About Dubai Seaplane Tour

Dubai has added another way of exploring its geographical features, a seaplane tour which is certainly the most adventurous yet exciting method to take an overview of the city’s most iconic destinations. There are a range of tours planned which will take you around at least 25 destinations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. On a minimum of a 20 minute long flight get ready for an invaluable experience with a trained pilot who after taking a customary round across the iconic site would land the seaplane on water.

All the aspiring guests may look out at different Dubai Seaplane tour tickets and packages available, all these packages would involve different sites the seaplane would fly over. Therefore, of the several options available to you like seawings signature tour, signature tour from Dubai tour, Seawings Snapshot Experience, Signature Tour From Jebel Ali, etc., pick up the one that would take you through the destinations of your preference.

Why To Book Seaplane Tour Of Dubai?

If you wish to include this exciting and thrilling way of exploring Dubai in your travel itinerary, reserve your Dubai Seaplane tour tickets online. Because the tour is quite popular amongst visitors, securing tickets offline is often a very tedious task. Therefore, the most safe and quick way of making bookings is online where alongwith saving time you would earn discounts on the tour prices. Apart from cutting painstaking offline bookings off your list while making bookings you can aslo discover various packages offering different ways of enjoying seaplane journeys.

Out of various tours available like seawings signature tour, signature tour from Dubai tour, etc., pick up the ones as per your suitability and that which includes a tour through the destination you desire to see. Make sure that while making payments online you check the cancellation and refund policies, as soon as successful payments are done you would receive your confirmation tickets through mail.

Variations Of Seaplane Tour Of Dubai

Seaplane Dubai
Seawings Signature Tour

After enjoying the city of Dubai at its turquoise beaches, vast desert lands, get to know the city better with an eagle’s eye view by booking a Dubai Seaplane Tour. Yes,you are adding an air experience in your itinerary at Dubai. As you take a seat in a seaplane and it launches up in the sky you would enjoy sweeping vistas of Dubai’s skyscrapers, beaches and iconic modern architectural marvels. On this 45 mintue ride in the sky over the marvellously beautiful land of Dubai, for it to be launched at first place you need to pick up two take-off destinations. As you’re taken across all the iconic buildings like Burj Khalifa, Palm Island, Burj-Al-Arab and the World Islands, relax in your comfortable window seat for you to enjoy the comprehensive air coverage of all the destinations.

Ariel View of Ferrari World
Seaplane Tour Of Ferrari World & Abu Dhabi Tour

An air tour across the city of Abu Dhbai would give sparks to your tour to Yas Island, the seaplane tour would glide you through the details of the remarkable size and scale. It sounds exciting, isn’t it? So, hurry up and head up to the Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Island from where your seaplane would depart from the waters. It would be an adventurous activity to try for sure as well as exciting to run through the spectacular views of the sea and the striking domes of Emirates Palace Hotel. The whole show through the diverse geographies of the city would run for around 30 minutes, relax yourself down in your window seat and don’t take your eyes off the stunning views. After the show is done, you would land over the waters at Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Island. The tour isn’t finished yet, henceforth, the adventures at Ferrari world awaits you and you’d be directed there after the landing by road transfers

Seaplane Dubai
Signature Tour From Dubai Creek

As you book for the signature Dubai Seaplane Tour get ready for an elaborate tour across Dubai’s skyscrapers, beaches and architectural marvels. With this tour you would glide across the city of Dubai for straight 45 minutes in a shared seaplane, head off to Dubai Creek from where the ride would be launched. It strikes a perfect balance between a good flying time, gratidues like welcoming guests onboard with a refreshing drink. The highlights of the trip would be Burj Khalifa, Burj-Al Arab Hotel, Palm Jumeriah Port Rashid, the majestic and stunning Arabian coastline and an aerial view of Dubai’s dramatic landscape. The tour would include complimentary road transfers back to the hotel after taking you through the iconic landmarks in a state-of-the-art Cessna seaplane.

Seaplane Dubai
Seawings Snapshot Experience

The motto of the seawing snapshot experience at Dubai Seaplane Tour is to entertain all those falling short of time but want to fly across the major attractions of the city. This 20 minute long seaplane tour would make your veins feel the adrenaline rush as you soar in the air to glide across the popular destinations like Dubai Creek, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. All the guests must relax themselves in their leather seats in the plane and stick to the window to enjoy the spectacular views of the city. For the convenience of visitors, organizers of the experience would allow them to choose from a range of timing schedules so that they can enjoy the show at their ease.

Signature Tour From Jebel Ali
Signature Tour From Jebel Ali

A luxurious signature tour through the iconic destinations of the city would be set upright as per the convenience of the visitors requesting a visit. The guests would have to reach Jebel Ali before taking their comfortable window seat in the state-of-art Cessna seaplane which launches itself from water. Get ready to fill yourself with an adventurous and exciting activity as you would stay in the air enjoying the vast coastlines of Dubai, taking an eagle eye view of the towering skyscrapers for a duration of about 45 minutes. The Dubai seaplane tour would include all the iconic attractions like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and the World of Islands.

Why You Should Go For Seaplane Tour Of Dubai?

Seaplane Dubai
  • Gliding through the air across the different attraction spots of the city, one would only wonder about the marvels of standing architectures.
  • The tour would add up a fresh and fantastic way of consuming the stunning views of modern oasis, desert mirage as well as the modern architecture of the city.
  • Dubai Seaplane tour is special as it would include as many as 25 iconic destinations around UAE, and the absolute fun part of the tour being takeoffs and drop offs being on water. The hospitality of the tour extends to include dining options and leisure activities to entertain guests with luxurious services.
  • The beauty of the city from atop would expose you to the completely new cityscapes in their colourful glee and to various geographical features that until then weren’t known to you. Therefore, the tour is all about exploration and fun that comes with a new perspective.
  • You may choose from several tours as per your convenience, many of them vary based upon the duration of activity and the attractions you would be glided across.
  • Seaplane tour would be a perfect family tour as people from all ages can comfortably and conveniently board a sea plane.
  • The guests have the option of choosing from a private charter or a shared tour. They can consider looking at the various options available in the Shared Seawings Tours and Private Charter Tours before making their choices.

Know Before You Go For Seaplane Tour Of Dubai

Essential Information
How To reach
Things To Keep In Mind
Seaplane Dubai
  • Location- All the Seaplane tours have different take offs and landing locations. You may find the respective locations of your tour mentioned on your tickets, like a Signature Tour From Dubai Creek ticket would mention that the seaplane would take off from the waters at Dubai Creek.
  • Timings- Snapshot experience departs at 08:30 AM daily, the silver experiences are arranged between 09:00 AM to 06:00 AM daily and finally the Seaplane Tour of Ferrari World & Abu Dhabi Tour departs at 11:15 AM every Friday.
  • Best time to go- The best time to enjoy a seaplane tour is during the early morning hours or in the evening, when the ambience of the city is quite a treat to watch. The most preferable times to book your seaplane experiences is during 11 AM to 12 PM and 3 PM to 4 PM.

FAQ Of Seaplane Tour Of Dubai

What is the best time to go for Seaplane Dubai?

    The tours are arranged throughout the day, but the best time to arrange for an experience is during the early morning or evening hours. The most preferable times to book your seaplane experiences is during 11 AM to 12 PM and 3 PM to 4 PM.

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