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Smash Room Dubai has become one of the most sought after places to visit by people of all ages. In this work-oriented lifestyle, pent-up stress can make you frustrated at every little thing. The artists at Smash Room Dubai realised this fact and came up with a unique way to release this repressed stress by hitting and smashing things. The Smash Room is filled with dishes, old furniture, chairs, tables, mirrors, frames, TVs, laptops, computers, vases, and mannequins which are mostly collected from donations.

The idea behind Smash Room is to channel all the negative emotions in a healthy way to release the stress, and practise Rage Therapy. Buy the Smash Room Dubai tickets and enjoy a first-of-its-kind project in Dubai which lets you break, tear, stomp and shatter in the designated smashroom. Smash Rooms will be an excellent addition to your Dubai Trip as it will assist you in releasing your stress and pent-up negative emotions to make your trip even more relaxing. Also, breaking things is fun!

Buying Smash Room Tickets Online

By purchasing the Smash Room Dubai tickets online you can pre-book your sessions and explore the area which has several exciting things to offer before reaching the place. Moreover, it is a popular activity and is usually pre-booked, so it is ideal to pre-book tickets online to avoid any last minute hassle. Moreover, booking the Smash Room Dubai tickets in advance online allows you to not only reserve your spot but also take advantage of great deals and offers and thus, enjoy huge cost savings! We also offer great combos such as a visit to Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo along with a fun experience at Smash Room, which allows you to enjoy all these places at minimum cost.

Why Visit Smash Room Dubai?

Why Visit Smash Room Dubai?

It can be difficult to maintain a work-life balance leading to a stressful life and keeping those emotions inside us will only harm us and people around us in a negative way. Luckily, there is a healthy way to let out the emotional stress by smashing things and letting out all the anger and frustration in a positive way. Moreover, by smashing things, you will surely build up a sweat to relax your body and calm your nerves.

Sometimes you feel the urge to smash and destroy things around you with a hammer or a bat. Smash Room provides you the perfect opportunity to destroy everything in your vicinity, such as laptops, dishes, tables, electronic devices, etc. without damaging anything in your living space.Smash Room also allows you to bring your own things in the facility to destroy. So next time you want to say goodbye to something in a fun way or just want to get rid of something, you know where to go.

Smash Room is built on the concept of Rage Therapy which is aimed at helping people release their negative emotions such as frustration and anger.

Know Before You Go Smash Room in Dubai

How to Reach and Location
Things to Know before you visit Smash Room Dubai
How to Reach and Location
  • Metro - The nearest metro station from Smash Room is the Mall of Emirates and haraf Dg Metro Station; from there it is at walking distance of about 15 mins.
  • Bus - The nearest bus stop is Umm Suqeim, Etisalat - 01. These are other bus lines that also stop at location - 12, 81, 93, and X92.

LocationUmm Suqeim St 195 AL QOUZ 4 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Burj Khalifa

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Dubai Fountain
Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain is the world’s tallest performing fountain which offers a light spectacle paired with music and a light show. It is a choreographed fountain system located on the 12-hectare man-made lake called Burj Khalifa Lake. The fountains perform a range of musical compositions and present a magical view to relax in the evening. If you are planning to visit Dubai, you should definitely not miss watching this mesmerising sight. There are also pedal boats in different shapes and sizes sailing in the lake, allowing you to have an up and close view of the musical fountain show.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

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Why is Smash Room so famous in Dubai?

    Smash Room Dubai works as rage therapy and lets your anger be released in a nonconventional and positive way. It helps you in breaking, shattering, and stomping on stuff to release your pent-up stress making it a popular place in Dubai.

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