Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Guide

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Overview

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is one of the bustling attractions that every single nature and wildlife enthusiast would love to visit in Dubai. There are thousands of aquatic animals living in the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, representing approximately 140 species. The 10 million liter tank is home to over 400 Sharks and Rays, including Giant Groupers, Sand Tiger Sharks, and many other marine species. Visitors will be able to interact directly with the aquatic residents through a variety of thoughtfully created experiences, creating priceless memories with family and friends.

One of the biggest indoor aquariums in the world, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo also has the title of "Largest Acrylic Pane" in the Guinness World Records. Visitors may get up close and personal with the aquatic species, such as piranhas, sea horses, crabs, and many others, thanks to this series of carefully created and organized experiences. The underwater zoo also has crocodiles, otters, penguins, and a variety of other animals in addition to marine life. Book your tour to these amazing places along with your loved ones to witness how these creatures live in their natural habitat as well as get a chance to feed them.

Why to Book Dubai Aquarium Tickets Online?

The Dubai Aquarium Tickets offer tourists an entry to the aquarium tunnel as well as the underwater zoo in Dubai. It is very obvious that you can get your tickets from the designated counter but you will have to stand in long queues for the same. If you wish to opt for a hassle free experience then you should get your tickets online. You just have to fill in your details, your desired date of visit, and make the payment online. You don’t have to stand in long queues as well as save a lot of money on your Dubai aquarium ticket price as you get discounts when purchasing tickets online. Buy your tickets with us and get confirmed tickets on your choice of day that too while availing some great discounts.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Tickets Options

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Tickets

The Dubai Aquarium tickets lets you explore a wide array of 140 species which also includes 400 sharks and rays. You will get to walk on the ocean beds in the tunnel measuring 48-meters that gives you stunning 270-degree views of the aquarium. Meet stingrays, penguins, crocodiles, otters, and enjoy feeding demonstrations for a restricted group of people. All daredevils who wish to try out water activities are welcome to do so. You can always bet on an exciting time underwater, whether it's a shark sighting, shark dives, scuba diving, or a spooky cage experience. Enjoy the glass-bottomed boat ride to see the aquarium's best features from a safe (and dry) vantage point if you'd prefer not to get wet.

Burj Khalifa At the Top + Dubai Aquarium Tickets

This combo ticket lets you enjoy a fantastic combination of Dubai Aquarium and the Burj Khalifa, which are one of the must-see attractions in Dubai! You can climb to the observation deck which is on the 124th and 125th floor. On the observation deck of the tallest structure in the world, take in the views of the city set against the desert. Walk inside the tunnel of the largest suspended aquarium in the world at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. You will get a chance to soak in 30,000 different species of marine life, such as Sand Tiger Sharks and King Crocodiles.

Dubai Aquarium + Dubai Frame Tickets

With this single, incredibly affordable ticket, visit Dubai Aquarium and Dubai Frame, two well-known attractions! Visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo for a day of fun; it's conveniently located inside The Dubai Mall. Enjoy 140 different species, about 400 sharks and rays, catfish, piranhas, otters, a colony of Humboldt Penguins. Remember to wave at the aquarium's treasured collection of Tiger Sharks. Take in the breathtaking 270-degree views of the aquarium as you stroll through the 48-meter-long tunnel. Admire the sea otters, piranha, penguins, and other animals at the underwater zoo. Get a ticket to the acclaimed Dubai Frame and satisfy your eye with this unrivaled city views. You can enter immediately without waiting in line with skip-the-line access. You will view the famous landmarks of contemporary Dubai on one side and historic areas of the city on the other. Visit the Dubai Frame Museum to learn how the vibrant city of Dubai came to be. Take an elevator up to the top for stunning views of the Dubai skyline.

Burj Khalifa + Dubai Aquarium + Desert Safari Tickets

Enjoy the tour to the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Aquarium, and Desert Safari with this reasonably priced combo Dubai mall Aquarium tickets! Explore the museum to learn how Dubai changed over time to become the vibrant metropolis that it is today and to learn about the city's future goals. Take the panoramic elevator to the top for magnificent views of Dubai's past and present in all of their glory. Later, take a tour of the magnificent Dubai Aquarium, which is home to hundreds of aquatic species. Enjoy breathtaking 270-degree views of the aquarium as you stroll through a 48-meter long tunnel. Admire the magnificent collection of aquatic animals on show, which includes sharks, sawfish, rays, penguins. See underwater ecosystems and interesting displays at the Underwater Zoo, located on level 2. This ticket will also let you head out on an exciting Desert Safari tour over the dunes on special 4x4 vehicles. You will get a chance to capture some breathtaking landscapes as well as enjoy local music and dance performances.

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi + Dubai Aquarium Tickets

With this combo ticket, you can visit Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi and Dubai Aquarium, two of the finest attractions in the UAE, all while saving money. Yas Waterworld offers more than 40 exhilarating rides and slides, including Falcons Falaj, the longest, largest six-seater water coaster in the world. When you feel like unwinding, head over to the sun loungers at Amwaj Beach or float around in the leisurely Al Raha River. You may encounter some of the most amazing predators in the water as well as curious aquatic life at the Dubai Aquarium. Find out about over 140 species, including rays, otters, and tigers.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi + Dubai Aquarium Tickets

By purchasing this 2-in-1 combo ticket, you will get to enjoy Ferrari World and the Dubai Aquarium together. At the spectacular Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, take advantage of access to more than 37 exhilarating rides and Ferrari-themed performances. The shuttle service between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is free. Live performances, racing simulators, electric go-kart racing, and much more are available in addition to the thrills. You will be visiting Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo to get close and personal with some of the remarkable predators and playful aquatic life. As you move through a 48-meter long tunnel, take in 270-degree views of the Atlantis Dubai Aquarium.

Must See at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Aquarium Tank

One of the largest suspended aquariums in the world is the 10-million-liter Dubai Aquarium tank, which is situated on the Ground Level of The Dubai Mall. Over 140 different types of aquatic animals are housed there in large numbers. This tank is home to more than 300 sharks and rays, having one of the greatest collections of Sand Tiger Sharks in the entire world. The main tank, which is 51 meters long, 20 meters wide, and 11 meters high, can be viewed in a variety of ways by visitors. From 11 meters below the tank's surface, the 48-meter walk-through Tunnel offers 270-degree vistas. A glass-bottom boat trip offers visitors a special opportunity to see the tank from underneath.

Aquarium Tunnel

You may stroll directly into this intriguing environment thanks to Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo's near-perfect recreation of it. The 48-meter long Aquarium tunnel, which is found on the bottom floor of The Dubai Mall, descends 11 meters below the surface. Meet an Atlantis Dubai Aquarium educator who will discuss the underwater secrets of these beautiful animals with you as you witness the divers feeding the Sharks and Rays during the day.

Underwater Zoo

Continue your exploration at the Underwater Zoo to discover more about the incredible animals that call our rivers and oceans home. The Underwater Zoo, which is located on Level Two above the aquarium tank, takes you through the Rainforest, Living Ocean, and Rocky Shore, biological Zones. At the Underwater Zoo, keep an eye out for 40 different aquatic exhibits featuring otters, lionfish, piranhas, seahorses, giant spider crabs, archerfish, garden eels, paddlefish, water rats, cichlids, and many more amazing aquatic animals. Only the tough survive in this hostile region where the land meets the water. You can also go close to some of the tougher rock pool residents if you don't mind having your hands wet.

Animal Encounters at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

You will get to have head on encounters with some of your favorite animals as well as know more about their behaviour. Check out some of the exciting wildlife encounters that you would never want to miss out on.

King Croc Encounter

A wonder of the animal kingdom, this enormous 40-year-old beast is endemic to Australia and weighs a whopping 750 kg and is more than 5 meters long. The soon-to-be King Croc was swiftly relocated from the Botanic Gardens that he had taken over, to a more protected setting located in Queensland, Australia. The giant used to measure about 2.4m in length and was branded a "problem" crocodile by the locals. King Croc, when provided with the ideal circumstances, regular food and a safe environment, developed into one of nature's most feared and formidable reptiles. King Croc, which is already among the biggest in the world, is predicted to get much bigger over the next 50 years.

Otter Encounter

The smallest of the 13 otter species, this one is indigenous to Asia. In the Underwater Zoo, visitors can take a behind-the-scenes tour of the otters' residence and engage with these endearing and charismatic creatures. There’s a special instructional presentation on otters also available. The smallest breed of otter in the world, the Asian small-clawed Otter weighs less than 5 kilos and is a critically endangered species. They are carnivorous by nature, inhabiting streams, rivers, wetlands, and rice paddies, and eat insects, fish, crabs, and snails. Otters have enormous appetites and can consume up to 20% of their body mass each day. Being clever, they are excellent tool users that can pick up pebbles.

Ray Encounter

On the specifically created ray feeding station at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, come and hand-feed the brave Eagle Rays and Cow nose Rays. It's an incredible sight to see these curious but kind animals breach the water's surface and take fish out of your hands. Rays are incredibly beautiful creatures and it is very safe to feed, and they will make you smile.

Penguin Encounter

The Underwater Zoo & Aquarium in Dubai In the wild, Gentoo penguins can be found in their natural habitat along the Antarctic peninsula and Subantarctic islands. To imitate the subantarctic environmental conditions, they have a specially constructed temperature-controlled facility. The water is kept at a temperature of between 5 and 7 degrees and our air is kept between 2 and 4 degrees. Additionally, they have a unique lighting setup that mimics their yearly light cycle. The summer coincides with penguin winter and there are several fascinating spots for the penguins to climb on and play in the multi-level exhibit, including a drop into the pool.

Shark Trainer Encounter

Visitors to this fun family activity will learn about different shark species and how the animals are cared for at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Guests will also have a behind-the-scenes look at how the aquarium staff at the time of training Bamboo Sharks and Leopard Sharks. You will get to know more about their surroundings, feeding, and breeding routines. Visitors can enter the tank for a distinct "trainer" encounter and communicate with the sharks while submerged to around waist level in waterproof waders.

Feeding Presentations

The crew of divers feeds the resident sharks in the 10-million-liter tank every day. For the finest view from 11 meters below the surface, be sure to buy your Aquarium Tunnel ticket! The Otters and Piranhas receive regular presentations and tube feeding every day at 2:30 and 2:45, respectively.

Diving Experiences at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Diving Experiences at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is also one of the unique things that every wildlife lover should definitely try out. These diving experiences let you snorkel in the waters to explore the underwater kingdom as well as have close encounters with the sharks.

Shark Dives

As you begin your diving adventure planned in conjunction with Al Boom Diving, you'll be sharing the water with Reef Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks, Tawny Nurse Sharks, Leopard Sharks, Stingrays, Giant Groupers, and a whole host of other marine species.


Without ever utilizing diving equipment, visitors can enter the 10 million-liter tank with the Cage Snorkeling Experience. Even if you don't want to fully dive, you may still have the same sensations in a safe cage setting. More than 70 distinct marine species, including 300 sharks and rays, can be viewed up close by putting on your snorkeling gear and entering the aquarium's secure cage.

Shark Walker ( CAGE)

This is your chance to get to know the 33,000 residents of the 10-million-liter tank. Daily opportunities to walk among the largest predators in the world while donning an oxygen-supplying helmet are available at the Dubai Aquarium. The aquarium, one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world, is home to more than 33,000 species. More than 400 sharks and rays are also housed there, including the largest group of Sand Tiger sharks in the entire world. To capture your experience on camera, ask your instructor to use his GoPro. If you like what you see, you can buy the memory card to share it with friends and family in the future.

Speciality Dives

A brand-new three-dive initiative called the Dubai Aquarium Specialty Dive gives PADI certified visitors the chance to advance their diving skills to a whole new level. While professional divers feed the sharks in the aquarium tank, you can get a chance to explore the wonders of underwater. You may also indulge in photography sessions and take advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity inside the diving cage.

Scuba Diving

You may discover Dubai Aquarium's magnificence with Al Boom Diving. In the magnificent Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, discover the excitement of scuba diving. beginning at either 1:00, 3:00, or 5:00 p.m. Before you go out for your dives in the 10 million liter Aquarium, your Diving Trainer will teach you the fundamental safety rules and techniques in the constraints of a cage after a brief theory lecture.

Know Before You Go to Dubai Mall Aquarium

  • Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Dubai Aquarium is during the winter months of November to March. It is when the weather is pleasant and suitable for all kinds of activities. You should anticipate heavy crowds visiting the aquarium because the summers are often Dubai's busiest season.
  • Opening Hours:

Weekdays: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., with the last entrance at 9:15 p.m.

Weekends: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.; the last entrance is at 11:15 p.m.

1. Location: Ground and Level 1, Dubai Mall, Financial Center Road, Dubai, UAE

2. How to Reach:

  • Metro: The closest metro station is Dubai mall (blue line), and the Atlantis Dubai Aquariumis within walking distance.
  • Metro Link Bridge: A beautiful view of the surroundings, including Downtown Dubai, the Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai Fountain, is made possible by the glass tunnel between Burj Khalifa Station and The Dubai Mall. It has travelators and is completely air-conditioned, making the trip to the mall comfortable.
  • Bus: If you are thinking of taking a bus to reach the Dubai Aquarium then you can take route 27 from the Deira Gold Souk station and route 29 from Ghubaiba bus station. The buses arrive and depart from the tourist drop-off area located in front of the Grand Drive Entrance, Lower Ground Floor of The Dubai Mall.
  • Taxi: The best way to reach Dubai Aquarium would be to book a private taxi or a self drive rental for hassle transportation.

FAQ's of Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Is photography and video shooting allowed inside Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo?

Yes, you are allowed for photography and video shooting inside the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. If you wish to capture some of the stunning professional photographs, then you can get in touch with the marketing department who will assign you professional photographers.

How long will it take to experience Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo?

It would take about 15 - 30 minutes to cover the Aquarium Tunnel tour . And about 45 minutes - 1.5 hours to explore the Underwater Zoo. In total, keep yourself free for around 2 hours to visit here.

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What makes Dubai Aquarium special?

The Dubai Aquarium is one of the largest suspended aquariums in the whole world. This place is home to about 140 different species of marine animals and fish species. During your visit, you will come across sharks, manta rays and a wide range of other marine creatures.

What types of animals are there at Dubai Mall Aquarium?

Dubai Mall Aquarium is home to about 140 different species of marine animals including crocodiles, Penguins, Giant Spider crabs, Piranhas, Nutria Water Rats, Moray Eels, Harbor Seals, Giant Catfish and more.

How much is the Dubai Aquarium ticket price?

The cost of the Dubai mall Aquarium tickets price is AED 145. This ticket price includes access to Underwater Zoo, Aquarium Tunnel, Aquarium Glass Bottom Boat, Submersible Simulator, and more.

Are there discounts on Dubai Aquarium tickets?

Yes, you can get loads of discounts on Dubai Aquarium tickets when you choose to purchase it online. It is one of the most convenient and hassle free ways to get an admission into the attractions.

Should I buy Dubai Aquarium tickets in advance?

Yes, you should consider buying your Dubai Aquarium tickets in advance in order to reserve your entry on a particular day. Being one of the popular tourist attractions it is visited by zillions of tourists every single day and getting the tickets physically is not an easy job. It is highly recommended to get the tickets pre booked earlier to make the whole visiting experience hassle free.

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Which is the best way to purchase Dubai Aquarium tickets?

The best way to purchase Dubai Aquarium tickets would be to get it online saving a lot of time and money. You will get good discounts online on Dubai mall Aquarium ticket price as well as get a chance to skip the line when visiting the attraction.

What is the validity of Dubai Aquarium tickets?

The validity of Dubai Aquarium tickets is for 30 days from the date of purchase. You can just get the tickets done for the attraction at the same time when you are booking the tour package to Dubai.


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