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About Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Tour

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque tour will show you the architectural marvel, made by the founding Father of Abu Dhabi, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The mosque is considered to be one of the largest as well as the most beautiful mosques in the world. The late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan constructed this mosque to symbolise the Islamic teachings of peace, tolerance, and variety as well as to convey historical significance. In order to create a centre for Islamic science and learning that would really reflect Islamic ideals, he wanted the Grand Mosque to be a living example of contemporary Islamic architecture.

The mosque is a prime example of Islamic architecture and was constructed with white marble, which stands for purity and serenity. It has 82 domes, and the exterior domes and façade illuminate in blue grey hues in time with the lunar cycle. The infrastructure of the mosque has four minarets, which are a crucial component of any mosque. The only library in a minaret is found here; it is housed in one of the minarets. Because of the architecture's resemblance to heaven as it is depicted in the holy Quran, this mosque is regarded as being close to heaven.

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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the largest and most popular mosques in the world. It is one of the most popular landmarks of Abu Dhabi that is known to be the epitome of Islamic architecture. Being so famous, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Tour gets booked really fast, so it is recommended to book your tickets online before your visit. Booking your tickets online for the Sheikh Zayed Mosque tour might also mean interesting offers and exciting discounts. You can also book from us as we provide amazing discounts and offers on the booking and you will get instant confirmation of your booking.

Architecture of Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi


The domes are one of the major attractions of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Tour as there are 82 domes in total. The largest dome is located in the centre and it is the one where the prayer is done.


You will get to witness the stunning white marbles used on your Sheikh Zayed Mosque tour. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan was very fond of white marbles and demanded that the mosque be built in white marbles, and the entire architecture based on the same is simply beautiful.

Lunar Illustrations

The lighting system is one of the unique ones in the entire world as it is designed according to the cycle of the moon. The lighting is different every night according to the moonlight and the mosque glows the best when there is a full moon.


The carpet in the main prayer hall is 5,700 square meters, 70% of which is made of wool and the rest 30% is made of cotton. It took 1200 artisans to make the carpet in 2 years designed by the third-generation artist and carpet maker Dr Ali Khaliqi.


On your Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque tour, you will witness the Pulpit or Menbar. The Menbar is designed in floral and shell designs which are carved on cedar wood and engraved with pearl, glass mosaic, and white gold. The pulpit has a dome-shaped roof and has 11 steps to allow the Imam to sit at a higher level to address the large crowd that visits the mosque.


The seven chandeliers in the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque are one of the most beautiful attractions to look at during your Sheikh Zayed tour. The largest chandelier, which weighs 12 tonnes, is found in the main prayer hall and was constructed in Munich, Germany. There are other chandeliers in the foyer and domes which are either the exact miniature of the largest chandelier or similar design.


The Sheikh Zayed Mosque has four minarets, each of different geographical shapes but having the same height of 106 meters. Minarets have been one of the most important parts of Islamic architecture. There is a library in one of these minarets, being the only library in the world to be inside a minaret.

Reflective Pools

The mosque is surrounded by a number of rectangular pools made of different shades of blue. The pools take up around 7874 square meters of the area and reflect the exact image of the mosque at night with the lighting.


There are 1096 columns in the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which have been inspired by the palm tree, the most important tree in the United Arab Emirates. The external columns are made up of white marbles carved with precious stones, intricately designed using the Pietra Dura design. There are 96 internal columns which are divided into four groups that support the three main domes.


The Mihrab is one of the major parts of a mosque and the Mihrab here is inspired by what is described as heaven in the Holy Quran. It states that there are rivers of honey and milk in heaven and the Mihrab goes downward designed in golden leaf-glass mosaic in a beehive pattern as if it is a river of honey. The Mihrab is semi-circular since it was built before electricity because it allowed everyone to hear the Imam's sermons.


The Sahan or the courtyard is used during large gatherings like the month of Ramadan and Eid, where they pray in large gatherings. The courtyard is 17,500 meters square and can accommodate up to 31,000 people. The floor of the courtyard is decorated in marble pieces making beautiful patterns of flowers.

What To Expect At Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque?

Witness Beautiful Exhibits at Exhibitions

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is keen on taking part in lots of annual exhibits, both local and international. Some of the exhibitions are Arabian Travel Market, Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, and Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. Some international events are Arabia EXP, World Travel Market, ITB Berlin, etc.

Learn while Enjoying Youth Activities

There are various activities at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which require the involvement of the Emirati youth. It is believed by the mosque that it is better to welcome people by the youth of Emirates, hence they are given cultural guidance. There are various activities which make the youth work in the field and learn from it.

Show your Creative Side at Workshops

The Ewan programme focuses on the cultural role of art as a universal language and includes workshops on architecture and the aesthetics of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The workshops are hosted by a lot of experts who specialise in activities like engraving, Arabic calligraphy, painting, ornamentation, etc.

Recreational Facilities at Grand Mosque Walkaway

There are various recreational activities done which mainly focuses on attracting people from other cultures and ensuring their comfort in the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The mosque also has various restaurants and cafes for visitors to make them feel at home. The visitors to the mosque are astounded by the breathtaking sights they see and by the renowned culture they encounter there.

Fill your Hunger of Reading at Mosque Library

The library is located in the visitor’s section of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and is large enough for you to get lost between the books. If you love reading, you will be enchanted by the library's elegance and aesthetics, which make it one of the best libraries in the world for studying Islamic culture. The library was established in 2010 and provides a collection and resources on scientific research and intercultural relationships.

Cultural Tours

The tours last from 30-45 minutes and you will get to witness the stunning Islamic architecture and craftsmanship. The tour will teach you the history of the construction of the mosque and how the mosque promotes intercultural tolerance and codependency.

Know Before You Go For Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Tour

Best Time and Opening Hours
Location and How to Reach
Things to Keep in Mind
  • Opening hours: Saturday to Thursday: 9 am – 10 pm and Friday: 4:40 pm to 10 pm

  • Best time to visit: You can visit the mosque from November to May as it is an ideal time as you can walk around the marble mosque without feeling the heat in your feet. Also, the ideal time to visit in a day is around 5:30 pm as the heat reduces, and you can witness the mosque with the backdrop of a stunning sunset, and then witness the gorgeous view of the mosque lit up with lights complimenting the moonlight.

  • Location: 5 Street, Fifth Street & Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street, Abu Dhabi

  • How to reach:

    • Bus:

    There is a direct bus every 30 minutes from Abu Dhabi to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The buses ply every day and the journey takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the mosque. - Cab:

    Since the mosque is located outside the city, the cost of a cab ride from Abu Dhabi to Sheikh Zayed Mosque can be rather expensive. It takes 13 to 15 minutes to reach the mosque as it is 14.3KM away from the main city.

  • The mosque opens after 3 pm on Fridays.

  • Ladies have to pick up burqas at the entry and then return them while exiting the mosque.

  • You will have to walk around barefoot as you will be required to open your shoes before entering the mosque.

  • During the day, wear your sunglasses as you will be experiencing scorching heat.

  • No food item is allowed inside the mosque, whether edible or drinkable. If you have any such things in your possession, you will have to leave them at the counter while entering and then collect them back while exiting the mosque.

  • The entry tickets to the mosque are free and you will be able to find free guided tours inside the mosque too.

  • There are wheelchairs and special chairs available for the people who need them while praying at the main prayer hall.

  • Medical facilities are available for any kind of emergency if faced by visitors.

  • There are visitor recreational centres that have restaurants and cafes which you visit to have something to eat.

  • There are also various souvenir shops from which you can do a little shopping to take back home.

  • Get to witness 82 domes and 24-carat gold chandeliers which will take your breath away.

  • The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque can house up to 40,000 worshippers to witness the grand Sahan.

  • You will be mesmerized by the craftsmanship and witness the beautiful colourful carvings of marble and precious stones.

  • Make sure to witness the main dome, which is one of the largest in the world at 950 feet wide and 279 feet in height.

  • It cost around 500 million dollars to build the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

  • Marble, crystals, precious stones, and other natural elements are used throughout the mosque.

  • The library in the minaret has books in several languages like Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Korean.

  • There are seven chandeliers in the mosque made of crystal and 24-carat gold, but the one in the main dome is the world’s largest chandelier.

  • The main prayer hall houses the largest hand-made carpet in the world, 70% of which is made up of wool and the rest 30% of cotton.

FAQ's of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Tour

What is so special about Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque?

The beauty of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is what attracts the people at all times. It is one of the oldest and largest mosques in the world that was built for welcoming people from every community and background to establish tolerance and codependency.

What are the etiquettes that need to be kept in mind before visiting Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi?

For your Sheikh Zayed mosque tour you need to wear loose and conservative clothes, as men are not allowed to wear shorts and women are supposed to wear long shirts and long full pants or loose skirts. Women also have to wear burqas which are available for free at the entrance of the mosque.

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How was the experience of visiting Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque at night?

Taking the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque tour at night is a dream for a lot of people around the world. The view of the mosque at night is spectacular and the lighting of the mosque is designed in such a way that it changes according to the moon cycle and its light. At night, the reflecting pools sparkle even more, and the mosque looks almost otherworldly in reflection.

How to book Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque tours online ?

You can visit our official website to book the tickets of Sheikh Zayed Mosque as you will get discounts and offers which will save you tons of money. As well as you will get an instant confirmation mail so you don’t have to wait in the long queues.

What is the cost of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque tour ?

The entry tickets to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque are free of cost and you will also find various free guided tours of the mosque.

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