Louvre Abu Dhabi Guide

About Louvre Abu Dhabi

With its stunning French architecture, centuries-old Arab legacy, and rich collection of artworks, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is a striking depiction of the various cultures and traditions. Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets allow you access to its 12 galleries featuring a unique collection of 120 masterpieces and 35,000 artworks by Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, and many more renowned artists.

With Abu Dhabi Louvre tickets, you will be able to admire its stunning architecture and stark white domed ceiling, which will pique your curiosity about what's inside. You will explore twelve historical chapters that span millennia of global culture via its 12 galleries that have collections loaned from the Louvre Paris and other French museums. Some of the highlights of the museum include La Belle Ferronnière by Leonardo da Vinci, The portrait of Napoleon by David, La Gare Saint-Lazare by Claude Monet, Statue of Gudea, Monumental Statue with Two Heads, and Fountain of Light.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi also features a section specifically for kids where they can utilise interactive tools to study the different facets of history and also organises four temporary exhibitions each year. Louvre Abu Dhabi ticket prices include access to all galleries, exhibitions, and other public areas offering a treasure trove of amazing experiences.

Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets

Abu Dhabi Louvre tickets are available at the ticket counter, but you must reserve them in advance online to avoid long queues. When you order your tickets from us online, you will receive some great offers and discounts on Louvre Abu Dhabi ticket prices, as well as benefits such as fast confirmation, mobile vouchers, and exceptional customer service. With these Abu Dhabi Louvre tickets, you gain entry to all 12 galleries, public areas, and the children's museum, as well as the opportunity to view all artworks on display and stunning architecture, as well as learn about cultural legacy from antiquity to the present day. You can also choose combo tickets like Louvre Abu Dhabi and Qasr Al Watan Ticket Combo and Louvre Museum with Abu Dhabi City Tour to add more stars to your vacation.

Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets Options


Louvre Abu Dhabi and Qasr Al Watan Ticket Combo

With the combo Qasr Al Watan Palace and Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets, you will get access to these two amazing locations in one fantastic package, saving you both money and time. You will first be mesmerised by the intricate design of the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum, the magnificent honeycomb-shaped floating dome, and the astounding array of artefacts and works of art on show in its 12 galleries. Next, you will explore the opulent halls, captivating exhibitions, and lush gardens of the Qasr Al Watan Palace to discover the UAE’s rich heritage and the promising future it is striving towards.

Louvre Museum with Abu Dhabi City Tour

With these combo Abu Dhabi Louvre tickets, your tour starts with a pick-up from your hotel. In the course of this 6-hour fully guided trip, you will discover the city's delights, including the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the largest mosque in the world, Heritage Village, the Abu Dhabi Corniche, and the well-known Emirates Palace, while also passing by glass-encased business buildings. After being dropped off at the Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi, you will explore the beautiful architecture, collections of artworks and artefacts, and cultural legacies from antiquity to the present on your own.

Why You should book Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets online

Purchasing Abu Dhabi Louvre tickets online saves you time and hassles by allowing you to avoid the inconvenience of standing in huge lines at the ticket counter. Additionally, booking in advance ensures that you get the time slot of your choice on the date of your choice. Since the Louvre Museum Dubai is one of the most popular attractions and tickets sell out quickly, online booking will help you avoid last-minute regrets. You can also choose from the combo tickets such as Louvre Abu Dhabi and Qasr Al Watan Ticket Combo and Louvre Museum and Abu Dhabi City Tour tickets, which allow you to visit two venues in one day, saving you both time and money.

  • Book Your Tickets in Advance:The Louvre Abu Dhabi is one of the city's most popular attractions, therefore tickets sell out quickly. It is strongly advised to book your Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets for the preferred slot in advance online to prevent the hassle of losing out on the chance to tour the attraction owing to already booked tickets.

  • Easy Booking:The nicest thing about purchasing Abu Dhabi Louvre tickets online is that you can do so while lounging at home or travelling. Thus, you do not face the inconvenience of standing in line for long periods of time.

  • Combo Deals:Online tickets are also offered in a variety of combos that let you visit two venues with only one ticket. You can save money and time with these combo tickets because you don't need separate tickets for each attraction and can visit them all in one day.

  • Best Deals and Offers:By purchasing your tickets online, you can take advantage of the best offers and discounts on the Louvre Abu Dhabi ticket price.

Louvre Abu Dhabi Architecture

The Louvre Abu Dhabi, designed by Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Jean Nouvel, opened its doors on November 8, 2017. The world-famous architect drew inspiration from Saadiyat, a beautiful pristine lagoon island in Abu Dhabi, and created a façade that magnificently complements the chronological tour of the world and accurately describes the Louvre Abu Dhabi's collection. A latticed dome made of aluminium and steel that covers the 55 buildings that comprise the museum city was designed to resemble the mashrabiya, a sunshade commonly used in the Middle East. A wonderful atmosphere is created by the sunshine filtering through the numerous stars stencilled inside the dome. This Abu Dhabi's latest museum is an extraordinary architectural achievement and a cultural institution designed keeping in mind universal human values. It promotes learning, respect, enthusiasm, and self-reflection and attracts both architecture enthusiasts and art lovers from across the world. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is the only global museum in the Arab world and is regarded as one of the contemporary urban marvels of the globe.

What to See in Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi Collection

The museum's burgeoning treasure collection includes priceless works of art and artefacts from across human history. The extensive collection comprises ancient archaeology, neoclassical sculptures, decorative arts, contemporary masterworks, and modern installations. The highlights of the permanent collection are a selection of 120 masterpieces that depicts thousands of years of human creations across nations and countries.

Museum Galleries

The Louvre Abu Dhabi has 12 galleries that focus on related concepts and themes that reveal common threads throughout history. They portray the story of humanity in twelve chapters, using relics from the prehistoric age to the current era. Purchase Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets to view humanity in a whole new light.


The Louvre Abu Dhabi holds four temporary exhibitions each year that share a common topic with the galleries' permanent displays, working in tandem with thirteen other French museums. These exhibits offer visitors an unmatched experience as the displays show how different civilizations and cultures relate, are influenced by, and share ideas.

Children's Museum

Children between the ages of 6 and 12 are encouraged to explore the two-story Children's museum located in the heart of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Kids can participate in a number of activities here with their parents and learn how artists create their works of art and use various materials to display them.

Explore Louvre Abu Dhabi

Explore Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi, an architectural masterpiece, stands as a beacon of cultural exchange and artistic brilliance in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. This museum, a collaborative effort between the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and France, seamlessly blends Middle Eastern and Western influences, mirroring the harmonious coexistence of diverse cultures.

The iconic floating dome, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel, is a stunning feat of engineering. It appears to hover above the museum like a contemporary mirage, filtering sunlight through its intricately patterned latticework to create a captivating 'rain of light' effect.

Things to Do in Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi not only has a large collection of artworks, but it also provides a variety of family-friendly activities like yoga, drawing, online activities, and plays. With The Royal Secret Soirée, you can go back in time and spend a royal evening at the Palace of Versailles, or you can have fun on a kayak excursion.

Yoga under the Dome

As a Mindful Museum, the Louvre Abu Dhabi promotes well-being and taps into the healing power of art and culture. The museum offers yoga classes under the dome to help you relax and achieve inner peace in an environment that blends the power of the sun, wind, and sea.

Drawing at the Museum

Improve your sketching abilities, discover the various facets of drawing inside the galleries, and learn about your creative side by participating in a Drawing at the Museum session. It allows you to join the museum's expanding art community while gaining a greater grasp of the creative process in a tranquil environment.

The Royal Secret Soirée

This stunning display transported guests back in time to the Palace of Versailles for a royal evening between May 13 and May 15. For this show, the Louvre Abu Dhabi auditorium was turned into the Versailles Royal Opera House, inspired by the exhibition Versailles and the World. It depicted the opulence of a royal court and included musical and live acts.

Play at Louvre Abu Dhabi Park

Louvre Abu Dhabi Park is a wonderful location for families to enjoy the great outdoors and the calming sea breeze. Take a morning or evening stroll, hang out with friends, or take in the breathtaking sunrise or sunset as the kids play in front of the breathtaking sea and this architectural wonder.

Free Online Activities for Families

Visitors can explore and learn about the museum's collection and exhibitions by visiting the Louvre Abu Dhabi website. It also offers a mobile app, 'Art From Home' online resources; Make and Play, a collection of online videos and colouring pages for kids; and a wealth of digital educational materials for teachers to inspire their students.

Kayaking around the Museum

Take in the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum from the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea with a kayak tour and gain a unique perspective on the building's design. Choose from kayaking around the museum, sunrise kayaking to appreciate the surrounding beauty as the sun rises, full moon kayaking to take in the splendour in natural night light, or Junior Kayaking tours around the Louvre Abu Dhabi to allow your kids to have some fun.

Know Before You Go to Louvre Abu Dhabi

  • Enter the first Universal Museum in the UAE with Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets and its extensive collection of global art and antiquities.

  • Explore the collection of 120 masterpieces and more than 35,000 works of art that represent the creations of humankind throughout thousands of years in many regions and places.

  • Discover the cultural legacy from antiquity to the present day as you peruse the well-known works by Claude Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, Giovanni Bellini, and many more in 12 chronologically organised galleries.

  • Enjoy the stunning architecture and be astounded by the sight of sunlight streaming through the enormous dome, forming the "Rain of Light" pattern.

  • Location:

Saadiyat Cultural District, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

  • Getting There:
  1. By Bus: Take bus line 94 to the Louvre Abu Dhabi stop, which is within walking distance.

  2. By Car: From Abu Dhabi City, head toward Zayed Port and follow the signs to Yas Island, then take the Sheikh Khalifa Bridge to Saadiyat Island. Take the Cultural District exit off the E12 expressway, then take the very first exit to the museum.

  3. By Taxi: Taking a taxi is the most convenient method to get to the Louvre Abu Dhabi from anywhere in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or other neighbouring cities, although it is a bit pricey. There are designated pick-up and drop-off areas in front of the main entrance of the museum.

  • What to Wear:

There is no dress code to visit Louvre Abu Dhabi but it is advised to wear appropriate clothing that respects the locals' religious beliefs. There will be a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes.

  • Book your Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets for a guided tour to learn interesting facts and information about the museum and its extensive collection.

  • The numbered galleries make it simple for guests to follow the order and experience all 12 chapters of world history.

  • Make sure to visit the entire museum to admire not just the collection but also the spectacular building, which is a work of art in itself.

  • Your Louvre Abu Dhabi ticket price includes entry to all of the museum's galleries and exhibitions, so arrive around opening time to ensure you have enough time to explore the entire museum.

  • The floating dome of the Louvre Abu Dhabi is an eight-layered honeycombed made of aluminium and steel that weighs 7300 tonnes, almost as much as the Eiffel Tower.

  • The museum has its own microclimate created by the mixture of filtered light entering from the dome, stone floors, and reflective surfaces, which keeps the temperature comfortable inside.

  • The foundation of the museum required the excavation of 503,000 cubic metres of sand.

  • The dome's geometric structure casts 7,850 stars down on the museum, creating a pattern known as Rain of Light.

  • Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 AM to 6:30 PMMonday closed

  • Best Time to Visit:

Mornings are the best time to visit the Abu Dhabi Louvre as there will be comparably fewer visitors. Book your Abu Dhabi Louvre tickets for any weekday as weekends are typically one of the busiest times as most people have the weekend off.

FAQ's of Louvre Abu Dhabi

What is the cost of Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets?

Louvre Abu Dhabi ticket price is around AED 63 for adults above 18 years and around AED 31.50 for teachers, faculty members and UAE military. Under 18 years, UAE residents 60+, Louvre Abu Dhabi members, and Persons with disability get free entry to the museum.

How to reach the Louvre in Abu Dhabi?

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is accessible by car, taxi, or bus. Bus line 94 stops at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island stop. You can either drive or take a metered taxi to reach the venue comfortably. While a taxi is the most convenient option as there are designated pick-up and drop-off points near the museum, it is an expensive choice.

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Which is the best way to book Louvre Abu Dhabi?

The best option to get Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets is online since this entitles you to a number of discounts and offers as well as numerous extra benefits like quick confirmation and mobile vouchers. Additionally, because you can order tickets from anywhere and at any time of day, it helps you avoid the inconvenience of waiting in huge queues in front of the ticket desk.

What is the significance of the Louvre Abu Dhabi?

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is a significant landmark in the city for having an extensive collection of artworks and artefacts dating from prehistory to the present. It is also known for being an architectural marvel in itself.

How long do you need to explore the Louvre Abu Dhabi?

You need at least 5 to 6 hours to explore its major collection but if you want to get the most out of the museum, you must dedicate a full day to it.

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What to wear to visit Louvre Abu Dhabi?

There is no set dress code at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, so wear anything you like, but dress appropriately for the country's cultural traditions and weather.


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