About Dreamland Aqua Park Dubai

One of the largest family water parks in UAE, Dreamland Aqua Park is an amusement park and also a resort with overnight waterside camps. The place is equipped with tents or cabanas and also a mini zoo to entertain visitors. Located at the Umm Al Quwain coastline, this water park is over 250,000 sq meters of land with lush green gardens surrounding the area with a capacity to accommodate 5000 visitors every day.

Dreamland Aqua Park was started with 25 thrilling water attractions and five more were added in the year 2004. Some of the most popular rides here are the Kamikaze, twister, and Black hole, Aqua play, Dead sea among many others. Among all Twister is one of the most famous tunnel slides of the park, which takes you on a journey filled with sharp turns. There are slides for both kids and adults, making this amusement park a perfect place for a family outing.

Another major attraction here is 5 different food outlets with a wide choice of cuisine. The food outlets offer many healthy meals and also continental and Mediterranean cuisine. If you are visiting over the weekend, visitors cannot miss the amazing Continental Buffet which is served only on weekends.

Dreamland Aqua Park Dubai Ticket Deals

One of the best ways to enjoy your vacation is to purchase the Dreamland Aqua Park tickets online. This will ensure you do not have to wait in long queues and can save a lot of your time. Most of the time buying tickets online gives you many discounts when compared to buying them directly at the park. We offer one of the best platforms to book your experience as it is absolutely hassle-free and visitors can look at over 25,000 verified reviews on the platform. With over 10000 tours and activities, we are an expert and experienced platform with amazing activities across 17 countries in every category. With advance booking you can grab your favorite time slot that matches your comfort and convenience.

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  • Feel the frenzy of excitement at one of UAE's largest theme parks, the Dreamland Aqua Park

  • With rides designed for all ages, have an access to each of the 25 thrilling water rides including the Twisting Dragons, Dead Sea, Black Hole among many others

  • Spread across an area of 250,000 square meters, the park houses lush-green manicured gardens to explore

  • Get a photograph clicked with various exotic animal creatures at the Mini Zoo

  • Put an end to the day by relaxing at the largest open jacuzzi at the Dreamland Aqua Park

  • Feast on the lip-smacking meals served in five different cafes and restaurants

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Must Know Before You Go
  • For safety purposes, this activity is not recommended for women who are more than 3 months pregnant, anyone that has had major surgery, or has a broken leg/arm, has chronic back or neck pains, etc.
  • The instructor reserves the right to reject any participant deemed unfit to be part of the activity.
  • Participants are not allowed to carry any sharp object, lighter, luggage bag, alcohol, knife, etc.
  • Participants must pay attention to the guidelines given by the instructor before and after the activity.
  • Avoid consuming heavy food or alcoholic beverages before and after the activity.
  • Any breakage or damage of any items will be charged at actuals.
  • For your safety, lifeguards are highly experienced and trained please adhere to their instructions at all times.
  • Children above 10 years will be charged as per the adult fare.
  • Participants are requested to report at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to their chosen time slots. Timings must be strictly followed, as the activity is time constraint.
  • Appropriate swimwear and attires are required when using all water rides and attractions.
  • Bringing own food and drinks are not allowed into the park premises.
  • Pets and items judged hazardous and dangerous, as well as, personal floating devises are not allowed inside the park premises.
  • Bicycles, scooters, and personal flotation devices are not allowed inside the Park.
  • Fridays and Public Holidays are strictly reserved for families, holders of season passes and pre-approved groups.
  • Any meals or transfers not mentioned in the itinerary are to be considered an exclusion in the Aqua Park tickets.
  • The minimum age is 6 years old to enter the park.
  • Basic swimming skill is a must for this activity.
  • All participants must be reasonably fit and healthy and must weigh less than 120 kg.
  • Long hair must be tied back.
  • Veiled ladies must use hair clips that are not sharp. Use of pins or safety pins is prohibited for safety reasons.
  • No belts, jewelry, or other sharp items of clothing that may cause damage to yourself, the equipment or other participants.
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Your Dreamland Aqua Park Tickets Explained

Dreamland Aqua Park Dubai
  • Explore the famous water park in UAE with Dreamland Aqua Park tickets and get access to over 30 rides and slides. Visitors will have a whole day with unlimited access to all the rides and attractions at the Dreamland Aqua Park. You can choose from 30 thrilling and exhilarating rides and also witness the beautiful lush green gardens. Some of the most famous rides here are the twister, and Blackhole, and visitors can also enjoy rides with family such as the raft rides and slide five.

  • Apart from rides, you can also head over to a mini zoo and marvel at some of the exotic animals, and click some amazing pictures of the wildlife. If you are looking to just relax and get away from your hectic life, you can head over to the largest open jacuzzi at the Dreamland Aqua Park and let your stress flow away. Dreamland Aqua Park tickets also give you access to five cafes at the waterpark with diverse cuisine. You can opt for something healthy and have a quick bite or enjoy a full Mediterranean cuisine. If you are looking for a weekend getaway you can also stay here at the overnight camping cabana by the river and enjoy staying away from all the city hustle. You will also be given the facilities of a professional lifeguard and quality life jackets for your safety.

Explore Dreamland Aqua Park

Explore Dreamland Aqua Park

Nestled in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Dreamland Aqua Park stands as an oasis of family-friendly fun and aquatic excitement. This sprawling water park is a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike, offering a refreshing escape from the desert heat and a multitude of attractions for visitors of all ages.

With its thrilling rides, family-friendly attractions, and a welcoming atmosphere, Dreamland Aqua Park promises a day of aquatic adventure and unforgettable memories for everyone in the family.

Rides Offered in Dreamland Aqua Park

Dreamland Aqua Park Dubai

Dreamland Aqua Park offers many thrilling and exhilarating rides and if you are looking for a high-speed thrilling water slide, Kamikaze is one of the best which glides down the steep slides and drops you into the waterpool. One of the best parts is that this water slide can also be enjoyed by beginners as the water slide is not the highest when compared to others and visitors can still feel the thrill of this exhilarating ride without any fear. This is definitely one of the must-try rides if you want to experience that adrenaline rush.

Twister Slide Dreamland Aqua Park

Dreamland Aqua Park tickets give access to many water slides and this one is the best for thrill-seekers. Not for the faint-hearted, this 40-meter-long tunnel slide is one of the best tunnel slides at this water park with some amazing spins and twists. The tunnel uses the harnessing speed from the slide and spins you around before you drop in the water from 2 meters above the ground. Visitors will go through many spins and twisted turns along this incredible ride.

Black Hole Dreamland Aqua Park
Black Hole

This ride will give you thrills on high levels and once you go on this ride, you will surely not forget the incredible experience. As the name suggests, you will be covered with complete darkness and the anticipation of the plunge will keep your heart beating faster than ever. Powered by a gravitational pull, this Black hole slide will have you waiting for the plunge and counting on numbers before you drop into the water. One of the best rides for adrenaline junkies, the Black hole is exciting and a high on experience.

Twisiting Dragons Dreamland Aqua Park
Twisting Dragons

Another amazing tunnel ride, twisting dragons will play with your imagination and will leave you completely confused once you fall off a dragon's mouth. This tunnel slide at Dreamland Aqua Park is interconnected with other slides and you will not come out of the tunnel you entered at the beginning. The tunnel is a twisted maze and the end of the slide forms a dragon's mouth from where you will fall into the water. One of the best parts is you cannot anticipate the outcome even if you start from the same slide every time. Do not forget to try this one with your friends and try to guess which dragon mouth will be your savior.

Family Raft Ride Dreamland Aqua Park
Family Raft Ride

Dreamland Aqua Park offers many rides that all of the family members can enjoy and this one, in particular, is one of the best rides to go on with your family or friends. The tube accommodates five members and once you start,the tube will take you on an adrenaline-filled journey with many twists and turns, highs and lows, and where all of you will scream your hearts out. This ride is an amazing way to bond with your family and have a great memorable experience.

Mighty Goround Dreamland Aquapark
Mighty Goround

The name might sound very similar to merry go round, but we assure you that this is nothing like them. One of the most exhilarating rides at the Dreamland Aqua Park, mighty goround is as its name, a very giant body slide that will take you for a ride and will go in circles until you reach the end of the slide. Not for the faint of heart, this ride will give you goosebumps and will leave you splashing in the pool at the end of the ride.

Rafting River Dreamland Aqua Park
Rafting River

Another exhilarating ride, a raging river between two huge slides will give you a thrilling experience as you slide down the stream. This intense slide is another famous attraction at the Dreamland Aqua Park and visitors who have tried this ride are known to scream at the top of their voices as they go on this experience. Get on this amazing ride and do not forget to hold on to your tube firmly. The ride will end in an amazing splash down the pool and is surely a must-try for people who love rafting on a river and want to experience it.

Slide Five Dreamland Aqua Park
Slide Five

Another ride that you can enjoy with your friends or family together, slide five is divided into five different lanes and one person will slide through one wet and slippery ride on a tube. You can race against each other and try to control the speed to finish the ride before everyone else. This might sound easy, but the ride is curvy and you will be screaming with excitement as you go on the race to beat your family. This is one of the fun and safe rides which can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Lake o Waves Dreamland Aquapark

One of the largest wave pools in UAE, lake-o-waves is another best place you can enjoy with your complete family and friends. This gigantic wave pool will let you experience and give you the thrills of the waves of the ocean where you can try to swim or jump to outbid the waves. One of the best ways to enjoy the wave pool is by holding hands with your family and trying to jump at the same time when the wave hits you.

Know Before You Go Dreamland Aquapark

Location and How to Reach
Essential Information
Dreamland Aqua Park Dubai
  • Enjoy one of UAE's largest theme parks with rides that are designed for children and adults.
  • You can choose from a whole day admission or also stay overnight by camping at a cabana.
  • Enjoy Dreamland Aqua Park tickets which give you unlimited access to all 30 rides and attractions at the park.
  • Free lockers, sunbeds, and also life jackets are available at the waterpark on a first come first serve basis.-The Dreamland Aqua Park ticket price also includes life vests for kids and riding tubes are provided free of cost from the waterpark and kids are required to use them on rides for their safety.
  • Enjoy Mini zoo which is a popular attraction for kids and also a sports zone with tennis, volleyball, and also basketball courts.
  • You can get away from your hectic life and just relax at the largest open jacuzzi at the waterpark.
  • Enjoy delicious food at five different cafes with healthy and also Mediterranean options.

FAQ's of Dreamland Aqua Park Dubai

How many rides are there in Dreamland Aqua Park?

    Dreamland Aqua Park offers you 30 thrilling and exhilarating rides. The rides are designed for both adults and children. There are many rides that you can enjoy with your complete family.

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How many slides are in Dreamland Aqua Park?

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