About VR Park Dubai Mall

If virtual games and rides arewhat excites you, A trip to VR Park Dubai is something you would find incredibly enjoyable.Join this 4-hour tour by purchasing VR Park Dubai tickets to see the imaginative environment built around the cutting-edge idea of "shared escapism." This famous attraction was created with the goal of challenging reality by fusing perception with reality through wild experiences including fully immersive rides, interactive games, and instructive treks.

Games like John Wick Chronicles, in which you take your AK weapon and turn into the BoogeyMan, is among those that distort your sense of imagination and immerse you in a real-time experience. In addition to this, Plummet is one allows you to experience skydiving without really leaving the ground. At this VR park, you can take part in approximately 15 additional thrilling games and activities by booking VR Park Dubai tickets.

This indoor virtual reality park is the largest in the world with more than 30 thrilling VR activities. Moreover, the park also has and a kid-friendly soft play area that will be ideal for toddlers. For those who enjoy playing old-school arcade games,there are many fantastic gaming opportunities that will enthral both young and old persons;

Your VR Park Tickets Explained

By booking your VR Park tickets online, you will be able to skip the long queue and get entry directly to VR Park Dubai. If you have chosen private or public transport services while booking the tickets, you will be picked up directly from your hotel located in Dubai, or you can go to the activity site as per the time you have chosen while booking VR Park Dubai tickets.

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  • Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge world of virtual reality and augmented reality at the first-ever ultimate attraction in Dubai, VR Park

  • Unleash your inner explorer as you choose from a wide array of captivating VR experiences, each designed to transport you to a different world 

  • Brace yourself for spine-chilling encounters in the horror-themed experiences that will send shivers down your spine

  • Book your VR Park Dubai Mall tickets & let your imagination run wild as you interact with the amazing gadgets, enhancing your virtual experience

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Must Know Before You Go
  • The Pass is valid for 1 person for the same day only. Retail, arcade games, F&B not included.
  • You can access each ride at only once on VR parks (Repetition not allowed).
  • Digital Gate Card fees for visitors will be 5 AED at VR Park and which is non-negotiable.
  • Standard age, height and weight restrictions apply to each attraction and rides.
  • Minimum height for adult should be over 120 cm and for children should be under 120 cm.
  • Children must always be accompanied by an adult or a Guardian during the tour or attraction visit.
  • The operator may deny entry to children travelling alone for safety concern, so kindly follow the child policy at all times.
  • Guests should be there 10 or 30 minutes minutes before the scheduled time depending on your Booking.
  • Pass is not transferable or refundable.
  • Re-entry is not allowed after you leave the venue.
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VR Park Dubai Tickets Variants

Pay and Play Pass
Pay and Play Pass

At VR Park, forget about your daily life and enter a realm where visual reality rules. The park provides a wide range of activities suitable for visitors with a wide range of preferences. You may only pay for the rides or games you opt for with the Pay and Play Pass. Play Burj Drop and tumble down the Burj Khalifa's sides, or play Dune Bash and go off-roading while dodging spiders, scorpions, and snakes.Games like VR Mania, RobocomVR, Hologate, Sphere, and more are among the others that will entice you in its virtual world. The use of realistic items that interact with the VR elements, such as firearms and gloves, may be necessary for some attractions. Please be aware that you may only visit each attraction once. The gaming card is an extra 5 AED that guests must pay at the site. The venue must be approached directly for VR Park Dubai tickets refund.

VR Park Unlimited Attraction Pass
VR Park Unlimited Attraction Pass

With its virtual and augmented reality activities, Dubai's VR Park is one of the most engaging tourist attractions in the city. This admission ticket grants you four hours of unrestricted use of the 3D rides and activities, more than enough time to enjoy all the options. Skydive, play multiplayer interactive games, plunge from the Burj Khalifa, and more. Additionally, by making a reservation or by booking VR Park Dubai tickets, you may get guaranteed access on the day of your choice and save valuable vacation time. Try your hand at seven of the park's most action-packed thrills without waiting in the queues outside. Experience the magnificence of Burj Khalifa or explore an alien-filled planet, and test your perception of reality. Other games include playing virtual hockey, fighting robots and dragons, and exploring time and space. Bring your buddies along and explore the park's thrilling multiplayer augmented reality adventures.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and VR Park Tickets
Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and VR Park Tickets

Some of Dubai's best appreciated family attractions are located at Dubai Mall like the VR Park, Underwater Zoo and the Dubai Aquarium.Enjoy entry to all the three with this combo ticket. At the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, one of the biggest aquariums in the world, you can see sharks, crocodiles, and stingrays.You could also spend hours playing 18 virtual reality games at the VR Park, the largest virtual reality park in the world. Avail the convenience of skipping the line by using prepaid entrance tickets. Visit one of the largest aquariums in the world to explore the amazing marine life sightings. Additionally, play one of 18 Virtual Reality games of your choosing while taking self-guided tours that allow you to go at your own pace.

Dubai Aquarium and VR Park Tickets
Dubai Aquarium and VR Park Tickets

Due to its large selection of restaurants, shopping, and amazing recreational offerings, Dubai Mall is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UAE. Experience VR Park and Dubai Aquarium, two of the city's most exciting attractions, with this handy pass. You get unlimited access to the games, rides, and attractions at VR Park, all of which provide the best VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) experiences. The most significant of them is Burj Drop, an immersive experience centred around the iconic Burj Khalifa, along with VR Balloon and Dubai Drone. Find your way to Dubai Aquarium either before or after your VR Park experience. The enormous 10 million litre water tank is home to an astounding collection of over 33,000 marine species. Not to mention its Underwater Zoo, which is home to fascinating creatures like the King Croc, which weighs a whopping 750 kilos, the Veiled Chameleon, and the Desert Hedgehog.

Burj Khalifa + VR Park Tickets + Dubai Frame
Burj Khalifa + VR Park Tickets + Dubai Frame

With one ticket, you may visit the fantastic VR Park, and take in the breathtaking views of the Dubai cityscape from the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Frame. Visit three of Dubai's crown jewels with this incredibly affordable combination ticket. From the observation deck on the 124th and 125th floors of the Burj Khalifa, marvel at the breathtaking views of Dubai's skyline. In the ground-floor café, follow it up with a hot cup of coffee or a soft drink.Explore the museum to learn how Dubai changed over time to become the vibrant metropolis that it is today and to learn about the city's future goals.

IMG World + VR Park Tickets  + Dubai Frame
IMG World + VR Park Tickets + Dubai Frame

The world's largest indoor theme park, IMG Worlds of Adventure, the first fully immersive VR experience in the Middle East, VR Park, and the largest picture frame on the planet, Dubai Frame, are all accessible with just one ticket. Utilise this combo ticket to visit three well-known locations in Dubai. Wave at your favourite cartoon and superhero characters at IMG Worlds and see them come to life. Enjoy 22 exhilarating rides and roller coasters on a playground that is 1.5 million square feet. Visit the Marvel, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard, and The Lost Valley Epic Adventure Zones here. IMG Worlds offer themed meals, unusual shopping, and intriguing art. Challenge reality with mind-blowing activities at Dubai's VR Park. Try your hand at seven of the park's most action-packed thrills without waiting in the queues outside. Challenge yourself by trying a fall off the Burj Khalifa or exploring an alien-filled planet, and test your perception of reality. Visit the Dubai Frame for a breathtaking perspective of the Dubai Skyline.

 IMG Worlds of Adventure + VR Park Tickets
IMG Worlds of Adventure + VR Park Tickets

With just one ticket, you can visit IMG Worlds of Adventure, the biggest indoor theme park in the world, and the VR Park, the region's first fully immersive VR experience. This combination ticket grants access to two renowned attractions, including heart-pounding thrills and splashy water-based entertainment. Wave at your favourite cartoon and superhero characters at IMG Worlds and see them come to life. Enjoy 22 exhilarating rides and roller coasters on a playground that is 1.5 million square feet. Visit the Marvel, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard, and The Lost Valley Epic Adventure Zones here. IMG Worlds also offers themed meals, unusual shopping, and intriguing art.

Burj Khalifa At the Top with Coffee + VR Park Tickets
Burj Khalifa At the Top with Coffee + VR Park Tickets

A reasonably priced ticket that gives you entrance to VR Park, the Burj Khalifa, and the highest building in the world. With this combo ticket, you may visit the Burj Khalifa and VR Park, two must-see attractions in Dubai! From the observation deck on the 124th and 125th floors of the Burj Khalifa, take in breathtaking views of Dubai's skyline. Get a hot coffee or a soft drink to go after that at The Café, which is located on the ground level. The 7,000 square metre VR Park is intended to defy reality by offering incredible adventures. Try out seven of the most exciting attractions in the park. A few adventures include playing virtual hockey, fighting robots and dragons, while going across time and space.

Why Book VR Park Dubai Tickets

Prepare to enter the wonderful gaming world after a seamless entrance to VR Park Dubai! VR Park Dubai is one of the UAE's largest collections of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) based attractions, taking up two levels of the world's largest mall, Dubai Mall. With a focus on "Shared Escapism" and designed to defy realism, it crams roughly 18 interactive rides into its 7,000 square metre space. Before you arrive at the Dubai Frame, reserve your tickets on the desired date. You will receive an email with an electronic ticket that must be shown at the entrance to visit the attraction. By avoiding large lines with this ticket, you can save some precious time. .

1.) If You Would Like to Save TimeOnline ticket purchases for VR Park Dubai might help you cut down on travel time. It will guarantee your entry to the attraction without requiring you to stand in line at the ticket window.

2.) If You Wish to Explore Further By selecting one of the combination tickets, you may visit some of Dubai's most iconic attractions, such as Burj Khalifa at the Top, Ain Dubai, IMG Worlds OF Adventure, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Dubai Frame, and Dubai Garden Glow, in addition to VR Park.

3.) Experience More Through Combo TicketsThis combo experience is for you if you're new or want to learn more about the city at one go. Your tour starts from being picked up from the appointed pick-up location and you are taken to some of the city's most alluring attractions. The Gold Souq, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah, Lamer Beach, Atlantis the Palm, and other attractions will be visible to you.

Why Visit VR Park Dubai

VR Park Dubai is the perfect place for you if delving deeply into magical realms has long been a goal of yours. Take part as the main character in thrilling hyper-realistic narratives of virtual worlds.The use of real-world artefacts gives the game an additional layer of realism and distinguishes VR Park Dubai from the city's other amusement parks. VR Park Dubai has two enormous levels that are home to a wide variety of virtual experiences. You have a variety of alternatives at your disposal, such as mystery, action, and adventure. The Burj Drop is the ideal VR experience for thrill-seekers, while lovers of adventure sports will enjoy Dune Bash for a thrilling virtual off-roading journey.

Fun Filled Experiences at VR Park Dubai

The VR Park in Dubai is the ideal place to go if you've seen Ready Player One and want to experience a world like that. By blending the borders between perception and reality and generating experiences that are transcendent through the range of games, rides, and experiences to suit all ages, it pushes the limits of human creativity.

There are a lot of exciting things you can do, including skydiving on the Plummet without really falling out of a helicopter, experiencing the mind-numbing Dune Bash with scorpions and snakes slithering past, and holding on while your Dubai Drone taxi spins out of control on a rollercoaster. If you love sports, whether it is tennis, football, golf, hockey, or boxing, the VR Sports area will keep you entertained for a very long time. As we previously stated, VR Park Dubai has something to offer everyone, and their slogan, Challenge Reality, is quite accurate. We think that dinner from the PVRK Café, which provides out-of-this-world delights, is the ideal way to cap off your extraordinary day at VR Park.

Here’s a list of different immersive experiences at VR Park Dubai's greatest attractions. Don't forget to include them!

Dubai Drone
Dubai Drone

In the year 2050, Dubai residents will go about in drone taxis. You're in for a challenge where you have to hold on to your cab as it spirals out of control around Dubai while the skies are filled with traffic! A breathtaking and exhilarating virtual reality experience called Dubai Drone transports you to the sky over Dubai for an amazing voyage.

Para Drop
Para Drop

If you've always wanted to try paragliding, ParaDrop is the attraction you should try as soon as you arrive at VR Park Dubai. Para Drop is unique from anything else offered at the VR arcade and is regarded as the first virtual reality paragliding experience in the Middle East. What's best? You complete the entire process in complete safety without losing the sensation of flying through the air!


Drifters are the ideal option if you're seeking a VR experience to share with the whole family. It is an improved version of the vintage bumper vehicles. These bumper cars are far more entertaining and engaging, and they let you perform stunning feats because you're physically safe and not subject to the rules of gravity.


With SpeedWay, you may travel without being constrained by other drivers or traffic laws. You have the freedom to be angry on the roadways while riding this incredible vehicle. From the security and cozy set-up of our VR arcade, you may drive around to your heart's delight.

Dune Bash
Dune Bash

Want to drive across Dubai's deserts but are concerned about all the sand? Dune Bash is specially designed for you. Take a thrilling 4WD Jeep trip across the Dubai desert, then continue on a unique tour where you'll see snakes and scorpions. Camels are also waiting throughout the route, giving Dune Bash a real desert feel.

Flying Chairs
Flying Chairs

The flying chair ride is one of the VR Park's top kid-friendly activities. With the use of virtual reality headsets, the ride enables kids to securely sit in the seats and experience flight. They may enjoy it to the maximum since unlike other rides, it won't make them queasy.

Cozmo Jets
Cozmo Jets

A VR park experience created specifically for kids is called Cozmojet. It enables them to take control of a small aircraft and launch their mission to defend Earth from alien invasion. It is the ideal experience for those who want action-packed fun without being aggressive. You may purchase the tickets online, reserve your time slots, and let your kids go on the excursion they've dreamed of countless times.

Magic Bikes
Magic Bikes

This interactive, hand-glider-themed vehicle lets you fully pedal your exhilarating adventure as you soar into the air on a magic biking ride.

Burj Drop
Burj Drop

You are given the responsibility of maintaining the Burj Khalifa's windows' cleanliness by Burj Drop. You feel the excitement of narrowly avoiding death as the wire holding you in place cracks, sending you hurtling into the air. The VR Park excels in creating virtual experiences that are relevant to Dubai.

Things to Know Before you Go for VR Park Dubai

Essential Information
How to Reach
Essential Information

LocationLevel 2 of the Dubai Mall, on Financial Centre Road in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is where you can find the VR Park Dubai.

Timings The following are the VR Park Dubai opening hours:Weekend: Sunday through ThursdayHours: 12 PM to 10 PM; 9:30 PM is the final admittance.Weekends are from Friday through Saturday.Hours are 10 AM to 12 AM, with the final admittance being 11:30 PM.

Best Time to Visit - The ideal times to travel are in March, April, September, and October if you want to avoid crowds. The weekdays between 10 AM and 4 PM are the ideal times to visit VR Park Dubai because there are fewer tourists around. Avoid going to VR Park Dubai on the weekends because many residents of the area also go there.Best Time to Visit

Tips to Remember while Visiting VR Park Dubai

Tips to Remember while Visiting VR Park Dubai
  • Although admission to VR Park Dubai Mall Tickets is free, there are credits for each ride that range from AED 15 to AED 45. As soon as you arrive, you may load up on gaming credits and use them to purchase your favourite rides and games.
  • All of the rides and games prohibit the use of food and beverages.
  • All 18 games at VR Park Dubai have height, age, and health requirements, and visitors must fit these requirements to play.
  • At all times, children who are shorter than 110 centimetres are not permitted. If your youngster is under the minimum height requirement, we advise against bringing them.
  • Minimum age of 7 is required for participants in this VR park.
  • The nearest parking space is in the same building's Cinema Parking if you're driving to the Dubai Mall.
  • Inside VR Park Dubai, smoking is not permitted.
  • A line cannot be skipped over, cut, or held open for another customer.
  • Take good care of your goods while you are at VR Park since the employees of the arcade are not liable for any items that are stolen, lost, or destroyed.
  • Considering VR Park Dubai's full lineup of attractions and games? Allow three hours minimum for the entire experience.

FAQs of VR Park Dubai

What is so special about VR Park Dubai?

    One of the unusually themed parks is the VR park in Dubai, which mixes augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to provide visitors of all ages with 18 of the most captivating experiences. VR Park has turned out to be a superior and more expansive alternative to the gaming arcade. Unquestionably, this is among the most enjoyable activities at Dubai Mall.

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Which are the top experiences at VR Park Dubai?

On what floor is VR Park Dubai located?

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Are there any restrictions at the VR Park Dubai?

How long are my VR Park Dubai tickets valid for?

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