Al Ain City Tour Guide

Al Ain City Tour Overview

Book your Al Ain City Tours to escape the crowds and bustle of the big cities of UAE and visit this quaint sleepy town on the former caravan route from UAE to Oman. Literally translates, ‘the spring’, Al Ain was an important oasis once in the midst of miles of desert on either side. This green patch is a well-known site to visit today with its spectacular views and breathtaking aura.

Located merely an hour and a half’s drive from the city of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain is believed to be among the oldest permanently inhabited settlements in the entire world. Go for the popular Al Ain city sightseeing tours to witness why the place is also considered one of the top cultural sites of the country. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Al Ain boasts a long history and cultural richness. Visit the spectacular museums and forts here that relay its glorious past as well as the date palm lined iconic oasis, which is the primary attraction of Al Ain. The tour will also encompass an exciting drive all the way up to the top of the rocky mountains of Jebel Hafeet from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the plains below.

Book Al Ain City Tour Online

Enjoy this side of the UAE, which is in stark contrast with its sharp cosmopolitan guise by booking your Al Ain City Tours online. Enjoy booking your tour from the comforts of your home or office or even while you are on the move and get a guaranteed booking for the day of your choice. Moreover, when you book online you can also avail of some of the most exciting deals, discounts, offers, and enjoy the best rates possible. The 8-hour long tour includes a sumptuous meal, a local guide, visit to places of interest such as the Al Jahili Fort, Al Ain National Museum, and Archeological Park, and much more.

Best Al Ain City Tour Variations

Al Ain City Sightseeing Tour with Lunch from Dubai

Opt for this Al Ain city sightseeing tour with a professional guide to discover the picturesque little place set against a backdrop of the majestic Hajar Mountains. Popularly known as the Garden City, AL Ain boasts green parks, monuments and structures from the olden days. Visit the two museums in the city that are housed within the former royal palace and charming Al Jahili fort respectively. Round off your interesting day at Al Ain with a visit to the camel market, the Jebel Hafeet hot springs, as well as the ‘falaj’ channels at the oasis that help irrigate the date palms.

Al Ain City Tour From Dubai

Take a breather from the bustle of city life by booking this Al Ain city sightseeing tour that gives you the best experiences of the place. Start the tour by getting picked up from your location of preference and head to the Al Ain palace museum where you can learn much about the local history. Next on the itinerary is a visit to the famous Al Ain Oasis, which is a wonderful sight amid the brown desert and a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness a real oasis. Visit the historical buildings, a shopping mall, camel market, and a nearby date farm where you can enjoy a first-hand experience of how dates are processed and even get to taste some of the juicy fruits.

Attractions to Explore in Al Ain

Wallow in history at the Al-Ain museum

Also known as the Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum, you can learn about the rich history and interesting information of the UAE. Get a deep insight into the cultural and social norms of the country, the past and present government structures, as well as the founding of Al Ain in 1971 as a Sheikdom.

Soak in the lush greenery at the Al Ain national heritage

This verdant oasis situated right in the middle of the city spans an area of almost 2962 acres of palm trees along with an ancient and still functioning irrigation system. Take a breather from the hot desert surroundings amid the hundreds of palm and other fruit trees here.

Step back in time at the Al Ain Fort

Learn more about the history of Al Ain by booking the Al Ain City tours that include a visit to the AL Ain Fort. Enjoy viewing the magnificent collection of photographs of Wilfred Thesiger and of his travels in this region in the 1940s as well as other art exhibits.

Learn about Al Ain’s ancient history at the Archaeological park

Visit the site where Archaeologists have claimed to find artefacts that date back to the Bronze and Iron ages. The critical discoveries made here have put Al Ain in the list of the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage sites. You will find most of the discoveries made here displayed at the local museum for visitors to enjoy.

Enjoy majestic views from the Jebel Hafeet mountain

Standing at a height of almost 1,240 feet, this is the emirate’s highest peak and forms a stunning backdrop to the quaint city. Forged out of craggy limestone weathered over several million years, Jebel Hafeet mountain offers some of the most stunning views of the city.

Relax in the Hot water springs

Head to the Mubazzarah Park to unwind and spend some peaceful moments amidst natural surroundings. Hot water from the springs is pumped into the park and allowed to run through narrow man made streams where you can relax with your feet soaked in. If you wish to explore it further, there are also two swimming pools here, where the freshwater is regularly pumped in.

Shop at the Al Ain Mall

During the course of your Al Ain City tours, this is one of the most preferred places to stop for some shopping and lunch. The mall houses several international brands ranging from clothes, books, accessories, electronics, and much more. The in-house ice skating rink here is particularly popular among children and adults alike.

Witness exotic wildlife at the Al Ain zoo (Entrance ticket not included)

Visit this specialised centre that has been created for the conservation of endangered species especially for the successful breeding of desert antelopes and gazelles, such as the endangered Arabian oryx. Enjoy a great day of fun and adventure as you explore the zoo with its spectacular collection of over 4,000 animals.

Why Should You Go for the Al Ain tour?

  • By opting for the Al Ain City Tours, make your visit to the United Arab Emirates a refreshingly memorable and unique experience. The lush oasis in the midst of vast desert lands packs in a rich history showcased in its museums, forts, and palaces. Guarded by the majestic Jebel Hafeet Mountains, the second highest in the country, Al Ain is also known as the Garden City for its verdant parks.

  • Book you Al Ain city sightseeing tours and head off to this tiny locale nestled near the border of Oman about 120 km from Dubai. It boasts one of the most exquisite and green landscapes with parks, gardens, and boulevards.

  • Apart from the emirate’s tallest mountains from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city below, the city offers several other incredible places of interest. These include the Al Jahili Fort that houses a large museum with fascinating displays including a rare collection of ruling family’s portraits.

  • Enjoy a trip to an authentic and traditional camel market, get mesmerised by the ancient discoveries made at the Archaeological Park which are displayed at the Al Ain National Museum, spend a fun day with kids at the Al Ain zoo, and take a breather at the Al Ain Mall.

FAQ's of Al Ain City Tour

What is Al Ain known for?

Al Ain is a breathtaking oasis in the midst of vast desert lands and is known for its lush greenery, hundreds of date palms, hot springs, and lush gardens. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is backed by the second highest mountain in the country, the Jebel Hafeet and boasts a rich history being the world's oldest permanently inhabited settlements.

Which are the main attractions to visit during the Al Ain city tour ?

Al Ain Fort: The historic fort has played an important role in the country’s history and is one of the main attraction to visit during your Al Ain city tour

Al Ain Zoo: A great place to visit as a family especially with kids, the AL Ain Zoo is known for being a centre for oryx conservation. The zoo is home to over 4000 animals and offers plenty of exciting exhibits and experiences

Al Ain Oasis: Visit this breathtakingly beautiful site spanning a 1,200-hectare estate with thousands of date palms of different varieties. Learn about the historical ecosystem here and the distinct farming methods applied at the first curated UNESCO World Heritage Site in the UAE

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What are the operational hours and duration of the Al Ain city tour?

The AL Ain City tours are available every day except Fridays and government declared holidays. The tour starts early at about 7:30 AM to 8 AM and lasts about 6 hours.

How to reach Al Ain?

There are several ways to reach AL Ain from Dubai, including by car, taxi, and bus. You can drive personally in your car to Al Ain via the Al Ain – Dubai (E66) road. It will take you about an hour and a half to reach Al Ain city from Dubai.

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