Overview of Dubai Butterfly Garden

The Dubai Butterfly Garden, a part of the Dubai Miracle Garden, was added to the city's attractions in 2015 covering almost 2600 square meters of land. More than 50 species of butterflies can be found in the Butterfly Garden, unlike any other place in the world. The ten domes in this indoor garden add a new dimension to the architectural richness of this place. They are also climate-controlled, allowing the park to remain open year-round.

In addition, there is a butterfly museum in the garden that features thousands of butterfly sculptures created by hand. They have been gathered from all across the world to provide a unique opportunity to observe and learn about each artist's artistic expression.

An educational area is also available to teach visitors about the butterfly's metamorphosis at various points in its life cycle, such as when it lays its eggs. Visitors can also watch educational films and learn about butterflies' life stages in the butterfly garden cinema area. The Dubai butterfly garden also features nectar plants from various species. Adding nectar-producing flowers to your environment is a wonderful idea for both the aesthetic and health of butterflies. With butterfly garden Dubai tickets from us, you can enjoy your visit to Butterfly Garden Dubai even in a more budget-friendly way!

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It's like a dream come true for naturalists! More than 15,000 butterflies and a tiny pond dedicated to Koi goldfish live at Dubai's Butterfly Garden. The garden also has a children's amusement park, an adult amusement park, a café, and a gift shop. There is a children's movie theater where young children may learn about animals, which is fun and educational. Close to the Miracle Garden is the Dubai Butterfly Garden, which features ten custom-built domes. It is also acclaimed as the "biggest enclosed butterfly garden in the world." It's a great thing to be able to spend time with these magnificent creatures and experience the feeling of them landing on your hands or fingers or flying over.

When you book Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets from us, it gives you a budget-friendly way to the Butterfly Garden for nine hours. You can also book a combo of Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden Dubai Tickets online to get a glimpse of both attractions at one go. You will find a great difference in ticket prices when booked online as compared to tickets taken offline. It is also a great time saver as the queues are generally very long.

Your Dubai Butterfly Garden Tickets Explained

Dubai Butterfly Garden Admission Tickets

This trip takes you to the two sights you should not miss while in Dubai. First one is Dubai Miracle Garden, where there are over 20 stunning structures and attractions filled with an abundance of beautiful plants, birds, butterflies, and bees. There's the chance to see Mickey, Goofy, and all the rest of the Disney legends on Disney Avenue. Next one is the visit to the beautiful Butterfly Garden will allow you to discover the world of the approximately 15,000 butterflies that live there. Get fascinated while knowing facts about their evolution and daily routine. Do visit the butterfly museum and The natural Koi fish pond.

Dubai Butterfly  garden
Dubai Miracle Garden and Global Village with Butterfly Garden

Visit three of Dubai's most popular attractions in one trip at best butterfly garden ticket price winch includes Global Village, Butterfly Garden and Dubai Miracle Garden. The first stop will be at the spectacular garden, known as 'Dubai Miracle Garden,' which is the largest natural flower garden in the world and is sure to mesmerize you with its spectacular floral installations and displays. The classic flowerbeds are organized in arches and flowerbeds producing multiple forms and practices, with topiary-style displays, aside from blooms that take the shape of stars, igloos, hearts, pyramids and many more.

Also, an attractive butterfly museum and a butterfly flower park are between the domes. The domes are climate-controlled and provide butterflies with a pleasant atmosphere. One-hour butterfly garden Dubai entry fee will be somewhere between INR 2200 to INR 2400 per person. The Global Village will be the last stop, the most fabulous leisure, entertainment and cultural attraction in the region, where you can enjoy an astounding assortment of festivals, shopping, and entertainment in an open-air theme park. This entertainment and retail destination is open from November through to April and has over 70 participating nations featured in over 36 pavilions, with more than 50 exciting attractions and 26 restaurants serving cuisines worldwide.

Miracle Garden with Butterfly Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is the most recent mega-project in this Middle Eastern metropolis. During its first month of operation, it received more than 200,000 visitors. Flowers in awe-inspiring forms and patterns fill 45 million blossoming pots. They used forty-five different flower kinds and colors to create an eye-catching color scheme.

The best spot to view anything like this in the neighborhood or anywhere else on the globe is here. Aside from disabled parking, VIP parking, prayer rooms, restrooms, ablution facilities, first aid stations, security rooms, and other tourist services, the Miracle Garden's first phase offers a wide range of high-tech amenities and services.

Why You Should Book Dubai Butterfly Garden Tickets with Us?

Entry to Dubai Butterfly Garden

1.) The Dubai Butterfly Garden, home to approximately 15,000 butterflies from roughly 26 distinct species, can be found in the charming Dubai Miracle Garden's northeastern section.

2.) Climate-controlled domes protect the garden's butterflies. It's an excellent opportunity for youngsters to learn about the life cycle of these amazing creatures in the teaching area. It's a great spot to bring the whole family together for quality time.

3.) We offer great deals and discount on the Butterfly garden dubai ticket price, so you'll save a lot of money. Those visitors who want to visit the place on a budget should definitely book in advance

4.) Ten custom-built domes are on display at the world's most enormous covered butterfly garden, where visitors may enjoy the quiet atmosphere, brilliant colors, and enchanting beauty.

5.) Visit the koi fish pond in the yard, take in the beautiful orange and white fish, and relax in peace.

6.) The garden has a playground and a movie theater for children to enjoy. Enjoy a meal in the on-site café or a memento from the garden gift shop.

7.) You can also get online combo butterfly garden dubai tickets from Thrillophila at the low cost available to enjoy your most desirable tour with your loved ones.

Why Visit Dubai Butterfly Garden?

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is tucked away in the Miracle Garden amongst 50 million blooming flowers and grasses. Visitors have been pouring in since it opened its doors in 2015. The world's largest butterfly garden was created by introducing over 15,000 butterflies from 50 different species. It's an excellent opportunity for visitors to learn about and discover a variety of butterflies in their natural habitat. Watch the fluttering butterflies as you reach the zenith of paradise. Children also love watching and gaining knowledge about how a butterfly goes through different stages in its life cycle.

A variety of domes allow visitors to explore nearly 50 species of butterfly, each with its distinct shape, color, and features, in an indoor setting. Take a stroll through the venue's climate-controlled indoor garden, which features about ten domed structures. Seeing a variety of butterflies of all shapes, sizes, and colors flying around right in front of your eyes promises a magical experience at the Butterfly Garden. Visitors through the venue's Butterfly Museum and Educational Area can now gain a thorough understanding of the progression of butterflies at each stage, making it an ideal destination for families with young children.

Experiences Offered in Butterfly Garden Tickets.

Koi Pond Dubai Butterfly Garden
Koi Pond

If you're a fan of aquatic life, the beautiful Koi pond in the Dome of Dubai Butterfly Garden could be worth visiting. Awe-inspiring colors of orange, white, and gold adorn the Koi as they swim together. We know you'll like the garden's added sense of peace and tranquility provided by the sound of running water. The Koi, or jinli in Mandarin Chinese, is a popular aquarium fish that hails from the Far East and is loved by enthusiasts and aquarium owners.

Kids Cinema at Dubai Butterfly Garden
Kids Cinema

It shows various instructional videos, animations, and the butterfly life cycle, all amusing and instructive. However, the fun doesn't stop there for the small ones. After a few hours of exploring the butterfly-filled domes, you may relax with a movie from their collection of family-friendly Disney flicks. There's also a nice assortment of reasonably priced and delectable foods, including complimentary popcorn or ice cream for moviegoers who purchase their tickets online and free coffee or ice cream for parents.

Dining Options at Dubai Butterfly Garden
Food & Beverage

Fruit platters and juices are available for the health-conscious, while ice creams and candy bars are available for those looking for a sweet treat. On-site amenities include a coffee shop, a candy store, and a snack kiosk.

Food and beverages include gelato, popcorn, and nachos as well as soda and water; fresh juices; fresh fruits; hot and cold coffee from Starbucks machines; tea; fresh sandwiches; ice cream; and a candy assortment are all best sellers from the on site amenities

Souvenirs at Dubai Butterfly Garden
Souvenir Shops

As a butterfly dies in the garden, their crew proceeds to the next step. After conserving the butterfly's natural beauty, they turn it into a variety of lovely souvenirs, which you can purchase at our Souvenir Shop, which is just adjacent to the Butterfly Museum's front door and is open throughout museum hours. Among the most popular items sold are butterfly frames for their bigger specimens, while keychains and refrigerator magnets are offered

Quick Tips to Remember about Dubai Butterfly Garden

  • Butterfly garden Dubai ticket prices comes at no cost for specially abled people and children under age of 3.
  • In contrast to Dubai Miracle Garden, Butterfly Garden is open all year round, save for maintenance breaks throughout the summer. The best time to come is between November and March when the weather is mild enough to use the park's outdoor amenities.
  • Inside the garden, visitors are not permitted to bring food or drink of any kind.
  • It is the responsibility of all guests to keep an eye on their things and not to leave them unattended.
  • Dubai Butterfly Garden is an eco-friendly location. Thus, visitors are asked to respect the environment by avoiding cluttering communal areas.
  • Visitors must exercise caution when strolling through the park since butterflies prefer to rest on the leaves and paths.
  • Visitors are asked not to touch or disrupt their wings to keep the butterflies safe.
  • For safety reasons, visitors are not permitted to enter any restricted items.

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Park Hours and Facilities
How to Reach
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Park Instructions
Dubai Butterfly  garden

After parking your car at Miracle Garden's free parking lot, you can take a stroll through the Butterfly Garden with no worries. There is also a prayer area at Dubai Butterfly Garden in case you need to pray during your visit and want a quiet place to do so. Visitors to Dubai Butterfly Garden can choose from various food and drink options. The restrooms at Dubai Butterfly Garden are also gender-specific.

FAQ's of Dubai Butterfly Garden

What are the different butterfly species at Dubai Butterfly Garden?

    The Dubai Butterfly Garden houses over 15,000 butterflies from 50 different species and is located inside the Dubai Miracle Garden. When you visit Dubai Butterfly Garden, you'll learn a lot about these fascinating animals and have fun doing it with the whole family. Visit the Butterfly and Insect Museum while you're there for an in-depth look at the world's diverse butterfly population.

    Some of the most popular species of butterflies that you can find here include the White Angled-Sulfur, Monarch, the Red Rim, African Queen and the Tailed Jay, along with Doris Butterfly, the Great Eggfly, Orange Oakleaf, the Owl Butterfly, the Clipper as well as the Golden Birdwing, among others.

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