Things to Do in Zabeel Park

Things to Do in Zabeel Park

Looking for a peaceful spot to relax or an adventurous day out, there are plenty of things to do in Zabeel Park, which is one of the largest and most popular parks in Dubai. You can go on a picnic tour on the lush green lawns to cycle around the scenic tracks or enjoy the vast playgrounds for a perfect weekend getaway. For some mesmerising views, visit the world-renowned Dubai Frame present in the park, which offers panoramic views of the city skyline. You can even amaze yourself with the numerous sports facilities, and barbecue areas for an active day out. 

For some kids-friendly activities you can stroll through Dinosaur Park where children can see and learn about these prehistoric creatures. The Zabeel Park is also a heaven for all nature enthusiasts, where you can boat around the green scenic beauty of the park. 

Admire Dubai Frame

One of the most popular Zabeel Park activities is admiring Dubai Frame which is known as a stunning architectural masterpiece. Learn about the rich Emirates history of the city with its breathtaking present, at this 150-metre-tall structure. You can take in the 360-degree view of the nearby attractions and green garden stretches from the popular sky deck or go on observing the beautiful exhibition at the small museum present over the Skydeck. Capture some of the serene sunset photos while enjoying the peaceful view of Old and New Dubai.

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Visit Dubai Garden Glow

Exploring the Dubai Garden Glow, an illuminated wonderland featuring colourful light displays and impressive sculptures. You can wander through four different themed zones, including Dino Park, Art Park, and Garden Glow. All the younger travellers can participate in various edutainment activities such as talking trees, dinosaur camp and panda paradise, which makes this one of the most famous activities catering to the curiosity of the kids.

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Explore Zabeel Park Flea Market

Spend your leisurely afternoon at the Zabeel Park Flea Market, which is a great activity to indulge in the local arts. You can browse through a variety of stalls selling everything from clothing and accessories to antiques and souvenirs. Buy your budget friendly goods at this second hand flea market which makes your shopping experience more sustainable and environmentally friendly. One can explore this flea market every first Saturday of the month.

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Have fun at The Dinosaur Park

Enjoy at The Dinosaur Park located at Zabeel Park which offers a fun and educational experience for all ages. Get amazed by featured life-size dinosaur replicas as you stroll around the park, attracting young audiences the most. Learn about the three famous prehistoric eras; namely Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous by exploring various interactive exhibits, along with a 3D cinema. Experience the thrill of riding over 120 Animatronic Dinosaurs based on different species of dinosaurs such as Apatosaurus, Corythosaurus, and Spinosaurus.

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Ride a Boat in Zabeel Park’s Boating Lake

You can rent a pedal boat or a traditional rowboat and explore the tranquil waters of Zabeel Park’s Boating Lake. It’s a great way to unwind and take in the scenic views of the park’s natural surroundings. Feel the peace and joy with this simple yet luxurious boating activity which lasts for around 20 minutes. Pose and capture different emotions with your loved ones which makes it one of the most leisurely things to do in Zabeel Park.

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Take a Tourist Train in Zabeel Park Dubai

A tourist train ride is a popular Zabeel Park activity, offering you a leisurely way to explore the park’s many attractions. Take a scenic tour of the park, highlighting its many natural and man-made wonders at utmost comfort which connects the A, B and C zones of the park. Not only younger kids but adults and elderly travellers enjoy a peaceful afternoon train ride around the park.

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Watching Events at Park Theater

Indulge in various events and theatrical performances that happen in the Zabeel Park throughout the year. You can explore different genres such as drama, art shows, musical live shows, and performing arts at the famous amphitheatre of the park, which is an outdoor theatre platform. Sit by the smooth stair case of the theatre and showcase your talents or just relax before the events get started. 

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Explore Children’s City

You can explore a series of fun and interactive educational experiences for kids as they enter the Children’s City at Zabeel Park. Ride through the interesting rides and slides, which makes your experience more interactive and engaging with your loved ones. Through a variety of exhibits and activities you can visit along with their kids and learn about the importance of science, nature, and the world around them.

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Set Up a Barbecue Picnic

One of the best things to do in Zabeel Park is to set up a barbecue picnic with friends and family. With foodie delight options, the park features a variety of picnic areas and barbecue grills, making it the perfect place to set-up a beautiful day out. Play various outdoor picnic games or just relax by sitting under a shaded tree reading your favourite book for a soothing day out with your loved ones at the park.

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How much does a Zabeel Park ticket cost?

The cost of a Zabeel Park ticket costs between the range of AED 5 - AED 10 for all visitors. The prices are subject to change, which allows you to participate in numerous things to do in Zabeel park, hence please check our official website before booking. 

Is the Dubai frame inside Zabeel Park?

Yes, the Dubai Frame is located inside Zabeel Park, which stands at a height of 150 metres. You can admire the panoramic views of the city which is one of the best things to Do in Zabeel Park . The park is a popular recreational area in Dubai, with several other attractions such as gardens, playgrounds, and a jogging track.

What is the opening time of Zabeel Park?

Zabeel Park opening hours from Sunday to Wednesday are from 8 am to 10 pm and during Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays are from 8 am to 11 pm.

What is the best time to visit Zabeel Park?

The best time to visit Zabeel Park is during the late afternoon when you can explore various activities and events that happen in the park. The weather is pleasant and cool during the evenings and you can also see a beautiful sunset or take a sunset boat ride at the park for a magical experience. But for fitness enthusiasts, early morning is the best time to visit as it is best to jog and exercise during mornings when they can enjoy the fresh air and a relaxing atmosphere.

How much does a boat ride cost in Zabeel Park?

Zabeel Park in Dubai offers a variety of boat rides, and the cost varies depending on the type of ride and the duration. The boat rides typically range from AED 30 to AED 60 per person for a 20 to 30-minute ride, and there are also options for private boat rentals for larger groups or longer durations. However, please note that these prices are subject to change, and it's always best to confirm with the park authorities.


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