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With this Queen Elizabeth 2 Heritage Tour Dubai, you can travel back in time and get a peek of what life was like while the iconic Queen Elizabeth 2 was out at sea. Enjoy an exclusive look at the iconic ship's five-decade history, British origin, engineering design, and maritime history. In the main terminal's QE2 exhibition, some of the ocean liner's notable features, including the bridge, The Queens Room, and the 1960s-era cabin design, are on show to get you started on your journey. There are several authentic murals that reflect Cunard's history in the Midship Lobby, which was built in the 1840s. Additionally, you'll get a peek inside The Golden Lion, our classic English bar, which is decorated with commemorative shields from the QE2's previous ports of call.

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Take advantage of the opportunity to see the Queen Elizabeth 2 Dubai ship, one of the largest ocean liners in the world, which is permanently berthed in Dubai's Port Rashid. Enjoy a brunch buffet while learning about history at this opulent floating hotel in Dubai. Prepare to see this historical attraction with a more than 50-year history. Look inside this imposing ship for some of the classic period furniture and artwork that will undoubtedly transport you back in time. The QE2 is an opulent hotel that has hosted notable individuals like Princess Diana and is now a top destination in Dubai's Port Rashid. It is recommended that you book a QE2 heritage tour online to avoid the hassle of getting the tickets on site. You can choose your preferable days and slots and can have the advantage of availing various deals and discounts on your ticket.

Highlights of QE2 Heritage Tour

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  • The ship's Lido restaurant offers a delicious international buffet with a variety of meals to choose from.
  • Take a stroll on the plush carpets, view the QE2 Heritage exhibition, and learn about the history that dates back more than five decades.
  • View some of the vintage classic furniture and artwork in this majestic liner's Queen's Room.
  • Examine each element of Dubai's magnificent floating hotel as your guide shares fascinating information about the famous passengers.
  • Discover this time capsule of British history, one of the world's greatest ocean liners, and savor its enduring allure.

Know Before You Book QE2 Heritage Tour

Other Essential Information
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  • Enjoy an authentic Lido international buffet, which also includes soft drinks with your Queen Elizabeth 2 Heritage Tour Dubai.
  • Get a professional guide with your QE2 heritage tour who will amaze you with knowledge facts throughout the tour.
  • Sightseeing around the nearby sites and nearby locations such as Port Rashid, all included in your QE2 heritage tour.

FAQ's of QE2 Heritage Tour

Why is QE2 famous?

    Launched 50 years ago, the Queen Elizabeth 2 Heritage tour Dubai was a British "style icon" that rose to become one of the most recognisable liners in the world. However, it also signaled the end of generations of substantial passenger ships built on the Clyde.

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