About Parasailing in Abu Dhabi

Try Abu Dhabi parasailing which gives you a chance to experience the uncanny sensation of ascending in the sky. It is a fantastic activity which lets you swirl and thus comes on top of the list of adventure activities that you can do here. Indulge in Abu Dhabi parasailing which requires floating a foot-launched aircraft with a minimal weight and no hard upper layers. The activity will take around 30-40 minutes with 9 minutes of parasailing. Soaring high at 500 ft in the sky will take you by surprise as you witness the astonishing views of the city like never before. See the city’s iconic landmarks, prolific structures and other attractions

And the best part is, you don't need to have any experience or practice to enjoy Abu Dhabi parasailing. Experience the thrill of Parasailing for straight half hour in the magnificent beaches of Abu Dhabi, the Corniche Beach. Don't forget to check the wind and weather conditions as it can affect your parasailing experience. Performing this adventure activity will shoot you up high in the sky and will fill your entire being with excitement. Just step over your fear, board the abode and feel the pleasant atmosphere of the city.

Book Parasailing in Abu Dhabi

Book the safest parasailing experience with us at an affordable price and enjoy the experience of blissful flight. Purchase your tickets a couple weeks in advance to avoid last-minute bustle and inconvenience. When you book the ticket online, you avail yourself of some great deals and discounts on the price of the ticket that saves you many bucks. Apart from single ticket to parasailing, we also offer the package of double and triple ticket to book which ultimately lands you some great cost savings. Keeping in mind all of the factors mentioned, it is advisable to book your seats at the earliest and take advantage of the many deals available online to secure the best price.

Why Should You Experience Parasailing in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi offers numerous interesting water activities like banana boats and rotating boats, but parasailing in Abu Dhabi gives you an opportunity to fly on the water and have a blissful experience. It is a rather stress-busting sport which you experience in Abu Dhabi at affordable prices.

Why Should You Experience Parasailing in Abu Dhabi?
  • Experience the Birds Eyes viewEnjoy the horizon while soaring high in the sky and see the coastline from a birds-eye view. Parasailing in Abu Dhabi is a blissful, calm, and relaxing experience which lets you witness the zoom-out view of the city.
  • Best Parasailing Experience in Abu DhabiThere is nothing like floating in the middle of the sky and the dazzling water of Abu Dhabi. Don't miss the chance to have a world-class experience and enjoy the parasail boats that give you very smooth takeoff and landing.

  • Stress busting ExperienceParasailing is a very peaceful, calm and relaxing activity which helps you to release your stress. While sailing high in the sky the air pressure acting on the body releases stress and gives extraordinary relaxation. The pure excitement while sailing stimulates the flow of adrenaline in the body which fills you with positivity and boosts your veins with immense excitement.

  • Affordable and Easy Abu Dhabi parasailing is cost-effective as compared to other locations in the world while giving the best experience. The parasailer will take off and land from the boat in a sitting position and will enjoy the ride at ease.

Know Before You Go Abu Dhabi

Things to Keep in Mind
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Things to Keep in Mind
  • Do dress up well according to the weather; also keep in mind the rules of Abu Dhabi and wear modestly without exposing any body parts.

  • Though it is legal to drink alcohol in UAE, don't get overboard. It is strictly recommended to have it only at licensed locations.

  • Have plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Carry your refillable water bottle.

  • Wear sunscreen and glasses to protect yourself from harsh sun rays.

  • Take part in some of the adventurous activities like parasailing in Abu Dhabi.

FAQs of Parasailing in Abu Dhabi

Why is parasailing so famous in Abu Dhabi?

    Abu Dhabi parasailing is famous worldwide as it gives an extraordinary and safe experience, unlike any other water sport. Parasailing in Abu Dhabi is an opportunity to electrify your body with excitement and fill your mind with immense relaxation.

What are the safety rules to keep in mind while going parasailing in Abu Dhabi?

What are the things to Know Before going parasailing in Abu Dhabi?

What do you wear for parasailing?

What is the minimum age to experience Parasailing in Abu Dhabi?

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