as you fly 30ft above the waters of the Persian Gulf.
  • Book the Water Jet Pack in Dubai and spend a fun-filled day in one of the most renowned destinations in the world.


  • Activity Start time is 10:00 AM
  • One needs to be a minimum of 4’9’’ and a maximum of 7’0’’ height. Similarly, the minimum weight is 45 kg and the maximum weight is 135 kg.

Water Jet Pack In Dubai faqs

What is the Jet Pack Experience in Dubai?

The water Jet pack experience in Dubai is a thrilling and innovative water sport during which you will be shot up high into the air above the sea. You have to stand and balance on a jetpack that is driven by high-pressure water streams pumped from a jet ski. Each jetpack session is 30 minutes long and the participants can go up to 30 to 50 feet into the air to catch a panoramic view of the JBR Beach and stunning aerial views of the city.

How much does it cost to jetpack in Dubai?

The cost of a Jetpack Experience in Dubai is approximately 360 AED (98 USD) per person for a 60-minute ride. The price includes a 10-minute brief introduction about the adventure and safety instructions followed by a 20-minute flight above the water. You will also be given a Water Jet pack device, waterproof communication system, helmet and life jacket by the tour operator for free.

Is there a height or weight limit for Water Jet Pack In Dubai?

Yes, there is a fixed minimum and maximum limit for both height and weight to try the Jet Pack experience in Dubai. The participant should be at least 4’9” (145 cm) tall while the maximum height limit is 7' 0” (213 cm). Similarly, the minimum weight requirement is 45 kgs (100 lbs) and the maximum weight is 136 kg (300 lbs). The height and weight limits are strictly followed by the instructors and hence anyone who fails to meet the requirements are not allowed to try Water Jet Pack Flying in Dubai.

What should I wear on my jetpack Dubai adventure?

You have to wear comfortable clothing like a swimsuit, wetsuit or shorts and sleeveless t-shirt to enjoy the Jet Pack Experience in Dubai. You will also be instructed to wear contact lenses instead of glasses and to remove jewelries and accessories. The tour operator will provide a life jacket and a helmet to ensure your safety during the adventure. The helmet protects you from head injuries while the life jacket prevents you from drowning into the water. You should also carry a towel, a pair of dry clothes, a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.

How high can I fly in a water Jet Pack In Dubai?

You have to stand on the jetpack and the high pressure water from it can lift you up to 65 feet above the water. However, the height of your fly is in the hands of the pilot as he controls the thrust, speed, height and direction of your flight.

What is the age limit for water Jet Pack in Dubai?

A minimum age limit is set by the instructors of water jet pack sport for safety reasons. Participants should be aged 10 years and above to take part in the experience in Dubai. Anyone below 18 years of age should have parental consent and must own a waiver signed by the parent or guardian. The rider should also be physically and medically fit to try the sport. There is no maximum age restriction but the participant must consider underlying health conditions like back pain and heart ailments.

How long is the Jet Pack Experience in Dubai?

The Jet Pack experience in Dubai is 60 minutes long which includes a 10-minute training session at the start. You will be briefed about the safety instructions by a professional who will also teach you some tricks like walking on water and acrobatic flips that you can do in mid air. After the introduction, the instructor will accompany you into the water to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Is Jet Pack in Dubai safe?

Yes, Jet Pack experience in Dubai is safe for participants who satisfy the age, height and weight requirements. You will be given a 10-minute briefing session during which a professional will give an introduction about the sport and safety instructions. You will also be given practical training before stepping into the water and getting on the device to get comfort with the device. After the training, you will have to wear a life jacket and helmet to avoid any possible injury. The accompanying guides are trained experts who make sure you are safe and enjoy your ride.


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