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One of the most popular and important experiences that you can have in Dubai is the Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai. It takes you through the magical Dubai creek and gives you the opportunity to create some beautiful memories that you can take back home. You are welcomed with an exotic Arabic tea as you board one of the many beautiful ships, decked with lights to have an unforgettable experience.

You can enjoy the breathtaking views and take pictures against the stunning backdrop of Dubai’s city lights. You can experience the exotic touch of Arabian nights with mesmerizing views of the coastline from the dhow boat. And, you can witness fascinating Dubai landmarks like the Dubai Yacht as you savor an International buffet inclusive of Arabic specialties and unlimited soft drinks. Lastly, you can entertain yourself with the famous ‘Tanura’ dance and other live performances at a Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai.

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Cruise around Dubai Marina, Yacht Club, and Marina Towers for 2 hours. Choose from your experience of dining on the upper deck or inside the Dhow cruise and catch the glimpse of the glimmering Dubai city. Feed your cravings with a delicious buffet dinner, consisting of a wide range of cuisines accompanied by an exotic touch of Dubai culture .Witness the famous ‘Tanura’ dance and other live performances during your entertaining trip (restrictions apply during the holy month of Ramadan). Enjoy Access to the open-air upper deck and fully air-conditioned lower deck featuring welcome drinks, water, tea, and coffee. There are many Dhow cruise Dinner Dubai Offers available in the travel packages. Enjoy Soothing music in the background and spend quality time with your family or friends.

Which Dhow Cruise Dinner Experience Should You Choose?

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina
Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Join the Dhow Cruise Marina's evening festivities and take in the entrancing beauty of the marina. The Cyan Towers, well-known five-star hotels, skyscrapers, and more are all located in the midst of the classic wooden boat, which will astound you with its charm. The Dhow Cruise Marina in Dubai draws tourists and offers a breathtaking view due to the presence of water on both sides. The view of the restaurants is stunning and enchanting because of their lighting Skyscrapers. The Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina also offers the International Buffet System.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek
Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

Getting on a Dhow Boat can provide you with the ideal view to see the blending of current development with history. While in Dubai Creek, the cruise gives beautiful views of the amazing city - old town, Sheikh Saeed's house, Sheikh Saeed's birthplace, and the Heritage village. The famous views of Dhow Cruise Creek may be found in several locations near Dubai, while on a Dhow cruise, you can get sights near the National Bank of Dubai, Rolex twin towers, Sheikh Saeed’s House, and the Old Boat Fort. You can be entertained and get an exceptional experience within a few hours on Dhow Cruise. You will be astounded by the accomplishment of Dubai's infrastructure while on the cruise. The entertainment on board includes traditional singing performances, magic shows, and tanura dances.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Canal
Dhow Cruise Dubai Canal

Enjoy your evening while on a Canal Dhow Cruise while taking in the sights and sounds of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Skyline. Views of the most renowned tallest skyscrapers ever are included in the Canal Dhow Cruise. On the other hand, the well-known celebrations and the vibrant waterfalls give even more pleasure to the Canal Dhow Cruise's sightseeing. Additionally, you can take advantage of the live cooking stations and 5-star buffet, before returning to the pier, you will see beautiful and breathtaking Tanura displays. Get a Worthy experience when you are in Dubai at the Canal Dhow Cruise and glide through the opulent and stunning sights of the Canal Dhow Cruise while also removing all of your boredom and tiresomeness.

Know Before you Book Dhow Cruise Dinner Experience

Sightseeing VS Dinner
  • The cruises that sail on the Marina Dubai, start from the Marina Promenade that is located in the Dubai Promenade.

  • The cruises that sail around the Dubai Creek always start from Baniyas Road which is located at the Dubai Creek.

  • For the cruises that sail at the Dubai canal, they can start from any point and depend on your ticket booking.

  • It is to be noted that the locations from where the cruises will start might change and you should check your tickets for location.

Tips And Regulations About Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai

Tips And Regulations About Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai
  • According to UAE regulation, there will be no belly dance, music, or alcohol during the holy month of Ramadan.

  • Pick-up services are only available from hotels, not apartments, plan your trip accordingly.

  • For dinner cruises, it is advisable to dress casually. Because the setting is mostly informal, smart casual attire should suffice.

  • Like other megacities, Dubai comes alive when the lights are turned on and the structures along the Creek are so bright that it almost seems like it's daytime. You shouldn't ignore this influence because it is unique.

  • The majority of tourists claim that the Dubai Marina has better views than the Creek. Contrarily, Dubai Creek cruises are significantly less expensive than Dubai cruises.

  • In most cases, cruise ships carry a set number of guests. If you're traveling with a large party, double-check the number of persons allowed on Dhow cruises before making a reservation.

  • The cuisine on a dinner cruise is often Middle Eastern or Arabic, but make sure you try everything because the recipes differ between operators.

FAQ's of Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai

Why is Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai so famous ?

    Dubai is famous for its dhow cruise and these have been used for many years for transportation purposes. Earlier these ships were used to transport goods from one country to another but now it has become a center of entertainment for the people who come from far distances to experience the dhow cruise dinner in Dubai. You can enjoy UAE sightseeing, music, traditional cuisine and everything under one roof. You can have a panoramic view of Dubai at night. The sparkling skyline building and other monuments give the marvelous view to the tourists at night.

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