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About Deep Sea Fishing In Dubai

Join in an adventurous activity during Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai which would take you through the deepest portion of the sea on a fishing session. The city of Dubai attracts all fishing enthusiasts from all across at its renowned fishing spots where an abundant diverse category of fishes are found. These spots are perfect to test your fishing skills and try some new techniques, you’re welcome onboard even if you’re an amateur.

There are different ways to take up the experience of deep fishing in Dubai, a range of options with differing sizes of yachts, durations, and other itineraries can be explored before picking up one of your suitability. You may even consider privately booking these yachts or sharing them with other fellow fishing enthusiasts. The fishing tours are a minimum of 4 hours long in duration and can be extended to extra hours as per the availability of the schedules. During this exciting fishing tour, you will try different fishing techniques varying from traditional ones to trolling to the famous Japanese ways of effective fishing under the effective guidance of the well-trained crew accompanying you. The crew along with guiding you add ensuring your safety during the tour might also show some versatile fishing hacks which can be of great help in the future.

Deep-Sea Fishing Tickets Variations In Dubai

Go Fishing Dubai 5 Hours Of Trolling & Regular Fishing

Book your fishing tour of trolling and regular fishing in Dubai, which is also famous for its modern architecture and azure water. You would board a private ship floating in the deep sea and well equipped with fishing equipment helping you catch even fishes like barracuda, cobia, catfish and others which are usually difficult to find.

Highlights:- Board a 35 feet triton which has a semi shaded area and is also equipped with a restroom facility. The boat has all the safety gears onboard like life jackets, first aid kit, sonar, GPS and others. The session of fishing will continue for a 5 hour long duration including mix trolling and regular fishing.

Inclusion:- Fishing equipment would be provided onboard. - Refreshing drinks like juices and softdrinks would be served throughout the activity duration. Enjoy creamy snacks like cupcakes and croissants.

35 Feet Yacht - up to 10 Pax

The 35 feet yacht seems perfect for a large friends or family group setting off on a fishing trip, it has a capacity to hold as many as 10 people at a time. On the yacht the trained and professional crew accompanying you would ensure safety along with exposing best fishing spots.

Highlights:- Enjoy refreshments throughout the activity duration and at last cook yourself a barbecue if going for the tour in the evening. You can also swim in the deep sea, the only condition being you must be a confirmed swimmer. Towels would be provided afterwards. The yacht aslo has a sun deck for enjoying a sun bath and a fly deck. Yacht is well equipped with a kitchen and washroom, so it would be served best for a private tour.

Inclusion:You would be served bottled water throughout the fishing tour.Ice cubes and ice boxes are included as well. Don’t worry about fishing equipment for the yacht is well equipped with them.

4 Hours Dubai Deep Sea Fishing

Enjoy a fully packed Dubai Deep Sea Fishing session in prime fishing locations of Dubai which can only be spotted with the help of a native’s intelligence and familiarity with waters. The trained crew would utilize the technical assistance of the fish finder system other than supplied rods and baits to locate the best fishing spots and help you catch fishes like barracuda to snapper.

Highlights: Enjoy the fishing tour which will begin and end in Dubai Marina. The primary locations for fishing would be found around the major locations off the coast of the World islands and near Jebel Ali Port.

Inclusions: You would be served bottled water throughout the trip duration of 4 hours. Fishing equipment like fishing rods and baits would be provided onboard.

Private Regular Fishing Trip in Dubai

Set up your own tour of Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai without having the trouble of organizing any angling equipment. Take your kids on this sport which will be a fun session with the fishes of all sorts indeed, the process of finding a location suitable for fishing with a crew’s guidance would prove to be a learning experience for them.

Highlights: The Dubai Deep Sea Fishing package welcomes people for all age groups, even beginners like children. Catch the fishes like Emperor, Trivially, Catfish, Small Barracuda, Grouper etc., during the fishing session.

Roam around and go deep upto the locations of The Atlantis and Burj Al Arab in search of the best fishing spots.

Inclusions: Enjoy refreshments like juices and soft drinks while you enjoy your stay at the boat. Snacks like cupcakes and croissants would be served as well. Bottled water would be provided during the fishing session.

Private Sport Fishing with Sightseeing included

As you enter the deep sea for enjoying sport fishing in the early morning hours, take some time off the sport to enjoy appreciating the ambiance of the surrounding. You would see the Dubai coastline from afar as well as the sun rising up from behind and spreading its hues over the azure water surface.

Highlights: Get introduced to the Japanese techniques of modern fishing, and use an artificial bait to catch fish as well as understand their behavior better. You would enjoy sightseeing at iconic attractions like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis hotel, and blue waters island. After the fishing session, find a suitable restaurant to cook the fish you’ve caught and enjoy the meal.

Inclusions: During the Dubai Deep Sea Fishing session you would be provided ice, bottled water, and juices. No need to carry any fishing equipment of your own, the boat would be well equipped with fishing equipment like rods and reels.

Seawake Private Fishing Trip in Dubai

The highlight of this Dubai Deep Sea Fishing tour is that you would catch the biggest fishes in the sea with the help of seawakes who have an experience of more than 10 years in fishing. Book for this session on a serene day when you can catch some time for yourself alongwith trapping fishes in your rod.

Highlights: The activity is perfectly suitable for people of all ages. You would be taken along the prime location of Jebel Ali, Channel Area, DB! Buoy Area or next to banana island to catch the largest fishes in the sea.

Inclusions: All the guests would be provided with fishing equipment on the boat. Enjoy beverages as you sit on the deck of your boat for a minimum of 4 hours.

Advantages to Book Deep Sea Fishing from us

Relish Angling on our Lavish Fishing Boats in Dubai- The motive behind enjoying fishing is not only to enjoy deap sea fishing but also get some fresh air in the beauty of the turquoise waters. And, the lavish fishing boats in Dubai seem to be fulfilling the task quite better. The boats are well equipped with all the fishing euipments as well as has open deck area to sit and relax at. You may sit down on the deck after catching loads of fishes to enjoy the surreal ambience of the sea.

A Wide Range Of Boats Available- Before onsettting the journey of Dubai Deep Sea Fishing, select the yachts you would enjoy fishing the most on. Try all the featured boats at fishing carters Dubai services and finally pick up the one with an angled bottom for greater speed or those suitable for trolling fishing. If you aren’t able to find a boat of your suitability you may consult all your concerns to the trip organizers and they would help you find the best options for yourself. Learn and try some amazing fishing tricks and enjoy a barbecue with your friends or family while floating amidst the sea.

Access to Abundant Sea Life- Dubai makes it to those salwater destinations of the world where you have the highest probability of catching fishes of different varieties. Once you have reached the deep sea explore all the techniques known to you to enjoy fishing. With the help of the crew members on board, they are aware of the waters really well. You might catch kingfish, tuna, queen fish, cobia, barracuda, grouper and many more.

Gear up to enjoy a Safe Fishing trip- Your safety is fully assured on the boats which are well preserved, maintained the best and have all the safety eqipments onboard. The staff accompanying you on the tour are certified professionals and responsible for keeping you safe and sound throughout the trip. With them you can safely try all the fishing tricks while keeping you safe first, they might even teach some new tricks.

Fishing Dubai trip - offering immense enjoyment- The best part about Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai is that people from all ages can enjoy the tour alike, everybody from a little kid to a young teenager to a middle or old aged person love fishing. They would also enjoy a bright day in gorgeous weather and deep in the azure charming waters.

Fishing Charters Deals In Dubai

26 Feet Speed Boat

Dubai is not only famous for its azure waters but they certainly help identify Dubai even better than the modern iconic architecture of towering skyscrapers. The azure coasts of the city can be explored beoynd water sports like paragliding, sailing, etc., for activities like fishing. Take your fishing rod, a hat and a bucket to embark on the journey of sea fishing in the deep waters of Dubai during a suitable morning on a private yacht. You would board a skippered craft floating 26 feet above the sea surface featuring a semi-shaded deck and is well equipped with an advanced fishing system.

Inclusions: Enjoy spending some time sitting in the sitting area. Facility of rest room and toilets available. The boat is well equipped with free fishing equipment.

35 Feet Gulf Craft

Enjoy a luxurious way of fishing in a 35 feet fishing boat at an affordable cost and float around the Dubai Marina and Jebel area. Have a seat in the open deck of the trolling boat, have the laughing moments with your friends and family while the fishes underwater would soon be trapped with your bait. You won’t be alone in your endeavours of catching the biggest fish, the trained crew and captain would show you some directions as well.

Inclusions : No need to worry about the fishing equipment which would be provided for free on the boat. Bottled water would be available through the tour duration. An experienced, licensed and well trained captain and crew would guide you all along the trip.

35 Feet Walk Around

A large cruise with much enough space to accommodate 10 people awaits you to start your journey with all the assured luxury without straining your pockets. Book the experience to enjoy fishing and basking in the glory of the beauty of the city of Dubai. Go around the Dubai Marina as well as Jebel Ali Port in search of the large fishes which can certainly be barbecued in the night on the beach to create a memorable experience.

Inclusions: Start catching the large fishes with the free fishing equipment provided onboard the cruise. Relax a while in the sitting area of the 35 feet boat. The facility of a resting room and toilet available would allow you to enjoy the trip better. The warmth of the sun and softly humming music would make the experience more serene.

44 Feet Sport Boat

A perfect option for those looking for a luxurious and spacious sport yacht would surely find the 44 feet super boat best as they embark on the journey of Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai. The other facilities available in this boat are AC, Microwave, Sunbathing on the open deck, bathroom and music system. Show your biggest bait and leave it in the waters to trap a large good fish. As soon as you get a fish, prepare it for a grill on the barbecue for your evening meal.

Inclusions: Packed mineral water bottles would be served to you throughout your stay at the cruise.Enjoy grilling on the Barbeque stand and reheat your sandwiches in the microwave. Let the music system relax you when you sit for a sunbath on the upper deck.Have fun in the company of experienced and certified captains and crew.

50 Feet Yacht

A perfect large yacht ready to provide you a big space for as many as 10 to 15 people would help you throw your fish party. But, before the party you need to set yourself towards Dubai Marina and Jebel Ali Port to catch fishes. As you explore the vastness of the water, on looking inside the yacht you would find 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, salon and a washroom. The yacht is well-equipped with all the facilities that you would require for the best and most memorable fishing trip in Dubai.

Inclusions: Begin the party by preparing a barbecue available on the yacht. Sit across the large spacious upper deck area or enjoy a deep sunbath session. All the fishing equipment is available on the yacht.

Sharing Deep Sea Fishing

To make the trip more economical you can even share a 35 feet yacht with fellow guests interested in fishing just like you and make it more fun. You may all try catching fishes individually boasting off your skills or can come together to trap a large fish. The yacht trip would provide the most sociable atmosphere by drawing like minded people together on this tour which would be open between 6 AM to 10 AM. You would explore alongwith your fellows on a 35 feet long yacht the lengths of Dubai Marina and Jebel Ali Port, catch the exquisite fishes back home and enjoy them in the evening.

Fishing Activities In Dubai

Regular Fishing - Drift Fishing in Dubai

Gather your fishing enthusiast friends and family for this most basic package in Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai, the best part of which is that people irrespective of their ages can board the yacht and enjoy themselves on this tour. The regular fishing session would serve as a perfect outing for children as well as old aged guests to enjoy relaxing hours and explore the wonder of the water doing some light tackle fishing. In the vast waters of Dubai Marina and Jebel Ali Port catch the fishes like Emperor, Trevally, Catfish, Small Barracuda, Grouper, Sea Bream and Small Sharks which floats around the Marina only during summer.

Trolling in Dubai

Mark yourself on a journey of duration of 5 hours which will start with forming a group of 8 guests at max and later transport you in the Dubai waters. It’s here you’d spend most of your time catching the fishes varying in sizes. You may get your hands on medium to big pelagic fishes like Barracuda, King Barracuda, Cobia and Trivially for your latter dinner and barbecue parties. The techniques that would be employed in the session would be a mix of trolling and regular fishing, in the later method you’d be given a rod to catch small to medium fishes and the former would surely enhance the game.

Big Game Fishing in Dubai

Book for this type of fishing in Dubai and extend the duration of your trip from 5 to 6 or 9 hours. All the seekers of adrenaline junkies would be able to make full use of their fishing skills, even if you’re amateur with the help of highly skilled staff coming along with you would make things easier. Throughout this almost day long trip you’d be targeting medium to large size fishes on a sail around 15-45 km from Dubai Marina.

Know Before you Go For Fishing in Dubai

Best time to Go
What can you spot
Where to Go Fishing in Dubai
Things to remember

The best time to go fishing is during the early morning hours of months between January to May when you would find the best fishes easily in the waters of Dubai. Mornings are also best to embrace the sunrise scenes which would add a magical flavour to the fishing session. As early as 6 AM, many of the yachts leave for Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai, the other slot available for not so morning people is in the afternoon between 2 PM to 6 PM.

While on your trip to one of the most distinctive fishing destinations in Dubai, you would spot a number of fish species like medium to big pelagic fishes like Barracuda, King Barracuda, Cobia and Trivially. You can also find some of the smaller fishes like Emperor, Trevally, Catfish, Small Barracuda, Grouper, Sea Bream and Small Sharks. Apart from the diversity of marine species, the highlight would be shared by rich scenes of refreshing sea and the dawn.

The coastline of Dubai is the most famous one for the abundance of fishes available to be caught, the marine diversity attracts more and more fishing enthusiasts. Dubai Marina, Jebel Ali Port and the Arabian Gulf are the best areas to continue exploration of fishing in Dubai and witness the majestic vibe of the deep sea waters. You can also sail through Jumeriah, near Dubai Creek, Shindagha channel, Maktoum bridge and the East Coast.

  • Carry along a valid identity Proof or Password, which are mandatory along the trip.
  • It is advisable to choose lightweight clothing for the day.
  • Weather condition are highly likely to alter the operation of the activity
  • To avail any extra services other than already included in the package an additional charge would be costed.
  • Take note that no fees would be refunded for partly utilized services and in case if the guests don’t turn up on the timings mentioned in their itinerary then the service provider isn't responsible for returning any fees.
  • All the guests must know how to swim.

Avail Best Offers On Other Water Activities In Dubai

Set yourself on a fishing session in the seawaters of Dubai which are prominently famous for the abundance of fishes found there. You may embark on the journey of catching exquisite fishes by booking a Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai tour online which would prove to be convenient as well as quick.

Out of several fishing options available around the kind of yachts, duration, different fishing styles or techniques and shared or private transportation, you may pick up the offers of your liking. There are various private tour packages are available as well like Go Fishing Dubai 5 hours of Trolling and Regular Fishing, 35 feet Yacht- upto 10 Pax, etc., which you may book if travelling in large groups.

On making bookings online several redeemable discounts are offered which would cut the costs of your tickets considerably. As soon as successful payments are done you would receive confirmation tickets via mail, make sure that you’ve read all the cancellation and refund policies for your convenince while booking online tickets.

FAQs Of Deep Sea Fishing In Dubai

What are the things that we need to carry for Deep Sea Fishing In Dubai?

The guests are requested to bring their own food, an extra pair of clothing and towel. Every other stuff like fishing equipment, bottled water and snacks would be provided on the yacht.

Can we bring kids along with us on Deep Sea Fishing In Dubai?

Yes, all the tours of Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai are suitable for kids so they can be brought over the trip as well. But, all the accompanying adults must not leave them alone throughout the trip.

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Will we get an instructor for doing Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai?

Yes, an instructor is there to help you in spotting the suitable location for fishing, ensuring your security as well as showing you some amazing fishing tricks.

What species of fish can we catch in Deep Sea Fishing In Dubai?

While enjoying a deep sea fishing session in Dubai, you would catch a range of fish species varying from Barracuda which is the large-size predator to the King Fish also called King Mackerel. The waters of Dubai are filled with abundant fishes, you may also find Sharrie which is one of the most deep sea creatures quite rare to catch, Cobia and Trivially for your latter dinner and barbecue parties.

How far will we go for fishing in the Deep Sea Fishing In Dubai activity?

You would be discovering the depth upto 25 to 45 kilometers of ocean length around Dubai Marina and Jebel Ali Port.

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