About Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise

Embark on the most luxurious Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise around Dubai's vibrant waterways. There isn't anything quite like a Lotus Mega Yacht Cruise through the chic Dubai Marina. When you arrive onboard this magnificent boat with roomy decks complemented by cool contemporary décor, a friendly and eager crew will welcome you. Enjoy the views of the breathtaking Dubai vistas as the ship departs from Pier 7 (near the Dubai Marina Mall). This amazing yacht has a swimming pool, a private Jacuzzi, a hydraulic canopy deck, and several salons. You may eat a variety of canapés and dinners, BBQ specialities, mixed fish, sautéed seasonal vegetables, and desserts, primarily Umm Ali, fresh-cut fruit, and different pastries. With a live DJ, a pool, free-flowing drinks, and, of course, a range of freshly made food served from a live kitchen station, this offers you some unmatched celebrity-like moments.

The Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, The Palm Resort, JBR, and Ain Dubai at Bluewaters Island are just a few of the renowned Dubai landmarks that may be photographed on the Lotus Mega Yacht Cruise. The four entertainment areas aboard this superyacht make it the perfect place to celebrate any occasion. Additionally, you may select a brunch or dinner cruise that includes both food and drinks or just food. Party like you never have with your ladies with an exclusive VIP setting for ladies on the Lotus Mega Yacht Cruise.

Get Best Deals on Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise

When you book your Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise with us, you get an experience of a lifetime with exciting deals and packages that are created just for you. We provide epic packages that include different options. Our Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise- Food Only package ranges from 3000 INR (133 AED) to 4500 INR (178 AED) and includes sightseeing where you can enjoy views of the Blue Water, Palm Islands, Sky Dive, Marina, and Atlantis.

The package also includes a lavish five-star international buffet including a barbecue, canapés, salads, desserts and live cooking and activities such as a widescreen cinema hall, a swimming pool with a waterfall and jets, an air-conditioned lounge for dining, and open bars. Our Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise- Food and Drinks package includes everything in the Food only package with two alcoholic beverages ranging from 5000 INR (223 AED) to 6000 INR (267 AED).

Why Should You Choose a Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise?

  • Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise is the definition of a beautifully and thoughtfully crafted yacht with excess, unnecessary luxury and extravagance.

  • Lotus Mega Yacht Cruise’s ultra-unique design, which combines high fashion and sophistication, makes her a globally unmatched boat.

  • The yacht has an impressive and unique capacity of 500 passengers onboard, extra cozy design, and the variety of entertainment alternatives.

  • Experience the opulent life on the ocean by the premium yacht's amenities with unmatched hospitality and courteous services.

  • The Lotus Mega Yacht Cruise is an excellent option for giving you the greatest opportunity to have a 5-star private dinner in a fantastic setting.

  • From canapés to a collection of delectable desserts, Westin's 5-star cuisine features an inspired selection of meals.

  • You can experience royalty and luxury with the fantastic facilities provided on deck that allow you to have the fun-filled experience of a lifetime with on-deck nightclubs, swimming pools, indoor activities, and big screens.

Know Before You Go For Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise

Essential Information
  • Luxury Lotus Mega Yacht Cruise: Experience a luxurious journey on a 220-feet long and 50-feet wide yacht with 5 deck levels.
  • Spectacular Sights: Enjoy breathtaking views of Atlantis, Dubai Marina, Palm Islands, and Blue Water during the cruise.
  • Gastronomic Delights: Treat your taste buds to an extensive variety of foreign cuisine, live BBQ, and cookery stations onboard.
  • Entertainment Options: Explore a range of onboard entertainment alternatives to keep you engaged throughout the journey.
  • Personalized Services: Avail the assistance of butlers who are ready to cater to your needs and ensure a memorable experience.

FAQ's of Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise

What is the average cost of booking Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise?

    You receive a once-in-a-lifetime experience with unique prices and packages when you book your Lotus Mega Yacht Cruise with us. We provide spectacular bundles with a variety of choices. When you book with us, the prices start from around 4000 INR (178 AED); where you may enjoy sightseeing on our Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise- Food Only package, where you can enjoy views and much more.

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