Museum of the Future Overview

Dubai Museum of the Future will charm you with its ultra-modern and sleek interiors, making it one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The design offers a glimpse into the future, which showcases the latest innovations, style, and concepts of interior from around the world. Museum of the Future inside panels also displays beautiful work of Arabic calligraphy through which warm sun rays enter and brightens the whole building with natural light. Explore all the 5 captivating chapters, much like a textbook, each housing a unique array of topics across 7 floors inside the building. From climate change, ecology, health, wellness, spirituality, imagination, to the future of space travel and living you can see it all. Indulge in a fascinating journey of immersive theater, interactive exhibits, and themed attractions that seamlessly blend into one another, creating a perfect flow among all the 7 floors. The floors are numbered in ascending order from 5th being the lowest to 1st being the highest floor of the museum. There are floors especially designed for kids such as Future Heros to floors designed for more virtual reality concepts such as Amazon Library and The Garden.

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Lobby of Museum of the Future

Dubai Museum of the Future inside starts with entering the beautiful Lobby which is decorated with the elements over the atrium that showcase futuristic era of Dubai. In this part of the museum you will find the ‘Drop Pod’ elevator which takes you through all the five floors or chapters as they call it.

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Calligraphy Panels
Calligraphy Panels

The Museum of the Future interiors begin with a beautiful sight of amazing animal themed creatures decorating the atrium of the lobby. These robotic creatures suspended above your head in the ceiling makes the snowy white panels more magnificent and beautiful. At the ceiling, you can see the exquisite Arabic calligraphy engraved which allows the warm sun rays to enter and illuminate the whole area of the museum during the day. You can also see the large window cutouts on the sides as a symbolic representation of the connections of the future exhibits with outer space. 

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Drop Pod
Drop Pod

Explore the amazing Dubai Museum of the Future interiors through the serene bubble-like Drop Pod elevator. This pod will take you straight to the entrance of Level 5, where the first exhibition of the museum is held. During the journey from Lobby to the 5th level you can see through the glass structure of the pod which provides the bubble like structure, and you feel like you have been ejected into a new world of art straight from the future.

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The 5th floor of the museum which begins from the section of OSS Hope is one of the key highlights of the Museum of Future. On this level you can watch the enchanting 3d walls, learn about the space missions and inventions with the usage in future. It is one of the best sections made by the Museum of the Future architect as it displays one of the whole setup of the original space station.

Space Shuttle Simulation
Space Shuttle Simulation

Chapter 1 of the museum is a popular Space Shuttle Simulation that educates you on different elements of the outer world. You can stroll through this exhibit to learn about outer space, while getting in the real life spaceship which can make you feel life you are in space. All these exhibits display a perfect combination of modulation, process, sounds and other elements of technology. In addition, you will also get to see the city of Dubai and outer space features through the shuttle panels.  

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Space Station Command Center
Space Station Command Center

On Chapter one of your journey, get to Dubai Museum of the Future inside where the Space Station Command Center gives you a glimpse into the future of space exploration. While strolling through the attraction you can also make a detailed overview about the past missions of the space stations. Experience the thrill of not just observing but actively monitoring and controlling a space center while engaging with its diverse technology and engineering concepts.

Pioneer Application
Pioneer Application

The Dubai Museum of the Future, inside offers an exclusive Pioneers Application that guides you through the latest and simplified space missions, and assists you in securing a spot as part of their personnel. In addition, you can even apply to some of the roles that fascinate you and take you towards an exciting future. Here, the 2 portals will assist you with information about the roles and responsibilities for the new recruitment which you can apply as per your understanding. Some of the major roles include Junior Bio Designer, Asteroid Fleet Pilot and other duties all of which is concluded on studying the orbit of the earth more carefully.

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Chapter 2: LEVEL 4: The Heal Institute

Complete your Dubai Museum of the Future inside journey of Chapter one to reach the Heal Institute on the 4th floor. Here, you will get to see the city of Dubai and a futuristic world in the year 2071 through its various exhibits. Some of the attractions on the floor include digital Amazon forests and the large life specimens of the world. 

The Garden
The Garden

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Museum of Future is the use of augmented and virtual reality on level 4 of The Garden, which showcases a diverse range of exhibits. In this digital amazon, you can explore the green spaces which have been made with a mixed reality to allow you to completely immerse yourself. Experience the enchanting interplay of different species of the forest, brought to life with immersive sounds, sights, and sensations. You can even get a glimpse of elements which are not visible to the naked eye through these technologically advanced exhibits. 

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Vault Of Life
Vault Of Life

One of the major highlights of the Museum of the Future inside, the Vault of Life is a DNA library of thousands of species of the world. Here, you can explore the various specimens and discover new species with unique attributes. In addition the exquisite data and records about these species are an added advantage to recreate different species through technology and science. You can admire over 2000 plus species located in the laboratory glass jar which are illuminated to have an unobstructed view. 

Ecosystem Simulator
Ecosystem Simulator

At the Ecosystem Simulator, one of the Museum of the Future’s inside attractions is a blessing in disguise. This exhibit has been built to cope up with the world from brunt climatic changes and human deformities. In this laboratory, you can test as well as learn about the new species and their evolution so far which will make changes in our habitable world.

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Chapter 3: LEVEL 3: Al Waha

Enter the world of Al Waha and admire the beautiful Museum of the Future interior away from any digital exhibits. This meditative and multisensory space is a kind of futuristic spa, where you can go to relax and unwind amidst the wellness elements through meditation amidst natural sounds of mother Earth.

Make A Wish Pool
Make A Wish Pool

This section at the Museum of the Future inside has a healing pool, located within a vast oasis on the floor, which is a highly sought-after attraction among visitors. Known for its therapeutic properties, it's no surprise that this mesmerizing feature has become a favorite among many who seek relaxation and rejuvenation. At the attraction, you can ask for wishes for a bright future and enjoy a holistic time with your loved ones. Nestled amidst a stunning backdrop of digital screens, the beautiful pool serves as a meditative sanctuary that awakens your senses and revitalizes your mind, body, and soul. 

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Sensory Room
Sensory Room

Located on the other half of the oasis, the sensory room is a great way to escape the world of technology and connect with your inner self. You can soak in the mesmerizing experience where the mind, body, and spirit align in true senses without the interference of technology. 

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Chapter 4: LEVEL 2: Tomorrow Today

The Dubai Museum of the Future architect created a separate floor of level 2 to exhibit the technologies and innovations of the future. One of the key elements in creating these iconic designs is the consideration of human factors and potential obstacles in technology. This ensures that the final product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly and functional, enhancing the overall experience for individuals interacting with the technology.

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Futuristic Technology

At this exhibit, you will get to focus on the hardcore futuristic technologies where you can immerse in the power of these instruments which shape our future. In this space, you will also get to monitor and keep a record of the technological advancements of the world through various designers, researchers and scientists. 

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Viewing Deck

This picturesque location offers spectacular views of the surrounding area and the great outdoors. To reach the deck, you'll need to venture through the inner shell of the museum, where you'll have the opportunity to see the impressive half-curve design and breathtaking scenery outside the museum.

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Chapter 5: LEVEL 1: Future Heroes

Chapter 5: LEVEL 1: Future Heroes

An exclusive section for children, the Future Heroes is a must visit attraction in the Museum of Future. The whole attraction is designed as a hub of video games where children can play and have fun. In this engaging section, your children can learn about the challenges and difficulties of the world problems and win rewards in batches as they pass through the various levels of the game. 

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About Architecture of Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future architect has left an indelible mark on human history with its innovative and futuristic design. The oblong calligraphic panels, torus-shaped structure above the green mound, and overall shape of the museum reflect both the city's cultural heritage and its forward-thinking approach to the future. The Museum of the Future inside comprises seven floors, with each level dedicated to a different theme, including climate change, wellness, ecology, spirituality, and imagination. The monumental atrium, adorned with stainless steel, adds to the awe-inspiring nature of the building, making it a marvel for all ages to appreciate.

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Construction of Museum of the Future

One of the most impressive aspects of the Museum of the Future construction in Dubai is its integration of numerous gravity-defying mechanisms and exhibits. The building's unique design required advanced engineering and construction techniques, including the use of precast concrete elements, 3D printing, and robotics. The museum's exterior is composed of stainless steel panels that reflect the surrounding environment and create a striking visual effect.


The Museum of the Future in Dubai aims to inspire and encourage innovation in the fields of science, technology, and creativity. The museum's vision is to become a global destination for innovative minds, showcasing the latest advancements in fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and biotechnology. The goal is to foster a culture of innovation and inspire the next generation of thinkers and doers through the exhibitions and activities present in the Museum of the Future inside area of 7 floors. Ultimately, the museum seeks to help shape a better future for humanity, where technology is harnessed for the greater good.

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  • Visit the Museum of the Future, the famous museum in Dubai, and admire its ring-shaped stainless steel architecture

  • Enter the visionary ambiance of OSS Hope on the 5th floor by a simulated space shuttle to see captivating missions, discoveries, & inventions of OSS Home

  • Get to know about the impact of climatic changes on the planet as you visit the Heal Institue in the 'Digital Amazon'

  • Visit the 'Tomorrow Today' exhibition and gain some insights into the technological advancements that will lead the planet

  • Book the Museum of the Future tickets and re-imagine your future with various themes of wellness, space & humanity

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Must Know Before You Go
  • All visitors, including those eligible for free admission, must book a time slot to enter the museum.
  • Museum of the Future Dubai tickets provide full access to the museum experience and facilities.
  • You can self-park your vehicle on the day of validity free of charge for 3 hours. Electric Car charging and Valet Parking is also available. Please note that parking spaces are limited and subject to availability.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
  • You are allowed to take photographs and videos without flashlight for personal, non-commercial use.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
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FAQ's of Museum of The Future

What kind of exhibits can visitors expect to see at the Museum of the Future?

    The Museum of the Future insides showcases futuristic technologies and innovations such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. You can experience immersive exhibits that explore the possibilities of the future, including smart cities, sustainability, and space exploration.

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