Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek Overview

Dubai has much more to explore than its towering architectural marvels which have rightfully earned it world's fame. Sail along Dubai creek which is often referred to as the lifeline of the city and absorb the serenity of magical skyline and cool winds. The Dubai creek located between Bur Dubai and Deira beholds an enchanting sight as well as the cultural history of the Emirates. It was a port built in history connecting the city of Dubai with other ports of Emirates.

Dhow is the traditional wooden vessel cruise that was used to traverse across the Eastern Arabian waters. In modern times dhow cruise is the popular transport medium and hosts a range of visitors on their sea cruise trip. All the aspiring visitors can explore from a range of options like Dhow Cruise Dubai, Dhow Cruise Marina, Private Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek, Royal Creek Dinner Cruise Dubai and other packages as per their convenience.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek Ticket

If you are pondering on how to avail the tickets for Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek then all you gotta do is visit our website. Look out for the various options made available to you to enhance the quality of your travelling. Whatever your preferred type of cruise be, it's highly advisable that you make bookings online. Explore more types of cruises on Dubai pass.The process of online booking is easy, quick, and it would be even more amazing with various discounts made available to you. Pay attention to the cancellation and refund policies and check your confirmation tickets sent to you via mail within a few working days after a successful payment is made.

Private Dhow Cruise In Dubai Creek without Dinner
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Private Dhow Cruise In Dubai Creek Without Dinner
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  • Make any special event more memorable by celebrating it in Private Dhow Cruise!

  • 120 minutes cruising near to Bur Dubai and Deira creek area in traditional wooden vessel.

  • Soak in spectacular views of souks, age-old structures and modern architecture

  • Celebrate special occasions in a memorable way, with astonishing ambience alive with great entertainment and gorgeous views

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Must Know Before You Go
  • During the month of Ramadan or dry days, no live entertainment & alcohol will be served as per the government guidelines.
  • Participants are not allowed to carry any sharp object, lighter, luggage bag, alcohol, knife, etc.
  • Guidelines issued by the respective State-Government is to be followed. Social distancing to be maintained. Frequent hand sanitization and use of masks recommended.
  • Any breakage or damage of any items will be charged at actuals.
  • Maintain a friendly environment.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of booking, and also upon arrival. PAN card will not be considered as a valid address proof.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of booking, and also upon arrival.
  • Do not litter in the surroundings.
  • Alcoholic beverages will not be served in the month of Ramadan.
  • These spacious and classic yachts can accommodate up to 120 persons.
  • Dhow charter hours can be extended at extra cost.
  • Food menu can be provided as per your choice starting from AED 40 per person.
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Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek Combos Tickets

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek
Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

A relaxing and soulful night in the waters of Dubai would become even more beautiful with Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek. Taking care of the conveniences of visitors, the 90 min cruising is inclusive of meals. The meals served in buffet style would begin with a delicious starter followed by an extravagant meal and at last a yum chocolate dessert. As the cool wind gives you shivering chills, don't take your eyes off the magnificent ambience of the skyline as well as the waters under a moonlit sky. There are arranged amusing special Tantura dance performances by professional artists which can be enjoyed along the other stupendous highlights of Dubai city.

Private Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek
Private Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek

Be it a corporate event, a wedding reception or just a desire to spend time with friends and families, these private cruises would make your moments more memorable. The 120 minute long journey of cruising over the waters of Eastern Arabia and East Africa in a large wooden vessel is an aesthetic experience. Sit and relax on the deck to immerse in the spectacular views of Arabian markets, marvel of traditional and modern architecture, don’t forget to get your wine glass along. The Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek would make your ventures ever more smooth by sailing through the pristine waters of the Creek and introducing you to Dubai’s rich culture and history.

Royal Creek Dinner Cruise Dubai
Royal Creek Dinner Cruise Dubai

As soon as you set your steps on this Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek, feel marvellous over the wondrous sight of the biggest floating wooden restaurant in the world. This Rustar Cruise, rightly called the Royal Creek for its beauty, would welcome you on a red carpet along with traditional Arabic coffee. After some photography and roaming around the cruise a bit, settle down on the grand table for a sumptuous royal full course buffet dinner and beverage. A mellow humming of music is always playing in the background. As you stay on the cruise for 2 hours, end your another day in Dubai with a lively performance of Tanura dance being performed by professional dancers.

Dubai City Tour Combo with Desert Safari and Creek Cruise
Dubai City Tour Combo with Desert Safari and Creek Cruise

Dubai is famous for its vast deserts and seas, visitors would get to cover both the geographies of the city under this combo tour. The two day long tour would take you through all the major attractions of the city like Jumeirah Beach, Palm island, Dubai Frame, etc. The additional charm of the combo would be a desert safari along with Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek which together would make your Dubai tour very special and wholesome. As you get tired of wandering around the city for two day the cruise would help shed off all the tiredness and have an evening full of entertainment with performances of Belly dance, Tanoura dancing performances and many other traditional and cultural activities.

Know Before You Go Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

Essential Information
  • Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek is the most efficient and effective way of enjoying the pristine waters of the Dubai Creek.
  • Board the cruise to get a sneak peak into the cultural history of these wooden vessels called ‘dhow’ which have been running across Eastern Arabian waters since history.
  • Sit down relaxing on the deck of the dhow to enjoy the cool air and majestic sight of the towering skyline.
  • Enjoy a warm dinner in a cold windy evening while a lively humming of music and traditional dances like Belly dance and Tanoura dance uplift your mood.
  • An evening dhow dinner cruise on dubai creek would be the perfect escape from the busy urban lives.

FAQ's of Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

What is unique about Dubai Creek?

    Dubai Creek holds in it an enriching part of the culture of UAE. Its historical significance can be realised by the fact that it’s the emirates first major port developed to connect with other ports of Arabian Gulf. Therefore an evening dhow dinner cruise on dubai creek trip won’t only be a recreational activity but also a cultural glimpse in the history of the country.

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